Pokemon Masters Chapter 802


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“Everyone, pause!”

At Fang Yuan’s request, Tang Sheng Teacher personally took He Xiaomai down.

Fang Yuan naturally found a good location and watched it leisurely.

He assigned that many training tasks for the Contest competition to Xiaomai through Rotom. If He Xiaomai finishes it earnestly, his strength should be worth looking forward to.

“Then, take this opportunity to see if He Xiaomai has Slack Off.” Fang Yuan hit Yawn.


Below, as Tang Sheng said.

Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!

A dozen line of sight at the same time.

The members of the School Team who were in the practice of the battle had different expressions after stopping.

What’s wrong?

Hey, who is this girl with sunglasses next to Teacher Tang? ?

“Oh.” As if seeing everyone’s doubts, Tang Sheng laughed and said to these people:

“This is He Xiaomai. It is the Rookie Trainer who is going to apply for Shanghai University next year. Come here to visit today. Is there any of you who would like to guide this young student?”

He didn’t talk about the relationship between He Xiaomai and Fang Yuan. After all, Fang Yuan doesn’t seem to want to show up.

Now that Old Tang is getting more and more weird, what is Fang Yuan thinking.

Rookie Trainer? ?

Everyone looked closely at He Xiaomai, and he did look like a little child, his childishness was still alive.

“so that’s how it is.”

In the next moment, these School Team members understood that this He Xiaomai must be a relative brought by the Teacher!

If it were a Normal Rookie Trainer, how could it be possible to enter here and be brought by Tang Sheng.

Only those children of teachers and professors in the battle department have this treatment.

These School Team members are very clever. Obviously, Tang Sheng meant to let them come out to personally guide He Xiaomai and leave a good impression on He Xiaomai about Shanghai University! !

“I am coming!!”

This area suddenly became noisy. The boys on the Shanghai University School Team are very active. After all, He Xiaomai still looks cute and handsome. They are good at guiding the cute junior sisters in the future. They are good at dressing up. It’s a bit familiar.

“Uh, then you.”

Seeing so many people responding, Old Tang pointed to one casually.

The one referred to is Lin Sen, one of the core forces of the Shanghai University Team.

“OK.” Lin Sen walked out calmly, with a gentle expression.

He once commanded Ivysaur to lose to Fang Yuan in the Ho-oh Juniors Trophy, and has been in the shadow of Fang Yuan ever since, but Fang Yuan’s existence has given him a good motivation for growth. Now he can be in the Shanghai University Team The strength ranks in the top five and is the core force.

Guiding a Rookie, naturally nothing difficult.

See Lin Sen first, and other School Team members hook the head, it’s a pity…Forget it, just take a break.

Soon, the battlefield between Lin Sen and He Xiaomai was freed up here.

“Hello, my name is Lin Sen.” After walking on the court, Lin Sen smiled and introduced himself.

Although he wondered why the other party was still wearing sunglasses, he didn’t ask much.

After all, there is no stipulation that you can’t wear glasses or sunglasses in a battle. Even if there are regulations, it doesn’t matter now, after all, it’s just a guide.

“Senior, Hello, I am He Xiaomai.” He Xiaomai said.

At this time, Tang Sheng has already ran to the middle to serve as a referee.

The rules of the game are one-to-one. After all, He Xiaomai is a Rookie Trainer.

Under Tang Sheng’s signal, Lin Sen first hand sent a Pokemon that had only recently been taken over.

As a Senior, Lin Sen should send Pokemon first out of courtesy. In addition, considering that He Xiaomai is Rookie, he did not send a too strong Pokemon. It can be said that he takes good care of He Xiaomai.

This is a Chimchar from the breeding house of Shanghai University.

Although there is nothing on the surface, Lin Sen still admires Fang Yuan very much, and he likes Infernape in Fang Yuan’s team the most.

So, Lin Sen directly used the relationship to get a Chimchar from the feeding house of Shanghai University.

This Chimchar and Fang Yuan and Infernape were both born in Shanghai University’s feeding house. Lin Sen gave great hopes and hoped that he could breed a War God of fire!


“Wooer!!” With Chimchar’s debut, a rush of heat radiated, and it was obvious that this Chimchar was good at strength.

Although it has only been accepted for two months, Lin Sen has already raised this Chimchar breed to the quasi-Elite level. Moreover, this Chimchar Fire Element innate talent is very good. In the initial form, it is a comprehended Flamethrower.

“Chimchar?” He Xiaomai sensed Chimchar’s Aura, and then roughly judged Chimchar’s strength.

This Senior… is taking care of himself.

She quickly judged that Lin Sen must have released the water, otherwise, members of the Shanghai University Team took out a Pro Level Pokemon, which should be more than enough.

But this is fine, so that she can send Squirtle them.

He Xiaomai also took out Poké Ball at this time. She took a deep breath. Although she perceives Chimchar’s approximate strength, she can’t be careless, because Rival is a Shanghai University Elite!

“Squirtle!!” After reading, He Xiaomai sent Pokemon.


“Genie Genie!!”

On the field, with a pair of big purple eyes and a very curious Squirtle looked towards his Rival, and then looked towards the surroundings, revealing a strong fighting intent! !

To fight! !

It likes it!

Every time you play, it and He Xiaomai’s Aura will form an invisible aura. Squirtle likes the feeling of being wrapped in Aura’s aura.

This is why Pokemon, a powerful Aura innate talent, likes to follow Aura messengers.

“That Squirtle looks very well-breed, haha, Lin Sen will not overturn the car.”

As the two sides are determined to play against Pokemon, other school team members discuss spiritedly, and even those who have a good relationship with Lin Sen directly play said with a smile.

“I think it’s possible, hehe.” Liu Le is still fat, but now it’s not Little Fatty, but Big Fatty.

“How could I lose.” Someone rolled the eyes. Although Attribute was restrained, Lin Sen was also a Shanghai University Team Trainer anyway. Fighting against Attribute is a basic exercise.

The battle has begun.

Although Rival is a Water Type Pokemon, Lin Sen and Chimchar are fairly calm.

They are waiting for the opponent to attack first, not to find the right chance and so on, but Lin Sen thinks that Rookie should be taken care of.

Then, Lin Sen and Chimchar’s expressions freeze.

“Squirtle, Hydro Pump!”

Under the command of He Xiaomai, Squirtle directly retracted the limbs, head, and tail into the shell of the turtle, and then, like a UFONormal flying in the air, it is the flying force of the Assist Hydro Pump and retracted into the shell. In Squirtle, the Rapid Spin Move and Hydro Pump Move were combined into combos, forming a tactic similar to Counter Shield.

The tortoise shell has six holes. At this time, each hole shoots out a turbulent stream of water like a whip, attacking Chimchar in the air indiscriminately.


Lin Sen is cracked.

Chimchar initial form comprehension of Flamethrower is abnormal enough, what is the situation of you Squirtle comprehend the Hydro Pump combo? ?

Faced with this terrifying Hydro Pump, there is no doubt that as long as Chimchar is hit, it is absolutely GG.

Fortunately, Squirtle is not proficient in this trick, and Lin Sen’s training for Chimchar is comprehensive enough, the sky is flowing down, Chimchar keeps rolling, and finally managed to avoid all.

Although he successfully avoided Ability, Lin Sen was already completely serious and decided to face the enemy seriously, otherwise, he would really overturn the car.

“That Squirtle…” Captain Xu Lan of Shanghai University Team said solemnly, this move made her feel familiar.

She remembered that although this trick is still very naive, it is almost the same principle as the Counter Shield used by someone in the Ho-oh Juniors Trophy.

All Assist rotates, increasing the attack range of Move… it can be offensive and defensive.

“speaking of which…” Seeded Contestant Xu Lan looked towards He Xiaomai’s clothes, who once directed Snorunt in the Ho-oh Juniors Trophy and was eliminated by Fang Yuan’s Eevee with skating skills. Laughed, this girl is a fan of Fang Yuan ?

“It’s a pity, that Squirtle’s use of Aura is still not perfect, otherwise it won’t be MISS.” Fang Yuan shook his head while watching the game.

Tang Sheng Teacher, who served as the referee, also saw the shortcomings of a combo technique, that is, Squirtle can’t see the enemy and Move has a low hit rate.

Although the attack range, intensity, and rate of fire of the Hydro Pump have been increased, it is still useless if it misses.

Xiaomai understands this naturally, but she is not worried. Squirtle can’t grasp it now, which doesn’t mean it won’t do it in the future. After all, once Squirtle is more familiar with the use of Aura, she can directly use Aura to perceive the location of Rival.

“Use Flame Wheel to move!”

After a round of confrontation, Lin Sen spoke immediately. Chimchar’s advantage is that his movements are more flexible. You can use this to teach Squirtle a lesson.

After Lin Sen’s command was issued, Chimchar quickly covered his body with flames, rolled his body into a wheel, and moved on the field at a high speed. This speed is no longer inferior to Quick Attack or Agility Move.

Squirtle’s eyes keep moving with the flames.

“Maybe you can try that trick.”

After seeing Chimchar’s skill through Aura, He Xiaomai understood that although Chimchar could not pose a threat to Squirtle, most of Squirtle’s abilities could hardly hit the opponent directly.

In that case…

“Perceive carefully, Aura Sphere!” He Xiaomai said.


next moment, Squirtle nodded, serious expression, Lock On and Aura at the same time, gather in front of him like a Water Pulse, but it is actually the Aura Sphere of Fighting Move.

This move, Squirtle is also not proficient in mastering it, but in this level of battle, this move is almost BUG-rank, because Aura Sphere can Lock On Rival’s Aura and automatically pursue it!


As Squirtle released Aura Sphere, Lin Sen cracked again.

The speed of Aura Sphere is faster than that of Hydro Pump. It directly forms a trail of blue lightning and traces Chimchar who is using Flame Wheel Agility to wait for an opportunity to launch an attack.

No matter how Chimchar hides, Aura Sphere just keeps chasing.

In this situation, Lin Sen instantly came up with three methods, using Flamethrower to block Aura Sphere, guiding Aura Sphere Tackle to Ground, and waiting for the Aura Sphere to run out of energy. However, these three methods are difficult to implement because , After using Aura Sphere, Squirtle began to chase after victory.

“Jennie!!” A water gun flew up and formed a front and back flanking with Aura Sphere.

Lin Sen and Chimchar’s expressions freeze at the same time.


In order to avoid the Water Gun, Chimchar was directly overtaken by Aura Sphere. The fiery red and blue energy waves exploded, which was extremely eye-catching!

If the smoke dissipates, Chimchar can’t fight with just one move. This made Lin Sen understand that with the formidable power of Aura Sphere, even Flamethrower can’t resist, because the flame will be instantly crushed…


Lin Sen was defeated. Lin Sen himself was naturally embarrassed. The strength of underestimating Chimchar was not as good as Squirtle. This was the reason for his defeat… This result made Lin Sen somewhat unacceptable.

The others laughed after being confused.

“I’m so ridiculous, Lin Sen actually overturned the car.”

“But, don’t you think terrifying, that trick is Aura Sphere?”

“Master the Squirtle of Hydro Pump and Aura Sphere? Is this still Pokemon of Rookie?”

A group of School Team members didn’t make much jokes about Lin Sen. After all, Lin Sen didn’t use all his strength. It can only be said that he misestimated He Xiaomai’s strength, but at this time, they were very curious about Squirtle.

This kind of Squirtle can’t be cultivated even in the breeding house of Shanghai University.

Even Tang Sheng Teacher on the side showed a surprised expression. It’s amazing. This Squirtle’s innate talent is very terrifying. In time, the lowest achievement is estimated to be Grandmaster Level.

How should I put it… I am indeed a student brought out by Fang Yuan.

“hahahaha…Classmate, your Squirtle breed is really good.”

At this time, Lin Sen took Chimchar back and scratched his head to say with a smile, hoping to resolve the embarrassment, and asked: “Classmate, do you want to challenge the more powerful Pokemon?”

Lin Sen has a headache. Damn, what Rookie is, no, you can’t just lose like this, you have to do it again.

“Um…Do you want to start again?” He Xiaomai said.

“Uh, be it.”

Lin Sen blushed as he listened to the discussion around him. He had known that He Xiaomai was so powerful, so he had directly sent the main force to guide him, and now he couldn’t get off the stage by himself. It was too uncomfortable.

He Xiaomai agreed. Regarding this result, Tang Sheng was extremely speechless, and he secretly scolded Lin Sen as unreliable, but he still agreed to continue the fight.

Next, Lin Sen sent his Pro Level Flygon.

Flygon appeared on the stage, and the wind and sand appeared on the venue instantly. The wind and sand covering the venue made this powerful dragon Pokemon very imposing manner.

The creature called the Pokemon of the Desert is obviously not at the same level as that Chimchar.

“This kid, but to have no shame.”

Fang Yuan was also speechless in the upper seat of the training hall.

Why haven’t I noticed Lin Sen has such a thick skin before? It’s okay to send the main professional team directly after losing.

“Fang Yuan, it’s really you.” When Fang Yuan was watching the game, a voice rang from his side. Fang Yuan turned his head and looked towards this cold-looking female student wearing a blue battle suit and smiling.

He naturally discovered that Xu Lan moved towards this way, Fang Yuan was also very curious about how Xu Lan recognized himself.

“Xu Lan? I heard that you have become a School Team Captain. Congratulations.” Fang Yuan said.

“Thank you, He Xiaomai…Did you bring it?” Xu Lan asked.

Fang Yuan and He Xiaomai suddenly appeared here. It is too doubtful. Xu Lan has already determined in his heart that Fang Yuan definitely has something to do with the girl below.

“She, yes, she is our Rookie Trainer from Dojo. I will bring her over to challenge you.” Fang Yuan said, without hiding her intentions.

Because soon, these people will know He Xiaomai’s strength.


Speaking of the word challenge from Fang Yuan, Xu Lan does not think it is just an ordinary challenge. When Fang Yuan challenged Capital City University Athletic Club president, School Team members, School Team deputy team, she was all present…

At this moment, one after another exclaimed from below.

Fang Yuan and Xu Lan looked directly at them.

After Lin Sen replaced Pokemon, He Xiaomai’s performance was also very simple.

Through Aura, she naturally knew that Squirtle was completely lost, and she also replaced Pokemon.

Squirtle’s move was taken back, first Lin Sen was stunned, and then on the Shanghai University side, everyone showed a dazed expression. What’s the situation, this Rookie Trainer needs to change Pokemon?

Rookie year… Double Pokemon?

“Golduck, please.”

Faced with Pro Level Rival, He Xiaomai directly sent out Golduck, who is also Pro Level.

With the appearance of Golduck and weird rays of light appeared on the forehead, the Characteristic Trait was launched without weather, and the sky was full of wind and sand, and was instantly suppressed.

On the field, there is a cold pressure from the motivation of mind.

Teacher Tang Sheng, a member of Shanghai University’s School Team, was directly shocked. Fuck, a single thought suppressed Pro Level Flygon’s Sandstorm, so the strength of this Golduck…?

At this moment, Lin Sen cracked again, what’s the situation?

How does this girl feel like a person if she doesn’t follow the routine.

“This…” It was discovered that He Xiaomai also had a Golduck of unknown strength, and Xu Lan next to Fang Yuan also showed an incredible expression.

“Are you sure she is Rookie? How can Rookie have this kind of Golduck.”

“genuine…she is indeed only 16 years old and only registered as a Trainer this year. However, she is more special. After all, all the trainers that can be our heart’s source are monsters.” Fang Yuan grinned said with a smile .

The next battle confirmed Fang Yuan’s words.

Golduck palm Aqua Jet, and then power of Ice Thunder permeated, directly through the water and Ice Punch, shaping a sharp ice blade.

Golduck silhouette flashed away. After restricting Flygon’s actions with Psychic, Levitate’s Flygon was directly hit by the ice blade, showing extremely powerful strength and coordination qualities.

Four times weaker ice, and it was hit by the changing form of Ice Punch. In the training hall, Flygon’s screams were instantly heard.

This scene was completely watched by Tang Sheng, Liu Le, and Xu Lan dullly.

Tang Sheng, who served as the referee, turned his head and looked towards Fang Yuan, hoping to ask what was going on. This is not the same as the planned expansion. Xu Lan next to Fang Yuan also looked towards Fang Yuan solemnly. Said: “So, are you here to do and so on.”

Assist Shanghai University Team to guide Rookie, don’t crack a joke, Golduck, who has such a strong power of thinking and coordination of water flow and ice, how many people in the Shanghai University Team have Pokemon Rival?

“Uh…challenging.” Fang Yuan has a guilty conscience, can’t say that he came to kick the gym.

Let He Xiaomai challenge the Shanghai University Team, which can not only exercise He Xiaomai, but also inspire the Shanghai University Team. Isn’t this a good thing for one move, two gains!

Xu Lan: ¥#%#¥%@#¥

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