Pokemon Masters Chapter 803


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After losing again.

Lin Sen cracked completely.

But it’s not over yet, He Xiaomai feels he can still fight.

After all, she and Golduck didn’t even use their hole cards.

For example, telepathy.

This is her trump card. Using telepathy, she can command the battle perfectly.

As for Fang Yuan’s Heart Intent, Aura increase and so on, He Xiaomai, a beginner, doesn’t know it yet.

However, even if there is only the ability of telepathy, it is enough for her to lead many Trainers.

“That…” Looking at the sluggish Lin Sen Senior, He Xiaomai said: “Do you want to continue…”

“Or let other Senior Senior Sister fight against…?”

This can be said to be quite Power Trip, but He Xiaomai doesn’t mean too complicated, he just wants to continue the battle.


Fang Yuan smiled on the spot when he heard He Xiaomai’s words. It was very good and he deserved to be his student.

However, Lin Sen and other members of the School Team turned dark.

Although the gender is different, the clothes and tone are too similar. This girl, just like Fang Yuan’s bastard, is quite annoying.

“Who the hell are you.” Lin Sen asked.

Make Lin Sen believe that a Rookie Trainer masters Pro Level Golduck is basically impossible.

After losing, Lin Sen looked at He Xiaomai and wanted an answer that would satisfy him.

He couldn’t lose so badly.


He Xiaomai thought for a while, and understood, this Lin Sen Senior must be wondering why she can have such a strong capacity as Rookie, right?

How to explain this…

In the next second, He Xiaomai immediately remembered the words Fang Yuan said in World Cup, suddenly realized, and then said very seriously:

“Trainer, He Xiaomai, please advise.”

Heart flow…

At first, many School Team members, including Lin Sen, are still wondering which Dojo Sect is the source of their hearts.

But soon, they came to realize that their expressions began to change, drastically, and finally shocked.


[The origin of the heart, the original Sect Master, the messenger of Aura, Fang Yuan. 】

This sentence immediately came to their minds.

The source of the heart, isn’t it Fang Yuan’s own Sect announced on the World Cup?

In other words, is this person an apprentice of Fang Yuan’s Dojo? ?

This time, not only Lin Sen, but the members of the overwhelming majority School Team are split.

Grandma’s legs, what’s the situation?

“Hey, I said you guys…”

At this time, Fang Yuan came down with her after being discovered by Xu Lan.

Lin Sen, Liu Le, Lu Liang, Shi Yiming and the others experienced a stomachache after seeing Fang Yuan.

Sure enough, it has something to do with Fang Yuan. After all, the deity of Fang Yuan is here.

“I’ll say you guys, have you trained well? You won’t even be able to beat a Rookie Trainer.” Fang Yuan laughed at Liu Le, Lu Liang and the others.

Damn! !

Faced with Fang Yuan’s ridicule, even Xu Lan and Tang Sheng next to Fang Yuan could not listen.

School Team members feel that Fang Yuan is saying they are weak.

And Old Tang thinks that Fang Yuan is saying that he is not good at teaching…

However, they were unable to refute Fang Yuan’s words, because the strength of this He Xiaomai is indeed a bit abnormal, not like a Rookie Trainer at all.

“Fang Demon King, why are you here?” Liu Le and several other students who are familiar with Fang Yuan said in surprise.

“It’s Fang Da, it’s alive!! Fang Da asks for his signature!!”

“Captain Fang is awesome, I am your fan, please take a photo!!”

It’s okay to be familiar with Fang Yuan. Even though I was ridiculed, I didn’t get angry. After all, there were many times when everyone lost each other together, and those School Team members who were unfamiliar with Fang Yuan didn’t feel much. After all, this is Celebrity. Class-level figures, Fang Yuan is qualified to say that they are weak, and even seeing Fang Yuan with their own eyes, they only feel their bodies trembling, signing and taking photos, no matter what it is today, they must always get one.

“Teacher’s popularity is so high…” Aside, He Xiaomai felt the emotional fluctuations of the crowd and said with envy.

“A Rookie, it is impossible to conquer such a strong Golduck.”

No wonder he suspects that at the age of 16 years old, mastering a Pro Level Golduck, this kind of thing sounds outrageous.

Is it Fang Yuan using power for personal gain? ?

As Fang Yuan, it is indeed possible to do it, and even some Grandmaster Level Trainers can inherit the pre-trained Pokemon to future generations.

But basically no one does this. First, it will spoil things through excessive enthusiasm, lack of experience, and Rookie Trainer will have limited success. Second, if you don’t personally harvest, train, and breed Pokemon, it will be difficult for Trainer to get Pokemon. The recognition and tacit understanding will be very poor, which will increasingly affect Trainer’s own growth.

Unless it is a very special situation, it is impossible for Rookie to come into contact with Pokemon at this level.

Old Tang didn’t believe that Fang Yuan would directly give He Xiaomai such a powerful Pokemon. Moreover, in Tang Sheng’s view, the combination of this Golduck and He Xiaomai definitely did not look like a bad bond. On the contrary, they The cooperation is better than those of School Team members.

This is strange…

“Teacher Tang, are you not curious why Xiaomai always wears sunglasses?”

“Uh, why?” Old Tang asked.

Fang Yuan said: “That Golduck is indeed not the Pokemon that Xiaomai normally accepts. It is Xiaomai’s guide Pokemon… This Golduck, just like Xiaomai’s parents, took care of her growing up, so they are like Like family, there is no problem in relationship.”

“Because He Xiaomai aspires to be a Trainer, he has trained Pokemon for the blind. This is why the Golduck is so strong.”

“Guide… guide the blind Pokemon??? He Xiaomai is blind???” Tang Sheng Teacher’s expression changed, no wonder he kept wearing sunglasses.

But… how can a blind person become a Trainer?

Could it be that…

“He Xiaomai is the messenger of Aura that I accidentally discovered, that is, the Psychic, which is similar to the ability I used in World Cup, so I helped her become a Trainer… Now, she can basically use Aura instead of eyes. It’s no different from a normal person. After she enters the university, Teacher Tang, you have to take care of her more.” Fang Yuan explained.

Although He Xiaomai did not want to expose his identity as a blind person outside, Tang Sheng would know sooner or later, and Fang Yuan would tell him in advance.

“No wonder…No wonder.”

Fang Yuan explained, Tang Sheng slapped his legs with a pity, what a good child, how could he be blind.

“Don’t worry, she won’t have any problems when she comes to Shanghai University.” Tang Sheng Teacher assured Fang Yuan.

At this time, He Xiaomai has already gone through several matches, and Golduck’s physical strength has declined severely, and both sides have entered the rest stage.

Currently, Xu Lan, the most powerful descendant of Cold Winter Dojo in the School Team, has not yet appeared. Her gaze has been looking towards Tang Sheng and Fang Yuan in the direction of the auditorium, and handed He Xiaomai to the other team members to fight.

But it seems that when other people are singled out, it is impossible to be the Rival of He Xiaomai…

Before noon, Golduck had enough rest and used Pokéblock to supplement Performance. After regaining his condition, He Xiaomai finally played against Captain Xu Lan of Shanghai University Team.

This time, He Xiaomai was defeated. Even with telepathy, Golduck was still defeated by the Froslass who was close to Grandmaster Level.

Fang Yuan is not too surprised about this. He met the quasi-Grandmaster Level Metagross in the national competition, and now Captain of Shanghai University has mastered the quasi-Grandmaster Level battle strength, and it is understandable.

The times are advancing. In next year’s national competition, there may be a Grandmaster Level battle among college students.

“It seems to be over.” Fang Yuan said with emotion as He Xiaomai lost.

The battle this morning was very rewarding for He Xiaomai. At the same time, these Shanghai University School Team members were indeed motivated. It was too uncomfortable to beat a Rookie Trainer.

According to the bet, Fang Yuan is going to stay at Shanghai University today. Not only will he take He Xiaomai to visit the Haunted House and the Gravity room, but he will also instruct her and the members of the School Team about the Contest.

These are also what Fang Yuan wants to do. After all, Fang Yuan also hopes that the contestants from his alma mater can perform better in the Contest.

“Haha, as agreed, you are not allowed to leave this afternoon.” Tang Sheng pats Fang Yuan on the shoulder, said with a smile.

“No problem.” Fang Yuan said.

“But this afternoon…” Tang Sheng’s expression suddenly changed, suddenly remembering an important thing.

“What’s wrong?” Fang Yuan asked curiously.


That afternoon.

When Fang Yuan stayed in the training hall to instruct his old classmates, there was a loud noise from outside.

Tang Sheng in the training hall startedled and stood up and said: “Here is coming.”

At this time, the current School Team Chief-In-Charge of Capital City University and Hu Guanxiong Teacher Xiaohaha brought a group of School Team members to visit Shanghai University. Now, they just walked to the training hall.

Tomorrow will be the twelve lectures. Under his leadership, this afternoon, members of the School Team from Capital City University will get familiar with the environment of Shanghai University and prepare for the opening of Shanghai University tomorrow.

When Hu Guanxiong came to Shanghai University, the first thing Hu Guanxiong wanted to do was to bury the old Rival Tang Sheng.

Since Tang Sheng took Fang Yuan to Capital City University last time to play, the two of them have settled down.

Hu Guanxiong is very satisfied with the strength of the members of the Capital City University School Team this year, and believes that he will never be inferior to the School Team of Shanghai University, so he is very swollen, not only for the exchange activities tomorrow, but also for the subsequent Contest Regardless of the competition, he wants to play against Shanghai University! ! !

“Old Tang, long time no see!!!”

“Why, are you training?”

After arriving at the Shanghai University training hall, Hu Guanxiong took Bai Qi and other core members of the School Team, laughed greetings.

Behind him, this Elite from Wuzhou No. 1 Highschool in Jiangsu Province has become the main force of the School Team of Capital City University.

This person is also an old acquaintance of Fang Yuan. As Wuzhou No. 1 Highschool Trump Card, his Magmar was returned by Eevee in the exchange match with Pingcheng No. 1 Middle School.

In the freshmen exchange between Shanghai University and Capital City, his Magmar was once again dropped by a super-electromagnetic gun from Magneton. In short, it was miserable.

However, the more miserable the experience, the faster the rise. After all, this is all motivation. After three years, he has a good reputation in the emperor, and he has passed the three levels of professional assessment.

In addition to Bai Qi, there are also several Elites from Capital City, with an imposing manner.

“Yes, yes, an old member of the School Team has returned to the team today. They are happily communicating.”

“Old Hu, for tomorrow’s exchange activities, please don’t persuade you.” Tang Sheng laughed.

“Counsel? A joke!” Hu Guanxiong hehe smiled.

The School Team Trainers behind him also showed smiles. This time, they are bound to defeat Shanghai University, a shame! ! !


Among these people, Bai Qi was the first to discover a silhouette in the training hall familiar enough to make him remember his life.

“That, Teacher Hu…” Bai Qi stood on the high platform at the entrance of the training hall, pointed to the silhouette below, and stuttered: “Look at that person, is it…”


Hu Guanxiong also looked over, what to make a fuss about nothing.

At this point, it doesn’t matter. Hu Guanxiong was directly frightened. At this time, Fang Yuan also felt the line of sight from above, and immediately turned his head and smiled as a greeting.

“Fucking, Fang Yuan.” After careful comparison, Hu Guanxiong gave a silly cry and directly showed all the school team members of Capital City University. Their expressions were at first blank, then shocked.

Fuck, this person… World Cup champion Fang Yuan! !

“Eh, by the way, what I just said was Fang Yuan, an old member of the School Team who returned to the team today. Hey, after all, this kid is just a senior and has not graduated yet.” Tang Sheng sighed.

Fang Yuan is also a member of the School Team. He also participated in the national competition with other School Teams at the beginning. Now he can’t be excluded naturally.

Of course, Tang Sheng will naturally not really let Fang Yuan participate in the exchange battle. This is meaningless. He is now scaring Hu Guanxiong.

Don’t say it, it’s really scared, the morale of Capital City University collapsed at this time,

Gan Liliang!

Hu Guanxiong’s eyes widened. Let’s go nonsense, but he thinks carefully, Fang Yuan seems to be really a senior. Since Fang Yuan participated in a national competition and stopped participating, Capital City University I completely forgot Fang Yuan.

After all, Fang Yuan became the fifth Elite at that time, and he was preparing for the World Cup. How could he still participate in college student competitions like the National Competition.

Now, Tang Sheng actually pulled out the World Cup champion, saying that he is a member of the Shanghai University Team. Isn’t this bullying, it’s bullying!

At this time, behind Hu Guanxiong, Bai Qi and the members of the School Team felt a little heavy, and they all looked towards Hu Guanxiong……

I really want to ask, Teacher, do we still play this exchange battle? ? ? Or, go back…

Fang Yuan Great Demon King’s deterrence against Capital City University is still great…

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