Pokemon Masters Chapter 804


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July 29.

Fang Yuan helped train school team members and He Xiaomai at Shanghai University for half a day.

As for Eevee, he sneaked into the no-one Shanghai University e-sports classroom for an afternoon.

Dozens of computers are turned on, and there are countless games for it to choose from. Play one, hang one, it’s so fun.

Fang Yuan returned to his dormitory in Shanghai University after a long absence.

Although I haven’t lived for a long time, the school still keeps him. As for some dust, it doesn’t matter. Eevee goes down with a Refresh Move, and the whole room will immediately Refresh.

“It looks like you are very happy.”

In the dormitory, Fang Yuan saw Eevee, speechless saying still in excitement.

Although Eevee loves mobile phones more than computers, it is still very happy to play with computers occasionally.

And because of Substitute, it is five times as happy.

Eevee :(o゜▽゜)o☆

When its eight Eevees arrive, it will also build a large computer room.

“Okay, rest early, there are still important things tomorrow.” Fang Yuan said.

“eivui!!!” Eevee obediently nodded.

Fang Yuan was tired enough today to teach his classmates for a day, but he was still very happy. Not only did he see He Xiaomai sweep Shanghai University, but he also scared Capital City University away. It was really interesting.

But having said that, He Xiaomai still has some strength gaps from the real School Team Elite. It is estimated that after another year, she can really sweep away ignoring everything.

Fang Yuan’s expectations for He Xiaomai are not too high. Su Shu’s achievements are almost the same.

After all, he has twelve branches after two months. The discipline taught by him can’t be worse than the one taught by Konghai Grandmaster.

“Keep looking at the information.”

After a while, Eevee went to Calm Mind, and Fang Yuan did not plan to replace Rest with Calm Mind this time.

Instead, I plan to read some complicated text materials to hypnotize myself.

He hasn’t read the pile of Pokemon information that Rotom updated yesterday. These information are mainly the progress of Pokemon’s strength during this period.

This month, Fang Yuan’s team strength has changed a lot.

This is due to the good coordination of the Pokemon’s basics. After special training recently, the battle strength was immediately advanced by leaps and bounds.

I also benefited from the unlimited provision of Peak Level resources after Fang Yuan became the twelve candidates.

First of all, it is Magnezon, which is almost equivalent to a steel system with a good coordination ability and Electric Type attainment of Peak Level Second Stage battle strength of Peak Level Domain.

In Soul-Heart Armed Mode, the proper one is the top four Totem.

Next is Gluttony. Fire Element has achieved Peak Level level. Under normal circumstances, Ghost and Fire Type can exert the strength of Peak Level Second Stage. There is almost no problem.

After Mega Evolution, it is also the top four Totem.

There is also Dragonite, and the dragon attainment has reached the Peak Level level. If you don’t carry the Silver Wing, the Flying Dragon Dual Type Totem of the Equivalent to Peak Level Second Stage will carry the Silver Wing into the dark Dragonite mode, unless it is those who exercise to the race. Extremely high race Pokemon, otherwise few Pokemon can suppress it.

So far, Dragonite is still unable to master the state of darkness alone, and Silver Wing has been eroded by the darkness in half.

Silver Wing is about to fail, but Fang Yuan and the others have no good way. They can only exercise Dragonite to exercise Dragon Outrage and Hidden Power · Evil Move besides Flying Type.

In other words, in the past 3 months later in the World Cup, Fang Yuan’s six main players are almost the weakest and have the strength of Peak Level Second Stage. Individual Pokemon can also play Peak Level Third Stage alone. Strength! !

This kind of strength is completely enough to rank in the top 50 in China. The most important thing is that some strength standards do not count his Heart Intent increase effect.

Those veteran 2-Star Grandmaster, better than Fang Yuan, are only the second team strength.

Although Fang Yuan’s second team is not strong, Fang Yuan’s second team is basically assisting, and its own strength is second.

Looking at the 6W8000-word Pokemon data summarized by Rotom, Fang Yuan studied it carefully and analyzed whether they could be further improved before challenging Victory Road.

“Probability is not big…stable the current state is good.”

“And what I have to do next is to prepare enough Pokéblock for Performance and the sealed items in my hand in August…”

Fang Yuan fell asleep while thinking.


The next day.

Because of twelve Qiao Jing Grandmaster’s medical and nursing breed lectures, Shanghai University is very lively.

Fang Yuan didn’t bother to listen. After all, what profound secrets the twelve impossible taught in lectures aimed at college students.

So when he was waiting to meet the Grandmaster Qiao Jing on the 2nd day, he and Rotom were looking for items suitable for seals.

The items that are most suitable to be sealed objects are basically those that contain special energy.

For example, those slates of Arceus…

However, these Items are basically impossible to obtain.

The Silver Wing feather in his hand is okay. It may be casually successful to seal Guardian God-level Pokemon, nothing difficult, but it is really reckless waste of natural resources… Fang Yuan will definitely feel distressed.

“The legendary resources collected in the Alliance are quite suitable for sealing objects, such as Never-Melt Ice for a billion years, relying on power of Ice Thunder and Aura to seal some Pokemon restrained by the ice attribute. Certainly with no difficulty…”

“It seems that if you want to find a good Sealed Artifact, you have to rely on Alliance. Moreover, I owe the two legendary resources of Prince of the Sea. It’s okay by the way, so it’s time to apply for resources from Alliance…”

Just when Fang Yuan made a decision…dong, dong, dong!

The door rang.

A knock on the door sounded, Fang Yuan was puzzled, but his brows stretched out quickly and ran to open the door.

Not many people can find here at this time.

As soon as he opened the door, he turned out to be the old Principal of Shanghai University.

“Didn’t you go to the lecture.” Fang Yuan asked.

“Hey, what’s so nice about the lecture, I strayed after speaking.” Dean Sun hehe said.

Fang Yuan: “…”

“Sit down.” Fang Yuan laughed too, curious about why the other party looked for himself.


“You want to challenge Victory Road?!” Dean Sun sat down straight to the point.

He watched Fang Yuan carefully, and wondered what Fang Yuan thought.

“Hey, are you understood?”

“Of course, I am also qualified to be a Trainer for Pass Defender anyway.” Dean Sun touched his beard. Although he retired due to work and family reasons, it does not mean that he is not a Trainer.

Fang Yuan said: “Yes, just take a challenge and have a look. I want to see how much progress I have made since the World Cup.”

Dean Sun: #%#¥@%¥# What’s special, human talk? How long has the World Cup passed, and has made progress?

Furthermore, directly to the challenge of China’s Peak Level?

Even the current twelve old men are not sure to pass, right?

Are you crazy or my ears are faulty.

After the association reported that Fang Yuan challenged Victory Road, the old principal of Shanghai University did not know how many calls from Old Friend were received, asking what was going on.

He also wants to know what’s going on.

However, this time the old Principal has learned to be smart, and he has not jumped repeatedly on it. He came here today to inform Fang Yuan of something.

Shanghai University old Principal said with a smile: “Young is good.”

“Principal, wouldn’t you just ask this question?” Fang Yuan looked weird.

“Of course not, and it’s not a secret. It’s okay to tell you in advance. If it goes well, you will meet me in the Victory Road challenge, but I won’t keep it.” Shanghai University old Principal got up At one time, he was also a famous Trainer in China.

After witnessing Fang Yuan creating that many miracles, this time he decided not to silently wait for the results behind his back, but planned to get involved personally to see where Fang Yuan could go.

For this, he decided to call back all the Old Partners and guard them at a certain pass on Victory Road, so that no matter what the final result will be, he will be prepared.

However, he estimated that Fang Yuan passed the 2nd and 3rd levels, he would be the best.

“Ah this.” Fang Yuan hearing this, suddenly startled.

“Haha, don’t worry, my body is still okay.” The old Principal Pats said that he was tough.

“No… I just suddenly suspected the real value of Victory Road…” Fang Yuan said silently in his heart.

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