Pokemon Masters Chapter 805


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The old Principal of Shanghai University seldom comes to the school. This time, I came here specifically because of the twelve lectures. By the way, I took the time to chat with Fang Yuan.

After talking about Victory Road for a long time, Fang Yuan only got one useful news from the other party…that is, Dean Sun will become one of Victory Road’s ten Pass Defenders.

“It’s useless to tell me this information…”

“Venonat can’t find it!”

After Dean Sun left, Fang Yuan asked Rotom to investigate the other party’s Pokemon information.

It’s not that things can’t be found, but the age is too old and there is no reference value. At the time of Shanghai University’s old Principal, technology was not so advanced, and Pokemon competitions were almost nonexistent. Fang Yuan found a few at most Pokemon is just the name…

So, in Fang Yuan’s view, the other party might as well not come.

I want to provide information… at least I have to say the information of 10 people! !

“You say yes, Rotom!”

“Ah, probably Rotto…” Rotom nodded.

“eivui (It doesn’t matter, kill randomly)!!!” Eevee shook his head.

Fang Yuan stopped thinking about it after he had finished complaining.

However, just when Fang Yuan wanted to calmly wait for the twelve Joe Grandmasters to finish their speech, and then the two sides met to discuss the matter of the Contest the day after tomorrow, something went wrong.

“Hmm, I understood.”

“Then increase the supply.”

“Double is good, not too much.”

Fang Yuan fell silent after hanging up the call from Chief-In-Charge to himself during the Contest contest.

He just got the information and said that the contestants in the Contest are crazy.

The reason is very simple. Fang Yuan promised when he advertised on the World Cup live broadcast that he would send Pokéblock to the contest. Now that the Contest is really held, he will naturally not break his promise.

So the contestants at this time were all allocated a box of Pokéblock.

Not only are there contestants, but a friendly shop selling Pokéblock has also been established near the Contest venue.

July 30 ~ July 31.

is the date when the contestants registered on site.

At the same time, at the beginning of this day, Trainers came into contact with Pokéblock for the first time…

This is the beginning of Myriad Evil Origin.

Since Fang Yuan advertised for Pokéblock, and Pokéblock has not been officially sold, trainers can be said to be curious about this kind of nutritional supplement that Breeder blows up.

And Pokéblock did not disappoint their expectations.

I ate Pokéblock’s Pokemon, and the praise given was beyond the trainers’ expectations.

Not only the taste is almost zero, but also some Pokemon on the edge of breakthrough, after eating Pokéblock, they also have a certain degree of growth immediately.

In just half a day, the Pokéblock given to the contestants in the Contest competition was used up by these trainers.

Whether it is Trainer or Pokemon, they still have more ideas and want more.

“I heard that the reaction was exaggerated?”

Fang Yuan turned on his phone and entered the Contest official website forum. Soon, he saw the comments hiding the sky and covering the earth.

All praise…

And the content is outrageous, just like the Contest invited a bunch of low-level navy.

[wū wū wū wū, I just took a bite of Pokéblock, and my Pikachu hates the usual Pokemon biscuits, what should I do? ying ying ying, Pokéblock is so expensive. Does anyone support this handsome guy? 】

[Damn, my Butterfree took a bite of this small blue cube and immediately comprehended the Confusion Move, can you believe it? There are pictures and the truth, deceiving people to chop X. 】

[My Jynx Level is too high, I have been disobedient before, but after giving it Pokéblock to eat, its impression of me was greatly changed. Not only was it obedient, but also gave me a kiss. In short, the food is great , Sure enough, if you want a Pokemon to recognize itself, you have to grab its stomach first. 】

[I alone think Pokéblock is delicious for humans? We like Yellow flavor. 】


After reading dozens of comments, news, and posts, Fang Yuan’s whole body is not good.

“It is expected and unexpected…!”

Fang Yuan finally turned off the phone in silence. He swears that these people are definitely not the navy he found.

Maybe those contestants who were exposed to Pokéblock for the first time, they were shocked by the effect of Pokéblock and their tap water behavior…

It seems that after this Contest contest, Pokéblock is going crazy.

No matter how powerful the advertisement is, it is not as effective as the independent promotion after the Trainers have personally experienced the effect!


Shanghai, the Pearl District.

The training area outside the Contest venue is very lively at this time.

Although the Contest is only the day after tomorrow, many Trainers have gathered here.

In order to achieve good results in the Contest, it is worthwhile to come here for training in advance!

“Butterfree, use Confusion to control insect silk, bundle play, GO!”

“Boo 咿咿~”

“Pika Zhuang, use the steel Iron Tail Bar to beat the Electro Ball!”

“roar! !”

With an order, these Trainers directed Pokemon to use a combination of Move that was not too skilled.

Among them, there are college students, Rookie Trainer who has just passed the college entrance examination, and senior high school students who have just become Rookie Trainer.

These people are either very powerful or very European.

The Fang Yuan Cup Contest in Shanghai Region is the first Contest held. It is very difficult to successfully register. If there is no recommendation from a partner school, it can only be drawn by luck.

But even so, Trainers are eager to sign up, because the rewards of the Contest competition are so fragrant.

Pokéblock will be given to the contest. No matter what rank, there will be rewards, and the value of rewards will increase gradually.

Such a good welfare, are you still a human if you don’t join in the fun?

After confirming that Pokéblock’s effect is far from the same-priced nutritional products available in supermarkets, these contestants who ran out of Pokéblock targeted the friendly shops selling Pokéblock near the Contest venue.

A few hundred dollars? So what, buy, buy, buy.

These days, those who can breed and afford Pokemon are rich people.

The cheapest Pokéblock has hundreds of prices for a box. The expensive one is like the shallow blue Pokéblock, which is universal and costly. It is a thousand yuan. This is the price that most Trainers can’t stop. However, the Pokéblock effect cannot be resisted very good.

Anyway, no matter how you train Pokemon, you still have to spend money. Why not make the money more cost-effective? Buying Pokéblock… you can’t buy it at a loss, you can’t buy it!

Whether you use it yourself, or buy it as a gift to your relatives and friends, in short, in less than a day, the Pokéblock at the Contest venue was sold out.

“A box of Pokéblock.”

“Sorry, today’s share has been sold out.”

“Then make a reservation for tomorrow, my Snorlax is crying.”

“Sorry…reservations are not supported for the time being, please go to the official website of Contest to make reservations if you need them.”

“son of a bitch …… that Scheduler are how long, I would have an appointment, and you have not shipped!”

“Ah, this… coming soon.”

Heh, scum Trainer, who was the one who blossomed in the dormitory before?

Who is shouting “Wuhu, take off!!”? ?

But Eevee didn’t break Fang Yuan. Anyway, it found out that Fang Yuan really doesn’t have any special hobby, and basically doesn’t spend much money.

Most of Fang Yuan’s money is spent on Pokemon, so…

Eevee’s pupils brighten, which means that the more Fang Yuan is, the more they are equivalent.

Ah~ It is so happy to have Fang Yuan as a Trainer.

“Uh, Dr. Fang Yuan…Your Eevee is this…?”

Joe Grandmaster found Eevee squinting, who was intoxicated, rolling, and rubbing the back of the chair in another chair, and he was at a loss.

She has not seen such a problem for most of her life in medicine.

“It’s okay, maybe I’m hungry.” Fang Yuan gave Eevee a black line.


During the meal, Fang Yuan and Grandmaster Qiao Jing, both of the main judges of the Contest contest, exchanged ideas.

During the communication process, Fang Yuan found that Grandmaster Qiao Jing was quite easy-going and kind, not as grotesque as Konghai Grandmaster.

While chatting, Grandmaster Qiao Jing has changed the name of Fang Yuan from “Professor Fang” to his name directly. The more he sees Fang Yuan, the more pleasing Qiao Jing Grandmaster looks at Fang Yuan. There are really not many outstanding youngsters like this. Fang Yuan is still single, she wants to introduce her granddaughter to Fang Yuan.

Qiao Jing Grandmaster smiled all the time, and at the same time, she remembered one thing…

In front of Dr. Fang Yuan, it is said that he will challenge Victory Road next, right? ?

Obviously, you can directly become twelve branches, but you want to challenge Victory Road. What is Fang Yuan’s plan?

“It’s better…” Grandmaster Qiao Jing thought.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of Fang Yuan, Grandmaster Qiao Jing secretly decided in her heart that she should also apply for a Victory Road Pass Defender position.

In her own way, contact the youngster who is optimistic about the president again.

After all, Fang Yuan’s Contest and the Pokemon Center she is responsible for will soon establish a comprehensive cooperative relationship. It should be understood through various means.

Qiao Jing Grandmaster is the “Weiyang” among the twelve branches, and they are figures of the same era as Konghai Grandmaster.

She is also a Trainer herself, but she is not specialized in combat, but specialized in medical breeding. However, this does not mean that Grandmaster Qiao Jing is weak in combat.

Research and battle are okay…but medical breeding and battle are almost closely related fields.

Twelve branches, there is no weak person, even if they specialize in other directions, they are strong enough to rank in the forefront of China.

While Qiao Jing Grandmaster was observing Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan was also observing the old man.

Fang Yuan once heard that Qiao Jing Grandmaster seems to have a Blissey that has exercised to the limit of his race. It is said to be absolutely impossible to fall, and it is also known as the first treatment in China.

I don’t know whether Milotic, who masters the use of life energy, and Blissey of the other party…whose healing ability is better.

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