Pokemon Masters Chapter 806


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July 30.

The effect of Pokéblock was well received. Fang Yuan met twelve Qiao Jing Grandmasters.

July 31.

At Fang Yuan’s request, the friendly shops around the Contest doubled the supply of Pokéblock, and more trainers who came here experienced the effects of Pokéblock.

Although there are not many contestants.

But there are so many viewers.

The Shanghai Contest venue can accommodate tens of thousands of spectators, and tickets were looted early.

Trainers account for a very large proportion of these people, and they are also the main force in purchasing Pokéblock.

As Pokéblock sold out quickly, and buyers gave feedback, its reputation has surpassed most nutritional products on the market.

On this day, Fang Yuan did not care much about the impact of Pokéblock.

He came to the Laboratory of Senior Sister Xie to personally see the progress of the Mega Evolution stone detection device.

The research went very well.

If you continue to proceed so smoothly, within two months, the test product should be successfully studied and put into the experiment.

Fang Yuan is also curious about the strength of Altaria today.

After all, he gave the Mega Stone and Key Stone to Xie Qingyi for a month.

One month, one month, even Jiang Liu and Ye Hui Grandmaster did not receive this treatment.

But despite his curiosity, Fang Yuan did not rush to ask.

Tomorrow is the exhibition game. Knowing all the strengths of Altaria too early is a bit boring.

August 1.

The time has finally come to hold the Fang Yuan Cup of the Contest competition.

Many contestants are making final adjustments indoors or outdoors.

Or nervous or excited.


Shanghai, Pearl District, Contest venue.

After selection, Xiao Qin, who stood out from thousands of Pokemon vs. Hosts, became the host of the most special Contest “Fang Yuan Cup”.

This young and beautiful woman is known as the most action-oriented female Host. She is characterized by a mole under her right eye and her voice is very contagious.

“Gentlemen and ladies, the long-awaited Grand Festival, Fang Yuan Cup is finally about to begin!”

Xiao Qin’s passionate voice sounded in the Contest venue.

At the same time.


As she stood in the center of the stage with a pool, six beautiful and thrilling Milotic slowly emerged from the pool, surrounded her, rolled up the reflective crystal water, and made her the focus of the audience in an instant.

These six Milotics are the ones that Fang Yuan used to use Aphrodite’s Perfume to evolve at the Pokemon Expo.

Now. They are all Pokemon endorsements for the Contest, and will continue to travel back and forth to Contests in China, becoming the most watched Pokemon Celebrity.

However, tens of thousands of people on the court knew that although the six Milotics were beautiful, but the most beautiful Milotic, it should still be the one of Fang Yuan, the “Father of Contest” and “Contest Creator”.

“ao oh oh oh!!!”

“Professor Fang Duckling!!”

“Specially bought tickets for Fang Yuan!!”

“We are not here to watch the Contest, but to see Dr. Fang Yuan’s exhibition match!!!”

The deafening cheers sounded in the audience, making Host Xiao Qin smile on the stage. She looked towards the darkened auditorium, feeling the charm of Fang Yuan, and at the same time opened the mouth and said again:” I feel the enthusiasm of everyone. Then, please let me introduce the three judges and the specially invited referee…”

“Fairy Elite first, Xie Qingyi Young Lady!!!”

Countless lights gather the judges.

It was shot on a beautiful woman with dazzling tea golden hair, wearing glasses, and looking full of books.

In the enthusiastic shout, Xie Qingyi smiled and stood up to express his gratitude. Then, Host introduced the other two judges in turn!

Twelve, Qiao Jing Grandmaster!

And, Fang Yuan, the founder of Contest!

As Qiao Jing Grandmaster and Fang Yuan continued to speak, the atmosphere of the venue reached an unprecedented level.

The lineup of judges can be said to be quite luxurious. After deciding to let Xie Qingyi conduct an exhibition match, Fang Yuan also invited her to be a judge. With Fairy Elite’s reputation, popularity and strength, she is fully qualified.

“Finally, the special referee for this Contest competition is the most unexpected one. It is the erudite Pokemon on behalf of the mobile phone Mr. Rotom!!” Xiao Qin holding the microphone, reached out to the Contest competition Rotom introduced the mobile phone in front of the screen.

Before the huge Contest battle screen, Fang Yuan’s mobile phone Rotom laughed, and the Contest value calculation system is extremely accurate. It still depends on the smart technology Pokemon, which naturally takes on this task.

“Hello everyone, Rotto!! I am referee Rotom!!!” Rotom used a loudspeaker to cover the audience’s voice, and its excited appearance made the audience laugh.

After introducing the four important figures, Xiao Qin waved his hand and changed the position of the microphone. .

“Okay, I believe everyone is already impatient. After that, our Fairy Elite Xie Qingyi will demonstrate for everyone in the Contest performance. After that, Dr. Fang Yuan will also appear on the same stage with her in the Contest match. Then, in the fierce battle, let us welcome the start of the official competition!!” Host Xiao Qin shouted.

There is no doubt that this link is the one that the audience and players are most looking forward to.

Even the 12-piece Grandmaster Qiao Jing glanced at the two youngsters next to him and looked forward to what kind of performance they could perform.


Xie Qingyi feels that it is her honor for Fang Yuan to invite her to the exhibition competition of the Contest.

So, over the past month, she has been working very hard to assist Mega Altaria in completing various Contest skills.

For Help Fang Yuan to create the perfect start for the Contest competition.

“Xie Qingyi!!! Xie Qingyi!!!”

“Fairy Elite Xie Qingyi!!!”

In the thunderous applause venue, Xie Qingyi, whose popularity is not much lower than Fang Yuan, smiled on her delicate face, step by step onto the main stage. At this time, she had already taken off her glasses, her temperament sealed by the glasses, instantly Released, the new image made the cheers more intense.

“It’s Xie Qingyi…!” Somewhere in the contest room, He Xiaomai was excited. Are the female Trainer and Fang Yuan she admired most about to play on the same stage?

Who will win?

In addition to her, many teachers and students of Shanghai University looked at Trainer walking onto the stage with very proud expressions.

Whether it is Fang Yuan or Xie Qingyi, they are all students from Shanghai University.

“Go, Altaria!” On the central side of the stage, under the focal point of ten thousands, Xie Qingyi took out the Poké Ball of Altaria, and after a light kiss, Contest threw it out.

As the dazzling Dazzling Gleam creates brilliant lighting effects, a high and beautiful Growl comes out, the sound is beautiful and sweet, intoxicating.

Xie Qingyi’s Breed of Altaria is undoubtedly perfect. The audience sees from a distance, the Altaria on the stage Sky has an elegant blue body, fluffy wings like cotton Normal, noble, elegant, mysterious, powerful, Scattered shining light lingers down, this Altaria looks very beautiful, and many Trainers have the idea of ​​”conquer an Altaria”.

Just as the audience opened their eyes and looked at the stage curiously, looking forward to what Fairy Elite and Altaria could perform, another moving voice came from Altaria’s humming melody.

I saw, on the stage, Xie Qingyi slowly stretched his left arm in front of him to reveal the Mega Ring inlaid with the Key Stone, and gently touched the Key Stone with his right hand.

“Respond to my heart, Altaria, Mega evolves.”

As Xie Qingyi speaks, next moment, the Key Stone on the Mega Ring on her white wrist, and the Mega Stone hidden on Altaria, the rays of light are flourishing! !

In this scene, many Trainers stood up from their seats, wanting to see the next scene more clearly and confirm their guess.

“Could it be…”

“No way…”

“It’s Mega Evolution…!!!” Someone suddenly said loudly in the audience.

Those who can become Contest audiences have basically seen the World Cup and naturally know what Mega Evolution is.

That is evolution beyond evolution…At present…only Fang Yuan has this power.

Since Fang Yuan showed the Mega Evolution, this kind of magical power has never appeared again, and now, has it appeared again in the Contest venue?

Altaria Mega Evolution?

The rise of Fairy Elite?

This ticket is worth buying! !

“Asshole Fang Yuan…” At this moment, Xie Qingyi also felt the strong energy emanating from the Key Stone, but there was a slight looseness in her heart. Fang Yuan kept the Mega Stone and Key Stone for her for a month Naturally, she already knew that Mega Evolution didn’t need to read any lines at all, just touch the Key Stone with her hand to trigger Mega Evolution.

Obviously, the Mega Evolution lines and so on are Fang Yuan’s own evil taste.

Fang Yuan has already recorded what happened before, and she doesn’t want to pursue it…but Xie Qingyi suddenly remembered that she also agreed to Fang Yuan’s Mega Evolution public performance in the Contest competition.

Xie Qingyi can’t accept the Mega Evolution lines in front of Trainers all over the country…

Finally, Fang Yuan’s words broke her spiritual defense.

“Read it… more or less, so that Trainer who gets the Mega Evolution stone will follow suit… You can’t read it alone, right?”

Xie Qingyi thinks about it carefully, it is indeed the truth, everyone has read it, which means I didn’t read it.

You can’t suffer alone, you have to help Fang Yuan!

So, according to Fang Yuan’s request, she temporarily found a short sentence… I hope I can fool it…

However, in fact, no one cares about Xie Qingyi’s lines at all, Mega Evolution’s lines, it also depends on the appearance and voice. People like Xie Qingyi read it out. The audience don’t have a feeling, but they just think it’s very handsome. .

Live, TV, and the Internet, under the gaze of countless line of sight.

The white light diffused on the Key Stone and Mega Stone suddenly covered Altaria and Xie Qingyi, making them look very Contest. At this moment, in the light of Mega Evolution, Xie Qingyi lifts the head, beautiful eyes look forward to it, The line of sight followed the rays of light and looked towards Altaria.

huhuhuhu…the air tumbling, the pool vibrating, under the huge momentum, as the light of Mega Evolution collapsed, the face of Mega Altaria was finally seen by the audience.

Mega Altaria, who can be admired by Dragonite…naturally beautiful.

Even from a human perspective, Mega Altaria is very beautiful.

“Is this the Mega Evolution Altaria?”

“So beautiful.”

“An unexpected match with the temperament of Xie Qingyi Elite.”

Mega Evolution appeared, and the audience was an instant sensation.

“So they were holding this idea.” The judges seat, the only remaining 12 judges, Qiao Jing, Grandmaster looked towards the side, Fang Yuan has disappeared.

Now, Grandmaster Qiao Jing is sure that this first Contest competition will be more topical than expected.

For Mega Evolution to appear in the Contest competition, only Fang Yuan has this ability…

This little girl, was Fang Yuan given the Mega Evolution ability?

Looking at the special feathers of Mega Altaria’s body like shining pearls, many people can’t look away at all, even with twelve ones.

Mega Altaria’s biggest attraction to them is mysterious. After all, Mega Altaria is the first time in this world, and everyone is curious about how special it is.

“Altaria, let’s dance.” Xie Qingyi opened the mouth and said softly.

Contest exhibition competition, it is natural to show combo skills. Mega Evolution is just an appetizer. As her words fall, Mega Altaria flies high in the sky and continues to circle and dance. During this period, it spreads its cotton-like wings and white cotton feathers. Slowly falling to form a sea of ​​clouds.

“It is a combination of cotton defense and Feather Dance!~” Host Liu Qin explained.

Mega Altaria’s dancing movements are so graceful that it causes the white cotton feathers to fall down, giving people a visual ultimate enjoyment. These feathers did not land, but like a rolling blizzard, forming a white sea of ​​clouds , Levitate was in the air, shocked.

In the sea of ​​clouds, the Pearl-like rays of light, involuntarily calming people’s minds.

Altaria flying in it is like the monarch of the sea of ​​clouds Normal, noble and mysterious.

Soon, Altaria began a real performance. When it was flying in the sea of ​​clouds, the body filled with Fairy light touched the cotton feathers, and it began to convey a beautiful melody, high, beautiful, and lingering like a beam. The song appeared in everyone’s ears.

The melody is constantly changing, and the sea of ​​clouds is constantly rolling and changing. During this period, countless cotton feathers turn into white light spots, leaving the stage and floating towards the audience.

The light spot brings a fascinating feeling, as if being in a dream of Normal. Through the coordinated halo, Altaria succeeded in allowing the audience to listen to their own music in the most relaxed mood.

The Fairy light on Altaria’s body can make a different sound every time it collides with cotton feathers. Many audiences who are indulged in the performance of the Altaria Contest have no sense of terrifying coordination.

In some Move collisions, when the energy explodes, there will be a “hong” and “peng” violent sound, but if it is controlled properly, it will also emit a melodious melody. What Altaria is doing now is through the Tackle of Fairy energy and cotton feathers. Play a series of movements.

Heal Bell, Sing, Disarming Voice, Round, Echoed Voice, treble…Many voice-like Move melodies appeared in this performance. ,

Most people are intoxicated by the beautiful sound, and some Pokemon feel the murder in the song, that is Perish Song.

It seems that in a moment, Altaria can turn this healing song into the sound of Curse that kills everything.

At the Contest site, there are many experienced Trainers who understand the power of this Altaria. Altaria is a Pokemon known for defense. Its defense method is its own cotton feathers that can resist energy and fight. The body is wrapped in a sea of ​​clouds, which is undoubtedly the best defense.

And Mega Altaria can actually play a movement containing a variety of melodies through the touch of Fairy energy and feathers, which gives it the means of change that makes countless Pokemon fearful while defending.

If it is said that after the Altaria Mega Evolution, the Fairy skin is one of the special abilities that it has gained to enhance the strength, then, compared with the ordinary Altaria, there is actually another ability that has changed, and that is for the sound category. Mastery of Move.

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