Pokemon Masters Chapter 807


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Contest competition! !

The moment Fang Yuan appeared on the battlefield, the avatars of Trainer and Pokemon of both sides appeared on the battle screen, as well as a five-minute countdown timer.

“I have been waiting for a long time.”

“Me too.”

Fang Yuan and Xie Qingyi both smiled after looking at each other. Obviously, they had been looking forward to the Contest battle between Mega Altaria and Milotic a month ago.

“Foot wu~~~~~~~” Milotic’s voice came out again, and the battle was about to start.

At the same time, Fang Yuan waved his hand and gave the first command: “Milotic, Rain Dance!!!”

Facing the sea of ​​clouds in Mega Altaria, Fang Yuan chose to deal with it with a combination of water flow and frost.

In the instant Fang Yuan gave the order, a large amount of water vapor gathered in the sea of ​​clouds created by Mega Altaria, which changed the nature of cotton feathers.

In the pool.

Flashing white radiance, gorgeous, Blizzard condensed by Purify water, combined with the 5% shaped rain cloud, instantly frozen the nothing more beautiful can be imagined white sea of ​​clouds.

Instead, it is now an ice layer like the normal ice starry sky, just like Levitate above the sky.

Mega Altaria retreated quickly, avoiding being caught in the cold, her eyes full of shock.

It did not expect that cotton feathers with excellent resistance would be frozen instantly.

The combination of frost and cotton feathers creates an extremely cool ice starry sky. The shiny cotton feathers inside, in the light blue transparent ice layer, are like stars, dazzling.

However, at this moment, losing the control of Milotic and Mega Altaria, this ice starry sky will collapse immediately.

The cloud field that was shocking and called Absolute Defense by the Grandmaster Trainers was cracked in an instant. Many people showed incredible expressions. They quickly realized that this might be an evenly matched match. ! !

Xie Qingyi himself did not have many surprises about this.

She knew that this Milotic was much stronger than it was in the World Cup.

Any Pokemon, even if it is raining Characteristic Trait, will definitely not be able to soak the sea of ​​clouds in an instant, and only this Milotic, who is so strong in rainy weather, can do it… Under the command of Trainer, Altaria Quickly adjust.

“Altaria, Play Rough!”

At this time, Mega Altaria hovered above the ice starry sky. Following Xie Qingyi’s next order, Altaria pressed her claws filled with Fairy energy on the ice.

Crack! !

In the next instant, one after another crack appeared in the ice and it fell down.

However, this is not the original intention of Xie Qingyi and Altaria. The moment Play Rough Move touches the ice layer, ice crystals become the medium of Fairy’s light. Numerous dazzling pink rays of light penetrate the ice layer, such as the meteor shower Normal, densely packed. Densely descend towards the pool!

At the same time, the ice layer was completely shattered and turned into countless ice sparkles, which smashed like Hail with precise force.

Double attack!


Faced with this situation, Milotic still did not panic.


Following Fang Yuan’s words, the pool waved and shook constantly!

Milotic danced, using Dragon Dance.

Dragon Dance drove Twister.

Twister, once again led the Whirlpool Move.

Three Moves closely linked with one another, successively strengthened, and coordinated the combination, and in an instant, Milotic created a huge water vortex.

At the same time, the water vortex went retrograde, forming a lifelike water dragon.

Today, Milotic’s waterspout is different from the past as it improves its life energy attainments.

Like the water stream Kyogre made before, this water dragon also seems to have life Normal.


It roared with incomparably powerful majesty, and opened its mouth to try to swallow countless Fairy lights and ice sparkles.

The sky full of Unique Ability fell on the water dragon body, and a shocking scene happened. Its body seemed to be restored to Normal, no matter what hit it suffered, it would be intact.

It is as if there is an Aqua Ring surrounding its body all the time, as if its heart is made of a huge drop of life.

The unsolvable water dragon successfully swallowed everything and defeated Altaria’s counterattack. Its dragon’s eyes showed coercion and went retrograde. Sky and Mega Altaria also looked at all this indifferently and attacked again!

This is the case for the Contest competition.

Compared to traditional battles, it is more technical.

The combination of you come and me…makes the audience dizzy.

During this period, countless Trainers have noticed the power of Mega Altaria.

The vast Performance, speed to the pinnacle, and the ever-changing Fairy light all signify that Mega Altaria has the strength of Peak Level Third Stage.

Before TV, there were shocks of varying degrees in many places.

Jiang Li, Yun Kai, Xu Haoran, Shang Ren, the old teammates of the Elite Four team, were silent after seeing this game.

son of a bitch, they also want Mega Evolution ah! ! !

The trainer of the older generation, after seeing Altaria’s current strength, compared to Xie Qingyi’s performance in the World Cup, he kept feeling.

Mega Evolution ……

If Xie Qingyi had mastered Mega Evolution in the World Cup, I am afraid it would be a trainer at the championship level of a major country.

“This Milotic…can use life energy!!!”

However, Fang Yuan and Milotic are more shocking than Altaria.

The twelve Qiao Jing Grandmasters have been staring wide-eyed since Milotic cast the spout.


It can be said that Milotic’s current realm is the goal she pursued throughout her life.

Although in this battle, Milotic only embodied the healing ability in the shape change of the healing water, but Grandmaster Qiao Jing could judge at a glance that this Milotic would definitely be stronger in curing Pokemon’s injuries.

At this moment, she is more determined to fight the treasure Trainer on Victory Road.

This Dr. Fang Yuan is too profound mystery.

“This Milotic, at the time of World Cup, shouldn’t be Peak Level Domain yet?”

“Now, only three months have passed, how is this strength possible……”

Trainers who knew Milotic’s strength were shocked.

Altaria has great strength and can be explained by Mega Evolution. However, at this time, they don’t know how to explain the strength of Milotic and Mega Altaria.

Somewhere in the Contest venue, the old Principal of Shanghai University watched the game speechlessly. Sure enough, no wonder Fang Yuan said that he wanted to verify the growth of the World Cup during the period. It turned out… It’s really a Great Accomplishment… …


Five minutes.

This performance battle lasted five minutes.

In these five minutes, every shot of the battle scene was enough for the audience to take pictures. The extremely beautiful Contest battle was so beautiful, everyone didn’t expect the battle to continue like this.

From the perspective of performance battles, this battle has caused quite a sensation across the country. Part of the audience watching the Contest battle all forwarded it, and Amway started the Contest competition.

From a competitive point of view, the final Contest value of the two sides was the same and ended in a tie, but Fang Yuan and Xie Qingyi both understood that Altaria was already an arrow at the end of its flight, and it was difficult to maintain it in the last period of time. Mega Evolution.

And other viewers also understand…Fang Yuan is the discoverer of Mega Evolution. Xie Qingyi can master Mega Evolution. Is it because of Fang Yuan?

From this perspective…Fang Yuan is indeed more terrifying.

The heat generated by the Contest match is beyond Fang Yuan’s imagination.

He invited Xie Qingyi to open Mega Evolution for a Contest against this step, and he was on the right track.

First Pokéblock, then Mega Evolution. The heat is condensed in the Contest competition. It won’t be long before the Contest competition will become an important event close to the national competition and Elite Competition.

Previously, many people were hesitant about the Contest competition, but after the battle ended, everyone recognized Fang Yuan’s new identity…

[Father of Contest] [Contest Creator] [Peak Level Coordinating Grandmaster]!

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