Pokemon Masters Chapter 808


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The Contest is on fire.

It’s not only because of Pokéblock and the open show competition.

It is also because of the innovation of the Pokemon contest content in the Contest competition.

After Fang Yuan and Xie Qingyi finished the exhibition match, the Contest officially started.

At this time, the number of people watching the Contest competition is close to the national competition and Elite Competition.

At first, due to the combo skills shown by the contestants, not at all Mega Altaria, Milotic’s combo skills are so gorgeous and Top Rank, many viewers have a gap.

Although it is beautiful and very Contest, after watching Fang Yuan and their Contest, these performances are normal.

But soon, some Rookie Trainers discovered blind spots.

“Awesome!!! The Stealth Rock Move, which is constantly changing position through the collision of Rollout Move, Geodude shuttles flexibly in the air. In just a few seconds, its Rollout speed has been raised to the limit, just like a gray shiny!!! “

“The combination of Gust and Stun Spore formed a golden storm, which not only made Stun Spore spread faster, but also gave the attack Move paralyzed. Although there are only two Moves… But Butterfree is perfectly coordinated , Lie Hurricane that changes form from time to time is so beautiful.”

“Next is…”

As each and everyone contestant appeared on stage, Xiao Qin from Host of the Contest contest gave a passionate explanation.

Don’t think she is just a Host, but her own understanding of Pokemon Battle and Pokemon Move, even some Grandmaster Level Trainers are not as good as her.

Otherwise, she will not be selected in the Contest competition.

Under her explanation, and the stimulation of the Contest screen, and the affirmation of the three judges Fang Yuan, Qiao Jing, and Xie Qingyi, some Pro Trainers and Grandmaster Level Trainers are fine, but for Rookie Trainer and ordinary Trainer In terms of it, the Contest competition seems to have opened a new door for them.

“Fuck, Rollout can also assist with its own Move to enhance Rollout’s speed and attack power? This… I seem to be able to learn!”

“My Beautifly will also Gust and Stun Spore…this move doesn’t seem to be difficult, let’s try it.”

“Aqua Jet of Ice? Can Water Type Move and ice attribute Move be used in this way?”

“The threshold for the Contest competition does not seem to be very high, but the rewards are really great…Next time I will definitely participate.”

Many Rookies were inspired by other people’s simple combo skills, and they came up with the idea of ​​”I can do it with me”.

This is exactly what Fang Yuan intended.

Contest, the audience has never been Pro Trainer, Grandmaster Level Trainer, Peak Level Trainer, but those Rookie.

And, not the ordinary person of Trainer.

When they see these Contest combos that seem to be easy to replicate, if they have the conditions, they will definitely give birth to Mimic learning methods to enhance their strength.

Even Fang Yuan himself, Ash’s Counter Shield tactics were previously his Mimic target.

However, Fang Yuan also understands that some combinatorial techniques seem to be very simple, and it is easy to give rise to ideas that people can copy, but the requirements for coordination are very large.

Assist special terrain Rollout, how simple it is, the change of control direction is a big problem, it is completely impossible without strong enough control ability and physical coordination ability.

Use Gust to strengthen the spread of Stun Spore… If Rookie Trainer tries, the biggest possibility is Pokemon. This will cause the effect of Gust Move itself to be greatly reduced. At the same time, Stun Spore, which has a negligible weight, may not Controlled random flying.

But in any case, willingness to learn is a good thing. In the process of practicing combo skills, the coordination quality of these Rookie Trainers will definitely improve.

And those Trainers who are keen to participate in the Contest competition, the Contest competition will not be stingy with their Pokéblock, and give them enough rewards to encourage them to grow quickly, create new combinations again, and form a virtuous circle.

In this way, the embryonic form of the third Trainer wave is formed.


Three days.

After the Contest contest lasted for three days, the Rookies who became Trainer this year have become loyal fans of the Contest contest.

The Contest is too conscientious. Those special combos and combat skills appear on the stage. For these trainers who are just in the growth stage, they are simply the best learning materials.

In addition, some contestants and Pokemon with outstanding performances and good looks have gained a large number of fans just after the performance, and they have been contacted by some advertisers, companies, and scouts, hoping to cooperate.

Compared to ordinary battles, Contest is easier to create “net celebrities”.

This is also within Fang Yuan’s expectation. Even if some potential trainers are coordinating trainers to become Actors and Celebrity, if it is their own wishes, Fang Yuan does not feel a pity.

Their existence is of great significance. It is precisely because of the existence of these people and the existence of many film and television works about Trainer and Pokemon that that many people are affected and aspire to become Trainers. This is the field of Trainer. An indispensable part.

After all, the Elite Four champion of Pokemon world Kalos Region is also a big Celebrity.

“According to the reactions on the Internet, this Contest was very successful.”

“It seems that after the September Contest is officially held across the country at the same time, the popularity will reach a terrifying level.”

“Dr. Fang Yuan, your Contest project is really wonderful.”

In the Contest competition venue, in a certain room, three judges from the Contest competition sat together to discuss the changes the Contest competition brought to the Trainer field.

After three days, the twelve Grandmasters of Qiao Jing have already admired Fang Yuan’s prostrate oneself in admiration. Although this is a bit exaggerated, Fang Yuan has indeed done what the Trainer Association has not done for a long time.

Now Qiao Jing Grandmaster is a little bit convinced. If the establishment of the Trainer Association and the popularity of the Pokemon Center are the key to the second Trainer wave.

Then the Contest competition will definitely have an indelible effect on the third Trainer wave. Today, the Contest competition has this prototype.

The cost-effective Pokéblock is the reward of the Contest. The Contest performance suitable for all ages is a means to attract ordinary persons and stimulate the growth of Rookie Trainer. It is a perfect match.

I didn’t think about the improvement of competition rewards, but it’s too traumatic. After all, Pokemon resources are limited. When the time comes, not only will it not promote the field of Trainer, but it will also drag it down. The speed of development, but now that Pokéblock appears, these problems are no longer a problem.

“Hmm.” Aside, Xie Qingyi, her Rotom, and Fang Yuan’s Rotom also nodded again and again.

Fang Yuan, always drop God! ! !

“eivui!~” Fang Yuan’s Eevee, who was slapped by Fang Yuan on his thigh, is not very concerned about this.

It just wants to know when the world Pokemon e-sports competition will be held! ! !

If it is held, maybe the fourth Trainer wave will come! !

“eivui…(But it is very likely that Pokemon turned over to become a Trainer.)”

“Thank you, it’s just the beginning.”

“Everything depends on the long-term development. The current Contest competition is still immature and requires proper innovation.” Fang Yuan squeezed Eevee, opened the mouth and said.

Fang Yuan did not expand because of this. After all, the Contest has just appeared. It is normal to have such a fever.

But how to maintain the heat is the most important job.

Just like online games, version updates and different gameplay are the key to continuously attracting and retaining players.

The next mode of the Contest competition requires constant innovation.

For example, double Pokemon performing combo skills on the same stage…Improve teamfight coordination.

For example, the Contest for two people…Training the coordination and cooperation between Trainers.

Another example is the mode of collecting ribbon Badge in the animation.

If you win the championship, you can get the Contest ribbon Badge. Collect a certain number of Badge to participate in the annual Grand Festival “Fang Yuan Cup”. Winning the Fang Yuan Cup can get the honor of “Top Coordinator”.

In this way, the compelling standard of the Contest competition is higher. When the title of “Top Coordinator” honors the Elite Four champion, it has become a status symbol, and the Contest competition can be regarded as a real success.

“It seems that you already have a plan. Okay. I didn’t expect to be able to participate in such a meaningful thing before retirement. Anyway, if there is anything I can help next, Fang Yuan, just say it.” Qiao Jing Grandmaster laughed, said.

“Me too.”

Qiao Jing, Grandmaster and Xie Qingyi said one after another.

They can already expect that the next Contest competition will become an irreplaceable and influential mega event in China.

Maybe, one day the Contest will be included in the World Cup and become a special competition.

“Yes, then please two of you.”

Fang Yuan invited two of them to be judges, and they have their own considerations. Grandmaster Qiao Jing is in charge of Pokemon centers across the country. No matter what kind of Pokemon competition it is, you can cooperate with her. After all, as long as it is a Pokemon competition, registration is indispensable. , Physical examination, healing, recovery…

On the Senior Sister Xie side, she is one of the founders of Rotom Academy. Fang Yuan needs a group of referee Rotom with considerable professionalism as the core of the Contest Contest value system, so as to ensure the fairness of the competition. , So in the Contest competition plan, her presence is also essential.


Contest is still going on.

Due to the large number of participants, the final Contest lasted for a week before it ended.

Fang Yuan put all their energy into this week, and it can be said that they attach great importance to the Contest competition.

In this Contest competition, many outstanding coordinating trainers appeared.

For example, He Xiaomai, members of the School Team of Shanghai University, Capital City University…their coordination qualities are worthy of recognition.

Fang Yuan has been following He Xiaomai.

Unfortunately, although He Xiaomai’s innate talent is good, he did not go far in the Contest competition.

Although she passed the first round of review, she lost in the second round of the First Stage match.

The girl wearing sunglasses who made the audience curious, because she was eliminated too early, she didn’t receive much attention.

The main reason for her defeat was that she competed with Squirtle and did not send out Golduck.

He Xiaomai doesn’t want to rely on Golduck all the time.

Fang Yuan thinks this is fine. After all, she is still a Rookie and is not suitable for standing too high.

Fang Yuan believes that when He Xiaomai participates in the Contest again next time, even with Squirtle, they will definitely achieve quite good results.

After all, she is a student of his founder of the Contest competition anyway.

In the end, the first Fang Yuan Cup champion, not at all, was taken away by students from Shanghai University and Capital City University.

It was taken away by a Trainer from Victory Road who was also a college student.

This person is Xu Jing from Tianxinliu’s Psychic…

The opponent and Jiang Ran have similar strengths, and both have Grandmaster Level battle strength. Participating in this kind of competition can be said to be a crushing level.

Fang Yuan didn’t know how the opponent reported his name, but the first Contest had many imperfections. It was just an experiment. It didn’t matter who took the championship.

As the champion of the first Contest was released and the battle ended, Fang Yuan also knew that this Contest was a perfect ending.

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