Pokemon Masters Chapter 809


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Contest Grandmaster, Peak Level coordinated Grandmaster, Fang Yuan’s newly won various titles spread like wildfire and were widely circulated by China Trainers.

However, although the results of the Contest competition are very good, there are still a batch of Trainers who do not appreciate the Contest competition.

They are pursuing pure power. They think that the combination skills are going astray. They don’t even understand the strength. Instead, they delve into those, which is completely neglect the root and pursue the tip.

Fang Yuan declined to comment on this view.

Because the existence of these people still has some meaning, Fang Yuan does not want to coordinate Trainer’s excessive pursuit of combinatorial skills. Their proper reminders are necessary to exist.

Trainer should train the basic qualities of Pokemon well.

Drilling into more combination skills is not as good as breeding Pokemon’s basic abilities. Any skills, in front of absolute strength, are meaningless.

For example, Fang Yuan’s Pokemon has studied a lot of combination skills, but in the face of Darkrai, there is still no Darkrai’s single Move that has been trained to the extreme and has destructive power.

These are two completely different roads, but these two roads can actually overlap.

“The most perfect Trainer should be the group of people who understand both fighting, breeding, and coordination.”

“Only in this way can the potential of Pokemon be fully stimulated and the strongest battle strength can be exerted.”

“What changes the Contest competition can bring to the field of Trainer, let time witness it.”

With this idea, Fang Yuan returned to Fang Yuan Laboratory after the first Contest ended, and decided to use the remaining three weeks to settle down again to train and prepare for the challenge of Victory Road.


This period.

The impact after the Contest is over continues to ferment.

For example, Xie Qingyi’s announcement of Mega Evolution has spread throughout the world.

The chairman of Alliance, Antony Ao, asked about the research progress of Fang Yuan.

After all, Alliance helped Fang Yuan build the Mega Evolution Laboratory on Alliance Island.

They are all world Peak Level research facilities, which have completely exploded 99.9999% of China’s laboratory.

Fang Yuan has not been there yet.

President Antony is almost crying. Does Fang Yuan have any thoughts on popularizing Mega Evolution?

Countries in the world are also staring at China, and all hidden spies have been activated, just to get a little information about Mega Evolution.

There is also the “Maga Evolution” Qizao Professor who has won the Dr. Ron Prize, and has been waiting for Fang Yuan to study together on the Alliance Island.

However, no matter how much they look forward to, Fang Yuan really has no time to go to Alliance Island. He is still busy preparing for Victory Road.

In short, next time.

After the challenge to Victory Road and the Mega Evolution stone inspection device is completed, he will definitely go to Alliance.

The Mega Evolution stone detection device is what Fang Yuan thinks is the most important thing.

Without this, even if he publishes all the Mega Evolution information, it will not make much sense.

Key Stone and Mega Stone are few and far between, and there is no information available.

However, with this device, when the time comes is not as simple as co-studying Mega Evolution.

At that time, the China Association will be able to occupy an absolute dominant position in the Pokemon Alliance.

Fang Yuan also needs to rely on this to exchange the legendary resources of Alliance.

In a blink of an eye, three weeks passed again.

Fang Yuan has had a very fulfilling life in the past three weeks.

Although the six main forces, as well as Venusaur, have not made any progress in their strength levels during this period.

Fang Yuan’s special training during this period of time was not originally for a breakthrough, but to help them consolidate their strength.

After the end of the World Cup these few months, their progress has been rapid, and they need a certain amount of time to digest.

It seems that Milotic has absorbed the power brought by the Sea of ​​Origin. It was not stable at first, but now it has all turned to its own.

Partner Eevee, Infernape, Magneson, Gluttony, Dragonite, they are all the same, the normal strength is perfectly stable at the top 2-Layer times.

The only pity is that Silver Wing has been corroded by more than 80%, but Dragonite still hasn’t mastered the dark state.

However, Fang Yuan is estimated to be coming soon, because in the past three weeks, Dragonite has become more and more proficient in the movement of dragons such as Outrage and evil.

At the same time, Fang Yuan himself is not idle.

Physical strength, Aura, and Psychic exercises are also the most powerful.

Now, it can be said that Fang Yuan and his Pokemon team have reached a relatively perfect peak state.

Maybe half a year, maybe a year, maybe two years, in a short period of time, under normal circumstances, he will not have too much breakthrough.

For this reason, Fang Yuan needs the pressure of the Assist Victory Road challenge to stimulate their potential.

The challenge of Victory Road was confirmed by Fang Yuan on August 31.

And today, it’s August 28th, there are 2 days left before the challenge begins…


August 29th.

The Pass Defender selected by the Trainer Association has come to Victory Road in advance.

The president of China Trainer Association came here personally.

Every time he starts a Victory Road challenge, he will watch the battle, and this time is no exception.

Not only him, but the other twelve, including Fu Hei, the twelve candidate who used to pass Victory Road, also came.

After all, the challenge at this time is of great importance.

In a building.

President Wen read the Pass Defender information in his hand, laughed up.

The difficulty of this time is not low. The old Principal of Shanghai University has come out again after a long absence. Even the Grandmaster Qiao Jing, who doesn’t like playing against each other, came to join in the fun.

It seems that Fang Yuan has a headache.

Tell him to inflate to challenge Victory Road, this time he will have to fall fiercely.

“I said old fogey, how come there are only seven Pass Defenders?”

Beside him, a tall middle-aged man looked at the information on the table and asked.

Don’t Victory Road have ten Pass Defenders?

“This…” President Wen turned his head and looked towards the Fu Hei boy, and said: “The first four levels are fortunate. You have also challenged Victory Road. You think that with Fang Yuan’s strength, you may enter the eighth level. Right?”

“He said that he would challenge this time and would not use that Darkrai.”

“In other words, even if he uses Darkrai and wants to completely pass the probability of the last three levels, it is not 100%.”

“In this case, preparing for the seven levels is almost complete.”

President Wen touched his beard. In this way, he not only gave Fang Yuan an experience but also saved expenses. He is so smart!

Victory Road challenge, the first four levels are a grade.

Five, six, and seven levels are another difficulty level.

The eight-nine ten levels are the most difficult.

Fu Hei has challenged Victory Road. He knows that even if the challenger has the ability to fight Guardian God, the probability of passing the last three levels is not great. If all ten levels are passed, then the trainer strength is enough to rank in the top five in China .

So after a while, he understood what old fogey meant.

“Heh… In case he breaks his promise, he will send Darkrai out. That Darkrai, unlike other Guardian Gods in China, has an outrageous relationship with Fang Yuan. Even Poké Ball has entered, so it doesn’t matter if they are. , I don’t believe in killing.” Fu Hei envied.

President Wen slightly startled, saying: “He It shouldn’t be what he did, and even if he did, it’s not difficult to prepare for the next three passes. Anyway, you are all twelve, at worst, just go up alone. Just on top.”

Fu Hei’s mouth twitches. The opening of Victory Road this time should be the most perfunctory.

For Fang Yuan, it should be very desperate to meet such an insignificant president, because if so, even if Fang Yuan really passed the first seven levels, eight-nine ten levels are waiting for him… It is definitely the most difficult test.


“Snee!” At this time, Fang Yuan had already rushed to Victory Road.

This should be his third visit to Victory Road.

Fang Yuan always had an unknown hunch on his way to the Secret Realm Island on Victory Road.

“Forget it…maybe I think too much.”

This time Fang Yuan went out, it can be said to be fully armed.

Challenge Victory Road and only allow Trainer to take two teams.

That is 12 Pokemon.

The pitiful thing is that even if you add all Fang Yuan’s Pokemon together, there are not enough 12.

Eevee, Magnezon, Infernape, Gengar, Milotic, Dragonite, Venusaur.

Ditto, positive Klink, negative Klink…Even Rotom, there are only 11.

Of course, Fang Yuan said that if you don’t need Darkrai, you don’t need it. If you use Pokemon that doesn’t belong to him to challenge the highest national challenge, he will also be sorry.

11 Pokemon is only 11, anyway the number is similar.

However, if the Pokemon egg is considered a Pokemon bit, Fang Yuan did bring 12 Pokemon.

Because of this challenge, he is ready to fight with all his strength. Rival is all expert, and it should be counted as a high-quality battle without Darkrai? ?

Fang Yuan begged for the mysterious Pokemon egg to hatch successfully this time.

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