Pokemon Masters Chapter 810


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On this day of August 29, Fang Yuan arrived at Victory Road and lived in the small villa where he once lived.

This villa containing a training field is less than a thousand square meters… Compared to Fang Yuan Laboratory, it is indeed a bit smaller.


However, considering the luxury of the house alone, the luxury houses on Victory Road are the top rank.

After arriving, Eevee rushed to his room immediately, actively preparing for tonight’s game organization battle.

“You guy, pay a little attention to it… Our goal is to pass seven levels at least.” Fang Yuan pointed to Eevee pointing fingers at the same time, yelling Magnezon to let them breathe.

“Bulululu~~” “Kou Jie~~” “Woo~~” “Woo~~~” “Boo wu~~” “Let’s go~~!” “Busy!” ” Mumbling~Mumbling~~” “Rotto!!!”

A total of eleven Pokemon, each of which was placed in a different place by Fang Yuan.

For example, Milotic was thrown into the pool by Fang Yuan.

And Venusaur, the big guy, naturally can’t be placed in the house, it must be placed in the backyard.

At this time, Venusaur was studying the Berry seeds Fang Yuan gave it, and he was a little frustrated… He really wasn’t the main battle force.

This time, every Pokemon of Fang Yuan has a different division of labor.

Like Venusaur and Milotic, it is not the main battle Pokemon.

Their most important task is logistics and medical care.

The Victory Road challenge rule is to pass ten consecutive levels within the specified time. During this period, although Trainer is allowed to use Berry to replenish physical strength and medicine to treat injuries, it is still a high-intensity challenge.

Under such circumstances, it is more meaningful for Milotic to assume the role of his own nanny than to become a combat Pokemon.

After all, in terms of battle strength, although it is not weak, it is difficult to threaten those Pokemon who have exercised to the limit of Peak Level. It is better to assist Espeon, Mega Gengar and Infernape.

Milotic is also very unwilling to treat teammates only during and after the battle, but in order to make the team go further, it can only choose to become a nanny.

Of course, if dragons and Water Type Pokemon appear in the challenge, Fang Yuan doesn’t mind letting Milotic play, because dealing with this type of Pokemon should be easy to solve even if Milotic doesn’t contribute much.

At this time, in the pool, Milotic had a headache. It was not because of the lack of chances to play, but as the nanny of Fang Yuan’s team, which was not an easy job.

Eevee, Magnezon, Gluttony, Dragonite are okay…but Infernape…Milotic feels a little speechless when he thinks of the injuries that Infernape suffered after the battle. It is too much effort to treat Infernape’s injuries.

After all, Infernape’s injury can be called the “legendary injury”.

Fang Yuan and the others have been able to determine during this period of training that Milotic’s healing Move can finally take effect on the side effects of Infernape’s Thunder Flame mode.

Milotic, who has mastered the use of life energy, has an extraordinary healing effect.

Although it is not as effective as Fire of Life’s treatment, it is at least effective. In this way, Infernape opens the three doors at random, and the minor side effects of opening the four doors in combination can almost be ignored.

In other words, with Milotic, they can continue to use the Thunder Flame mode for high-intensity battles.

The only pity is that according to Rotom’s analysis, Milotic wants to treat Infernape’s injuries by opening four doors alone, or in combination with five doors, it is still a bit difficult, and it is definitely not a short-term cure.

So in the Victory Road challenge that has time requirements, Infernape still has some difficulties if they want to use the power of Thunder Flame beyond the limit.

There is only one chance.

“I don’t know if Infernape has a chance to open five doors at this time. If they can open the fifth door, they might be able to compete with the weak Guardian God?” Fang Yuan looked towards Infernape, who has already taken Ditto to make sandbags , Looking forward to Road.


August 30.

More and more people are beginning to pay attention to the upcoming Victory Road challenge. These are all the trainers who have received the “Guardian Invitation”.

However, very few people are qualified to watch the challenge.

Only a group of people including the president of the association and the twelve branches have this qualification.

Apart from this, the trainer who guards the gates, also has the opportunity to see the performance of the challenger.

Others, they can only get information after the challenge is over.

Therefore, this is also the reason why the old Principal of Shanghai University hopes to be a challenger. This way, he can always pay attention to Fang Yuan’s movements, so as not to discredit the news and other news, and easily suffer from heart disease.

On this day, Fang Yuan counted the various Pokéblock straps from morning to night, for fear of missing any key Items.

But in case when the time comes is missing something, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, they also brought a few small bags of seeds, called Venusaur to ripen them, and then Magnezon processed it, and it was hot and fresh Pokéblock.

“Ah…successfully accomplished!!” On the afternoon of the 30th, Fang Yuan confirmed for the last time, cautiously put the Pokemon egg into the backpack and carried it by himself, and all other things were stuffed into Gengar’s within the body space.

At this time, the functionality of Gluttony is reflected. It is really difficult to carry such a large amount of things without it.

Of course, in this way, it must be careful when fighting, because if it is injured, things within the body space may also be damaged.

Just when Fang Yuan was curious that he had been on Victory Road for so long, and no one contacted him, the communication finally came.

Rotom soon connected Help Fang Yuan.


Located in a huge conference room in a high-rise building on Victory Road.

A total of 10 people sat around a round table area, looking at the huge screen in front of them.

President Wen, as the host of this Victory Road challenge, dominates among 10 people. After he connected Fang Yuan’s call video, the huge screen immediately showed Fang Yuan’s situation at this time.

Fang Yuan is still in the villa at the moment. After he connected the video call, he was also shocked.

Guy, so many great characters?

The president of the Trainer Association threw it away, and the other nine people, all twelve.

Child rat, Jiang Kui.

Yinhu, Fu Hei.

Chenlong, Yunbu.

Wuma, Ma Chenzong.

Unitary chicken, Xu Yifeng.

Hai pig, Kong Hai.

These six people are all the big guys he met when he experimented with the Mega Evolution live broadcast.

There is also the Grandmaster of Weiyang Qiaojing, a big man in the field of medical care, he is no stranger.

In addition to them, there is also a beautiful female audience. For this person, Fang Yuan almost knows the identity of the other party.

Twelve branches, Maotu. She and Qiao Jing Grandmaster are both experts in the field of medical breeding. If there is any difference, Qiao Jing Grandmaster is more inclined to the field of medical care. He has developed many epoch-making medicines. Ms. Rabbit is more inclined to Pokemon breed, and her research is mostly on nutrition and Pokemon food.

And, there is the last middle-aged man with long hair who looks very cold on the outside. He is a snake, specializing in research, and his main focus is the combination of technology and Pokemon Items.

Some technological weapons in China that can pose a great threat to Pokemon are all developed by his department.

Of the twelve branches, Fang Yuan is most curious about this person. Fang Yuan knows that science and technology are powerful to a certain extent, and it is also terrifying. Earth’s technology is still in the past, and some of the black technology in the animation is unreasonable. , Even Legendary Pokémon can control.

So in Fang Yuan’s view, if humans can’t compete with Legendary Pokémon in Pokemon, then the only way to defeat them may be more Top Rank technological weapons.

These ten people are all the audience sitting at the round table.

As for why Chou Niu and Shenhou didn’t arrive, Fang Yuan quickly figured out that the scope of these two people’s work is a bit special and they have not been active in China for a long time, so they may not come in particular.

However, did these two people pay attention to the challenge of Victory Road? Fang Yuan guessed that there should be. After all, this time is the appointment of the two newly appointed twelve members, including himself and Fu Hei. This is a relatively important matter in China. , They are impossible to pay attention to.

“It looks like you are ready.” Seeing Fang Yuan is already fully armed, and the Eevee walking slowly, jumping on Fang Yuan’s shoulder and looking at the screen with Fang Yuan, President Wen smiled and said.

At this time, the eyes of the ten people all fell on Fang Yuan, causing Fang Yuan to blink subconsciously.

Although he will soon become a dog, the oppression is really enough for these big guys sitting together…

By the way… When I sit at the round table, I don’t know if the painting style can have such an oppression…

“Well, you can accept the challenge at any time.” Fang Yuan pondered. So far, Eevee’s condition is surprisingly good, thanks to his constant massage with Aura over the past two days.

Aura Massage! ! At the same time, use massage techniques and Aura Help Pokemon to relax the mind and body. This is also created by Fang Yuan. Although the principle is simple, it is not practical.

“Very well, at 6 o’clock tomorrow morning, the Victory Road challenge will be officially launched. The time limit is 36 hours. During this period, the challenge map will be sent to your mobile Rotom. Among them, Victory Road has ten levels, each level In, there is a Pass Defender, and the ten-level challenge rules also have nothing common with each other. At that time, we will notify you through the mobile phone Rotom, or Pass Defender will dictate it to you personally. Oh, yes, the most people carry and use Pokemon For 12, are these all right?” President Wen asked.

Fang Yuan nodded. He has already understood these basic information, so there is no problem.

No need to repeat…I really want to say something and so on…

While the challenge has not yet started, you tell me who Pass Defender is and what the rules of each level are! ! !

Obviously, the other party will not tell these things in advance. This will increase the difficulty of Fang Yuan’s challenge.

However, what Fang Yuan didn’t know was that the Victory Road challenge this time was so cheating that he hadn’t even found 10 Pass Defenders.

[haha…I don’t know how many levels Fang Yuan can reach. 】

[The expression is quite calm, but I must be flustered. 】

[Come on, child, I am waiting for you at the fifth test, don’t even beat the top four Kanto. 】

[Although the last three levels are not set up, the Pass Defender of the first seven levels is also the pinnacle powerhouse in various fields. It tests the overall quality of Trainer very much. Then Fang Yuan, you can reproduce your World Cup time The imposing manner, like a hot knife through butter, sweeps everything? The challenge at this time is not comparable to World Cup. 】

Among the ten people, many people who knew Fang Yuan were thinking about Fang Yuan’s face on the screen.

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