Pokemon Masters Chapter 811


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August 31st.

Victory Road challenge restarts again.

Fang Yuan, the challenger this time, was already at dawn, wearing his red and white combat uniform, carrying a backpack, and ready to go.

The iconic red and white battle suit, as well as Eevee looking up at the sky on his shoulders, and thoughtful Eevee, all make Rotom, the flying phone next to Fang Yuan, a little excited…

China’s highest challenge event……

Victory Road challenge facility, less than a hundred people in China know about it, it is a very secret challenge and it is not open to the public.

It is Victory Road, rather than powerhouse road.

As long as this is cleared, Fang Yuan and the others will be among the world’s top powerhouses.

Of course, excitement belongs to excitement, but Rotom also feels that clearance is not very hopeful.

Fang Yuan has how many catties and how many taels, it may be clearer than Fang Yuan himself.

Unless some miracle happens, the six levels and seven levels may be their limit.

However, even if it is six or seven levels, as long as the challenge is successful, it shows that Fang Yuan’s strength is enough to rank in the top 50 in China.

Victory Road, located on a huge island of Secret Realm.

On the island, the natural environment is magnificent, such as Volcano, Snow Mountain, waterfall, forest… It is a miraculous island carved out by multiple Secret Realm.

Fang Yuan’s upcoming challenge location is a special mountain range that gathers a variety of natural environments.

Rotom holds the challenge map. They only need to walk from the entrance to the finish line in one breath and defeat the Pass Defender who is blocking the road. The challenge is successful.



The stalactites in the cave hang upside down one by one under the rugged Rock.

After a while, a silhouette walked out of the cave.

Fang Yuan carrying a backpack, walking on the mountain road, gradually moved towards the sky and climbed up.

Beside him, besides Eevee following, Magnezon, Dragonite, Infernape, Gluttony were all released.

Only two Pokemons, Milotic and Venusaur, who don’t need to fight, stayed in the Poké Ball.

“This is it? I didn’t expect Victory Road to have such a place.”

Fang Yuan has been to most places on Victory Road, but this place is the first time he has been here. Not only did he hide his emotion deeply…

Led by Rotom, before six o’clock, they finally arrived at the first check-in location.



“roar! !”

one after another dragon roar, when Fang Yuan set foot here, they suddenly resounded through Heaven and Earth.

Fang Yuan They finally saw something conspicuous. It was a circular valley surrounded by mountains, a bit like the Charizard valley in the animation, and also a bit like the Dragon Valley in Dragon Island. The most important thing is to hear Fang Yuan feels a bit familiar with this group of Growls, and always feels like he has heard of them somewhere.

It seems… it’s all Dragonite, Garchomp, Salamence and other dragon Pokemon Growl… I don’t know how many times I have listened to it on Dragon Island.

Fang Yuan They looked at each other in blank dismay, and finally, Fang Yuan, with his mouth twitching, walked towards that side.

As they walked in, the roar became stronger and stronger, and even a lot of Pokemon flew up, flying to Sky in the valley, and looked towards the outside world.

At this time, Fang Yuan and the others also found a middle-aged man standing outside the valley.

This middle-aged man Fang Yuan is relatively unfamiliar and familiar. The opponent must be the trainer who ranks in the forefront of China in strength, but at least before that, there is no intersection with Fang Yuan.

This middle-aged Trainer, wearing a dark red battle suit, wearing glasses, and a pigtail, looks quite temperamental.

He saw Fang Yuan and the others walking, standing there calmly, and as Fang Yuan approached, he said, “Dr. Fang Yuan, hello.”

“Hello.” Fang Yuan They also stopped.

The mobile phone Rotom did not receive any news, that is to say, the rules of the first test challenge will be dictated by the other party.

The middle-aged braid helped his glasses and said: “I am the Pass Defender of the Victory Road first test, the second-star Pro Trainer, oh yes, I am the father of Yun Guancheng, the uncle of Yun Kai, many thanks for your kindness to them Take care of it.”

Yun Guancheng’s father, Yun Kai’s uncle?

“Nothing…is that they take good care of me.” Fang Yuan said.

It turned out to be a family member of an acquaintance.

However, how could the opponent come to be a Pass Defender? ?

Wait a minute, Yun Li, Yun Li, Fang Yuan finally knows why the other party’s name sounds so familiar.

As the Grandmaster of Yulong Lineage, the opponent has a good Altaria. He is one of the candidates for the Altaria Mega Stone!

But Fang Yuan didn’t even think about it, so he gave the stone to Senior Sister Xie to experience. The other party came to be a Pass Defender this time. Isn’t it just to get familiar with him? ?

Fang Yuan Khan, I hope I think too much.

At this time, Yunli uncle looked at Fang Yuan and was also very nervous, Fang Yuan inferred nothing wrong.

After watching Xie Qingyi’s Contest performance, his eyes were straight. The purpose of coming here this time was to brush a sense of presence in front of Fang Yuan.

If you don’t get the Mega Stone, it would be nice to give him a few days of experience.

Poor. jpg.

Although he felt wronged, this uncle was very serious on the surface and began to explain the rules of the first test to Fang Yuan:

“The difficulty of the first test is not high. The main test is the continuous combat capability of Trainer’s Pokemon. Dr. Fang Yuan, have you seen the Dragon Valley behind?”

Fang Yuan nodded.

The Pokemon behind Fang Yuan are also nodded.

Yun sternly said: “These Pokemon are all Pokemon of Trainer of Yulong Lineage. They are stocked here. Some of them come from Dragon’s Den, and some come from other places. If I remember correctly, Dr. Fang Yuan, your Dragonite is to subdue from the Dragon’s Den, right?”

“Yes.” Fang Yuan said.

hearing this, Silly Dragonite’s eyes have also lit up, the Dragon Race within the valley, and the one from the Dragon’s Den? Do you have your own cooked dragon?

Yun Li continued: “In this valley, including my six Pokemons, there are a total of 100 Pokemons. Their strength can be roughly divided into three levels. Among them, there are 10 Peak Level battle strength Pokemons, Grandmaster Level Pokemon, 40 pieces, Pro Level Pokemon 50 pieces!”

Very large scale!

Fang Yuan’s heart is silent. There are indeed a lot of Pokemon… In terms of strength, it is already close to the Dragon Island level. The Yulong lineage is worthy of the Yulong lineage. In recent years, it is estimated that many dragons have been digging out innate talent from Dragon Island. Be the cub.

“For the first test, I will lead the Dragon Legion and require the challenger to be 12VS100. However, there is a restriction that the challenger can only send 1 Pokemon to fight at the same time.” Yun Li calmly opened the mouth and said.

The challenge of Victory Road, even the first Kanto is so cruel.

10 Peak Level battle strength, 2 Peak Level Third Stage, 3 Peak Level Second Stage, and 5 Peak Level First Stage.

There are these 10 Pokemons, and 90 Dragon Race Pokemons with strength have nothing common with each other. If you want 1VS100, you must have the battle strength to train to the limit of the race, and Attribute restrains the Dragon Race to have a chance to do it.

If not, the first test will probably bring down the main battle strength of the challenger.

Yun Li is already curious that Fang Yuan can use a few Pokemon to defeat these 100 Dragon Races. Among them, the Dragon’s Legion has his six Peak Level main players. Although it is not his Trump Card, his strength cannot be underestimated. It can be said that even if Jiang Li, Su Shu, Yun Kai come, the probability of passing the first test is 0.

This Dr. Fang Yuan, as a teammate who leads them, can he accomplish anything.

“Is this the first test…” At this time, after hearing Yun Li’s description, Fang Yuan also thought about it.


At the same time.

As Fang Yuan approaches the valley where the first test is located.

Through some technological means, the situation of Yunli, Fang Yuan, and the mountain within the valley appeared on the huge screen of President Wen and the twelve round table Conference Hall where they were.

Obviously, every challenge location has their surveillance equipment.

In this way, you can watch Fang Yuan and their challenges in real time.

“What would he do for the first test.” The twelve clouds knocked on the table with their fingers, said curiously.

“The Mega Gengar should now have the Peak Level ultimate battle strength. In that case, it should not be difficult for him to pass the first test.” Jiang Kui said.

The difficulty difference of the first four levels is not very big. As long as Trainer has more than two Peak Level Fourth Stage battle strengths, it is basically not difficult to pass.

However, how many top four battle strengths does Fang Yuan have?

According to twelve guesses, the Fang Yuan team that has Peak Level extreme battle strength in heads-up matches is estimated to be only Mega Gengar…

However, Fang Yuan’s other Pokemons, such as Espeon and Infernape, are also very strong, so they don’t think this level will be difficult for Fang Yuan.

The only problem now is how much energy and time this level can consume Fang Yuan.

Continuously pass ten levels with increasing difficulty within 36 hours. The farther behind, the worse the trainer and Pokemon status, when the time comes is the hell difficulty.

“His Milotic also has a good strength. I remember that Milotic’s words, the charm ability is quite outstanding, who came up with this first test?” Suddenly, among several people, Ma Chenzong Grandmaster slowly opened the mouth and said.

He used to be a guest of the National University Competition, and he saw Fang Yuan send out the Milotic Charm Rival. In the World Cup, Milotic also has the same charm power… If you want to count the battle strength, the Milotic should also Count one!

“Yes, that Milotic’s strength… is also very strong.” Grandmaster Qiao Jing also opened the mouth and said. She saw the battle between Mega Altaria and Milotic. She naturally knew how strong Milotic was. It is not clear how much the Milotic’s charm ability has improved as his strength grows.

Milotic did not show this ability in the Contest competition…

“Charm ability… Pokemon has that many, genders are also evenly distributed, and there are many couples of dragons. It is not so easy to use charm ability.” Yunbu said.

“That’s right, it depends on his choice.”

Others also silently looked towards the screen.


At present, outside the valley, Fang Yuan is really fragrant…

After hearing that Rival was 100 dragon Pokemon, he took out the Poké Ball from Milotic, a nurse.

Decided to sacrifice the hue of Milotic Goddess.

There is no better match for this kind of battle than Milotic.

The white light flashed by, and Milotic looked at Fang Yuan with a cold and proud expression.

This is it?


If you say you don’t let me fight, you can be a nanny at ease, but the first test will depend on me?

“The accident is purely an accident. I didn’t expect that there were so many dragon Pokemon in the first test…” Fang Yuan gave Milotic a thumbs up and praised: “I believe in your charm, deal with them, 10. Only Eevee Magnezon Infernape Gluttony can’t compare to you.”

Eevee, Infernape, Gluttony, Magnezon: Did we provoke you? ? ? ?

Dragonite: (。◕ˇ∀ˇ◕) I agree, no…no, no, how can Milotic fight that many vulgar Dragon Race?

“Boom!!!” Dragonite suddenly felt bad. It thought of the scene of Milotic fighting on Dragon Island. Although Milotic could easily win no matter who he played against, but after that, it also gained a bunch of rivals. what.

There are 100 Dragon Races this time, and then let Milotic fight, that’s fine.

Dragonite frowned found out that it was not simple, “Boo woo woo woo!!” voluntarily asked to play.

It will replace Milotic.

“Foot?” Milotic shook his head and glanced at Dragonite, mainly looking at the 80% corroded Silver Wing hanging on its neck. Just you… forget it.

Dark Dragonite’s performance and injury recovery can crush this group of Pokemon, but Milotic suspects that Dragonite will lose its sanity in the middle and be corroded by Darkness Strength.

Let it come.

After all, this is also an opportunity to prove your charm.

“Then it was such a happy decision!!” Fang Yuan raised a smile and looked towards the direction where Yunli Grandmaster was leaving…The first test Pass Defender was gone before he sent Milotic. It should be to command The Dragon Legion is here, and after he decided to play Pokemon, he immediately stepped into the Dragon Valley.

“By the way, Milotic…I will teach you a few words…” After a few steps, Fang Yuan stopped suddenly.


Yunli is now waiting for Fang Yuan in the Victory Road first test of Dragon Valley. His six main powers are the strongest among these Pokemons, and these Pokemons all know him, so although they are not his Pokemon, But it is still possible to follow his instructions temporarily.

Lao Yun has already agreed on the rules of the battle with these dozens of Pokemon, and they have been asked by his Trainer to temporarily obey Yunli’s command. Therefore, Yunli is currently the commander of the 100 Legion of Dragons.

It’s just that these Pokemon are from different Trainers after all. If they fit together perfectly, don’t even think about it, but even if they don’t fit perfectly, just looking at the quantity, it’s a huge battle strength.

“Unfortunately, these proud Dragon Races can’t cooperate well with each other. If they can cooperate well, I shouldn’t be in the first test, but wait for Dr. Fang Yuan after the fourth test.” Yun Li said in his heart. Laughter, cooperation may be a key to breaking the Dragon Legion, I don’t know if Dr. Fang Yuan can make good use of it.

“Come on!!”

As Yun Li was thinking, Fang Yuan had already walked into the entrance of Dragon Valley.

Before him, there is Milotic, and behind him, there are Eevee them.

Obviously, Fang Yuan first played Milotic.

Seeing that Fang Yuan chose Milotic, Yun Li’s pupils flashed rays of light, Fang Yuan would use charm tactics, within his expectation, but he believed that he has his own six main powers, Help, and other Pokemons are Will not be charmed by Milotic.

His six main forces will not have any thoughts about Milotic’s charm Move.

This is his confidence as an old dragon Grandmaster.

Rely on Longhai tactics to deal with this Milotic…not difficult!



“roar! !”

Land, sky, and a hundred Dragon Races gathered together, like a Legion Normal, full of prestige.

Dragon Race is not a dragon. Among these Pokemon, there are still many pseudo-dragons like Charizard and Gyarados.

But they can all be Pokemon Soft Boiled with the dragon group, there is no reproductive isolation, so it is right to be a Dragon Race.

Look at these majestic Dragon Race Pokemon, Dragonite curl one’s lip.

Eevee, they don’t feel much, they just think it’s cool.

In addition, the strength of the Dragon’s Legion is indeed good. If they are allowed to fight, it will probably take a lot of work and they may not be able to win.

So it’s Milotic’s.

“Come on!!!” Yun Li uncle loudly shouted, waving his arms and commanding the Dragon Legion.

Under the leadership of his Dragonite, Garchomp and Salamence, he believes that this dragon Legion will be invincible.

“Very confident.”

Fang Yuan is silent. Yun Li is impossible. I don’t know that Milotic has charm skills, but I think about it. If I change to any capable Trainer, I won’t believe that my Pokemon will be captured by love when I meet you.

“Go.” Fang Yuan lifts the head, also opened the mouth and said to Milotic.

next moment, Milotic Levitate towards the center of the mountain valley, and the dragon Legion on the opposite side, also flew in an orderly manner.

At the moment when they arrived in the Fight Area at the same time, Milotic gave these Dragon Race Pokemon a ruthless trial.

“Foot wu~~~~~” The melodious and charming voice came out, immediately making these Dragon Race Pokemon’s hearts shake, even female Dragon Race is no exception.

When they saw the hazy halo on Milotic’s body at a relatively close distance, it was like seeing a peerless beauty wearing a tulle dress, and the heartbeat accelerated.

Fang Yuan won’t tell them that after learning how to use life energy, Milotic is not just a healing move.

Being able to use one’s own life energy initially, this also shows that Milotic’s understanding of oneself has reached a new level.

Although it was impossible to change races like Eevee did because of different specialization directions, the Characteristic Trait, the body of Attract, was developed to the extreme by Milotic.

Although they had expected Milotic’s charm ability, this charm ability… is too exaggerated.

“Outrageous!!!” Seeing the Pokemon, the main force of the Elites of Yulong Lineage, was so confused, Yunbu couldn’t get angry.

“So, don’t underestimate that Milotic…” Grandmaster Qiao Jing laughed and looked at Milotic in the picture.

The current Milotic doesn’t look easy. This Milotic is still using its charm ability and continuously using it.

Prevent these Pokemon from waking up in battle.

Although there are 100 Rivals, Milotic can accurately release the charm of different intensities according to the strength and gender of the Rival Inner Force, without wasting any Performance… Just this control and coordination ability It is enough to show that this Milotic is out of the ordinary.

Is this the beauty breed method?

Anyway, watching the battle in the screen…The twelve branches are speechless.

This first test, won’t it be so easy? ?

Even Fu Hei was not so easy to pass the customs.

“Ahhh…you guys don’t fight anymore!!!” Now, Yun Li is the most anxious, what joke, No way No way, Victory Road challenge, but it must be recorded, he is a Pass Defender, If you want to lose so confused, how can you meet people in the future.

Altaria Mega Stone I don’t want it, can’t it? Let me command the Dragon Legion bravely! !

“As for this battle…I don’t know how long it will last.” On the other side, Fang Yuan glanced at the phone’s Rotom timer and thought.

Um… It shouldn’t be a waste of time.

Sure enough, it was right to send Milotic to the stage. Mega Gengar may not be so useful.

Eevee, Magnezon, Infernape, Gluttony: ╮(﹀_﹀)╭, right? Milotic Goddess, always drop Dragon Race nemesis! !

Dragonite: ❤v❤ Hmm.

In about 10 minutes, the internal strife of the Dragon Legion was decided, and the charm continued for 10 minutes, and Milotic was also a little tired.

But it doesn’t matter, this kind of slight consumption on Performance, wait for Pokéblock to replenish it, rest for an hour, anyway, after that, don’t use it to fight.

Now, Yun Li, who has been crashing for 10 minutes, sees Garchomp, one of his main powers among 100 Dragon Race Pokemon, standing at the end, after defeating the overwhelming majority Pokemon, he is even more angry.

In fact, it proves that licking the dragon is not good for death. Just when Garchomp thought he was a winner and could associate with Milotic, Milotic and Blizzard completely ended the wounded…

The Dragonite seen in this picture is a smirk, and that’s it. As expected, Milotic still cares about it, and didn’t really associate with this earth dragon…

Before and after, in less than 20 minutes, Victory Road first test, Dragon Valley, 1VS100, easily completed.

Yun Li was silent. The twelve members who watched Fang Yuan’s challenge were speechless. Forget it, the next level is the next level. This level is restrained and not worth seeing.

At the same time, Fang Yuan took out the peaked cap from his backpack and put it on his head, ah~ Father-in-law Sun came out, let’s do some sun protection work first… What will be the next level.

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