Pokemon Masters Chapter 814


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When Dragonite regained consciousness, Milotic had used life drops to treat it, and Fang Yuan took it back into the ball.

In the Peak Level battle, Dragonite’s injuries were not serious.

Dark Dragonite itself is in a semi-rest state, and its battery life recovery ability is extremely strong. In this state, it still loses consciousness due to serious injuries. It is conceivable how serious its injuries are.

But with a serious injury like Dragonite, now Milotic’s life dripped down and almost immediately recovered.

Even the toxins on Dragonite’s body are basically cleaned by Purify.

Of course, Milotic also has the ability to help Dragonite recover more perfect, but there is no need, because the probability of having Dragonite play continuously is not great…

So, as long as it can fly consciously and physically, the remaining injuries and performance issues are supplemented…Dragonite, just use Roost to recover by itself, so as not to waste Milotic’s power.


After waking up, Dragonite touched the scales with his short hands like a thunderbolt on a sunny day. Is the treatment finished? ?

What about Milotic’s life drops… It hasn’t felt the comfort of being healed by life drops yet! !

On the body…hasn’t a drop of water left behind? !

Dragonite looked stunned.

“Don’t froze, let’s go to the next area to check in.” Fang Yuan said when Dragonite had recovered.

How can he not know what Dragonite is thinking…

The other side.

Ye Hui Elite is also treating Ariados.

One of his Pokemon “Sweet Firefly”, which is very similar to the Tail Glow bug, is using Wish Move to recover Ariados’ injuries, as if by magic.

There is also a Pokemon “Shuckle” who looks like a small turtle, pressing his body against Ariados’ mouth and feeding it his fermented therapeutic juice.

But these two Pokemons are only at Grandmaster Level, and the healing speed is very slow. When Dragonite is already lively dragon and animated tiger, those two Pokemons are still struggling to heal Ariados, and Ye Hui is also turning his backpack. , Looking for other Potion……

Sure enough, I still have to go to the Pokemon Center… Ye Hui sighed.

As soon as his thoughts fell, Fang Yuan over there had finished resting. Ye Hui turned his head and saw Fang Yuan climb onto Dragonite’s body, ready to take off.

“Ye Hui Grandmaster, goodbye.” Fang Yuan moved towards Fang Yuan moved towards the other party waved his hand, and then the silhouette flashed away…

Ye Hui: “…”


Dragonite recovered so quickly? ? ?

After Fang Yuan flew into the sky, only Ye Hui was left here in a mess.

Behind the twelve people who follow here, they are also very speechless. Is this treatment speed more than 1 minute? ? ?

It seems that Fang Yuan has found a corresponding way to deal with the continuous challenge. The Milotic’s healing ability… As expected, it is as powerful as Qiao Jing Grandmaster guessed.


“Next is the third test.”

Time, 7:17.

77 minutes have passed since Fang Yuan started to challenge Victory Road.

During this period, he successfully passed two levels, and he has come before the third test.

Dragonite landed slowly, and Eevee also jumped off Fang Yuan’s shoulder.

Besides, there are Magnezon who also stopped flying. As for Infernape, they stopped jogging…

“cracking a joke, right??”

According to Rotom’s introduction, the area of ​​the third test is a wilderness, a very flat and deserted place. Fang Yuan was still wondering what kind of person the Pass Defender would be like this time, and he also had a few guesses… …

However, when he really saw that silhouette standing in the wilderness, he suddenly felt physical discomfort.

This one…may be called a human.

The opponent is more than two meters tall, wearing red and yellow armor, and an energy core on his chest. It looks like a robot no matter what.

Fang Yuan almost thought it was Oreburgh who came from the next studio.

“Meeting for the first time, Dr. Fang Yuan, hello.” After seeing Fang Yuan, the armored man spoke, and at the same time, the part of his face suddenly moved away, revealing the face of a vicissitudes of middle-aged man.

“I am the third test Pass Defender, two-star Pro Trainer, Tang Tian rong.”

Tang Tian Rong…

Fang Yuan knew who the middle-aged man was in just a moment of thinking.

“Mr. Tang, hello.” Fang Yuan spoke slowly.

Tang Tian Rong, a scientist, researcher, one of the senior officials of Dawn Corporation, and Fang Yuan World Cup teammate Tang Xinlan should be related. The other party is also a well-known Pokemon Items teacher. At the same time, the other party is still the 12 snakes Classmates and partners…

In general, Tang Tian Rong is not a pure Trainer, but the more such a Trainer, the more difficult it is for Fang Yuan.

“Boom!!!” “Woo!!!” “eivui!!!” “Burululu!!!” Fang Yuan guessed the other party’s intention to wear this armor, how many Dragonite they are Pokemon was suddenly excited.

This armor suit looks pretty handsome.

Especially Dragonite, even more gestures, wondering if I can go in.

Milotic will love it…

“Cough.” Fang Yuan gave a dry cough. You are excited about an Exeggcute. Obviously this is not something you can wear.

“So, Mr. Tang, what are the rules of the third test.” Fang Yuan asked.

“The third test, 3+1 team battle, that is to say, Trainer can also participate in the battle in this level.” Tang Tian Rong opened the mouth and said: “This level, I use three Pokemon It will not change, and you can change Pokemon challenges unlimited times within the time limit.”

Fang Yuan didn’t care about the latter sentence, but was brightened up by the rule of “Trainer joins the battle”…

This rule is very interesting.

For example, Psychic players, in a regular Pokemon battle, although Psychic can be used to increase Pokemon, it cannot condense Confusion to directly attack Rival’s Pokemon.

With this rule, Trainer can also use attack methods in the battle.

Monster-level Psychic such as Sabrina and Cattleya in the animation. Under this rule, they can completely fight on their own, kill the opponent’s Elite Pokemon and win.

Not only Psychic, but under current rules, Trainer can also use offensive non-Pokemon Items like firearms and technological weapons to assist Pokemon in combat.

In the animation, the villain Team Rocket has repeatedly assisted technological weapons, as easy as blowing off dust, to control the powerful Pokemon, and right now, these are all allowed.

This is also a type of Victory Road challenge rule.

In 10 levels, there are some levels that follow this rule. Fang Hearthome didn’t meet in the first two levels, but now I finally met. This is also the reason that Fang Yuan prepared sealed artifacts. If this is the rule, then he can also I picked up the sealed item and went to seal the opponent’s Pokemon.

Aura messenger, if he can join the battle, he is also hanging on the wall!

Of course, Pokemon’s direct attack on Trainer is still not allowed.

Although in actual combat, the enemy will not care about Trainer’s casualties, but now it is an assessment challenge after all.

Whether it is Pass Defender or challenger, they are all national talents. If there are casualties due to the assessment, it will be a big loss.

“It is the biggest mistake of the rules to let an Aura messenger join the battle…” Fang Yuan thought.


However, Fang Yuan carefully observe each other for a moment, he did not speak, son of a bitch, Aura is linked to the other party cosOreburgh Man is hanging open ah! !

Although I don’t know what the armor is, Fang Yuan always has a bad feeling about the identity of the opponent.

This armor…

Can’t you still emit dynamic light waves, Otter rays, and turtle qigong?


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