Pokemon Masters Chapter 815


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Fang Yuan looked at the armor again.

Forget it, don’t worry, let’s fight!

After thinking, he turned the backpack over.

Take out a sealed item inside.

This time, he brought a total of two sealed artifacts made in advance.

Before coming here, the Aura seal was carved on it.

Although the number is small, it should be enough.

As long as the sealed object is not destroyed, it can be reused.

One of the seals worn by Fang Yuan is the most common seal used by the messenger of Aura-the keystone.

It has another common name, Soul Lock Stone.

This special item that seals the spirit of Spiritomb is also the best item that seals other spirit-type Pokemon.

Fang Yuan tried, even other precious stones of Peak Level quality, such as evolution stones, are not as effective as this one.

But unfortunately, it is impossible to seal the Guardian God-level Ghost with a simple keystone.

Even if the keystone found by Fang Yuan does not have any cracks and is very complete, it cannot be done.

Unless there are a large number of Soul Lock Stones to form a tower of souls, will they have the opportunity to seal and suppress Guardian God battle strength.

In the final analysis, the raw materials are not strong enough.

But with the Aura seal technique, suppressing the ordinary Peak Level battle strength, it should still be possible.

There is another point. Sealing Pokemon is actually the same as conquering Pokemon. If Fang Yuan beats Pokemon to residual blood, hypnotizes and paralyzes it, before sealing Pokemon, the probability of successful sealing will increase a lot.

This approach is Fang Yuan’s only opportunity to seal Guardian God.

In addition to the keystone, Fang Yuan also prepared another sealed item, one of the few items whose sealing strength and keystone are comparable to each other. It was his accidental discovery.

“bottle gourd?”

Fang Yuan flipped over the backpack and took out a bottle gourd glowing green from it, Tang Tianrong on the opposite side showed a puzzled expression.

He thought that Fang Yuan was going to take out what big baby, feeling is a bottle gourd.

A weapon?

Bottle gourd-shaped weapon?

Tang Tian Rong thought for a while, but still couldn’t understand.

Fang Yuan saw the other’s doubts, but didn’t explain anything.

It’s better to keep the mysterious feeling, after all, the other party didn’t tell me what the armor does.

Now, the green bottle gourd in Fang Yuan’s hand is named “The Gourd of Retribution” by Fang Yuan.

The name is similar to the “Pot of Retribution” that can seal the super god Hoopa in the movie.

The materials used to make the pot of punishment are the three powers of Arceus.

The manufacturing materials of the gourd of punishment are weaker in comparison, and they are the “Clay of Light” items.

Light clay is a special resource that can assist Pokemon cultivation Light Screen, Reflect, and Aurora Veil. It can also help Pokemon to enhance the strength of these Moves during battle.

Fang Yuan prepared for the battle this month, tried many materials, and finally found that the clay of light and the keystone worked best.

The keystone is a complete keystone, the effect is beyond the ordinary keystone, a lot of light clay was kneaded into a bottle gourd by Fang Yuan and the others, and the effect has been enhanced a lot. They are all of the same level and seal some Peak Level battle strength should be nothing difficult.

As for wanting to seal Guardian God……

That would have to beat the Guardian God half-handed.

The blood-filled seal is the same as the blood-filled Poké Ball to conquer Pokemon, both are exclusive to the Luck Emperor.

Fang Yuan considers himself luck Normal.

“Although the effect of the Aura seal technique is largely dependent on the material of the seal, not the user’s Aura Force, if my Aura can be stronger, it will reach the level of Aura the brave in the original work. Maybe I don’t have so much trouble now…”

Fang Yuan sighed in his heart, so slow, so slow, Pokemon have resources to use to become stronger, but his cultivation Aura can only use the most conventional method to slowly Calm Mind cultivation, unfair…


Fang Yuan took out the gourd of punishment, Tang Tian looked towards sky, at this time there were several drones Rotom stagnating at high altitude.

They are observing the situation here… to broadcast to the Twelve and Pass Defender in the following levels.

Third test, the attention of Twelve Branches has not decreased, but increased.

In the first two levels, Fang Yuan showed a good record. What about this level?

Tang Tian Rong himself, through the pictures taken by these drones Rotom, learned about Fang Yuan’s progress in the first two levels.

In short…Fang Yuan must not be underestimated.

“Metagross, Scizor, Skarmory!!!” After being silent, he opened the mouth and said.

With the fall of Tang Tian’s glory, the three silhouettes flashed.

A Metagross, using Space Move, brought a Scizor, a Skarmory and appeared beside Tang Tian Rong.

These three Pokemon, like Tang Tian Rong, are equipped with a special technology Protector, again keeping Eevee and Dragonite’s eyes on them.

Cool~~~! !

“Exclusive original items?”

Fang Yuan observes that he doesn’t know all of them, so it may be the same as Infernape’s Thunder Flame Turbine Protector. It was created by the other party and has not been made public.

“How about it, amazing.” After Pokemon appeared by his side, Tang Tian Rong smiled.

Normal Trainer will be shocked when they see this equipment!

Fang Yuan was indeed bluffed. The style of these three Pokemon suddenly reminded him of a Pokemon… Mewtwo, to be precise, Mecha Mewtwo.

It seems that this Mr. Tang is also the second in middle school.

“Then Dr. Fang Yuan, which Pokemon are you in the battle?”

After calling his own three Pokemon, Tang Tian Rong spoke.

“My words, they are naturally.”

Fang Yuan extend the hand, Magnezon, positive Klink, and negative Klink slowly fly out from behind him.

Tang Tian Rong is the Grandmaster of the steel series.

To fight against the steel Pokemon, it is natural to use Magnezon of Characteristic Trait with magnetic force.

By perceiving Aura, Fang Yuan probably understood the strength of these three Pokemon.

Three top three battle strength, wearing a special technology Protector, and a Trainer wearing armor…

If Fang Yuan sends Mega Gengar, Infernape, Espeon, it should not be difficult to win.

But Magnezon is not bad!

If Fang Yuan is not wrong, the technological items worn by the other party…if they are really similar to Infernape’s Thunder Flame Turbo Protector, then Magnezon may have a chance to win easily…

As Magezon Flying went out, two Klinks quickly merged with it.

The Positive and Negative Charge Characteristic Trait is activated, Gear Shift Move is activated, the speed is increased, and the charging starts!

“Magnezon?!” Fang Yuan sent Magnezon to the stage. Tang Tian Rong was also excited. He admired Fang Yuan’s electromagnetic armed tactics very much. He believed that this tactic was similar to his style.

Now, maybe you can have a good fight.

Tang Tian Rong’s excitement.

A “bang! !”

The magneto-magneto wave of Magnezon, which was combined, exploded.

The bursting blue electricity made a lot of sand here fly out of thin air due to electromagnetic force.

Magnezon in second gear, now it’s not difficult to single out any Pokemon on the opposite side! !

But…not enough!

Faced with the oppression of powerful magnetism, the three Pokemons on the opposite side looked as usual, using their own power to block them.

Like an overlord collision, two huge semi-circular impact fields are formed here.

Substantial cracks appeared on the surrounding ground.

Seeing this, Fang Yuan laughed, telepathically transmitted instructions: “Magnezon, Klink, enter the soul state!”

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