Pokemon Masters Chapter 816


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The state of soul and heart.

It is the state where Magnezon and the two Klinks resonate in their hearts and become one.

In this state, there is no problem saying that Magnezon is a brand new race.

During the World Cup, Magnezon needed Fang Yuan’s Aura to assist in entering the soul heart.

And now after so long of cultivation, they can enter alone.

In one thought, Magnezon and the two Klinks completed the tune.

In Soul Heart Mode, Magnezon’s indifferent red pupils watched Rival, and the magnetic wave swept away.


Metagross, Scizor, and Skarmory were shocked and forced to retreat.

This is the Peak Level Fourth Stage, a powerful force close to the Guardian God level!

Although they are both Peak Level Fourth Stage, Magnezon’s strength at this time is not comparable to that of Ariados in the previous level.

After all, the racial limit of Ariados and the racial limit of Magnezon are not the same concept at all.

Even Pokemon such as Dragonite and Metagross, which have been trained to the limit of their race, cannot necessarily suppress the current Magnezon.

It might be possible to change to someone like Darkrai of the same level.

In Fang Yuan’s team, Mega Gengar, Magnezon, and Infernape of the Peak Level Fourth Stage… are all monsters whose race potential exceeds the quasi-god.

It can be said that their power is possessed by Pokemon impossible, who usually exercises to the limit of the race.

Tang Tian Rong also has a Trump Card with Peak Level extreme battle strength. Therefore, when he felt Magnezon’s imposing manner now, his face changed instantly and he realized that it was not good.

At this moment, Fang Yuan’s voice also rang in the other party’s ears.

“Mr. Tang, have you heard of Electric Destroyer, Mobile EMP?”

Boom! ! boom! ! ! boom! ! ! !

When Tang Tian Rong hadn’t reacted yet, as Magnezon’s magnetism wave swept across, the technology protectors on Metagross, Scizor, and Skarmory exploded directly.

Although the damage of these Protector explosions does not have much impact on Pokemon, the explosion of the equipment unfathomable mystery is still bewildered by three Pokemons.

Mentality burst, I am equipped! ! !

“How is it possible…”

Tang Tian Rong saw this scene and also split.

Those equipment, with Peak Level Physical defense and energy resistance, Tang Tian Rong is confident that even if they are directly hacked by Thunder Move in battle, it is impossible to destroy them, and these technology protectors cost hundreds of millions to build , Just exploded in an imposing manner confrontation? ?

At this moment, Tang Tian Rong mentality completely collapsed.

Although he has money and there is nowhere to spend the money, he wants to make another batch, and it takes enough energy to make his stomach hurt.

What power is this? Impossible is pure Thunder Wave! !

“eivui eivui!!!” Seeing Tang Tian Rong’s suddenly dead child appearance, and Metagross with their trance expressions, Eevee beside Fang Yuan shook the head heart-stuck.

At this moment, Eevee recalled the fear of being dominated by Magnemite, who was unable to control his power.

The explosion of this technology Protector is exactly the same as the explosion of its mobile phone…

Fang Yuan’s Magnemite is special. The awakened thought wave and its own Thunder Wave combine to form a new kind of fluctuation. The lethality of this kind of fluctuation on electrical appliances, precision instruments, and technological products is almost incalculable. , The effect is even better than ordinary electromagnetic force.

With Magneson’s current strength and coordinated control, these technological Protectors can prevent other attacks, but may not be able to prevent Magnezon’s magnetic fluctuations.

This move, Fang Yuan, is rarely used in regular battles, and without a regular technological army and their PK, almost all of them are about to become the abandoned Moves like Tackle Move.

And now, Tang Tian Rong actually wears Pokemon with technological items, isn’t it for nothing?

Just as Fang Yuan guessed, this kind of technological items, like the Thunder Flame Turbo Protector, are in the destruction category of Magnezon.

“In this way, the opponent’s power is directly weakened by several percent.” Fang Yuan smiled.

Seeing Fang Yuan’s smile, Tang Tian Rong was suddenly startled.

Because he is also wearing technology products, which means that as long as this powerful Magnezon thinks about it, it can also be detonated in an instant.

At this moment, Tang Tian Rong suddenly felt that he was walking around in front of the gates of hell.

Fortunately, this is not an actual fight.

Tang Tian was frightened for a while, mainly he was the first time he encountered Rival who was good at destroying electrical appliances and was stronger than his Pokemon.

He made up his mind, after this war, must research more perfect technological items.

At this time, Fang Yuan was also a little flustered. In other words, the Protector worn by the three Pokemon would not be expensive, right?

It shouldn’t be, forget it, since the opponent wears it, he must have the consciousness of equipment damage…

He is still smart, knowing that Ditto will replace Items…


The confrontation situation of the third test was naturally seen by the twelve teams.

These twelve branches are extremely recognized for Tang Tian Rong’s scientific research level. Some of them have fought against Tang Tian Rong’s Pokemon wearing Technology Items.

The effects of those technological items each surpassed the strength increase Items of Peak Level.

Although it is far inferior to the augmentation effect of legendary Items, it is better than full-featured.

A Protector can completely help Pokemon eliminate their weaknesses for certain Attributes.

Or bring some special abilities.

For example, Tang Tian’s Skarmory’s Protector, in addition to helping it improve its resistance and defense, can also perfectly inspire its bursting armor Characteristic Trait, so that Skarmory can also perform without being hurt or reducing its own ability. Characteristic Trait ability, greatly enhance the speed.

The same is true for the Protector of Scizor. Connecting a special current signal can enhance the response speed of Scizor, and at the same time, it can stimulate the Characteristic Trait of its premonition without side effects.

Every Protector equipment… is extremely rare.

The cost is expensive, the functions are comprehensive, and the improvement is huge…If the rules of the game allow Tang Tianrong to use these technological items, his strength is much stronger than other old 2-Star Grandmaster.

There are twelve snakes who are good at this aspect. He is also an expert in this aspect, even more proficient than Tang Tianrong.

“Interesting.” The snake opened the mouth and said.

Most Trainers are helpless with this kind of technological items, because Protector’s resistance and defense are indeed good.

Pokemon as special as Magnezon is rare, so Tang Tian was stunned, and he saw it for the first time.

“The combination of thought waves and radio waves is quite perfect. The blue current should be the product of the combination of thought waves and radio waves? This Magnezon can indeed be called a mobile electromagnetic pulse weapon.”

“No… it’s a Mega electromagnetic pulse weapon.”

The twelve snakes looked at the situation on the screen and said in amazement.

Compared to the Pokemon battle, this Magnezon is thrown into an army-style battle, which has greater tactical significance.

“That’s really amazing…” Kong Hai, Ma Chenzong, Fu Hei were also speechless for a while.

“The third test, really can’t stop this kid.”

I was restrained again.

“Don’t worry, even if there is no Tech Protector, the three Pokemon’s own strength is still there. Although the combined magnetic monster is very strong, its Rival is not weak.” The snake is not in a hurry. Said: “Tang Tian Rong will cause certain consumption to Fang Yuan.”

On the screen, at this time, Magnezon has already confronted Metagross, Scizor, and Skarmory.

Everyone looked at it and seemed to be trying to verify the words of the snake.

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