Pokemon Masters Chapter 817


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bang!! bang!! bang!! !

After destroying the opponent’s technological items, Magnezon and the three angry Pokemon clash together.

In this battle, Magnezon used a powerful force to “one” against the three without losing the wind.

Mainly because of the amazing magnetic force released by Magnezon, these three steel Pokemon are very inconvenient to move.

However, Magnezon itself is not easy, dealing with three Pokemon at the same time, it consumes a lot of money.

“Target: Klink.”

Tang Tian Rong responded calmly. His three Pokemons are not weak. It may not be Rival in heads-up, but with the cooperation, the pressure on Magnezon is definitely not small.

The protracted battle is his victory.

Even if the Tech Protector is not destroyed, he is confident that his three main forces can completely suppress Fang Yuan’s Magnezon.

After all, those technological protectors have the function of weakening the influence of magnetism.

Now, without the Tech Protector, he can only find another way.

Tang Tian Rong knows very well that the simplest and rude way to deal with this Magnezon is to separate Magnezon and Klink.

He is indeed taking this goal as the core and constantly directing Pokemon.

“Finally met a smart man.”

Fang Yuan used Magnezon to fight for so long, Tang Tian Rong was also the first Trainer to use Klink as the target.

However, this is also related to the level of trainers that Fang Hearthome encountered before. Those people who faced Magnezon would be beaten for a second, so there was no chance to attack.

But Tang Tian Rong is different. As China’s top-ranked steel Grandmaster, the Pokemon he breeds is outstanding enough. Besides, it is now three to one, if Magnezon counts as one.

Fang Yuan has a serious expression.

The opponent’s tactical choice is completely correct. If Magnezon is the target of the attack, even if it hits, Magezon will be injured at most, which has little effect. However, if Klink is the target of attack, with Klink’s strength, it is easy to be killed in seconds…

When the time comes, once the electromagnetic armed state disappeared, Magnezon was unable to return to heaven.

Obviously, it is not so easy to use Klink as the target. After all, in the electromagnetic state, Klink and Magnezon are one body!

Magnezon protects them, just equivalent to prevent yourself from being hit.

It uses offense instead of defensive, and it alone competes with Move in three directions!

The overbearing electromagnetic storm swallows all Move, has both offensive and defensive capabilities, and is extremely powerful.

The powerful super-electromagnetic gun can also suppress three Pokemon at the same time with its strong attack speed.

This makes Tang Tian Rong secretly said in one’s heart outrageous.

This firepower… If it wasn’t for Metagross to use Ally Switch tactics to the extreme, Scizor might not be able to withstand it.

“It won’t work like this.” Fang Yuan thought after one minute of the battle.

The battle between Magnezon and the three steel-based Pokemons has already destroyed the wilderness in a disastrous way, but depending on the situation, no one can do anything about it.

The two sides of the battle are both Pokemon with strong Performance. There is no time to tell the winner.

However, such a result is not what Fang Yuan wanted.

Magnezon is definitely one of his generals, even if it is against Guardian God-level Pokemon, it is useful.

Dragonite can temporarily end, but it can’t. If Magnezon is as expensive as Dragonite, it is not conducive to the next level.

Fang Yuan squeezed the gourd of punishment in his hand…

Currently, all three steel Pokemons have been consumed by Magneson for a lot of Performance. Among them, the Metagross, which frequently uses the space Move, consumes the most.

At this time, if it is sealed, the success rate is very high.

“Does the opponent still use armor capabilities?”

Fang Yuan decided to use Aura after the seal, and at the same time began to wonder, Tang Tian Rong has worn the armor for so long, why doesn’t it use the armor’s own functional attack? ?

It is said that Trainer will join the battle support Pokemon? ?

Fang Yuan don’t know, Tang Tian is very jealous now.

Although the rules do not allow Pokemon to attack Trainer himself, it does not say that it is not allowed to attack the armor. He is afraid that once he uses the armor function, Magneson single thought will be swept by magnetic waves and the armor will be directly paralyzed.

He doesn’t want to lose this suit. The suit Tang Tian Rong wears is much more expensive than the one worn by Pokemon.

Making materials are more difficult to find.

Fang Yuan doesn’t know what the other party thinks, otherwise he will be speechless, but to be honest, the other party’s fear is very reasonable. If Magnezon can guarantee damage to the opponent’s armor without hurting people, Fang Yuan might just order it. .

However, Fang Yuan and Magnezon can’t guarantee it, so they won’t attack the armor. If Pass Defender is injured, Fang Yuan doesn’t know what to do. Humans are much more vulnerable than Pokemon.

Pokemon was seriously injured, and the treatment recovered, and the strength could be improved.

Human being seriously injured, that is really disabled…

It can be said that both sides are afraid.

“You won’t help Pokemon…I will help.”

Fang Yuan hasn’t waited and is ready to take action.

As long as one is sealed, when the time comes in one-to-two, Magnezon will be able to quickly win the battle.

In this way, Magnezon will not consume much.

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan picked up the gourd of punishment, opened the bottle gourd stopper, and pointed the hole at the most difficult Metagross inside.

Fang Yuan shouted: “Metagross, let me call you, do you dare to agree?!!!”

Fang Yuan’s shout was extremely loud in the aftermath of Move’s collision and roaring wilderness.

[Fang Yuan used Growl! 】

This shout suddenly attracted the attention of Tang Tian Rong and Metagross.

Tang Tian Rong:? ? ?

Skarmory, Scizor:? ? ?

There are also twelve members watching the battle behind the scenes, also with a dazed expression.

What is this for?

Why is this line so familiar?

Journey to the West’s Purple Gold Red Gourd? ?

Where to call Metagross?

President Wen, Fu Hei, Kong Hai, they all showed surprised expressions.

Did Fang Yuan take the wrong medicine?

“This is…”

However, some people suddenly realized something, such as Pass Defender of the second test and Ye Hui Grandmaster.

He has seen Fang Yuan use Aura sealing technique to seal Ghost Type Pokemon.

Fang Yuan did not conceal this matter and reported it to the Association.

But only limited to the use of Aura Force and the Tower of Soul to seal Spiritomb.

not at all too much to explain the magic of Aura’s sealing technique.

Because Fang Yuan’s own understanding of Aura’s sealing technique was not comprehensive at that time.

So, President Wen and the others don’t think of this at all.

Ye Hui is the first person to think of here, because he and Jiang Liu have also seen Fang Yuan seal Pokemon with lunch boxes, rice cookers, and Nutrition Express bottles.

Since those things can seal Pokemon, then purple golden bottle gourd is fine, right? ?

Although, this green bottle gourd does not look like a purple golden bottle gourd.

“Conkin!!!” During the match, Metagross became more and more pressured, and there was no time to pay attention to Fang Yuan, but when he countered Magnezon, he still roared subconsciously.

Express your Rage.

Return my equipment! ! !

Eevee feels deeply about this emotion.

But the next second, Eevee sympathized with it even more.

This roar seems to have completely aroused the power of the gourd of punishment…

A blue rays of light appeared directly at the mouth of the gourd of punishment.

This rays of light, like Poké Ball releasing Pokemon and taking back Pokemon’s rays of light, suddenly shoots at Metagross, directly shocking Metagross.

It feels that its own Aura seems to be locked on by this rays of light……

Metagross was shocked and immediately wanted to avoid it.

However, it is a pity that Magnezon has been prepared for a long time, fully cooperating with Fang Yuan, and directly using all the magnetic force to control Metagross.

For an instant, Metagross settled there, using the movement of Move to take a slower shot.

Blue’s Aura light hit him suddenly.

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