Pokemon Masters Chapter 818


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On the other side, because Metagross was fully controlled by Magnezon, Scizor and Skarmory got rid of the magnetic influence, and these two Pokemon instantly lively dragon and animated tiger.

Seeing that Metagross was in danger, they immediately came to help, and Air Slash and Bullet Punch were smashed out.

But in the next moment, Magnezon ignored the Metagross and turned around to deal with them both.

As for Metagross, Magnezon is no longer needed.

At this time, under the power of the Calabash of Punishment, Metagross clearly felt that his power was gradually being sealed. It had thought of Struggle, but the imprisoning power of the Calabash was too strong, as if there were countless ways. Light Screen and Reflect have blocked Metagross in one area.

“Hong Jin !!! (son of a bitch)”

Under the desperate thought, Metagross was dazed, as if it had been subdued, it turned into a light and was sucked into the bottle gourd.

This scene, naturally everyone has seen it.

Because of this, Tang Tian Rong was dumbfounded. He has studied black technology for most of his life. Among them, there are many unreasonable technologies, but Fang Yuan is even more outrageous, and even the fairy family has taken it out.

Is it really Purple Gold Red Gourd?

“My Metagross.” Tang Tian Rong Jian forced.

At this time, Tang Tianrong’s best choice is to assist the armor with the ability to assist the remaining two Pokemon, so that it might cost Magnezon even more.

Because of the absence of Metagross to increase the mobility of the team, Scizor and Skarmory faced Magnezon and were directly crushed. Tang Tian Rong became the only hope for a comeback.

Unfortunately, he didn’t do this. Instead, he looked towards Fang Yuan’s direction in shock and confusion, wondering what Items this is, and why it can be like Poké Ball to subdue Pokemon…

This is not scientific! !

Return my Metagross! !

“Don’t worry, Metagross is okay.” Fang Yuan smiled and looked towards the battlefield.

Seal the Pokemon that has been subdued, it looks almost the same as the Pokemon that has been subdued.

Suddenly, Fang Yuan thought of the Dusk Ball made by Mewtwo that could subdue other people’s Pokemon. In other words, Mewtwo also masters Aura. Couldn’t Dusk Ball be improved by Mewtwo through the Aura sealing technique? ?

When Fang Yuan’s thoughts fell, the battle was already divided.

Without Metagross, there is no suspense in the battle.

Two dazzling super-electromagnetic guns pulsed Spark, directly penetrating Skarmory and Scizor on Ground.

With a sound of “hong”, dust flies.

In this battle, Magnezon was not injured. It only consumes a certain amount of Performance, which can be refilled later with Pokéblock.

And Tang Tian Rong’s three Pokemon, two faint and one seal, as for Tang Tian Rong himself, he did not make a move because he was afraid of Magnezon’s magnetic pulse attack.

It can be said that this battle made Tang Tian Rong quite aggrieved… was restrained.

third test, passed!

At this moment, the mysterious Pokemon egg of Fang Yuan’s backpack flickered strongly again.

Pass Defender Tang Tian Rong showed a bitter smile. Now, he has completely lost the ability to think. As a scientific researcher, he just wants to understand what happened just now.

He lost, it’s unclear whether he lost.

The twelve Conference Halls and even the other Pass Defenders were silent.

Through the screen, looking at the green bottle gourd that Fang Yuan is holding in one hand, many people have expressions of confusion.

That force…is it Aura Force?

With Aura…killed a Peak Level Third Stage Metagod in seconds?

“This!!!” Originally, he was very optimistic about his old classmates, thinking that he could spend a lot of Fang Yuan’s snakes, at this time he was at a loss.

The direction of the battle was completely different from what he expected.

What kind of power is this.

“Kong Hai Grandmaster, can your Psychic do it?” Fu Hei turned his head and asked Kong Hai, the Peak Level Psychic in China.

Abba Aba, Konghai looked dull, what the hell, although he is a Peak Level Psychic, his Psychic is good for dealing with Pro Level Pokemon, and it’s not enough to deal with Grandmaster Level Pokemon. Disappearing Peak Level Totem, this is no longer what a human Psychic can do.

Fang Yuan, what strange power has he gained! !

Psychic? He also wants to learn.

“Aura…seal…” At this time, President Wen and Jiang Kui remembered the Spiritomb incident that Ye Hui and the others had reported. After silent thinking, they opened the mouth and said.

This term directly attracted the attention of all the twelve teams present.

In a short while, President Wen called up all the information about the Spiritomb Guardian God incident, and the twelve present also began to understand the Aura seal technique.

“Assist foreign object…Using Aura Force to seal Pokemon?”

“Aura Force has such a magical effect.”

“Originally I thought that Aura and Psychic were similar, and not even as comprehensive as Psychic, but now it seems that I underestimated Aura.”

“This is simply the dark version of Poké Ball.”

“I see, it turns out that Fang Yuan is making this plan.”

“If Aura’s sealing technique can seal Guardian God-level Pokemon, then even if he does not have Guardian God-level battle strength, he may not be able to stop him after some levels!!!”

After Fang Yuan’s violent director’s sealing, within an instant, everyone in the twelve conference halls discussed spiritedly.

“Don’t worry.” President Wen read the information carefully, and after the report at the time, shook the head.

“The effect of Aura’s seal depends on the strength of the sealing material. Fang Yuan may not have a seal that can seal Guardian God. If you look closely, you can find that it was actually very difficult for him to seal Metagross just now.”


“And if it could be sealed so easily, in order to save energy, he would have sealed Metagross directly, how could he use Magnezon to consume it.”

President Wen said that after everyone thought, it was indeed the case.

Aura Seal… Such a powerful ability must have many restrictions.

“And… for the next fourth test, although Trainer can also join the battle, the fifth, sixth, and seventh levels have soaring difficulty. I remember that in the rules, Trainer cannot be shot. Only Pokemon can play, haha, I guess, he won’t have the chance to use the seal next.” President Wen laughed.

Fortunately, fortunately, the rule of the five-six-seven levels is that Trainer can’t fight, otherwise, it is really possible to let Fang Yuan pass by trick.

That would not be great, after all, he really didn’t set the eight-nine ten levels.

“Really…Is it that simple…” However, even though the analysis has come to this point, there are still twelve people who feel that things are not so simple.


At this time, Fang Yuan has given Magneson the Pokéblock and released Metagross.

Metagross immediately ran back to Trainer with grievances.

Fang Yuan also explained to the other party about the Aura seal technique.

“Aura seal…seal technique…Aura Force…” Tang Tian Rong smiled bitterly, why there is such a BUG ability.

“Mr. Tang, sorry, your Pokemon Items were destroyed in the battle.” At this time, Fang Yuan also politely apologized to the other party.

Although he will destroy him again, but now the battle is over, it is better to be friendly.

“What is there to apologize for, I should thank you. In this battle, you let me understand the weaknesses of technology Items… Hey, it’s only a few hundred million dollars in short, don’t care. “Tang Tian Ronguncle said heartily, as if it really didn’t take it seriously.

Oh, only a few hundred million, that’s really not expensive.

Then I have no psychological burden.

The two local tyrants had a conversation that could beat countless people to death.

About 5 minutes later, Fang Yuan saw that Magnezon was almost recovered, and he was about to leave.

Communicating with each other for so long is because Tang Tian Rong does have real talents, and in the future, he may be able to provide Fang Yuan with some help in the manufacture of cosmic battleship.

But now Fang Yuan also knows that the most important thing for him is to challenge Victory Road.

Now that the third test has passed, it’s time for the fourth test.

After confirming the next map, Fang Yuan immediately mounted Dragonite.

“Boom!!~~~” Dragonite a dragon roar groaned, and they set sail again.

But flying, Fang Yuan suddenly realized that there was a problem there, he sat on Dragonite’s back, frowns.

“By the way, Dragonite, your Silver Wing, is it completely corroded by Darkness Strength and cannot be used anymore?”

“Boom!” The Dragonite in Flying nodded eagerly, yeah, yeah, now, it is holding the feather of darkness, and it feels no longer at all. Such a legendary resource is destroyed in this way, what a pity, But fortunately, it has mastered the dark form. It is fine without the Silver Wing. Otherwise, return to the Prince of the Sea?

“There should still be strong power left on it?” Fang Yuan asked.

Dragonite nodded, it seems like this, although it is useless, but if the weak corresponding Attribute Pokemon is used as Items, it may still have some effect, provided that the opponent’s mind is not corroded by Darkness Strength.

“Then you said, with the dark Silver Wing, what will the effect be when it is a sealed object?” Fang Yuan suddenly whispered.

Just now, Fang Yuan understood again that the effect of the Gourd of Punishment was the same.

But if you change to the dark Silver Wing, the effect must be better than the gourd of punishment, right? ?

Since it’s useless for Dragonite now, why not try to make it into a legendary seal! ! !

In case it succeeds…that would be his baby.


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