Pokemon Masters Chapter 819


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Fang Yuan immediately thought it was a good idea to use the dark feather mutated from Silver Wing as a sealed item.

Know that, whether it is a keystone or a Light Clay, although they are all Peak Level materials for sealing objects, their level is still not out of the scope of ordinary materials.

But the Silver Wing is different. In the Temple of the Sea, this Silver Wing briefly appeared in its own spiritual consciousness, and it also condensed Lugia’s illusory shadow by virtue of the airflow.

Properly high-quality legendary materials! !

“Boo (do you want to do ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ)~~~~?”

“This is a good idea Rotto.” After listening to the phone, Rotom also nodded.

“eivui (Forget it (.-_-.))!!!”

“Um, yes… forget it.”

Fang Yuan sitting on the back of Dragonite thought about it, shook the head.

Eevee is right.

He still couldn’t make up his mind to make the Dark Feather a sealed item.

Fang Yuan decided to be cautious.

Because, the process of transforming materials into sealed objects requires Aura messengers to use their own Aura to change the material’s Aura.

Fang Yuan has some confidence in Aura who changed the common material, even the keystone and Light Clay, because those are dead objects.

Although it took some effort and time, it was within Fang Yuan’s tolerance. Fang Yuan was convinced that his Aura could suppress those materials.

But Dark Feather is different. This is Lugia’s feather.

Without the permission of Lugia’s will, Fang Yuan estimates it will be difficult to change.

If Silver Wing is not mutated, Fang Yuan may dare to try it directly.

But now they have mutated into the feathers of darkness, Fang Yuan is worried about what backlash he will suffer in the process of changing Aura.

To put it bluntly, Fang Yuan has no confidence in his current Aura power.

“In the animation…Ash was affected by some special forces more than once. Before you are sure, don’t try it randomly.”

Fang Yuan is not counseling, just prudent!

He shook the head, and it was not worth taking the risk for Victory Road’s challenge.

Let’s wait for a chance in the future, and ask Prince of the Sea, Mew or Darkrai to help the ‘guardian’, and then make this feather idea…


“Oh hoo!!!”

Just as Fang Yuan was weighing the risk of transforming the Dark Feather, Rotom, the phone standing on Dragonite’s shoulder, suddenly spoke up.

“en? What, are you at your destination.”

Fang Yuan lifts the head, looked towards the surrounding environment, no.

The flying speed of the stupid dragon has been deliberately slowed down, so they haven’t fly far yet.

“It’s not Rotto, it’s Rotto who received the next level rules!!!”

The mobile phone Rotom leaves Dragonite’s shoulders and flies in parallel with Dragonite.

oh?” Fang Yuan showed a curious expression.

The rules of the first three levels are all explained by Pass Defender after arriving at the checkpoint location.

Now that the fourth test hasn’t reached the place, Rotom has received the rules in advance. Is there anything special about this fourth test?

“Talk about it.”

At this moment, Dragonite also stopped flying at Fang Yuan’s gesture, staring at the eyes like a copper bell, and looked over together.

Next, the mobile phone Rotom projected out a Valley area in the air, pointed at the virtual map, opened the mouth and said:

“This place is the location of the next fourth test card, Rotto. According to the rules, we can use 6 Pokemon for this level, and Pass Defender can also use 6 Pokemon.”

“When we step into the Valley area, the challenge officially begins. Pass Defender will not show up in advance and may attack us at any time. What we need to do is to defeat the opponent Rotto in the battle.”

“It is also worth mentioning that this level Trainer can also join the battle Rotto.”

“Does the 6VS6 team actually fight?” Fang Yuan asked: “There is no information on the fourth test Pass Defender?”

Rotom on the phone shook his head.

“Well then, let’s land first.” Fang Yuan said.

The rules of this level…have changed a lot.

It seems that you can’t go straight to it. You have to confirm the six lineups you are facing before entering the Valley area.

Which one to choose……

Fang Yuan’s goal is to not consume too much energy as much as possible in the first four levels, and it is best to avoid any injuries.

So… the next challenge lineup should be as luxurious as possible, and then crush it.

After Dragonite landed, Fang Yuan turned his head without thinking too much, and Eevee’s head was on Pats’s shoulder, meaning there was one.

Eevee: (ρ_・)..

After that, he looked towards Infernape, nodded, and the second one, Infernape.

Infernape :(*゚ー゚)

“Eevee, and Infernape…”

“And…Gluttony, Magneson, Klink, you guys, join me to challenge the fourth test.”

Finally, Fang Yuan made a decision.

Magnezon, three Pokemon, plus Eevee, Gluttony, Infernape, exactly six.

As for Ditto, there is no need to play this time.

Fang Yuan looked towards Ditto, indicating that it is not suitable for playing this level.

Ditto :(.・・)ノ

The reason is also very simple.

In the case of team battles, Magnezon’s role is more than the four-door Infernape’s tactics.

The most important thing is that Magnezon can maintain the electromagnetic armed state for a long time, and its strength will become stronger as the charging time increases.

The outbreak of the four-door Infernape is time-limited, so it is safer to arrange Magnezon to follow the challenge of this kind of unknown content.

Although Magnezon has just consumed some Performance, it is not a major problem. After taking Pokéblock and resting for another 10 minutes, it is now almost restored.

Fang Yuan glanced at the six selected Pokemon, nodded, this lineup should be considered luxurious, right?


At the same time.

Fourth test, Death Valley.

It’s obviously daytime, but it’s still very dim here.

It’s as if something is blocking the sun, making it invisible here.

Many cracks connecting Spirit Realm exist naturally in every place in Valley.

Among them, the Purple Red Spirit Realm radio waves are blown out from time to time like air currents.

wu wu wu ~~~~~

wū wū wū wū wu wu ~~~~

The electric current is not the sound of “pricked prickly”, but cries like wail like ghosts and howl like wolves Normal.

Obviously, this is a special area connected to Spirit Realm.

The Pass Defender here is also an old Grandmaster who specializes in Ghost Type.

She walked in the Valley of Spirit Realm’s chaotic radio waves, followed by six Pokemons: Dusknoir, Gengar, Mismagius, Banette, Froslass, Sableye.

They seem to be arranging something, and the place they walked directly formed a special magnetic field, covering the entire Valley.

“The Ghost Domain has been built. I don’t know if Dr. Fang Yuan’s Pokemon will be scared to pee their pants.”

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