Pokemon Masters Chapter 820


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fourth test venue: Ghost Domain.

The whole process of Ghost Domain’s construction was captured by a drone Rotom and passed to the review meeting, which is the round table Conference Hall where President Wen and the twelve teams are located.

“Assist Spirit Realm radio waves form a special phantom field magnetic field, and six powerful Ghost Type Pokemons are used as the tactical core behind the scenes to control the illusion. It is a perfect core tactic.”

“Unexpectedly, this Victory Road challenge actually put Ghost Domain tactics in the fourth test…”

Kong Hai laughed and looked towards Twelve Jiang Kui.

This tactic, like the space tearing technique, is also the Peak Level secrets of Spirit Realm lineage.

It belongs to a large-scale powerful Illusion Technique, suitable for team battles.

Kong Hai estimates that some of the Ghost Domain tactics built with the six Ghost Type Pokemons in the screen as the core, some of which do not major in Inner Force Guardian God-level Pokemon will be hit.

Normal Trainer comes to break this level, the most likely is that you don’t even know how to lose.

He, a Peak Level Psychic person, has asked for this move. When Pokemon enters the Ghost Domain, even the Psychic person uses telepathy to shout, it doesn’t work!

“It’s just a Ghost Domain composed of six Ghost Type Pokemons. Among them, there is only one Dusknoir for the Peak Level limit battle strength. There is still hope to be cracked.”

Jiang Kui old man glanced at the female Trainer on the screen and said:

“be that as it may, but what Jiang Liu is best at is to induce the enemy to see some images of inner fear through the Illusion Technique. When Rival is in the Flinch state, it defeats the Celestic mind of Rival. The offensive is very strong. Therefore, Dr. Fang Yuan may have to suffer a bit in this level.”

Jiang Kui said again: “However, Fang Yuan’s magnetic monster is not simple, and Mega Gengar is also unfathomable, so everything is not right.”

“I predict that the illusion can only consume and weaken them at best, and cannot truly become a decisive means.”

“In the end, it still depends on the future 6VS6 team battle.”

Ma Chenzong Grandmaster said: “Is it a picture of inner fear? It’s really unfriendly Illusion Technique. The Move of Spirit Realm lineage is too dirty.”

Maotu laughed and said: “Yes, but fortunately, you can’t directly attack Trainer, otherwise, with the fidelity of Peak Level Ghost Domain, you might scare Dr. Fang Yuan…”

Jiang Kui: “…”

Whatever you say is nothing.

Anyway, Jiang Kui felt that this fourth test should be the most difficult of the first four levels.

After the fourth test Pass Defender Jiangliu Grandmaster arranged everything, President Wen, Fu Hei, Yunbu, Xu Yifeng, and Si Snake once again looked towards the screen.

Fang Yuan They are already outside the Valley.


At this time, there are only six Pokemons following Fang Yuan.

“Is it here?”

Outside Valley, they looked towards Yin Qi’s Shen Shen fourth test challenge location, showing a hesitant expression.

Eevee and Gluttony faced this Valley, both felt a breath of danger.

It’s not simple here…

“It seems so…” Fang Yuan was reminded, his eyes narrowed.

“But the more it is, the more interesting it is, isn’t it.”

Anyway, it’s just a test. The more special the situation, the more they can discover their weaknesses.

Eevee, Gluttony, Magnezon, Infernape: ~~(﹁﹁)~~~

There is no fear of unknown danger ahead. Under the leadership of Fang Yuan, the Pokemon resolutely stepped out.

“Be careful.”

In the process of entering the Valley, Eevee’s body became white light, evolved into Espeon, and walked in the forefront.

Magnezon and Klink were armed together early and flew in the air.

Gluttony waited for an opportunity in Fang Yuan’s shadow, while Infernape followed Fang Yuan and looked at the environment here.

After stepping into the Valley, it took about two minutes, Fang Yuan and the others did not feel any human and Pokemon breath.

What exists is just a familiar wave.

Spirit Realm.

This Valley is definitely a special place connected to Spirit Realm.

Is Rival a Ghost Type Grandmaster?

After judging this information, Fang Yuan and Pokemon became more focused, cautiously moving forward, waiting for the moment Rival appeared.

“Hey, I said you guys, don’t you know where the enemy is.”

While walking, Fang Yuan asked, how can the other party hide?

Eevee can’t even sense the presence of the enemy.

Or is it all hidden in Spirit Realm?

In that case, it is indeed difficult to find.

Fang Yuan asked, there was no Pokemon Echoed Voice. At this moment, Fang Yuan stopped abruptly, a chill came to his heart, and he realized something was wrong.

“I said…” Fang Yuan called the Pokemons again. Although they stopped, Fang Yuan discovered by accident after careful observation, whether it was Magnezon on the sky or Infernape and expressions next to him. all is in a trance.

Espeon and Gluttony…should be similar.

“Have you entered the magic domain.” Fang Yuan startled.

It can affect Espeon and Magnezon’s illusion domain, and the intensity should be close to Darkrai’s nightmare domain, right?

If it were the Normal Trainer, they would have been panicked in this situation, but Fang Yuan and the others were able to break free from Darkrai’s nightmare realm. The ordinary illusion would not help them.

Fang Yuan calmed down and directly used the Heart Intent to try to wake up the Pokemon around him.

Heart Intent exists, they are absolute Illusion Technique nemesis.

However, this time, when Fang Yuan awakened Eevee, he unexpectedly discovered that the hearts of these Pokemons seemed to be flooded by Rage…what happened?


In the darkness, Grandmaster Jiang Liu concentrated his mind, waiting for the opportunity.

Six Pokemons work together to perform Ghost Domain tactics. Although they are extremely powerful, they also have weaknesses. They cannot act at the same time and can only control the illusion together.

Jiang Liu is waiting, waiting for Fang Yuan’s group of Pokemon in the Ghost Domain to collapse in their hearts and spirits, and to be frightened and lost.

In this way, facing the ailing Rival, the next group battle will be stabilized.

But after a while, the Pokemon of the Grandmaster of River Stream sent a message, indicating that something was wrong.

The illusion portrayed by those Pokemon hearts is too weird.

An Eevee was lying in a room full of cell phones, and one cell phone exploded one after another. The seven orifices of that Eevee were all bleeding, but there was no fear. The expression on Rage was very normal, like a ghost. , Trembling all over.

There is also a fat Gengar, who has been hungry for ten days and ten nights in the illusion. During this period, food will continue to appear around, but eventually the food will be eaten by the passing Pokemon. Under such torture, Gengar is also about to collapse. But more, it is also Rage, braving the evil breath and roaring constantly.

The illusions of Magnezon and Infernape’s spiritual portrayal are also very strange, not at all like the illusions encountered by their enemies before.

They are scared, this is not right.

And all this was seen by Fang Yuan who used Heart Intent. He immediately became sluggish. What is this and what, who is Pass Defender, so want to die? ? ? ?

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