Pokemon Masters Chapter 821


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Fang Yuan has to admit.

Using Illusion Technique to guide Pokemon to see the image of inner fear is a very Top Rank hypnotic technique.

This kind of illusion, because it is prying into Pokemon’s mind, it is difficult for the Pokemon who has been recruited to realize that he is in the illusion. He will think that what he sees is real and then get lost.

In comparison, the Illusion Technique that affects vision and hearing is relatively basic and easier to crack.

You can control the mind, which is the power of the Ghost Domain technique of Spirit Realm lineage inheritance!

“But unfortunately, display one’s slight skill before an expert…” Fang Yuan muttered to himself.

Ordinary illusions, Pokemon can resist as long as the Inner Force is slightly stronger.

But the Illusion Technique portraying the soul, to break free, in addition to requiring Pokemon’s Inner Force to be strong enough, it also requires Pokemon’s spirit strength to be strong enough.

And the origin of the heart is just a connoisseur of spiritual energy.

You know, Darkrai’s nightmare realm is much better than this.

Even so, Eevee can still get out of their dreams easily under Fang Yuan’s Heart Intent Help.

Now, the Ghost Domain manufactured by Fourth Test is no longer a question of whether Eevee can get out of it, but these Ghost Domains are really unprofessional.

If the nightmare created by Darkrai has led to some important turning points in Pokemon’s destiny, rewriting their lives, making them sink into nightmares like experiencing another life, get lost in them, and even finally forget Trainer and forget themselves if.

Then this piece of Ghost Domain is to create some superficial illusions, and repeatedly jump horizontally around the minefield, trying to provoke the recruits…

Is Eevee afraid of his cell phone exploding one after another?

Of course I am afraid.

But if destroying the phone can make Eevee desperate to lose the fighting intent, it is basically impossible and will only inspire Eevee’s long-lost “Frustration” Move.

Rage burns wildly, even if the illusion is fake, but this anger is enough to make Eevee want to kill the Pokemon that created the illusion.

Are you sure that this is the Illusion Technique, not Swagger Ability?

It can be said that even without the assistance of Fang Yuan’s Heart Intent and the extreme Rage in the illusion which strengthens the spiritual and emotional power, Eevee themselves can break away from the illusion.

In short, Rival underestimated the spirit strength of Eevee, and the Ghost Domain is not strong enough, not perfect, and failed to inspire a deeper picture of Eevee’s fall.

Instead, added each and everyone negative BUFF.

At this time, in the dark, the Grandmaster of River Liu was still confused.

At the six cores of Ghost Domain, the six Ghost Type Pokemon that maintain the magnetic field of the Ghost Domain are also scratching their heads.

Mismagius: Do you caress? (The way the illusion expands is wrong, what should I do?)

Froslass: Fuer~~ (cold dressing.)

Gengar: Mouth Jie! ! ? (Why don’t you just drop the direct attack?)

Banette: Jiehoo! (Yes.)

Dusknoir: Ugh! ! (Shut up and listen to the command!)

Sableye: Huh. (I have a bad feeling.)

In the process of maintaining the Ghost Domain, six Pokemon are also communicating.

After they saw the illusion experienced by Eevee and other Pokemon, they realized that something was wrong.

Now, waiting for Trainer’s instructions.

Will you continue to try to strengthen the illusion, or give up maintaining the Ghost Domain and launch an attack?

“Although the illusion is a bit weird, the effect is not bad!”

“Extreme Rage can cause chaos.”

“If it can stimulate those Pokemon not to listen to orders and use some tactics with great side effects, Ghost Domain will be successful!” Grandmaster Jiang thought of Infernape’s Thunder Flame mode with great side effects.

If Infernape can be forced to use that trick here, even if Fang Yuan can pass the fourth test, the next level will also fail due to loss.

So Ghost Domain will naturally continue to be maintained.

Not only to maintain, but also to increase efforts! ! !

Ms. Jiang Liu praised her tactical quality.

“Mi!!!” “Kou Jie!!!” “Oh!!!”


Just when Jiangliu Grandmaster thought Fang Yuan and the others wanted to break free from the illusion, they had to spend some time, and they took advantage of this time to operate.

“bang!!!!” Ghost Domain was broken by Fang Yuan’s Heart Intent in seconds.

One Trainer, six Pokemon, the spirit strength resonates at the same time.

The power of Heart Intent connects the hearts of Fang Yuan, Eevee, and Gluttony together.

The spirit strength of the heart continues to grow. The so-called Ghost Domain immediately became an ordinary Spirit Realm radio wave without any influence under the isolation of Aura’s aura… At least for Fang Yuan at this time, it was like this.

“Since the other party is dead…I will fulfill them.”

“Heart Intent, strengthen.”

Now, Fang Yuan equivalent to added fuel to the fire, using Heart Intent to strengthen their Rage again…

Magnezon was the first to regain consciousness, and the illusion it encountered was not very happy.

It is indeed one of the things it fears…

In the illusion, it can’t fly anymore.

This belongs to its childhood shadow.

However, this incident, because of the encounter with Fang Yuan, was not what Magnezon feared the most. Because of the state of soul and heart, it was relatively sober in the illusion, knowing that he was hypnotized, and was trying to crack it.

Fang Yuan’s Heart Intent can speed up its process of getting out of the illusion.

However, although the experience of being unable to fly has little effect on Magnezon, it is repeatedly mentioned in the illusion that Magnezon can’t be happy.

In short, the super-electromagnetic gun warns.

Magnezon also wants to beat up these Ghosts. The dark history is mentioned, and it is also very Rage.

Next is Infernape, which is also Rage.

In the illusion, it always hears some unfathomable mystery sounds.

What “Today’s Suckling Monkey 11” “Poor, it’s going to be the bottom.” “The walking monkey strengthens the BUFF.” “Only in the team game, the team fights out the game…” and other messy comments.

Infernape heard these full voices of Malice, and immediately became angry.


In the words of Luo Ke and Venusaur, is it “Heart Demon”? ? ?

Infernape is furious, and now it is the first in the team singled out. Those heart demon without nutrition are better to be punched.

Finally, the inflammation of the will of cultivation. At this time, Infernape didn’t want to use it. He still felt that it was easier to beat people with Rage.

After this, Espeon and Gluttony also regained consciousness.

Espeon, Gluttony: (◒.◒)


The status of the two of them is more magical than Magnezon and Infernape.

The impatient has already beaten the culprit of all this.

Although these Pokemon were awakened by Fang Yuan, they already knew that the experience was fake.

But to let them see such an uncomfortable picture, fiercely should be able to get out of breath.

Fang Yuan is also aware of the Pokemon’s Rage, so he feels very speechless. The Pass Defender of this level… is it bad to live?

“Use death 3rd-layer to play tactics.”

Next, as the Pokemon were all sober, Fang Yuan issued the team control tactics most suitable for the current lineup.

Death 3rd-layer play.

Fang Yuan’s early conceived group control tactics rarely have a chance to play.

At the moment, with Espeon, Gengar, and Magnezon present at the same time, and their state is surprisingly good, they may show unexpected power.


“Kou Jie!!!”

During this period, the Magnezon battle strength was fully opened and entered the strongest state, with crimson red light in the pupils.

Gluttony is also full of white light, evolved into Mega Gengar, drooling and looking for enemies with hollow eyes.

Espeon even braved Rage’s arrogance, searching for the culprit that made it see the bad picture.

As for Infernape, after hearing the name of the tactic, he was completely silent, and the 3rd-layer played… It’s nothing…

This is the exclusive team tactics of Espeon, Magneson, and Gluttony…

No…It’s gearing up, it’s not right, it’s not right, it’s a control tactic, so if the teammates are not distracted by the beating, it should come!

In the next second, Infernape enters the three-door state.

At this moment, Fang Yuan brought the team that challenged the level. It can be said that the battle strength is fully open.

The Ghost Type Pokemon, which was directly oppressed in the imposing manner, couldn’t breathe. You know, outside of Spirit Realm Secret Realm, not only Ye Hui’s Grandmaster’s Pokemon was used by Fang Yuan, but also the Jiangliu Grandmaster’s Pokemon. Was brushed one by one.

It can be said that these Pokemon, before this, were Fang Yuan’s Pokemon defeated.

At the moment, as Fang Yuan’s Pokemon each and everyone Rage burns and the battle strength is fully opened, these Ghosts have become the frightened party instead.

It’s not… it’s not… it’s just a challenge, don’t you guys get so angry?

Why is that look like killing us?

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