Pokemon Masters Chapter 823


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Victory Road challenge, the first four levels, the middle three levels, and the last three levels, are three different challenges.

Now, Fang Yuan has passed the previous four levels smoothly, and the consumption is not too great.

One characteristic of the first four levels is that in the test, Pass Defender only has one Pokemon trained to the limit of the race, and the strength is not very strong.

Moreover, the challenge rules are less restrictive for challengers.

Like the Ye Hui Grandmaster of the third test, the opponent only has one Pokemon to fight, while Fang Yuan can send 12 Pokemons in a wheel fight.

Under such rules, if Fang Yuan fails to pass, he can find a Ditto and kill him.

The smooth passage of the first four levels allowed Fang Yuan to expand slightly.

“fifth test, it’s time to go to fifth test to check in.”

After challenging the fourth test, Fang Yuan immediately left the gloomy valley, leaving Jiangliu Grandmaster alone with a bunch of Ghosts in tears.

Jiang Liu, Zhong Ghost: T~T

I knew I would not be a Pass Defender anymore. Ghost Domain’s tactics seem to be a bit offensive with Fang Yuan’s team…


Hurrying to take a break, Fang Yuan came to the plain area where the fifth test was at about a quarter past nine.

At this time, Eevee, Gluttony, Infernape, they have almost rested.

The consumption of several Moves has been replenished.

Fang Yuan, including Fang Yuan, took a long break.

Actually, Fang Yuan needs rest most.

Although he was very restrained when he used Aura Force before and didn’t use much power, he was still too bad compared to Pokemon’s recovery speed.

With Fang Yuan’s current physical strength, it is estimated that at most one Z-Move can be supported, and he will collapse.

So, I absolutely can’t use Aura power casually…

Unlike Eevee, he can replenish his energy by eating Pokéblock.

“Why can’t I eat Pokéblock to replenish my energy.”

Fang Yuan Grudge is very big. He has mastered Aura Force and Psychic. It is a human-shaped Pokemon, right?

Even if you can’t enter Poké Ball, you can’t even absorb the nutrients of some foods?

The air is shaking, when will Trainer stand up?

I want to change Snorlax’s stomach…

“Rotom, do you have any idea.”

Fang Yuan asked Rotom.

Perhaps, with Rotom’s ingenuity, he can study Pokéblock for Psychic people.

Rotom pondered and played an ad.

“Drink XX Shenbao, hello Pokemon or not!”

“One bottle is refreshing, two bottles are never fatigued, and three bottles are immortality.”

Fang Yuan:? ? ?

If there is no way, there is no way to chant, what kind of advertisement should you put.


When Fang Yuan went to Grudge again, Dragonite suddenly screamed.

It found a small black spot not far away, that should be the Pass Defender of the next level.

“Speed ​​up.” Fang Yuan said.

At this time, Fang Yuan’s expression became serious.

According to the data, the fifth test has a qualitative leap in difficulty compared to the first four levels. He wants to see how much experience he can provide to Pokemon Egg if he passes it.

Fang Yuan has a hunch that Pokemon eggs will be hatched in the near future.

He has been fighting hard for this Pokemon egg for several months. There are low-quality battles and high-quality battles. The Little Brat inside, why should you be full!

Incubating Eevee did not bother so much.

Soon, Dragonite flew to the silhouette.

Fang Yuan jumped from Dragonite’s back, looked towards Pass Defender, who had been waiting for him for a long time, and fell silent.

“Qiao Jing Grandmaster…”

This Pass Defender, who has a certain age and has gray curly hair, is now looking at Fang Yuan with a smile.

It is one of the twelve branches, the leader in the field of medical care, Weiyang Qiaojing.

Fang Yuan has a toothache. Why is there twelve fifth test? Who can tell him? ? ?

“You guys have finally come here.” Grandmaster Qiao Jing said with a smile: “I came to the fifth test in 3 hours, a good speed, but next, the difficulty is about to upgrade, are you ready?”

“It’s probably ready.” Fang Yuan tilted his head slightly and glanced at Eevee, Magneson, Gluttony, Infernape.

Pokemon are all in good condition, now they can challenge the fifth test!

“So good, the challenge rule for fifth test is 12VS2 regular battle. You can send 12 Pokemon to fight, but I only use 2 Pokemon, but only when the Pokemon on the scene loses the combat capability can I replace the next one. Only Pokemon.”

Qiao Jing Grandmaster briefly stated the rules.

This rule is very similar to Fang Yuan’s rule when he challenged Ye Hui’s Grandmaster.

The challenger can use all 12 Pokemon, while Pass Defender can only use a fixed number of 2 Pokemon.

In this way, even if Rival is twelve, Fang Yuan has no reason to fail this test.

However, Fang Yuan always feels that things are not that simple.

Although Qiao Jing Grandmaster is said to be the trainer who is the least good at combat among the twelve teams, but in a high position, his strength is definitely not weak.

“Is the purpose still to consume my power?”

The first four levels also caused a certain amount of consumption for Fang Yuan, but they were still within the range that they could bear, and Fang Yuan did not know how huge the consumption would be in the face of the twelve test.

Try it anyway!


In the Conference Hall where the twelve clubs are.

As Fang Yuan and Qiao Jing Grandmaster met, everyone smiled.

War God Fu Hei narrowed his eyes, looking forward to it.

Fang Yuan may not be clear, but Fu Hei and Qiao Jing have fought and are very clear about each other’s fighting style.

The twelve sheep, also known as the “Trainer without attack”, even if you don’t use attack methods, just defending Move and healing Move is enough to consume Rival to collapse.

Qiao Jing Grandmaster is indeed such a person. She doesn’t like fighting, so Pokemon’s breeding direction is defense and treatment, which is very extreme.

But it was this extreme that restrained many Trainers.

Fang Yuan may not be able to solve this battle in a few minutes like before.


The battle field for the fifth test is the plain.

Qiao Jing Grandmaster and Fang Yuan stood on both sides of a large area, observing each other.

When Fang Yuan decided to start the challenge, Grandmaster Qiao Jing immediately dispatched her first Pokemon.


As the white light flashed and a sound came from the light and shadow, a Pokemon with a blue body and a black tail appeared on the field.

This Pokemon, it also has two eyes that look like Bide, with a funny expression.

Psychic Type, Wobbuffet.

“Will you train to the extreme Wobbuffet of the race…”

Fang Yuan had a headache immediately after feeling the vast Performance of this Wobbuffet.

Wobbuffet this kind of Pokemon will not attack actively, but will only rebound attacks.

If the destructive power of Move cannot crush its defensive ability, then what awaits Rival is a long war of attrition.

Fang Yuan doesn’t doubt the defensive ability of this Wobbuffet at all. Wobbuffet of this level, I am afraid that the same level Move can not hurt it at all.

In his team, there are very few Pokemons that may pose a threat to this Wobbuffet, only two in total.

Magnezon is a three-in-one one after another body. It does not conform to the rules and cannot be played. Infernape cannot open four doors alone, nor can it play.

The only remaining options are Eevee and Gengar.

fifth test, Rival just sent a Pokemon, a Pokemon that would not actively attack, which put a lot of pressure on Fang Yuan.

“Gluttony!!!” Fang Yuan thought for a moment and made a decision.

Partner Eevee’s basic strength is too weak to break the defense, he can’t afford the cost of Z-Move, so he can only let Mega Gengar come first.

“Kou Jie!!!~”

Fang Yuan gave the order, Gluttony behind him slowly flew towards the field, looked towards the funny Wobbuffet opposite, with a weird expression.

It can feel that Fang Yuan’s mood is very solemn. Is this Rival difficult to deal with?

“Gengar.” Grandmaster Qiao Jing saw Fang Yuan sent Gengar, slightly nodded, a good choice, then, should it be Mega Evolution next?

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