Pokemon Masters Chapter 824


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On the plain field.

Wobbuffet stood there quietly.

The opposite of it is already Baiyan monstrous.

On Fang Yuan’s Mega Ring, there are still rays of light left over from Mega Evolution.

To deal with Rival at this level, there is nothing to say, so naturally you have to Mega Evolution.

“咿hehehehe ~~~”

Completed the Gengar of Mega Evolution, and now has a powerful battle strength immediately.

Whether it is the power of Ghost, the power of flames, or Space Power, Gluttony can feel it at this moment, all of which are in its grasp.

Gluttony: ψ(`∇´)ψ eats you.

Wobbuffet: (つд⊂) good terrifying.


After seeing Mega Gengar, Grandmaster Qiao Jing didn’t panic, but laughed instead.

If she remembers correctly, the power of Mega Evolution will not last long.

So, within a limited time, can Mega Gengar pose a threat to her Wobbuffet?

“Shadow Ball!”

Fang Yuan waved his arm and gave the first order.

Wobbuffet is restrained by Ghost Type. It is just right to use the shadow ball to test the limit of Wobbuffet.

“Kou Jie!!!”

After the order was given, Mega Gengar, who was hidden in a different dimension on the side of the field, immediately raised his arm like an afterimage of Normal.

Shua! ! !

next moment, a dark red shadow ball compressed into the Rapid Spin, quickly thrown out by Gluttony.

Spiral shadow ball!

“jié jié!!!”

Mega Gengar grinned and cast the shadow Disable at the same time! !

With its current level of coordination, Mimic Eevee’s spiral shadow ball is naturally not difficult.

This move is indeed full of formidable power. During the attack, a terrifying Black trajectory was drawn in the air. The space around the trajectory seemed to be torn and swallowed by Normal, and the air current was surging.

“Block it.” Grandmaster Qiao Jing said lightly.


Faced with Trainer’s instructions, Wobbuffet immediately covered his face in response.

Block is to block, but you cannot block with your face.

Mirror Coat Move is launched!

This move is to strengthen the damage received from the energy attack from Rival and return it to Rival’s Unique Ability. If it can be mastered perfectly, it is very powerful.

Wobbuffet Pokemon, learning this Move happens to be an excellent innate talent.

“Is it a Characteristic Trait?”

Fang Yuan asked Gluttony to use the shadow ball. Although it is tentative, it would be better if the Mirror Coat can be prevented from colliding with the shadow ball.

So, Gluttony will also use shadow Disable to restrict Rival.

Below the Black trajectory of the shadow ball, there is a rapidly extending black shadow, trying to control the Wobbuffet before the shadow ball arrives and prevent it from using Move.

However, Wobbuffet is obviously not afraid of Shadow Disable, because it is also a Characteristic Trait.

In an instant, Wobbuffet not only used the Mirror Coat, but also its own shadow, which was also extended together, just like the weapon Normal, clashing with Gluttony’s shadow.

Bang peng~ peng~!!!

The collision of shadows is extremely intense.

And this is not the most important.

At this time, Wobbuffet’s whole body has been wrapped in white rays of light.

While controlling the shadow, it catches the shadow ball with its body.

Wobbuffet’s expression was so excited, he straightened his body and ran into the shadow ball directly.


The dark red rays of light and the pure white rays of light are constantly entwined and intertwined.

With a sound of “bang! !” Wobbuffet had no effect at all and resisted this move.

And under the shaping of the rays of light of Mirror Coat, the power of the spiral shadow ball continued to reorganize. Finally, Wobbuffet’s body stood up again, and a dark red Ghost Type Hyper Beam was directly pushed back by it.

Gluttony: ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━Ah this.

“Dodge.” Fang Yuan said immediately.

This rebound trick, the formidable power is not inferior to the spiral shadow ball just now, and even surpasses it.

Obviously, although the shape is different, this is the shadow ball just now, facing the rebounding force, Gluttony eyes shrank, according to Fang Yuan’s instructions, through the shadow to switch the Ally Switch to avoid.

Boom! ! !

The Gluttony silhouette disappears at the moment the light waves come, and the area where the light reaches is directly in ruins.

“Will-O-Wisp!!!” Fang Yuan pursed his lips and ordered again.

This time, he chose to let Gluttony use Baiyan.

This move should be regarded as a fusion of Will-O-Wisp and Awakening Fire. It has both a strong burn change effect and a terrifying lethality.

The formidable power and nature effects are also above Dark Flame.

(`へ´)huhuhuhu! ! !

Gluttony raised his arm slightly, “buzzing”, and the spreading white inflammation, like a big character burst Normal, attacking Wobbuffet.

However, Wobbuffet is still the same choice.

“(〃>目<) swish~~~”

Under the funny Growl, Wobbuffet uses the combination of Mirror Coat and Safeguard this time to wrap itself in the white realm!

In the next second, Baiyan collided with Wobbuffet’s defensive field, and the sky filled the sky with Baiyan returning, becoming a Flamethrower attacking Gluttony.

Wobbuffet, also not affected by Baiyan!

Fang Yuan, Gluttony: (꒪⌓꒪)

Fang Yuan’s other Pokemon: Ծ‸Ծ, how to fight this?


Fang Yuan felt uncomfortable when he saw that Baiyan was unable to break through the opponent’s Absolute Defense.

He hates wars of attrition! ! !

This Wobbuffet doesn’t need to exercise extra Moves at all. Fist, Mirror Coat, Safeguard, Characteristic Trait, plus the extreme strength of this clan, it’s too difficult to defeat it.

Because I have very few Moves, this Wobbuffet applies every Move to the point of Major Perfection.


Fang Yuan once again reluctantly ordered to escape, but fortunately, the move that the opponent bounced back was faster, but the attack trajectory was single. With Gluttony’s speed, it was easy to avoid it.

However, this is not what Fang Yuan wants, because if it is consumed, Mega Gengar will definitely lose… You know, Mega Evolution has a time limit.


“This kid finally has a problem.”

Round-table Conference Hall, the twelve members chatted after seeing Fang Yuan falling into a bitter battle.

Fang Yuan’s record of passing the first four levels is good, but Fang Yuan’s weaknesses are also obvious.

There are too few Pokemons that can be used in combat.

At the time Fu Hei challenged Victory Road, just a team of six Pokemons were all Peak Level extreme battle strength.

Fang Yuan here, to be honest, there is not even one true Peak Level ultimate battle strength.

The four-door Infernape is too limited and has a time limit. Mega Gengar also has a time limit. Magnezon, it is three Pokemon, not one.

Facing Qiao Jing Grandmaster’s Pokemon Performance and terrifying defense Rival, it is too passive.

If nothing happens, the battle is over and Mega Gengar will be consumed first.

Next, even if Fang Yuan uses a few Pokemons to win all two of Qiao Jing’s Grandmaster using the same consumption tactics, what about it, Fang Yuan himself cannot continue to challenge.

Fortunately, Qiao Jing Grandmaster is not good at attacking. Normal is just defending, otherwise Fang Yuan would lose even faster.

“You said, how long will it take for Fang Yuan to grow to the Peak Level?” Grandmaster Konghai knocked on the table and said.

The Peak Level column in his mouth naturally refers to the Peak Level Grandmaster level such as President Wen, Fu Hei, him, Jiang Kui, and Xu Yifeng.

“There should be hope in four years.”

President Wen smiled and said: “Since he came back from World Cup, he used his many privileges to apply for a large number of resources. Originally, I was still worried about whether he would spoil things through excessive enthusiasm. However, his Pokemon’s progress rate You have also seen that his Pokemon have temporarily reached a higher level through some special means, so the efficiency of digesting resources is very high. If this continues, he will soon reach the top.”

Speaking of this, President Wen is still a bit painful. The Peak Level resources that Fang Yuan applied for are the foundation of the Association for nearly a century. Many powerhouses can be cultivated, but Fang Yuan applied for it.

But he couldn’t refuse. Fang Yuan, as a preparation for twelve branches, also had legitimate reasons and was fully qualified to apply.

In Fang Yuan’s words, the resources are kept as well, and they are about to become tedious, so it is better to use them first.

However, the reason why President Wen can allow Fang Yuan to apply for resources like this is because Fang Yuan has developed Mega Evolution and Pokéblock.

When these two become popular, the value of those resources will be reduced to the lowest level, and it doesn’t matter if Fang Yuan takes them.

“Qiao’s old woman’s strength should be the second to last among the twelve branches, right?” Ma Chenzong Grandmaster suddenly stroked his beard and said, “After passing this test, you should be able to know Fang Yuan’s current strength. .”

It is indeed the second to last…

As for the penultimate…

Maotu: (ー`´ー)

However, although Qiao Jing Grandmaster is the second-to-last of the twelve teams, with only two Peak Level extreme battle strengths, these two alone should be enough for Fang Yuan to feel despair.

For this Wobbuffet, the strength is not comparable to the previous Ariados.

The twelve teams predict that Fang Yuan will be eliminated after reaching the seventh level at most.

At this time, the twelve teams all watched the picture on the screen quietly, and the battle… has reached the 5th minute.

In the screen.

Gengar tore a very shocking Space Crack in Wobbuffet, but it was still blocked by Wobbuffet.

This is the space tearing technique of Spirit Realm lineage.

Jiang Kui shook the head. Although this move is strong, it has not yet reached the Guardian God domain…

Fighting this Wobbuffet can only consume…Strike is difficult.


“Mouth Jie (I vomited)~~!!!”

“(〃>目<) swish~~~”

After the fifth minute of the fight, not only Mega Gluttony was about to vomit, Fang Yuan was also about to vomit.

fuck, this Wobbuffet is too disgusting.

At this time, Mega Gengar has gasping for breath. This is the first time since Gluttony Mega Evolution has encountered such a difficult enemy.

Although the enemy poses no threat to it, it also poses no threat to Wobbuffet.

Wobbuffet here, the remaining Performance is obviously more sufficient than Mega Gengar, but it has also panted, rebounding for 5 minutes of attacks, it is not very comfortable.

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