Pokemon Masters Chapter 825


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Fang Yuan and the others have tried every type of attack in five minutes.

However, no matter what kind of attack, it can’t affect this Wobbuffet.

Even Mega Gengar’s subconsistency can’t be broken…

This move, in Fang Yuan’s team, the single lethality has been ranked in the top 5.

So, even if you send other Pokemon, there is probably no way.

Unless it is Z-Move, only Guardian God level attacks can severely damage Wobbuffet.

But then, the consumption is too great.

If you are a challenger like Fu Hei, you have a lot of background, and you will consume it. Whoever is afraid of others will naturally not be afraid of this level, and will directly sweep the past.

But Fang Yuan is different, he can use too little battle strength.

So, Gluttony must defeat Wobbuffet, and Wobbuffet can’t continue to consume other Pokemon.

This Wobbuffet’s recovery speed is too fast, and Fang Yuan can’t afford to delay it.

Fang Yuan finally made the decision, intending to use that move to determine the outcome.

Although losing the combat capability in this way will cause more serious injuries than the normal loss of combat capability, but if this Wobbuffet is not replaced, it will be very detrimental to his next challenge.

“Kou Jie~~!!!”

Gluttony looked at Rival with an unwilling expression. This battle really exploded him.

How could there be such a disgusting Pokemon.

No matter what kind of attack it is, it can be resisted and bounced back. This ability really makes Gluttony a little broken.

You can be offensive, but Wobbuffet just doesn’t move and waits there.

“Whoosh~~~!” Wobbuffet smiled, seeming to be laughing at Gluttony.

At this time, Eevee and Infernape both feel distressed about Gluttony. Fortunately, the Rival of this Wobbuffet is not themselves, and they don’t like the Rival of Wobbuffet very much.

“Gluttony, shadow ball!!” At this moment, Fang Yuan spoke again.

At the same time, telepathy issued another order.

Next, Fang Yuan can only hope that after the battle, Milotic can quickly heal Gluttony.

“Kou Jie?? (`д′)”

Hearing this instruction, Gluttony was taken aback, then understood, and immediately grinned, and smashed the spiral shadow ball over like a shot throw.

Wobbuffet is naturally still using Mirror Coat.

Because it is the same no matter how many times it comes, Wobbuffet believes in his Absolute Defense.

“Whoosh~~~” Facing the hitting shadow ball, Wobbuffet’s body was white light flashed. As expected, the shadow ball bounced back again.

Black’s light, as if it were released by Wobbuffet, was aimed at Gluttony in the distance.

“mouth Jie !!!” this time to face the rebound Move, Gluttony bared his teeth, the heart son of a bitch, I do not hide this.

Not only didn’t hide, the Gluttony silhouette flashed away, but teleported directly to Wobbuffet’s side, and at very close range, he took this move.

The strengthened shadow ball after the rebound is deadly for Mega Gengar, who has been fighting for five minutes and is not physically strong now. It is enough to form a one-shot kill situation, but this is the only thing Fang Yuan can think of. One way to change the other party.

“Try this.” Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, and the aftermath of the explosion swept directly between the two Pokemon.

Before the huge energy detonated, Gluttony sacrificed all his power and used the “Destiny Bond” Move. This Curse force, as Gluttony was hit hard, it immediately turned into a rays of light and became entangled in confusion. Forced Wobbuffet.

“Kou Jie (bye bye, never see you again)~!”

In the farewell before Gluttony lost consciousness, Wobbuffet discovered that this Curse power was larger than the previous Curse power, and even Safeguard, Mirror Coat and Return Fist could not be blocked.

Destiny Bond Move’s formidable power is not strong, but this kind of Curse is very magical. It can ignore most of the power and affect Rival. Of course, Destiny Bond Move is also costly.

At this moment, Wobbuffet felt as if night had fallen, and the dark Umbra sprinkled the earth, giving birth to countless mysterious rays of light, looking from a distance, it was full of Qi of Death, and turned into a palm moved towards himself.

“Sure enough, you still use Destiny Bond.”

Finally, Fang Yuan wanted to change one, and used Destiny Bond. Qiao Jing Grandmaster didn’t have any surprises.

With her rich experience, it is natural that Destiny Bond is a way for Gluttony to crack her Wobbuffet’s Absolute Defense.

This tactic, she has encountered countless times in battle.

They also developed a way to resist Destiny Bond, but they can only resist some weaker Destiny Bond Moves. Destiny Bond used by the same level Rival like Mega Gengar is still difficult to resist.

“Swish (good terrifying)!!!”

Wobbuffet was entangled in countless ghost hands and absorbed Performance, and Wobbuffet finally couldn’t hold on, and passed out directly.


Although he barely tied, Fang Yuan is not very happy.

After using Destiny Bond, Gengar’s consumption is greater than normal unconsciousness.

Milotic will be very tired next…

If nothing else, after this battle is over, he needs a lot of time to rest and recover.

“Go ahead.”

Fang Yuan took back the Poké Ball from Gluttony, which had degenerated into Gengar, and gave it to Rotom, then looked towards Qiao Jing Grandmaster, waiting for the opponent to send the second Pokemon.

“Well, my second Pokemon is it.”

Qiao Jing Grandmaster didn’t waste time and pressed Poké Ball.

This is a Pokemon with an egg-shaped body, the upper part is pink, and the lower part is white.

Normal Type, Blissey.

The types of Pokemon are not beyond Fang Yuan’s expectations.

The strength is not unexpected.

It is still the top Fourth Rank segment, which is toothache.

Although Fang Yuan still has 11 Pokemon available, Fang Yuan knows that there are very few in his team that can pose a threat to this Blissey…

The difficulty of the fifth test is really not comparable to the first four levels.

When I thought of the sixth and seventh levels of the same difficulty, Fang Yuan not only had a toothache, but also had a headache. Are all ten levels really passable by humans?

“lucky~~~~” After Blissey came out, he immediately smiled kindly at Fang Yuan and them.

Fang Yuan was silent for a while, turned his head and looked towards Infernape and Eevee…Who should I choose.

Infernape Attribute is very restrained from Blissey, but this Blissey is known as the strongest in the field of healing in China, and its battery life will definitely be terrifying. If Blissey has the means to restrict Fighting Pokemon, it will maintain the Thunder Flame state for a long time. Infernape will Very passive, the final injury may be worse than Gengar.

Fang Yuan thought carefully and decided to go to Eevee. What if Blissey has more performance and strong healing ability? Attack ability should be weak!

Eevee’s basic strength is weak, but it may not be able to deal with it. The most important thing is that Eevee has a variety of assist skills to absorb the enemy’s Performance, and is more suitable for facing this kind of milk-rich Rival than Infernape.

“Eevee.” Fang Yuan went down and Eevee jumped onto the field. In this process, his body was divided into two. Substitute maintained the Partner Eevee form, while the body evolved into the Espeon form.

Eevee, Espeon: O(`_´)乂(`_´)O

“Substitute.” Seeing that Substitute and Freedom Evolution can still play like this, Grandmaster Qiao Jing showed a novel expression.

However, it’s useless.


“Finally it’s the most boring time, I want to eat.”

“Go together.”

“Where to go, just ask the cafeteria to bring it over.”

With the appearance of Blissey, the twelve round table Conference Hall, half of the people wanted to leave, but President Wen called back.

Fu Hei sat in the house, hesitated, and a little bit wanted to leave.

There is no other reason, simply because the next battle will be long and boring.

Fang Yuan replaced Wobbuffet with Destiny Bond, no surprises for the twelve.

But the next battle will be boring to everyone.

Qiao Jing Grandmaster’s Blissey has a very good offensive ability. Whether it is a physical attack or a special attack, the strongest is the ordinary Peak Level Certain Kill Skill level.

But the defensive ability of this Blissey, although not as good as the Wobbuffet just now, is not inferior.

Major Perfection’s Light Screen and Reflect Move allow Blissey to face the Guardian God level attacks with ease, plus its healing Move and huge Performance, it is also a monster.

With Qiao Jing Grandmaster’s unique Toxic Move, Rival is also worn to death.

Of course, Fang Yuan’s Eevee is not inferior. Through Sunny Day, you can Assist Morning Sun Move to quickly recover physical strength and injuries.

The Magic Mirror Characteristic Trait, Heal Bell, and Refresh Move that have been strengthened by life energy can also ignore changes like Toxic Move.

Grass-based assist skills like Sappy Seed can also absorb Blissey’s physical strength. When Blissey does not attack and changes Move can pose a threat to Eevee, a situation similar to the previous round has really appeared.

About 15 minutes later…

The two sides are still amicably fighting each other.

Fang Yuan, Eevee: (̿▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿̿)

Blissey: ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

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