Pokemon Masters Chapter 826


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During the Gluttony battle, Eevee was sleepy!

Originally, This Eeevee thought that his battle would be a bit easier, but after the battle, it found that it was simply more boring than the Gluttony battle!

On the field, Blissey holds the Reflect shield in his left hand, and the Light Screen shield in his right hand, braving the holy light. A boiled egg looks like boiled, unscrupulous.

And Eevee…seems like there is really no way to get it! !

Of course, Blissey, who has a very weak attack ability, has nothing to do with Eevee. The injuries caused are very weak.

Although I have been trained to the racial limit by Trainer, the characteristic of this race of Chansey is thick blood.

No matter how serious the injury is, it is difficult to take it away directly.

During this period, Grandmaster Qiao Jing smiled all the way and gave Fang Yuan a complete oppression.

Twelve, no one who is easy to deal with.

The Ariados from Ye Hui’s Grandmaster breed is completely incomparable with these two Pokemon.

Although the basic strength is sufficient, the level of understanding of Move is not only weak.

“The other party wants to drag it down. In this way, within a few hours, the impossible will be finished.” Fang Yuan said to Eevee telepathically.

Victory Road’s challenge time limit is 36 hours. Currently, Fang Yuan has just spent less than 4 hours.

However, starting from the fifth test, it didn’t go well.

Whether it’s Wobbuffet or Blissey, regular battle methods can’t solve the opponent at all.

The first battle just now, if it weren’t for Mega Gengar to replace Rival with Destiny Bond, it might have been a difficult battle for more than an hour.

When Eevee and Blissey played for 15 minutes, Fang Yuan understood it, and this one was also true.

These two guys, although they can’t play for 36 hours, but with the sun, it’s okay to play for three or four hours.

Just like two Metapods, using Harden Move to play against each other, there is no end.

“It is less than ten o’clock.”

“After we use a Z-Move, we stop the challenge, rest for half a day, and then start the challenge in the evening.”

“Anyway, I am a Psychic, and you are also night owls. It doesn’t matter if you don’t rest for a night.”

After 15 minutes of fighting, after confirming that Blissey could not find other weaknesses, Fang Yuan felt that instead of wasting time in a war of attrition, it was better to use it to recover and rest after exploding.

After all, even after three or four hours of real fighting, he still has to spend time to rest.


On the field, Eevee, who was struggling with Blissey, heard Fang Yuan’s telepathy, and felt a little congested and felt very Maite.

Fang Yuan is right, this is too boring.

It is the first time since its birth that it has fought for more than ten minutes.

Eevee felt a big head when he thought of doing this for a few more hours, so he might as well send a Z-Move to end the battle, and then healed while watching dramas and listening to music.

“Then it will be such a happy decision.”

If possible, Fang Yuan doesn’t want to use Z-Move so early.

But there is really no way. After fighting, it really didn’t find any other way to defeat Blissey. At present, only this trick can affect Blissey.

Although the multi-color sublimation unit consumes less, but the formidable power is worse than Z-Move, and the preparation time is too long, it needs the cooperation of five Substitutes, and it will be interrupted if it can’t be used at all, so only Z is left. -Move is available.

Sure enough…Twelve trainers, even if they are twelve trainers in the medical field, who are not very good at fighting, they are not what Fang Yuan is currently dealing with.

Now he almost understands why in the past 20 years, only one person can pass Victory Road with battle strength and become twelve.

If there is no such advanced power as Mega Evolution and Z-Move, under normal circumstances, Fang Yuan can reach the fourth test, which is probably the limit.

“Qiao Jing Grandmaster, please try this trick.”

After discussing with Eevee, Fang Yuan lifts the head. At this time, the Mega Z-Ring on his wrist has been activated by Heart Intent.

At the same time, Ruby on the forehead of Espeon’s body, under the sun of Sunny Day, also began to release a powerful mental pressure.


As Espeon used Z-Move, Blissey, who was holding the Light Screen as a shield, showed a puzzled expression and took a step back.

After teasing Little Eevee for 15 minutes, Blissey was still quite happy. Seeing Little Eevee attacking herself helplessly, but unable to break the defense, Blissey’s happy heart was agitated.


If it weren’t for Trainer’s permission, Blissey would really like to treat Rival, and then hurt…and then…and then hurt.

“lucky…” The normal script is like this, but now Blissey has discovered that the Espeon seems to be something wrong.

There was an aura that made it feel fearful.

“The mysterious Move in the World Cup?”

At this time, Grandmaster Qiao Jing was also slightly startled, but he did not expect Fang Yuan to be so impatient.

If she remembers correctly, Fang Yuan spent a full day in a coma after using this trick activated by Aura’s power during the World Cup.

“Interesting, come on.”

But soon, Grandmaster Qiao Jing didn’t care anymore. Maybe Fang Yuan perfected this trick.

It seems that Fang Yuan can no longer stand such a long war of attrition.

Sure enough, it’s the youngster, who is so uncomfortable.

Qiao Jing Grandmaster thought Fang Yuan could fight her for a few hours.

Fang Yuan :(⇀‸↼‶)

Fang Yuan is helpless now, he really likes the normal Rival.

The heart of playing the team is dirty.

Fang Yuan finally realized how Rival felt when he used Milotic to fight against others.

No… the feeling is even stronger.


Z-Ring and Eevee are connected to each other. During the activation of Psychic Type Z-Move, countless light energies converge towards Espeon as if worshipping Normal.

At this moment, Blissey felt intense pressure, making it impossible to move.

The Light Screen on my hand also dissipated naturally.

This is exactly the mental suppression effect brought by the Psychic Z-Move Supreme Destruction Wave, and this is exactly the effect Fang Yuan wants.

“Does it interfere with the mental state?”

Discovering the change in Blissey’s expression, Qiao Jing Grandmaster instantly started.

Originally, she was confident of Blissey’s abilities. She thought that even the move that severely damaged Diancie in the World Cup would not completely crush Blissey, but now she finds herself wrong.

This move is very strange.

It may not be the Move assisted by Fang Yuan using Aura Force at all, but a mysterious one.

In just a moment, Grandmaster Qiao Jing found out.

Because this move is too powerful, the most powerful impossible is the Espeon use in front of you.

This is not a Pokémon.

Looking at countless light sources moved towards Espeon converging, it is clear that Grandmaster Qiao Jing has realized that this is a trick involving natural energy.

“Blissey, hold on!”

In fact, this is indeed the case. Z-Move and Mega Evolution are almost the same level power in the animation.

However, since Z-Move cannot be copied yet, Fang Yuan has not announced that everyone can use Z-Move.

So now, Z-Move is still a special power that only Fang Yuan can master and know.

Maybe one day in the future, Fang Yuan will use this research to create a bigger wave for the third Trainer wave.

However, not now.

“The Supreme Wave of Destruction!”

Move was used. As the purple mirror world was built and collapsed, Grandmaster Qiao Jing and Blissey instantly realized the power that could not be resisted under normal circumstances.

Especially Blissey, at this time, as if they were destroyed with the stars in the collapsed doomsday world, sinking into infinite darkness.


With a sound of “ka-cha”, Blissey showed a very painful expression under this force, and took a step back, gradually showing large and small scars on his body.

Purple’s Confusion fluctuations are still flooding around it.

However, under these circumstances, Blissey didn’t even fall.

Seeing this, Grandmaster Qiao Jing relaxed, but soon, her expression condensed.

It’s not that Blissey’s strength surpasses Diancie too much, but in order not to lose strength completely, Fang Yuan and the others saved their strength a bit and did not try their best.

It’s okay for Espeon to lose energy, and it will recover quickly with the help of sunlight, but if Fang Yuan loses energy, it will be very difficult.

So, Fang Yuan and Eevee used the weakened version of Z-Move based on the data analyzed by the previous battle. The one that used Z-Move was not a complete Eevee. At the scene, in addition to Espeon, there was also a Partner Eevee. The Substitute is also present.

“eivui eivui eivui eivui eivui eivui!!!”

After being severely injured by Z-Move, Blissey appeared in a transient state of trance, and his body was not controlled. Although Espeon was also very weak at this time, this time was the best opportunity for Partner Eevee to attack.

Substitute Combat Combat! ! !

Sweeping the terrifying Tai Yang Fire flames all over, Eevee condense the fire system assist skill Sizzly Slide and slammed into it directly.

It almost condenses all its strength, almost no different from Self Destruct.

If it were before, Blissey could definitely block this move with Reflect, but now, it suffered a heavy blow, facing Eevee’s Tackle, and could only bear it head-on.

impossible give it a chance to recover.

“eivui eivui eivui eivui eivui eivui!!!”


Two figures Tackle, “hong” exploded, and the fire flickered. Blissey was knocked out by Eevee Substitute and passed out completely. Eevee Substitute also slowly turned into Ember and dissipated in the process.

Qiao Jing Grandmaster applauded and congratulated Fang Yuan for passing the fifth test.

“But, can I continue to challenge.”

In less than half an hour, Fang Yuan ended the fifth test battle and defeated two Pokemon of twelve.

However, as a price, Mega Gengar lost the combat capability, Eevee was also an arrow at the end of its flight, Performance was lost, and Fang Yuan himself, because he had reservations, was able to act. If he took a long rest, he should be able to do it again tomorrow. Use a Z-Move.

In this level, Fang Yuan can be said to have used both of World Cup’s two big hole cards, so Grandmaster Qiao Jing is very curious, is this Fang Yuan’s full strength.

“Of course.” Fang Yuan glanced back at Infernape, who had not fought hard enough. This situation should be regarded as adversity. I don’t know what the next challenge will be. Gengar and Eevee become like this. Even if it recovers in a short period of time, it is not peak state anymore. It can only be supported by Infernape for a while.

“That’s right, I see you are in good condition.” Grandmaster Qiao Jing said with a smile. After using the mysterious Move on the World Cup, didn’t he feel unconscious this time?

“Ah, maybe, fighting with Qiao Jing Grandmaster is really exhausting. I would rather fight against Konghai Grandmaster…” Fang Yuan sat down and planned to rest for a while, what a joke, He is in no better condition.


At this time, twelve Conference Halls.

Kong Hai listened to the conversation between the two, showing a “??” expression.

As Fang Yuan passed the fifth test, these twelve branches all showed an expression of interest.

Fang Yuan really dare!

Mega Evolution Destiny Bond is fine, plus the trick that World Cup caused Fang Yuan and Espeon to coma for a long time, do you want to continue to challenge?

They know what is waiting for Fang Yuan in the next level.

It was a storming Pokemon that was completely different from the team of Qiao Jing Grandmaster.

With the status of Mega Gengar and Espeon, I am afraid it is difficult to deal with, right?

“We defeated Qiao Jing in a two-on-two match, this kid really worked hard.”

“I’m even more curious about how he will play against the Trainer with Legendary Items.”

“Fortunately, I didn’t go to dinner, can I go now?”

The battle ended earlier than the twelve groups expected, because Fang Yuan didn’t want to attrition the battle anymore, otherwise there would be no problem in fighting for a few hours.

Although there is no need to fight, Fang Yuan will inevitably rest and recover at the same time.

At this time, over the battlefield.

Milotic, who was called out, looked at Gluttony who was riddled with scars, and Eevee who was dying, and was speechless.

“Fuwu~~!!! (Can you do it?)”

Gluttony and Eevee: ૮(ᵒ̌絒ᵒ̌)ა they can suffer more than you!

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