Pokemon Masters Chapter 828


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“Do you really want to use it for a 1VS1 showdown.”

As Infernape walked out, Tao Xiuying Grandmaster and Blaziken were silent.

They don’t doubt Infernape’s strength.

With the cooperation of Ditto, this Infernape has the potential to exert the ultimate strength of the race, but at that time Infernape has been lying down for a long time, right?

With Fire of Life’s treatment, he can barely recover within a week.

Now, even if Infernape has improved, with Ditto, he can have quasi-Guardian God-level strength, so what.

Because Infernape can only rely on his own power in this battle.

“Oh!!!” Infernape without the slightest hesitation walked out.

Even without Ditto, it still works.

“Look.” Fang Yuan also knows Infernape’s stubborn temper, there is nothing he can do.

Fang Yuan himself was not sure about defeating Blaziken like this, let alone Tao Xiuying Grandmaster and the other twelve wards.

However, even if you are not sure, you have to fight. Infernape’s fighting intent has told Fang Yuan that it wants to be recognized by Fire of Life personally.

Fang Yuan took a deep breath. Fortunately, after a few hours of rest, in his current state, although he can’t support Z-Move, he can still do it with Aura Force to assist Infernape.

At least not to let Infernape fight alone.

“If you make a decision, then come on.”

Tao Xiuying Grandmaster was silent again and laughed out. This is Fang Yuan. Although I don’t know if Infernape can be supported by Blaziken, this mentality alone should be enough for Fire of Life’s approval. Got it.

Fire of Life, have you seen it.


On the battlefield, the pseudo MegaBlaziken was wrapped around Fire of Life, standing there quietly.

As Infernape exploded into a substantial fighting intent, the elderly Blaziken’s eyes also showed the fighting intent.

With Fire of Life, its recovery ability and Performance will not be inferior to the previous Blissey.

Its attack ability will not be inferior to the core main force of the Peak Level Trainer, which is good at attacking among the twelve.

At this time, it is the state of pinnacle in Blaziken’s life.

It is also one of the few peak states, because it is indeed old.

Before you get old completely, you can still be with Trainer, you can also carry Fire of Life, feel the power of Moltres, enjoy a fight, even Blaziken, at this time is also fighting intent high.

Not only it, but the flame of life, which has a shallow life consciousness, is now more vigorous, as if it is responding to the fighting intent of two Pokemon.

“Come on!!!”

“Infernape, spare no effort directly!!!”

Mountain road.

The fire Pokemon on both sides face each other.

The flames entwined around Infernape’s hands and feet, although not the flames of life, are the manifestation of the soul and represent its fighting intent.

It has the same blue eyes as Blaziken, and it also contains unparalleled fighting intents.

It’s like flames and thunder and lightning intertwined, deterring everything, not afraid of the imposing manner that Blaziken emits at this time.

Fang Yuan knows that Blaziken carrying Fire of Life must have a terrifying battery life.

In comparison, Infernape in Thunder Flame mode has a short burst period.

So when you come up, you must spare no effort and make the fighting intent more expensive. Only in this way can you have the hope of defeating the opponent.

“Come on.” Tao Xiuying also took a deep breath, it’s best to prepare.

It seems that Fang Yuan is serious.

Almost instantly, the two Pokemon moved at the same time.

This is a Blaziken that accelerates Characteristic Trait. As the battle becomes more intense, the temperature of its flame within the body will be higher, which will be transformed into explosive power and increase speed.

And now, although it hasn’t started to accelerate, Blaziken has demonstrated extremely amazing speed.

The intense flames of Spit Up on the arms and feet are coming towards the Infernape Jump Kick.

If Iron Fist Infernape is good at boxing skills, then most of Blaziken, the most proud of is the kicking skills brought by its strong waist and legs.

bang!! ! !

Under a High Jump Kick, Blaziken’s feet rubbed fire directly against the air, igniting the air, splitting the air sound, as if to shatter the space, and its silhouette is like a normal red lightning strike.

Although I hope that Fang Yuan and Infernape will be recognized by Fire of Life, Tao Xiuying Grandmaster and Blaziken will not release water.

Since Fang Yuan has made a decision, they have to spare no effort to fight.


In the face of High Jump Kick, Infernape used strong lightning to stimulate the brain’s reflex nerves to react, fighting at first, it simply did not hesitate, and directly opened the fourth door forcibly! ! ! !

At the same time, Fang Yuan’s Heart Intent also unreservedly exploded to enhance Infernape’s will inflammation and assist it in combat.

bang!! !

Heart spirit strength, under the resonance of volume, the terrifying blue aura seems to awaken Infernape Normal.

In addition to the blue aura, Infernape itself turned on the Thunder Flame mode, which also burst into a strong arrogance.

first sect…The second door…The third door…As the force of the interlacing is compressed to the level of the third door, Infernape’s body has reached a limit, and his body has begun to congestion and turn red and sweat a lot. , The red golden energy arrogance, and the blue Aura, are particularly shocking.

Battle strength approaching the limit of race!

But what about it.

Compared with Blaziken’s terrifying kick, the current Infernape is still too weak.

The fourth door! ! !

Hurt the door, oh Ahhhh, open it! ! !

Eight Inner Gates is the fourth door of the injury gate. This is the extreme danger zone of the interlocking force. No matter how strong Infernape and Ditto become stronger in the future, as long as the interlocking force is compressed to this level, the body will be injured. As the strength increases, the strength of the injury will only change.

Now, in cooperation with Ditto to open the four doors, Infernape only suffered minor injuries, but when opened alone, there is no doubt that it is a very serious injury that can let it lie down for a period of time.

But the price is worth it. With the basic strength of Infernape today, coupled with Fang Yuan’s Aura, the flames of unparalleled fighting intents that have erupted, Infernape initially has the capital to compete with Blaziken.

Fighting, fire and electricity three series Peak Level limit state!

Next, the horrible interlocking force was gathered on a fist by Infernape. With a sway of its head, its sight easily Locked On Blaziken from Jump Kick, and hit the punch against it! ! ! !



In the sight of the two Pokemon, Jump Kick and fist directly collided.

Not waiting for the trainers of both sides to react, “Boom!!!”, as if the space is split, countless white energy fluctuations, like a spider web, are released along the center of Jump Kick and fists, all over The whole sky.

The huge aftermath of energy emits a circle of shock waves, constantly spreading all around.

peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~ Bang! ! ! !

Obviously Jump Kick and his fist were still deadlocked there, but at this time, there was a series of empty noises. Under the strong attack of the opponent, both Blaziken and Infernape were shaking quickly. Undoubtedly, the terrorist forces on both sides are invading their bodies.

In the next second, Blaziken disappeared in place, using his super Bounce power, he came into the air, and wanted to inflict heavy damage on Infernape with Flying Type Brave Bird Move.

Above a few ten meters in the sky, Blaziken came here almost instantaneously. This Bounce is almost the same as Teleport.

At the same time, not only Blaziken disappeared, but Infernape also disappeared in place, leaving only a layer of golden yellow vibration ripples.

The moment the two Pokemon disappeared, there was a big pit where they just collided, and countless flying sand running stones flew out along the collision trail.


Infernape made a roar. Before Blaziken used the yong bird, he used the moon step technique to get into the air with a fierce attack, and it was a single fist smashed out, which prevented Blaziken from using Flying Type Move, causing Blaziken to be forced to use it more proficiently. Blaze Kick defense!

bang!! !

Move collided again, still exuding violent fluctuations. Above the sky, two Pokemon were simultaneously shaken by the opponent’s Move like a falling meteor.

At this level, the elderly Tao Xiuying Grandmaster is already very difficult to command. Her sight and reaction speed can no longer keep up with the fighting speed of the two Pokemon.

Even Fang Yuan, under normal circumstances, is estimated to be difficult to judge the situation, but fortunately he has Aura, which has an advantage over Tao Xiuying Grandmaster at this time.


Tao Xiuying Grandmaster, who couldn’t keep up with the fighting speed, could only marvel at this time.

This Infernape, without relying on that Ditto, can now show such strength?

Choose Fang Yuan, she did not make a mistake.

“These two Pokemon are in surprisingly good state at this time. Compared with the extreme battle strength of other races, they are far beyond the limit and are already close to the Guardian God domain.”

Twelve Round Table Conference Hall.

Seeing the dragon ball-style fighting in the screen, the twelve members were all amazed.

Although they are both racial extreme battle strengths, depending on the breeding methods and races, the strength of these two Pokemons is even stronger than that of Blissey and even Mega Gengar.

The top four battle strengths like Ye Hui Grandmaster’s Ariados. Faced with Blaziken and Infernape in their current state, it is estimated that they will be completely defeated without one minute.

“That Blaziken is okay, with Fire of Life blessings, it’s in the same state as the Dragonite in front of Fang Hearthome. It can be brave…”

“The Infernape is more dangerous. Obviously this power is not something it can control under normal circumstances.”

“It is consistent with the performance on the World Cup. After using such power, the price paid is bound to be great…”

Maotu knocked on the laptop in front of him, and came to the analysis: “Keep fighting like this, it won’t take long for that Infernape to fall by itself.”

“Maybe you don’t have to wait for Infernape’s body to support it…that Blaziken, obviously hasn’t shown its full strength, maybe Infernape will be defeated soon.” The snake opened the mouth and said.

Legendary Items, the role is not so simple.

What’s more, it is the source of energy from the conscious and deliberate condense of Legendary Pokémon such as Fire of Life.

A trace of Cal flashed through the snake glasses, looked towards the screen……

boom~ boom~ boom~! ! ! !

In the fierce battle, Blaziken kicked out, Infernape single fist smashed out, and shattered an area.

After the collision, the two silhouettes of them flashed away again.

Either Blaziken was looking for an attack opportunity, or Infernape was looking for an attack opportunity. In short, under the Extrreme Speed-like movement, the two of them appeared in another position and collided again.

During this period, Infernape’s fighting intent became stronger and stronger, and the interlacing force gradually strengthened.

The same goes for Blaziken.

As the battle unfolds fiercely, its speed is getting faster and faster. In addition, Fire of Life, as if the consciousness is Normal, gradually transformed from a long flame streamer into the form of Moltres, enveloping Blaziken whole body.

It seems that Blaziken and Moltres have joined together.

“Just ah!!!!!!”

The streamlined crown and the tail fluttering like flames appeared on Blaziken, both made of flames, and even flame-like wings appeared.

At this moment, Blaziken’s extreme speed and Fire of Life’s consciousness make it seem to have acquired the ability of “Flying”.

At this time, the scars in the Blaziken battle and the internal injuries caused by extreme acceleration are also slowly recovered by Fire of Life.

“Life fluctuation detected…life fluctuation detected…”

In a short while, Rotom detected double life fluctuations on Blaziken.

It was like Moltres showed up and personally gave Blaziken Help Normal.

This makes Fang Yuan, Eevee, Rotom their expressions very solemn.

Blaziken’s imposing manner is getting bigger and bigger, and Infernape, although the imposing manner is not weak, but Infernape’s physical condition gradually begins to slip.

For it, it is still too difficult to open the four doors for the continuous battle like the fifth test before.

Same level battle, Performance, has always been Infernape’s flaws.

This battle is very difficult to fight.

Obviously, the role of autonomous legendary items like Fire of Life in the battle is also on top of other legendary resources.


Although there is already a tendency to fall into the wind, Infernape’s fighting intent has not dropped at all, and another Focus Punch hit.

Essence, Qi, and Spirit are united, the interlaced forces are condensed, and the terrifying Focus Punch directly swept the huge Thunder Flame hurricane, directly rubbing the Ground out of a long recessed area, and swept towards Blaziken.

On Blaziken’s side, there is no intention to avoid it.

Since the beginning of the battle, the two Pokemon have been in this fist-to-fight fighting style. They directly used the meet force with force method to crack the opponent’s Move, attack the opponent, and severely inflict the opponent.

Boom! ! ! !

This time, under Blaziken’s foot, the terrifying Thunder Flame hurricane collapsed directly.

Its power at this time has briefly reached the Guardian God realm. This is the power blessed by Fire of Life. Even the mirror space formed by Espeon’s Psychic Z-Move may not be completely suppressed at this time. Live in Blaziken.

“Behind you, defend yourself!!!” Fang Yuan suddenly reminded him quickly.

After kicking away the fluctuations of Focus Punch, in the huge dust and fog, Blaziken’s eyes flashed blue, like Teleport Normal, appeared behind Infernape and kicked it out.

At this time, through Fang Yuan’s mental reminder, Infernape did react and felt the energy fluctuations behind him, but the faint burden on the body made it difficult for it to make the fastest induction.

You can only use the Steel Muscles Iron Bones technique quickly to strengthen your defense and resist this move.

“Bang!!!” Infernape was kicked out directly, and Tackle was on a huge rock. The Oreburgh-like body smashed the huge rock and flew out again.

Infernape was kicked dozens of meters away, and then gradually stopped, enough to see the power of this foot.

“Ugh!!!…” After falling to the ground, Infernape coughed dryly, clutching his chest, showing an expression of pain, the power of Thunder Flame on his body began to weaken.

At this time, Fang Yuan’s mood has begun to heavier. Even the battle of the fifth test just now did not make him so heavy.

No way.

I still underestimated the blessing of Blaziken by Fire of Life.

If Fire of Life’s life consciousness does not show up, then just based on Blaziken’s initial state, Infernape may not be unable to win.

But Fire of Life seems to not want Infernape to win Normal. The autonomous life consciousness is arrogant and unreasonable, giving Blaziken the ultimate reinforcement, making it unburdened to accelerate the performance of the Characteristic Trait to the extreme.

At this time, Blaziken within the body is like Volcano erupting Normal, which contains infinite power.

“Ugh!!!” But even so, facing Blaziken, Infernape’s fighting intent still didn’t dissipate, and it continued to burst.

The flame of the will, the flame of the soul, seems to be prepared for Infernape, no matter what the situation, it can’t lose its fighting spirit.

Across a long distance, it looked towards the Moltres illusory shadow on Blaziken’s body. There is still fighting intent burning in the blue pupils.

At this time, the Rival in Infernape’s heart is no longer Blaziken, but the Moltres.

“Forget it, come again!!!” Feeling Infernape’s heart, Fang Yuan laughed.

Perhaps, with Infernape’s will, the flame of will can really be strengthened beyond Fire of Life?

Fang Yuan doesn’t know if he believes it, but now, he can only help Infernape as much as possible.

Boom! ! ! !

Aura Force broke out again. This time not only Infernape was overloaded with fighting, but also Fang Yuan. If he can pass this level successfully, he plans to sleep until tomorrow, which is really exhausting.

“Mach Punch!!!” Fang Yuan issued the command again.

Driven by Infernape’s fully substantive fighting intent, its silhouette flashed away, spanning a distance of a few ten meters, allowing it to successfully interweave with Blaziken.

Boom! ! ! !

Countless storms set off.

Infernape’s strength has once again improved a step.

Forced to take Infernape’s punch, even Moltres’ consciousness was moved.

The flames surged wildly.

At this moment, Blaziken’s Trainer Tao Xiuying Grandmaster looked in a trance, and immediately understood…

Although Infernape cannot defeat Blaziken, it seems that Fire of Life has recognized Infernape.

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