Pokemon Masters Chapter 829


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“Sixth test unexpectedly has such a fierce battle…”

As the Moltres appeared, the Infernape fighting intent materialized, and the two Pokemon clashed together again, and the twelve teams were already dumbfounded.

This is too hard.

The old Principal of Shanghai University, who was waiting for Fang Yuan at the seventh pass, was completely silent at this time.

Fortunately, this old woman Tao Xiuying forced Fang Yuan’s Infernape to this point, otherwise, if the seventh level allows him to face such an Infernape, it may not be a stable win.

But this way, no matter what the result is, Fang Yuan can only fall into the sixth test.

At this time, anyone with a discerning eye can see that Infernape and Fang Yuan are both in a state of rapid consumption.


“Kou Jie…”



At this moment, Eevee, Gluttony, Magneto, and Rotom are also very worried about Infernape and Fang Yuan.

It’s always like this every time, every time Infernape and Fang Yuan fight together, something is about to happen. It’s always such a reckless battle. It’s really messy.

Milotic even appeared from Poké Ball voluntarily, with a sad look on his face, what a joke, you are messing up like this, it is going to strike.

No matter how worried the Pokemon are, at least Fang Yuan and Infernape are fighting very well at this time.

Under the resonance of Heart Intent, Fang Yuan and Infernape share a common consciousness, which is also the burning of fighting intent.

Although Performance is rapidly depleting, at present, Infernape is constantly closing the gap in strength with Blaziken.

But… it seems that the gap is still wide.

Are there other methods? ?


During the fierce battle, Infernape sent a request to Fang Yuan.

As the flame of will strengthens, Infernape feels that maybe he can try it and open the fifth door alone! !

Not only must open the fourth door, but also the fifth door! !

“Infernape, you…”

This requirement undoubtedly put Fang Yuan into a difficult choice.

In the previous training, Infernape and Ditto have simulated the fifth door together. If the two of them forced to open the fifth door together, Fang Yuan would not have much worry. Even if there is no treatment, he will lie down at worst. Month can be restored.

However, the current Infernape does not have the assistance of Ditto.

Although its current strength has been strengthened to the extent that it can try to open the fifth door, the consequences of doing so are probably not solved by lying down for 10-15 days or even a month.

Even if there is Fire of Life treatment afterwards, I don’t know how long it will take to recover.


Fang Yuan hesitated, Infernape single fist smashed out, but in the collision, he was knocked out by Blaziken’s huge power, but even in the process of flying backwards, the fighting intent in his eyes remained undiminished, although his physical strength declined , But there is no meaning to lose consciousness.

It made a request again.

It’s all fighting to this point, it wants to win, nothing more.

“I want to win too!!”

Just a moment, Fang Yuan figured it out.

Under the influence of Infernape, Fang Yuan silently said in his heart that he increased the enhancement of the Heart Intent. At this time, Fang Yuan and Infernape have a common idea, which is to defeat the Rival in front of them.

For unknown reasons, they have never been so eager to win.

No one noticed that at this time Fang Yuan and Infernape’s thoughts of victory were resonating and forming waves, frantically rushing in one direction.

That is the direction of Fang Yuan’s backpack, the direction of the mysterious Pokemon egg.

In the backpack, the mysterious Pokemon egg is emitting rays of light intensely at this time. The intensity of rays of light is the most dazzling ever.

If Rotom weren’t focused on watching the battle, you would definitely find that the life fluctuation of the Pokemon egg is now active to the point where it is about to hatch! !

“Since you want to win, are you ready?” Fang Yuan’s thought fell.

“Ugh!!!” Infernape, who flew out, stepped on the Ground with heavy legs and stopped.

It is done naturally.

Now it is already an arrow at the end of its flight, even if it successfully opens the fifth door, it will only shine instantly.

We must suppress the Fire of Life within…in an instant, and kill the Guardian God-level Blaziken! ! !

At this time, Blaziken has already Stockpile again, ready to jump kick.

Wrapped in the flames of Moltres, it is now like the incarnation Moltres hitting Normal. Compared with the speed and power of the first Jump Kick, it is not only stronger than that of a grade.

Although Fire of Life recognized Infernape, but under the influence of Fire of Life consciousness, Blaziken understood that he still had to defeat Infernape.

Use the power of Moltres to give this powerful Infernape the final blow to the fighting intent. This is the glory of Infernape. Defeating under the power of the God of Fire is a powerful motivation to inspire Infernape to move forward.

Upholding this will, Blaziken jumped Kick without reservation.

“Then… let this Moltres, no, this flame, see your true power.”

As he made up his mind, at the same time, Fang Yuan also spared no effort and gave the final order resolutely.

At this moment, with his arms crossed in front of him, Infernape panting, his eyes began to appear surprisingly sharp.

Fang Yuan’s gaze, which was originally tranced, gradually became clear. This was the first time Infernape opened the fifth door. He couldn’t pass out.

“The fifth door, Dumen, open!!!”

Fang Yuan’s voice, combined with Aura Force, appeared in Infernape’s heart, giving Infernape infinite motivation.

The fifth door, Dumen! !

Continue to compress the energy of Thunder Flame to further increase attack and speed. According to Rotom’s analysis, this door is enough to allow Infernape to enter the Guardian God realm for a short period of time, using the power of the terrifying legend such as the interlacing force, and possessing the power of the nightmare god Darkrai. strength.

After compressing the power of Thunder Flame again, Infernape’s physical strength will be unmatched, and a simple ordinary punch has the power to destroy everything.

At the same time, in this state, because of the improvement of physical fitness, thunder and lightning will be able to stimulate the brain and body more strongly, and Help Infernape will obtain a more terrifying reaction speed.

Although there is still some distance from the full opening of Eight Sects and the complete compression and fusion of the power of Thunder Flame to form a perfect interlocking force, but with the opening of the fifth door, this distance is undoubtedly closer. In just a moment, Infernape exploded Out of the incomparable power! ! !

“Woo Ahhhhhhh ah!!!!!!”

At this moment, Blaziken also turned into a shiny attack. In the process, it didn’t understand why Infernape suddenly stopped, stopped defending and attacking, but stood there and burst into imposing manner again.

Blaziken is puzzled.

“Just what?”

But just when Blaziken thought that Infernape had finished the imposing manner and was about to fight back, the mutation happened.

It can only see that the original Thunder Flame power flowing through Infernape’s body has all converged back.

It was like trying to explode power, but failed to explode.

Lost physical strength completely, no strength?

Not only Blaziken is the idea, Tao Xiuying Grandmaster, and the trainers who are watching the battle are all the idea.

Although it was only a moment, but seeing the Infernape in the picture stopped resisting, their arrogance disappeared, and they both gave birth to a single thought. It was about to end.


It is indeed time to end.

You have worked very hard.

Even the consciousness formed by the Fire of Life enveloping Blaziken does not deny that the Infernape in front of me is a respectable Pokemon.

For this reason, it has already recognized Infernape, and it is willing to call Infernape the strongest among so many ordinary Pokemon fire systems.

The strongest mind and will! !

Finally, the fire came. Faced with Infernape in this state, Blaziken originally wanted to regain his strength and give up the attack, but the speed at which this powerful force that did not belong to it exploded was too strong, resulting in its poor control. The powerful inertia finally made it attack Infernape.

As they got closer and closer to Infernape, the life consciousness of Blaziken and Moltres finally saw Infernape’s expression at this time.

At this moment, Infernape’s eyes have turned white, as if losing consciousness Normal, but the body is not without energy fluctuations, but only a thin layer is left, covering only the outermost surface.

Sure enough, it’s not physically strong, has the semi-faintness passed?

Blaziken’s thoughts fell.

No! !

Not so.

Blaziken may not feel it.

But Fire of Life’s consciousness, as it approached Infernape, it was extremely unstable and disintegrated.

If Moltres’ Fire of Life has emotions at this time, then this emotion must be shock, shock, and fright.

Blaziken’s Jump Kick, when it was less than three meters away from Infernape, Infernape only moved his fingers a little, but just like this, Fire of Life felt a strong wave of waves that could suppress it gathering .

“Infernape has moved!!!”

Just when everyone thought that Infernape could only withstand this strong blow, Infernape first moved his finger slightly, and then his entire arm moved.

However, although the arms were raised, its body did not move at all.

Wait quietly for Blaziken to strike.

Two meters…one meter…half meter…

Just when Blaziken’s speed hit the jump Kick, which was difficult to see with naked eye, Infernape’s body reacted at an incredible speed in less than 0.1s, and it was very easy to avoid this peak state. An inescapable blow.

The movements are extremely smooth.

After successfully evading, Infernape then used the raised arm and palm to pinch the neck that flew past Blaziken in a very short time.

The Fire of Life wrapped in Blaziken, under this pinch, as the roar of the two legendary dragons rang, they collapsed directly and returned to the original streamer flame.

And Blaziken himself, originally because of the strong inertia Jump Kick, stopped abruptly, and forcibly stopped in the air because of this pinch.

It’s like a normal little chicken, pinched by Infernape.

The terrifying power made Blaziken almost faint and unable to catch his breath.

In the next moment, Infernape bent his knees and pressed Blaziken directly to the ground.

bang!! ! ! ! !

The terrifying sound spread directly throughout the entire mountain range. In the next second, Blaziken was pressed on Ground. Under the explosion of the power of Thunder Flame, it directly appeared out of thin air. It was more than ten meters in diameter, and it was bottomless. The huge pit of Thunder Flame! ! !

hong long long! ! !

Infernape Stomp is electric ripples, Levitate is above the huge pit, and its Rival Blaziken, at this time, has been falling continuously below the huge pit, with countless rubble and the power of Thunder Flame, being submerged in it.

At this moment, although Infernape still wants to use the peacock to make sure that Blaziken can no longer fight, its body, after using this blow, really has no extra strength.

I can only guarantee that I will not fall down temporarily.

“Ugh!!!” Infernape yelled unconsciously.

What about Fire of Life of Moltres, it was appointed by Fang Yuan to have the legendary Pokemon of Aptitude, how could it be defeated by the fire of Legendary Pokémon.

At this moment, Infernape’s pupils turned white, and gradually regained some consciousness. The action just now was just an attack made unconsciously by stimulating the brain and body through electric current.

The fifth door is still too reluctant for itself.

However, after a few seconds there was no movement, Infernape knew that he should have won.

With this hit, the formidable power has surpassed Eevee’s Z-Move.

At this moment, Fang Yuan also sat down on the ground. Fortunately, Eevee noticed Fang Yuan’s state in advance, not at all that made Fang Yuan fall miserably.

At this time, Fang Yuan is very tired, but his face is full of joy, five doors.

Don’t say it is recognized by Fire of Life, this is the power that can temporarily suppress Fire of Life.

But then, I still have to rely on Fire of Life for treatment…I hope Fire of Life will not mind…

Fang Yuan smiled.

But Tao Xiuying Grandmaster, as well as the twelve people behind them, saw the huge pit that Infernape smashed with the press, and they were all full of look of shock.

What the hell happened.

What’s the matter with Infernape’s exaggerated action?

The legendary Fire of Life, why did it disintegrate after being held so gently?

Why is the power of this press so terrifying?

The first few passes of Pass Defender that have been cleared by Fang Yuan, as I pay attention to this scene, I am also shocked.

There is also the old Principal of Shanghai University who will be in the seventh level. He originally thought that there was nothing to do with him, but after Infernape’s press, his expression went silly.


Until 10s later, after the regular countdown time in regular battles passed, Blaziken still did not stand up.

Fang Yuan and Infernape can be considered a complete victory.

sixth test, passed 1VS1 perfectly!

Eevee, Gluttony, Dragonite, Magneto, Rotom, Ditto, Klink, they all cheered wildly.

Especially Ditto, seeing that Infernape did not have the assistance of Assist himself, but also exerted such power, his eyes were full of small stars.

It has to work hard, or one day, Infernape will not need it.

Among these Pokemon, only Milotic has the most complicated mood.

You are so cool, my old lady, I have to expend physical and energy to treat.

Seeing Infernape’s burst of power, Milotic didn’t need to think about it, and knew that he was gone. Even with all his power, it would be difficult to heal Infernape’s finger.

What is it called, angry…

“ka-cha …”

At this time, both Trainer and Pokemon are immersed in the shock and joy of Fang Yuan’s successful sixth test.

Still no one noticed that in the dark backpack, the rays of light had been illuminated to an incredible degree.

If it is not blocked by a backpack, it is probably not inferior to the rays of light of Mega Evolution.

With a sound, the mysterious Pokemon egg in Fang Yuan’s backpack showed a creamy pattern, and then, there began to appear one after another like spider Web cracks, and then, the egg shell As the cracks spread, they gradually broke apart.

A Pokémon who was a little small and looked like a mouse was born from an egg with sleepy eyes.

This Pokemon has huge and sharp ears that make up the letter V. It also has big blue eyes. At this time, its eyes are full of curious colors.

I want impatient to find the two forces that I felt before birth…

Aura Force…and the force of interlacing.

After waving two wing-like tails, Pokémon dragged his cream-colored body, shook Orange’s ears and limbs, then became invisible first, then slowly got out of the backpack and looked at everything outside.

Soon, it found Fang Yuan and Infernape……

They look tired? (๑•.•๑)?

Little Brat thought about it, its within the body…Although its power is still very small now, it seems…Can it be continuously generated without limitation? ? These powers should be allocated to them, right?

Just do it! ! ^◡^

At this time, if Fang Yuan sees this Pokémon thinking with a hammer, he will be surprised to call out its name:

Star of Victory, Pokemon of Fantasy, Victini! !

It is one of the Pokemon types of Pokemon eggs that Fang Yuan guessed at the beginning! !

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