Pokemon Masters Chapter 830


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Victini, known as the star of victory.

The legend says that the Trainer that subdued Victini will never fail.

Its within the body can generate endless energy, and can transmit this energy to other creatures through touch.

The theater version of “Victini and the Black Hero Zekrom /White Hero Reshiram” shows that it has the ability to lend power to other Pokemon and humans.

After being touched by Victini, the protagonist Ash lightly jumps, holding two Pokemons, and can jump a few ten meters away from one cliff to another.

From here, we can see that Victini is fully capable of turning a human into a superman…

In addition, Victini also divided the power between Ash’s Tepig and Skipper in the battle.

In the beginning, Ash’s Tepig used flames to attack Rival’s Water Type Pokemon Samurott, which didn’t cause any damage at all. Rival didn’t even bother to hide, so he didn’t even have a trace of injuries.

However, after Victini X Attack, a palm-sized flame Move of a Rookie-level Tepig was directly upgraded to “a super-strong flame with a length of more than ten meters and an area large enough to cover three or four buildings and half a street.” , One hit instant kill Samurott, one of the three Water Type imperial families in the final evolution form.

The increase is extremely exaggerated.

Compared with Infernape’s interlacing power, it is too much.

Because it has no side effects.

The same is true for the skater who has been strengthened in the same way. Originally, its Iron Head power couldn’t even break the defense of the Rival Shiny quasi-god three-headed dragon. The opponent bounced it back with the body without even using Move.

However, after Victini gave X Attack, Iron Head’s power was directly changed to Z-Move, the ultimate invincible collision, and the Shiny quasi-god Hydreigon flew dozens of meters away, making it lose its combat capability.

It is said that the Trainer who subdued Victini will never fail, not because Victini has the power of normal causality, but because it is the strongest support of one of the very best in the entire PMworld.

Just like Pokemon Celebi’s ability to travel through time and space, the ability of Pokemon Prince of the Sea is the same as any Pokemon mind.

Victini also has its own metamorphosis ability. Within the body, it can continuously produce universal energy and temporarily strengthen any creature.

Because it is the magical Pokemon, Victini knew about his abilities right after he was born, so after seeing that Fang Yuan and Infernape were in a bad state at this time, they immediately planned to give them power.

This hidden Little Brat moved into action, and no one noticed it. Even Eevee, Magneson, Gluttony, and Rotom did not perceive the existence of such a magical Pokemon.

Victini first went invisible to Fang Yuan sitting on the ground, caught Fang Yuan’s clothes corner between Eevee and them, and began to transfer his power to Fang Yuan.


Victini looked serious, and soon, its little hands emitted golden rays of light, and then, this faint rays of light began to permeate Fang Yuan’s body.


At this time, Fang Yuan still doesn’t know what’s going on, but he has a feeling that even though he was tired the moment he fell, he didn’t seem to be so tired after sitting on the ground.

Not only is I not tired, but it should be fine to send Z-Move again.

The energy, physical strength, Aura Force, etc., seem to have slowly recovered.

I’m so happy, are you hallucinating?

“Oh!!!” Before Fang Yuan could think, mutation appeared on the battlefield.

Shortly after the battle, Infernape, who surpassed his physical limit to open the fifth door, finally couldn’t bear it.

Its silhouette slowly descended from the sky, and then to the ground.

Next moment, Infernape’s divine eyes closed.

Boom! !

Infernape lost consciousness and fell back on Ground. This scene, not at all, was beyond anyone’s expectations.

Tao Xiuying Grandmaster looked at Infernape silently after being shocked.

Did you completely defeat Blaziken carrying Fire of Life with your own strength?

It actually did.


At the same time, seeing Infernape falling, Fang Yuan quickly got up and turned his head and looked towards Milotic.

“Milotic, please go and treat Infernape.”


Milotic naturally has no opinion. Although Infernape is speechless and desperate, the injury should be cured.

Forget it when it was unable to treat Infernape. Now that it has the ability to treat Infernape, it would be too disappointing for Fang Yuan to spend so many resources to breed its innate talent.


After getting Fang Yuan’s order, Milotic immediately Levitate in the direction of Infernape, but when Levitate passed, Milotic was puzzled.

Why is Fang Yuan lively dragon and animated tiger so soon?

Didn’t you just run out of Z-Move and Heart Intent?

“eivui!!!” “Kou Jie!!!” “Rotto!!!” “Burulu…” “Boom!!!”

Eevee When they saw Fang Yuan jumping up, they were also wondering, didn’t you just look like you were “dying”.

All fell directly.

As a result, before 10 seconds have passed, you just jumped up? ?

Eevee has a suspicious expression on his face. Did Fang Yuan’s Aura Force break through again? ?

The kind of breakthrough that supports two and three Z-Move without blushing and breathing?

Being shown to be physically exhausted must be for acting! !

Show it to those behind Pass Defender and let them relax! !

Eevee sucked in a breath of cold air. If Fang Yuan hadn’t taken the initiative to expose himself, and jumped up, he hadn’t noticed that Fang Hearthome had deliberately acted as physically exhausted.

Not only has Aura Force breakthrough, but acting has also breakthrough?

This… Eevee was shocked immediately.

“Don’t look at me that way, I don’t know what’s going on.” Fang Yuan was also puzzled at this time.

After standing up, Fang Yuan found that not only was he not tired at this time, but he was also full of strength.

The state is surprisingly good, the one that can kill an Eevee with one punch.

“It should be a physique breakthrough, right.” Fang Yuan analyzed: “After all, that many times overloaded the use of power, it should be a temporary breakthrough of my potential. I didn’t expect it to be a blessing in disguise this time.”

It turns out that I am also a genius.

This kind of breakthrough, desperate situation breakthrough, is the treatment of the protagonist.

Fang Yuan was happier instantly.

For Fang Yuan’s analysis, even Rotom, a smart Pokemon, is convinced.

There seems to be no other explanation.

However, even though the reasons were analyzed, Fang Yuan still felt something was wrong.

Even if there is a breakthrough, he feels that the power within the body seems to be too great.

This sense of unreality made Fang Yuan sit down again in silence, then clenched his fists and smashed Ground slightly.

Boom! ! !

On the hard mountain road Ground, several cracks appeared directly, and the dust was agitated!

Fang Yuan: (⊙ˍ⊙)? ? ?

Eevee and other Pokemon: Σ(っ°Д°;)っ? ? ? Do you call this breakthrough? Isn’t it a mutation?

At this moment, the “culprit” responsible for all this, little Victini had already left here and ran to Infernape.

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