Pokemon Masters Chapter 831


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“(>﹏<)Bi Mi……”

Victini came to Infernape ahead of Milotic.

Just one glance at Infernape, Victini knew that Infernape’s situation could not be solved by it.

Infernape’s injury is too serious.

At the same time, the power is almost exhausted.

It can help Infernape to add some strength, but it can’t do anything about Infernape’s serious injury.

This makes Victini a big head.

It also wants to secretly recover Help Fang Yuan and Infernape, and then give them a surprise.

Victini, who was just born, has a personality similar to Mew and is full of childlike innocence. Of course, the difference between the two is that Mew has lived a long time and is still very childlike, and Victini is indeed a child at this time.

Apart from this, Victini’s character is also naturally full of love, but he is also very timid, which is one of the reasons why he dare not appear directly on this occasion.


Just when Victini was worried about Infernape’s injury, Milotic came over.

Milotic certainly didn’t find this invisible Little Brat. Victini’s innate talent is Top Rank compared to Ghost Type Pokemon. If it doesn’t want to be exposed, it is very difficult to find it.

In this way, under the gaze of Victini next to him, Milotic began to use the life water droplets to moisturize Infernape’s wound, and use the life energy in it to ease the burden on Infernape’s body caused by the interlocking force of Thunder Flame.

If it was a minor injury caused by opening the three doors, a life of Milotic dripped down, and Infernape would almost recover.

But the current situation is that Infernape is too reckless. Without Ditto’s Help, he opened the five doors alone, and a water drop of life fell. Not to mention the side effects of the interlacing force, even the ordinary injuries outside Infernape’s body. It hasn’t fully recovered yet.

Milotic :(* ̄︿ ̄)

Milotic is sad, but the arrival of Milotic made Victini’s eyes gradually widen.

“Bi Mi!!!~~~”

Victini: (≧∇≦)ノSurprise.

Although it cannot directly recover Infernape’s injury, this big sister seems to be able to.

Although, the recovery effect is minimal.

However, if it generates some power within the body and lends it to Milotic, then Milotic’s healing Move will be much more effective. In this way, it is equivalent to Help Infernape recovering from the injury.

Just do it!

Victini immediately touched Milotic’s scales with his little hand, conveying his strength.

Golden’s aura is diffuse, but it is covered by Milotic’s body.

At this moment, Milotic, who was condensing new drops of life, was taken aback.

It feels that within the body is continuously generating Life Strength.

Its power has never been so great.

At this moment, Milotic still has a feeling that he can pull four Infernape away from several hundred meters with one tail.

Of course, Milotic immediately erased these meaningless thoughts.

The proud Milotic regarded this as a breakthrough of his own ability.

It, Milotic, has made progress again! !

However, now is not the time to test the strength, the treatment of Infernape is what matters.

Milotic decided to use this newly acquired power on Infernape.

In the next second, I feel the newly acquired power, it gathers power again, and condense new drops of life.

This drop of life contains exaggerated life fluctuations. Although it is not as perfect as Fire of Life, it has a tendency to approach that level.

The amazing life fluctuation suddenly attracted the attention of Fang Yuan, Eevee, and Rotom.

At this time, Milotic once again dropped a life drop. After absorbing all the healing power of the drop, Infernape actually slowly opened his eyes.

“Woo (unfamiliar ceiling)…”

Infernape’s blurred vision was a dark shadow. After it gradually became clear, Infernape realized that it was not a ceiling, but Milotic.

Did Milotic heal himself? ?

The moment Infernape fell, Infernape knew how serious his injuries were.

The injury is more serious than the World Cup.

But at this moment, after waking up, Infernape actually felt no pain in his body. Although he still couldn’t gather his strength, and the side effects of the interlacing force had not fully recovered, the serious injuries in the battle had completely disappeared.

Infernape feels surprisingly good.

In this state, it feels that as long as it takes another three or four days to rest, it will be able to fully open its battle strength again. By the way, Fire of Life should be its own, right?

If there is Help of Fire of Life, Milotic will have a few more such treatments, maybe it will be able to fully recover in one day.

In such a short time, Infernape feels that the group increase BUFF should not take effect.

After all, the teammates have just broken through, and the previous accumulation should have all been exhausted.

Thinking of this, Infernape jumped up with the damned expressions of Milotic, Fang Yuan, Eevee.

It’s exactly the same as Fang Yuan’s just jumping up.


On the other side, Blaziken, who was hammered into the ground, almost recovered under the slow treatment of Fire of Life.

It has crawled out and walked back to Trainer.

The destructive power of the blow just now is definitely not small. Tao Xiuying Grandmaster saw Blaziken recovering so quickly, he knew that it was the work of Fire of Life.

Just when Tao Xiuying Grandmaster felt that the Fire of Life should be handed over to Fang Yuan now, and Help Infernape also recovered, she showed a strange expression.

Recovered? ?

Infernape’s jump made Tao Xiuying Grandmaster a hell of a ghost, damn it, how can this monkey look more energetic than Blaziken now.

Now, the Fire of Life held by Blaziken has turned into a weak form again due to fighting and healing.

However, this form is considered healthy for Fire of Life, and it should be no problem to cure Infernape.

However, at this time, Tao Xiuying Grandmaster had no idea whether he should send Fire of Life over.

Damn it, Infernape looks okay… Forget it… Let’s treat Blaziken first.

Not only is Tao Xiuying Grandmaster fucked, but the twelve members who watched the situation here and the old Principal of Shanghai University at level 7 are also fucked.

“This is impossible.”

Seeing a drop of life from Milotic wakes Infernape up and almost disappears from its trauma. Qiao Jing Grandmaster and Ms. Maotu directly stood up. This is unscientific. Is this Milotic’s healing ability better than they expected Stronger? ? ?

The fierceness of the battle… They saw it with their own eyes.

In short, after this battle, both during and after the battle, some people and Pokemon felt unfathomable mystery.

The most unfathomable mystery are Milotic and Fang Yuan.

Milotic discovered that after the treatment of Infernape, all the power of its breakthrough just disappeared.

The power disappeared and Milotic was terrified.

How could this work? It immediately chased Infernape and threw the drops of life, trying to find the original feeling, which made Infernape feel at a loss and Dragonite envy.

Fang Yuan is here too. He thought he was going to be a real Mega Rookie, but the second time he hit his fist, he almost broke his finger and broke the skin and bleeding.

In order to verify his full power this time, Fang Yuan is heavier than the first time.

With a “peng” sound, the ground is not cracked, and the hands are broken.

Milotic, Fang Yuan: (̿▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿̿)

Victini: つ﹏⊂ cover my face, the muds let me rest…

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