Pokemon Masters Chapter 833


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“Hey, I say you guys!!!”

The group of Pokemon rudely surrounded Victini immediately, and immediately disappeared in stealth.

Seeing Victini disappearing invisibly, Fang Yuan has a black line.

Wow, don’t scare it away.

Huh? ? Will you get along with the doll?

Fang Yuan panting with rage.

Victini, this is…

“Wait a minute.”

When Eevee stopped their frantically surrounding movement, Fang Yuan was stunned.

Victini’s special ability… can lend power to other Pokemon and humans.

Fang Yuan is very smart. He suddenly wondered why he recovered from his exhaustion in an instant.

It’s not that I’m a genius at all, it’s beyond the limit of Barabara.

The greatest possibility is that Little Brat, Victini, gave him strength.

For a moment before, I felt a sudden increase in strength.

Is it also in Infernape?

Infernape’s recovery so quickly is also very abnormal. In theory, Milotic’s healing ability is not so powerful.

“Victini, did you help me and Infernape just now? Thank you.”

Fang Yuan looked towards the direction where Victini disappeared, facing the airway.


Hearing Fang Yuan’s question and thanks, Victini reappeared, scratching his head sorry, indicating that it was nothing.

Fang Yuan and Victini’s conversation made Eevee and Milotic looked at each other in blank dismay.


Ten minutes later.

Under Fang Yuan’s introduction, Victini got acquainted with Fang Yuan’s group of Pokemon, and even the Venusaur that was on-hook was released by Fang Yuan.

Finally, there is a chance for Venusaur to play. Victini Xiaoke hobby is not easy to be born. Venusaur should ripen some Berry for him to eat.

Apart from this, and Pokéblock, also need to prepare a copy for Victini.

Just born, don’t be hungry!

Get familiar with each other, Victini is finally not afraid of life.

At this time, Eevee also learned about Victini’s special ability from Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan shared all the information about Victini’s abilities he knew.

“In other words, my strength recovered all of a sudden. It was Victini’s credit. Well, I smashed Ground with a punch because it gave me strength.”

“And when you treated Infernape with Milotic just now, you should have received Victini’s Help.”

“Bimi!!” Victini nodded, because he was worried that everyone would not believe it, it once again showed its strength. This time, it flew to Magnezon who had just given him Pokéblock, and reached out and touched it with a small hand.

“Bi Mi~~~~”

Under the expression of hard work, Victini generated a golden aura, and the power transmitted from the aura immediately covered Magnezon’s whole body.

At this moment, Magnezon felt his sudden strength.

After Victini flew away, Magnezon hesitated for a while, and directly condensed a Mega Electro Ball with a diameter of more than ten meters in front of him, and launched it into the air.

hong long!! ! !

Electro Ball is like a normal thunder, blowing out the golden ocean, blasting away the white clouds of sky, and the entire sky, at this time, seems to be dyed into golden normal.

Eevee and other Pokemon: (‧̣̥̇꒪່⍢꒪່)

Positive and negative Klink: (#゚Д゚) This, this.

Preliminary estimates are that the formidable power of this Electro Ball has far exceeded Magnezon’s combination of earth and sky stars, and at least comparable to Magnezon’s full strength attack in the soul state.

And this is completely the Electro Ball made by Magnezon with the normal, pure Electric Type power, a single thought!

Magnezon:! ! !

I was touched by Victini, and he directly possessed the power after being combined and armed? ? ?

“My Maite!!!”

Even Magnezon himself was extremely surprised. Its eyes twinkled into five-pointed stars. Even though it only had one blow, it was thinking, if it was armed and strengthened, wouldn’t it be possible to compete with Infernape? Similarly, exert the power of destroying heaven and extinguishing earth? ?

Although he has been prepared, Fang Yuan is still a little surprised by Victini’s strengthening effect.

Because… Victini was just born! !

And Magnezon, they are already Peak Level strength!

This…After Victini gets stronger after some training, it’s not bad.

“Little Brat, how many times can you do the strengthening like just now?”

“Bimi!!” Victini pats breasts, as many times as possible, its within the body, can generate unlimited energy.

Although it takes a certain amount of time to generate energy, this time is very short.

“so that’s how it is…” Fang Yuan immediately nodded, he immediately understood that this is the power of Victini.

Its special ability can also be called endless universal energy.

Although it currently does not contain much energy within the body, after passing it to other Pokemon, it doesn’t take long rest at all, and it can be generated immediately after a few seconds.

In Fang Yuan’s view, this ability is also sufficient to rank in the top 5 among all the Pokemon’s special abilities.

The near-infinite Performance alone is already very difficult to deal with. The most powerful thing is that after it transfers energy to other Pokemon, the energy will automatically be converted into energy suitable for other Pokemon, which is the so-called omnipotent!


At this time, the Pokemon completely understood the abilities of Victini.

Eevee called out, walked gently to Victini, and touched his head with his claw pad.

“eivui!!! (I will take care of you from now on.)”

“Fuwu~ ~~”

The next second, Milotic squeezed Eevee away, saying that taking care of the newborn Pokemon is more suitable.

If Victini is sick, it can help with treatment, so Victini will take care of it best.

“Kou Jie!!!” Gluttony also understands Victini’s power, which is simply a versatile buff.

Don’t look at Infernape with Ditto and Magnezon with Klink as a partner, but if anyone can let Victini be a partner, everything will be done in an instant.

Gluttony thinks that it might also try to take care of Pokemon.

“Boom!!! (I can take care of it with Milotic)”

“Let’s do that! (Berry manages enough)!”

“Rotto!! (The most knowledgeable Pokemon is here.)”

In the next second, Dragonite, Venusaur and Rotom also joined the battlefield.

Only Magneson and Infernape, who already have partners, said sorry, but these two guys are also thinking about how to make Victini like themselves.


Fang Yuan was speechless for a while in this scene.

This is genius… Oh no, is it the charm of Pokemon?

It’s so fancy, how can it be done like a martial arts TV series robbing a discipline.

“What do you know about taking care of Pokemon?” Fang Yuan picked up Victini from the Pokemon Center and said: “Leave it to my Trainer.”

Eevee, Milotic, Gluttony, Venusaur, Dragonite:? ? ? ? ?

You are greedy for its ability! !

You should know that without Pokemon, Victini is needed more than Fang Yuan, who has no energy at all.

Holding Victini, Fang Yuan immediately yelled. If Victini could continue to replenish Eevee and himself during the battle, then…Infinite Z-Move will become a reality? ?

It’s so cool.

However, Fang Yuan quickly let go of this idea. Bah, Victini was just born, and he was thinking about something.

Let it grow happily and happily is what I should do next as a Trainer and as a Victini incubator.

I don’t know what kind of hobby this Little Brat will have.

On August 31st, the magical Pokemon Victini was born.

He was loved by Fang Yuan’s team since he was born.

Victini: (๑•.•๑)……

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