Pokemon Masters Chapter 834


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Attribute: Psychic, Fire

Move: Focus Energy, Confusion, Searing Shot, Quick Attack

After a while, Fang Yuan and his mobile phone Rotom performed a whole-body health check on Victini, and recorded his current body data.

The newly born little Victini can generate unlimited energy and increase the Peak Level battle strength to increase its strength by one or two steps. However, its battle strength seems not at all very powerful.

There is still a gap between the ability of the high-powered standard, and the average new peak level.

Venusaur, Ditto, positive and negative Klink: That’s it?

Meaning Peak Level?


Does it matter?

“Let’s go!”



Born…that is Peak Level…

When Victini used Confusion and the exclusive Ability Searing Shot, Venusaur and Ditto, plus and minus Klink wa’ed cried.

How could there be such an unreasonable guy.

Especially the Garlic Gardener. He thought that Victini was just a pure support, but didn’t expect the true strength of Little Brat to be stronger than it.

If it doesn’t perform Mega Evolution, it is estimated that Victini’s Searing Shot can make it residual blood.

Even if it is Mega Evolution, Victini is invisible, and then bullying it can’t fly, and running into the air to hit Searing Shot indefinitely, it can’t stand it.

Venusaur is so heartbroken…

I have worked hard for so long to achieve Peak Level. How can you be born at Peak Level? Venusaur feels like I’m in vain.

Although I didn’t say anything, Eevee and Infernape also had stomach pains.

Pokemon is more annoying than Pokemon.

In comparison, Rockruff, who stayed in the fossil reserve and worked as a mediator there, was simply inferior.

“In fact, it’s okay, Victini’s innate talent is very difficult to deal with.” Fang Yuan said.

Victini had this strength when he was born, and Fang Yuan was not surprised.

When Mewtwo was born, even if there is no legendary battle strength, it is probably close.

Thinking about it this way, Victini’s strength actually made Fang Yuan feel a bit low.

Because it is different from the magical Pokemon of Mesprit and Prince of the Sea.

Unlimited energy, this ability can not only be used for assistance, but also for oneself, it is equivalent to unlimited physical power, and it is also terrifying.

That is, Victini is just born now, and his body can’t bear too much strength, and he doesn’t know how to use strength, otherwise he will definitely be stronger.

In Fang Yuan’s eyes, Victini’s potential is much stronger than the magical Pokemon in Pokemon Alliance’s God Territory.

In fact, if you want to see the combat potential of a Pokemon, you can know the rare Moves it can learn.

Don’t mention Searing Shot’s exclusive Move, Victini can also learn to “V-Create ’Move of Victory Fire”

This move destructive power is very powerful. If you don’t count the special moves like Z-Move, V Reflame is the highest move of Fire Type basic formidable power.

In addition to Victini, the only one who can learn this trick is Rayquaza a Pokemon.

So, with innate talent learning such a high formidable power move, how could Victini’s fighting innate talent be poor.

In comparison, the Mesprit and Prince of the Sea encountered by Fang Hearthome before, although they also have strong abilities, are not used in combat.

Of course, if they want to fight and keep tapping their racial potential, they will not be weak in the end.

It’s just that, with the character of this kind of Wild Pokemon, I’m not very keen on fighting.

“By the way, Little Brat, do you like Pokemon playing?” Fang Yuan asked Victini.

Wait a minute, this Little Brat, you should know what Pokemon Battle is?

“(。◕‿◕。)ノ゚Bi Mi?!~~”

“Bi Mi!! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ”

Pokemon battle?

Of course I like it.

However, instead of fighting on its own, it prefers to watch other Pokemon battles.

“Bi Mi Bi Mi~~”

The left and right hands both held Pokéblock. Victini ate while gestured and asked Fang Yuan what to do with Pokemon.

It wants to lend its power to everyone, and then win.

Although Pokéblock and Berry are delicious, Victini feels that he is more eager for the wave of victory that occurs during the battle.

Eevee and other Pokemon: ◔‸◔stare…

As Victini said his hobby, Eevee understood it.

At this moment, Fang Yuan should be happy.

It’s worthy of being the Victory Star Pokémon, this preference is exactly the same as Trainer.


Fang Yuan was indeed very happy. He smiled contentedly and rubbed Victini’s little head.

Not only does Pokemon like to absorb victory fluctuations during the egg period, but also after hatching?

In other words, victory fluctuations can promote Victini’s growth more than foods such as Pokéblock and Berry?

Perhaps after absorbing enough victory fluctuations, its ability will be improved.

As a trainer, Fang Yuan impossible doesn’t like Victini’s character hobby.

After Fang Yuan’s questioning, Fang Yuan learned that although this Little Brat doesn’t seem to be keen on fighting, he really likes to think of himself as an “auxiliary trainer”, leading other Pokemon to victory in battle. Then enjoy the joy of victory.

This hobby can be said to be very reliable, at least 10,000 times or 100 million times more reliable than Eevee’s hobby.

Fang Yuan is a very traditional and vulgar Trainer. Although people who like Pokemon have their own hobby, happy life, and treat them like family members, he also hopes that his Pokemon can be very powerful.

This is a mentality of “seeing a child to become a dragon”.

Overwhelming majority parents all hope that their children are promising.

Overwhelming majority Trainer also hopes that their Pokemon can have a high achievement.

Fang Yuan is almost a neutral version of Crimson and Ash.

Victini is not very resistant to fighting, which means that in the future of Trainer’s career, it can provide Fang Yuan and Eevee with great help.

Of course, expecting a victory star Pokémon hates battles, and the basic probability is not big…

It’s better to believe that Eevee can quit internet addiction.

In short, Victini is already a very outstanding child in Fang Yuan’s eyes.

“very good (╥╯^╰╥)…” Fang Yuan was moved.

It can be imagined that Fang Yuan wants to become a talented Victini breed in the future, it should be easier and not too exhausted.

The situation of breed Eevee back then, shouldn’t it happen?

Fang Yuan’s most difficult Trainer experience… is undoubtedly the Rookie Trainer stage, when he was fighting wits with Internet addiction Eevee.

Fortunately, Fang Yuan is witty enough to fool Internet addiction into a “talent”.

At that time…any wrong step would cause Eevee’s number to pass.

At Fang Yuan’s feet, Eevee raised his head, looking at Fang Yuan in thought, with a question mark above his head. It always felt that Fang Yuan was in the heart and vilified himself.


Victini’s birth marked that all Pokemon in Fang Yuan’s team except Infernape had returned to peak state.

When Victini was experimenting with his abilities, Infernape watched it one by one charging his teammates, and it was heartbroken.

Why the little Victini can only charge, not heal injuries! ! ! !

Fortunately, this World still retains a trace of kindness, not completely abandoning Infernape.

The previous process of Victini strengthening Milotic and Milotic treating Infernape can still be replicated.

Although the process is a bit more troublesome, at least Infernape’s injury has gone away.

It’s just…

Milotic is a little reluctant to treat Infernape.

You look for your Fire of Life.

Didn’t you just abandon Water Type to treat Move?

Infernape: ╥﹏╥

Infernape cried. Although Fire of Life is more suitable for it, with the emergence of Victini, there is no harm without contrast.

Fire of Life is just Items, which has energy limitation. It can only heal its injuries slowly, not all at once.

It’s hurt too much after all.

Although the effect of Milotic’s life drops is worse than that of Fire of Life, it can’t stand the limitless treatment.

As long as Victini charges Milotic unlimitedly, Milotic throws the enhanced version of life drops infinitely, and its injury recovery is just around the corner! !

So in this comparison, Infernape still thinks Milotic and Victini are better.

Fire of Life: “…”

Dragonite: (•ิ_•ิ), ah, you don’t know the blessings in the blessing, so there is no such thing as the water droplets of Milotic’s life in breaking the fire.

What Tao Xiuying Grandmaster didn’t know was that Fang Yuan immediately upgraded her treatment after she sent her to Fire of Life.

Fire of Life: “…”

Fang Yuan is invincible.

The injury was treated by Milotic, and the energy was supplemented by Victini, which immediately formed a “perpetual motion machine”.

Finally, at Victini’s request, Milotic managed to heal Infernape’s injury.

“\(^▽^)/Bi Mi!!!”

Infernape is the Pokemon that Victini wants to help most, because it was hatched because of the battle of Infernape.

Victini can feel that Infernape is the Pokemon who desires “victory” most in Fang Yuan’s large group.

In other words, Infernape’s desire to win is most compatible with Victini.

However, the injuries caused by the forced opening of five doors are indeed not minor.

Milotic and Victini cooperated in the treatment. In the end, Infernape recovered, but Milotic fell. Even though Milotic had unlimited power, he was tired after some treatment.

Although there is sufficient energy, the highly concentrated one’s mind controls the mind and mental exhaustion generated by infinite energy. Milotic needs a rest to recover.

Similarly, although it can generate unlimited energy, Victini will also feel tired, which is mental fatigue.

Although Victini can still produce energy in a tired state, it will affect its physical and mental health. This also makes Fang Yuan decide that if it is not a special situation, it cannot rely on Victini’s energy without limitation.

It is a life, not rechargeable Items.


At this time, although Fang Yuan entire group has almost recovered.

However, Fang Yuan did not immediately challenge the seventh level.

Anyway, there are only four levels left, and the challenge time will end at six o’clock tomorrow afternoon, and it doesn’t matter if you take a rest.

The most important thing is that Fang Yuan’s mind and mental state are relatively exhausted after this day.

Sleep is the best solution.

Not all because of the exhaustion caused by the challenge, and because of Victini’s appearance, this afternoon made Fang Yuan and the others too happy.

Fang Yuan himself, for a while, a Psychic crushed the Rock, another Aura Sphere smashed the mountain wall, and then a tree was uprooted with both hands. Once strengthened by Victini, Fang Yuan seemed to have the strength close to Grandmaster Level. “Psychic Type, Fighting Pokemon”.

Fang Yuan’s ability to single out Pokemon with a human body is simply amazing.

Fang Yuan estimates that even Konghai Grandmaster and Daoist PK may not be able to beat him after being strengthened by Victini.

Even Sabrina and Cattleya…Uh, even if they are, these people are also impossible to show up anyway.

One afternoon, plus one night, Fang Yuan and Pokemon mingle with the newborn Victini.

And agreed to take Victini to bathe in high-quality victory fluctuations tomorrow.

Pass Defender, the seventh level of tyranny.

At night.

Venusaur temporarily used the arrival of the tree world to create a wood house, which became the place where Fang Yuan and the others settled.

Victini Little Brat falls asleep first at night, sleeping very soundly.

Fang Yuan’s mood changed a bit under the Moonlight photo.

Continuously challenged the six levels of Victory Road, and the Pokemon eggs hatched. There are so many things that happened today.

Tomorrow is another day worth looking forward to.


Aside, Eevee has already taken out five mobile phones, and obviously doesn’t intend to sleep.

In Pokemon, only it is more energetic.

Other Pokemons are experimenting with Victini’s strengthening abilities during the day. They don’t know how to use this super power in moderation, and it’s strange that they are not sleepy at night!

It’s different. It hasn’t become a slave of power, and it’s witty to be lazy during the day.

Because the game version is updated tonight, it and the other four Eevee have to be busy reclaiming wasteland, and their mental state can’t decline!

“We need to protect Victini!!”

At night, it’s easy to think randomly. In bed, Fang Yuan muttered to himself that Victini’s ability is fatal to any force. It can be said that who is recognized by Victini, who Have the qualification to compete for the strongest Trainer.

At the same time, it is not only necessary to protect Victini, but also to establish the correct three views.

In the animation, Victini lives for thousands of over 10,000 years with no difficulty. Fang Yuan is destined to be just a passenger in his life. As its first trainer, Fang Yuan’s responsibility is very heavy, because Victini really has the power to change the world , So it must be guided well.


Eevee poked the screen, saying that Fang Yuan thought too much, come on, it’s up to us to protect you.

You are the easiest one to hang up.

“…” Fang Yuan has a black line, Eevee is becoming less and less cute, forget it, anyway, Victini has replaced Eevee’s cuteness.


Fang Yuan started Divine Art and fell asleep soon.

However, not long after Fang Yuan fell asleep, Victini woke up suddenly.

It feels a strong desire to win, a wave of victory.

Although, the waveform is a bit strange.

But it’s not bad.

Originally, Victini believed that Infernape’s desire for victory and the resulting fluctuations in victory were already the highest quality, but it discovered that this fluctuation was not inferior to the energy produced by Infernape.

Victini’s sleepy eyes at night looked dimly, and saw that in the dim wood house, five Eevee with reflective faces were serious and serious, not knowing what they were staring at, and at the same time they waved their paw pads neatly. .

Eevee’s big sister?

At this moment, Victini was at a loss.

Substitute Move, five times the heart of winning, made the fluctuation of victory qualitatively changed.

Except that Victini found out that this doesn’t seem to be a Pokemon battle.

After a while, Eevee also noticed that Victini was awake, and turned his head in confusion.

“eivui? (Do you want to play?)”

“Bimi! (Okay.)” Victini nodded, he wanted to see what was going on.

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