Pokemon Masters Chapter 835


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August 31st.

After challenging the sixth test, Fang Yuan remained quiet and chose to rest for one night.

This allowed the Twelve Branches and the old principal of Shanghai University to determine that Fang Yuan was indeed a huge consumption.

Fang Yuan and the others woke up full of energy early the next morning.

But after waking up, Fang Yuan found a strange thing, how did Victini and Eevee become closer.

Forget it, a harmonious relationship is a good thing, Fang Yuan didn’t think much about it.


In the first sentence of getting up, Fang Yuan puffed himself up.

With the combination of Victini, Milotic, Fire of Life, Infernape, and Ditto, Fang Yuan calculated yesterday and came to an amazing conclusion.

That is four or five doors open at will!

First, Victini can enhance Ditto.

Secondly, Victini can strengthen Infernape’s body strength.

With such a combination, the moment Infernape and Ditto opened the fifth door, they couldn’t stand the serious injury.

Even if the infinite energy is exhausted in the battle, the interlacing force starts to produce a burden again, during which the Fire of Life is healed, it is definitely much better than the previous state.

After the battle is over, Milotic’s enhanced version of life drops is the last guarantee.

In this way, even if the five doors are forced open and the recovery is complete within a day, there is basically no major problem.

This time can be said to be quite short and ridiculously short.

Healing in one day is not a serious injury at all.

Not only Infernape has received epic enhancements here, but Eevee, Magneto, Gluttony, Dragonite, Milotic and even Venusaur are all the same.

But the only problem right now is that the power lent by Victini is difficult to coordinate and control with other Pokemon.

For example, after Victini lends a force of power, Eevee can’t use half and half, little by little.

It can only explode all at once.

In other words, the enhancement of Victini is a one-off for Pokemon and humans.

Pokemon cannot be stored for a long time, and then output continuously.

This is a flaw of neither too big nor too small.

Although it feels good to kill with all strength, but occasionally in some special circumstances, it is better to be in a controlled state.

Since it is a defect, it must be remedied.

So, after a night of thinking, Fang Yuan quickly determined his training ideas.

Require Eevee to coordinate and control the power lent to them by Victini!

It is too wasteful to release all the power in one breath.

However, this training task cannot be carried out in the short term. That is the future work.



September 1st, 7 am.

Fang Yuan’s army set off neatly, moved towards the guard point of the seventh pass, rushed.

Fang Yuan has Victini on his left shoulder, Eevee on his right shoulder, and Dragonite under him.

Victini is breathing fresh air, with a happy expression, flying by himself and being carried, feeling completely different.

“We will be there soon.”

Dragonite is already very slow flying, but even at this speed, it takes only two or three minutes to reach the seventh pass.

One is because it is really fast, and the other is that Victory Road is not very big.

“Bi Mi!!” Hearing Fang Yuan’s reminder, Victini nodded, I look forward to it.

But soon, it seemed to have thought of something, and immediately became invisible.


Fang Yuan just remembered that this Little Brat was afraid of life, and did not dare to see the strange Pokemon and strange Trainer except them.

“Sooner or later, you have to face it. If there is a chance for you to play in the rules, how about you help them fight once?” Fang Yuan turned his head slightly to look at the weight of the shoulder but no Pokemon, said with a smile.

There seems to be a Pokemon vacant in my team’s position. Victini is now hatching, and unexpectedly can make up.

๑乛◡乛๑ is a coincidence.

“Bimi (okay~)…”

Fang Yuan has already notified the Victory Road Challenge Observation Committee, President Wen and the Twelve Branches, in advance of the termination of the challenge and the restart of the challenge via the mobile phone Rotom.

At the same time, the old principal of Shanghai University who was waiting for one night also arrived at the destination earlier than Fang Yuan, waiting for Fang Yuan’s arrival.

“They look surprisingly good.”

“After all, I have rested all night.”

“There is not much time left. Even if he can pass the seventh level, there is not much time to prepare for the eighth level.”

Twelve round table Conference Hall, everyone has reunited here.

They looked towards the restored screen, and Fang Yuan, who entered the seventh stage of the screen to pick the War Zone domain, all discussed.

At the same time.

Dragonite landed and Fang Yuan looked at the old man in front of him unexpectedly.

“Dean Sun, you actually came.”

“Didn’t I say that I would be a Pass Defender.” The old Principal of Shanghai University was puzzled.

Fang Yuan: “…”

I don’t think you were in the first four levels, so I thought you were talking about it.

The ghost knew it was waiting in the seventh level.

Fang Yuan really doesn’t know that the old Principal of Shanghai University is so powerful that he can become the Pass Defender of the seventh level.

fifth test is the Pokemon of the two extreme races, and the sixth test is Blaziken who carries the legendary Items and guardian God-level battle strength, then the seventh level…

Fang Yuan looked forward to it all of a sudden. Could it be that the old principal of Shanghai University is also a powerful trainer who masters Quasi-Guardian God-level Pokemon? ?

Sure enough, you can’t judge a person by appearance.

“You guys seem to be recovering well…”

At this time, the old Principal of Shanghai University did not rush to explain the rules, but looked towards behind Fang Yuan.

Eevee, Magnezon, Gengar, Dragonite, Klink, Ditto, Infernape, Rotom…

Each and everyone are in full condition.

The old Principal of Shanghai University judged that, except for Infernape, the other Pokemon should have recovered.

Being able to reach the seventh level in this state, he took a high look at Fang Yuan. This kid, dared to challenge Victory Road, really had something.

“It’s okay.” Fang Yuan laughed, more than good, almost overflowing.

“The seventh level, the rule is 12 vs. 2, I can send two Pokemon, and you can use all 12 Pokemon.”

The next second, the old Principal of Shanghai University laughed out the rules, and then he took out the Poké Ball and released two Pokemon.

One is a standing Pokemon, Ampharos with Yellow skin, a red sphere on the tail and forehead, and a white belly.

One is Pokemon and Manectric walking on four legs, the main color is blue, with red pupils.

Two Electric Type Pokemon!

Moreover, they have all been trained to the limit of race.

“The two of them are the Trump Card combination when I was young. They have been guarded at one Perilous Grounds for many years. It has been a long time since a battle between Trainers.” The old Principal of Shanghai University stroked his beard and said:” By the way, let me add that although the rule is 12 vs. 2, you can only send 1 Pokemon to fight at the same time each time, that is, 12 matches of 1 vs. 2. This is the rule of the seventh level.”

Fang Yuan:?


Is it hard to play?

Originally, Fang Yuan was still wondering how the old Principal of Shanghai University could guard the seventh pass. Although the appearance of Ampharos and Manectric made Fang Yuan’s doubts lessened, he still had some doubts, because these two Pokemons were not yet Blissey. And Wobbuffet is great.

At most, Ye Hui Elite’s Ariados level.

Fang Yuan is speechless as soon as the rules are said.

so that’s how it is, with 2 to 1, in this way, the difficulty is indeed there, and it is not inferior to the fifth test and sixth test rules.

It is 1 to 2, and it is the limit of two races…

If Fang Yuan guessed correctly, these two Pokemon must be positively charged and negatively charged Characteristic Trait. During the battle, they can increase each other.

In this way, it will be even more difficult to pass this level.

Limited by the rules, Victini cannot assist, and the Aura Seal cannot be used.

Only Mega Gengar has hope to deal with each other.

Or use Z-Move.

But Mega Evolution has a time limit. It is also difficult for Z-Move to attack two Pokemon at the same time.

Soon, Fang Yuan figured it out and said: “I understand.”

You forced me…

“Infernape, ready to fight.”

This kind of battle still cannot be delayed, so letting Infernape open the four doors alone and carry Fire of Life is the best choice.

Under normal circumstances, the four-door Infernape has a racially extreme battle strength. Counting the increase in Fire of Life, it should be closer to the Guardian God realm than the original Guardian God-level Blaziken.

It happened that Infernape hadn’t tried Assist Fire of Life to fight with all his strength, this time, it happened to be a try.

The injuries caused by the four gates are not as serious as the five gates. They have the dual treatment of Fire of Life and life droplets, and they can fully bear it.

Milotic and Victini will not be too tired.

“Woo?!!!” Fang Yuan made a decision, and Infernape fighting intent walked out proudly.

After it didn’t expect the sixth test, he can still play.

At this moment, Infernape exhaled excitedly, and the flames above his head became more vigorous.

The invisible Victini also showed a surprised expression.

Eevee, they are no surprises. After their analysis, they basically reached the same conclusion as Fang Yuan.

For singles, Infernape is still the most suitable.

“Wait…wait, send Infernape??!!!”

With the appearance of Infernape, the old Principal of Shanghai University was stunned.

No, your Infernape hasn’t recovered yet? ?

Not only was the old Principal of Shanghai University stunned, but the twelve teams who watched the battle also showed blank expressions.

There is also Tao Xiuying Grandmaster who is watching the battle, who is even more confused.

This Infernape, is it restored?

According to the data, Fang Yuan’s Infernape’s injuries were very serious after the outbreak.

This is the repercussions of interlaced energy, inevitable.

“Well, thanks to the Fire of Life donated by Tao Grandmaster, Fire of Life seems to be an accidental fit with Infernape, and the injuries healed all night.” Fang Yuan said without thinking.

Shanghai University old Principal: …? ? ?

٩͡[๏̯͡๏], Tao Xiuying old woman, what are you doing to me! ! ! !


bang!! ! !

After a while, such a picture appeared on the screens of the twelve teams and Pass Defender focusing on the seventh level.

An Infernape burst out of golden arrogance, and the head flame spread upward to several meters, exploding in a big way, as if Transform was the god of fire, Normal, with an overwhelming spirit.

Faced with the thunder and lightning that struck on both sides, the golden silhouette almost disappeared instantly, and came behind one of Pokemon Ampharos.

After the racial extreme battle strength strengthened by the Characteristic Trait, in front of the four-door Infernape in the Fire of Life state, there was no room to fight back, and he was directly hit by a punch at Manectric. The shock wave made the two Pokemons work together. Fly out.

In the next second, Infernape once again appeared beside the two Pokemons that were flying upside down, catching a Pokemon with one hand, pressing them on the ground, dragging them to run, and using their bodies to draw deep on the ground. There was a deep pit, and finally, two Pokemon were lifted and smashed together.

“Bang!!” With a sound, the terrifying air wave was exploded by this collision, and the clouds of sky were directly blown away.


battle strength is not a dimension at all.

One minute later, as two Electric Type Pokemons were crushed unilaterally to lose their combat capability, the old Principal of Shanghai University…has regretted coming to guard the pass.

Why can’t I think about it! !

The twelve members, headed by President Wen, looked at the one after another shock wave and the silhouette bathed in thunder and lightning in the screen. They were all silent. The existence of Fire of Life seemed to make this Infernape more unscrupulous use Strength.

The same Items, the Blaziken and the Infernape… the effect is completely different.

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