Pokemon Masters Chapter 836


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Shen Gong.

A Zeng Pro Trainer who has raised a few Pokemon but retired very early.

Apparently, he opened a shop selling various souvenirs and rare stones in Victory Road to make ends meet.

In addition to his apparent identity, he also has a hidden identity that is very difficult to deal with.

It is the Guardian of Guardian God-class Pokemon Crystal Steelix that inhabits the Crystal Cave on Victory Road.

Although it is a Guardian, in fact, Crystal Steelix does not use Trainer protection at all, not to mention that Shen Gong is just an ordinary Pro Trainer.

His task is to get some delicious Pokemon food from time to time to connect with Crystal Steelix.

This is the friendship handed down by the parents, and it is also something the Trainer Association hopes to see. It is natural for everyone to be happy to have human Trainer and Wild Guardian God have a good relationship.

So, although Shen Gong is just an ordinary Pro Trainer, he has the identity of Crystal Steelix Guardian, and his reputation is not low in the Peak Level circle.

It’s just that Shen Gong doesn’t pursue strength very much. After getting married and having a child, he doesn’t care much about the Trainer field.

Pokemon vs. Pokemon vs. Pokemon… How can I be happy with my wife and child?

However, occasionally, Shen Gong will still get a task arranged by the Trainer Association.

“Victory Road’s challenge is on again?”

Shen Gong fell into deep thought after receiving a temporary invitation from President Wen of the Trainer Association.

“Yes, your father also commanded Crystal Steelix to become the Pass Defender of Victory Road. When it comes to your this generation, I don’t know if you want to become a Pass Defender again.”

The crystal Steelix does not exclude fighting, and has experience in guarding, so this is one of the reasons President Wen came to invite.

“Pass Defender.” Shen Gong said, “Well, Uncle Wen, I will prepare immediately, and I will go to the Crystal Cave to discuss with Crystal Steelix.”

Every Guardian God-level Pokemon is a strategic existence for a country.

After the death of Shen Gong’s father, this was the first time that the Trainer Association had assigned Shen Gong a combat mission. Although it was just an ordinary guard, it was also President Wen’s wake of Shen Gong.

The Trainer Association hopes that Shen function has some ambitions, and he can command Crystal Steelix to fight like his father, otherwise, with his salted fish character, it would be a waste of Guardian God battle strength.

Therefore, President Wen also wants to assist this opportunity to let Shen Gong regain his interest in Pokemon.

Normally, Shen Gong and Crystal Steelix have no chance to fight side by side. Now, he Help Shen Gong find one!

On Shen Gong’s side, because of the normal care of his family by the Trainer Association, plus his father is also President Wen and a friend, he did not refuse.

In a moment.

President Wen sent Fang Yuan’s information.

And the challenge video of Fang Yuan challenging the first six levels of Victory Road.

Fang Yuan, as a celebrity in China, Shen Gong naturally knew the world champion, but he did not expect that it was Fang Yuan who challenged Victory Road.

father used to be the Pass Defender of Victory Road. He knows the meaning of Victory Road very well.

This is the place to screen the strongest Trainer in China.

If you can pass here, the battle strength may not be ranked first in China, but it is absolutely no problem if it ranks in the top 5.

One night, Shen Gong analyzed Fang Yuan’s data, and then came to a conclusion that this World champion is terrible.

At Fang Yuan’s age, he is still a college student who doesn’t understand farts.

Fang Yuan, on the other hand, can quickly pass the first six levels with a small amount of consumption, which is really amazing.

“The Seventh Level…”

The next morning, Shen Gong watched the live broadcast of Fang Yuan’s challenge to the old Principal of Shanghai University in the eighth pass as the Pass Defender.

Behind him, there is a body made of a number of huge deep blue crystals. Pokemon, which resembles a snake and is ten meters long, watched the battle video with him.

It is Crystal Steelix!

Crystal Steelix is ​​strong, but not bad in character, otherwise it won’t get along with humans.

Humans are willing to build a more suitable environment for it to live in, and continue to provide it with a variety of novel foods, so Crystal Steelix does not exclude getting along with humans.

Shen Gong’s father was the first Trainer it recognized, and Shen Gong had already crawled on it when he was a few years old, and he naturally recognized it.

If it is not for different species, it would be fine for Shen Gong to call Crystal Steelix a godfather…

“roar! !!!”

Many years ago, not long after the Victory Road challenge was established, Crystal Steelix and Shen Gong’s father served as one of the Pass Defenders, and more than once.

As Guardian God-level creatures, they naturally swept all challengers easily.

With Guardian God level creature guarding the back level, even if the rules allow the challenger to have more than one enemy, it is still not so easy to win.

Although the memory is very vague, Crystal Steelix is ​​very dissatisfied with this challenge. In its view, no Pokemon can beat itself.

However, the strength of these challengers can indeed make it play a role in boosting the excitement. It is not bad to come once in a while.

“Fuck, why can this Infernape still fight.”

The video of the seventh level let Shen Gong see the strength of Fang Yuan’s Infernape.

Today, Shen Gong originally thought Fang Yuan would send other Pokemon, and the result…

Seeing the screen where Fang Yuan sent Infernape, and then Infernape pressed the other two Electric Type Pokemon to rub against the ground, Shen Gong, an uncle in his thirties, suddenly crouched.

Wait a minute, isn’t your Infernape exhausted during the sixth test? How do you feel that it has become stronger today? ? ?

Although his own strength is not strong, Shen Gong still has a certain vision under the influence of his ears.

This battle scene…is outrageous.

Can Crystal Steelix work… he is a little worried.


“roar!!!! (That’s it.)”

Through the screen, Crystal Steelix also showed a rare solemn expression after seeing Infernape’s brutal play.

However, although it is worth paying attention to, it does not need to be overvalued.

As a mutant Pokemon, before it evolved, when it was a crystal Onix, it was different from the normal Onix. It was not afraid of water or fire.

However, according to Onix’s exercise method, after Assist exercised this evolutionary body with underground high pressure and high heat, it has been completely different.

Not only is he still not afraid of water, but even the weakness of fire has been overcome for the most part.

Even the Trainer Association is currently unable to analyze what Attribute is the Crystal Steelix today.

“roar!! (Don’t worry!!)”

Crystal Steelix moved away, it didn’t think Infernape’s power could crush its defense…

Although this Infernape has the ability to threaten it initially, it is not enough.

Moreover, from the point of view of its size, this Infernape looks too small, and its defensive power and physical strength should not be good. With its power, as long as it withstands a blow, it should be able to smash this Pokemon into several hundred meters.

“That’s good.” Shen Gong exhaled.

next moment… He has been looking forward to a Pokemon battle after a long absence.

Command the Crystal Steelix to play against the world champion… It sounds interesting.



“This is too cruel, that Infernape actually withstood the opponent’s lightning attack.”

The other side.

As Fang Yuan defeated the old Principal of Shanghai University in the seventh pass in just 1 minute, the twelve teams all complained.

Joe Grandmaster even twitched the corners of his mouth. Judging from the fighting style of this Infernape, it is a medical miracle to live to this day.

Fire of Life…Can you really heal the energy repercussions so quickly?

She is now anxious to know how Fang Yuan raised a monkey.

The Trump Card combination of the old Principal of Shanghai University is definitely not weak, and there is only one reason for the miserable loss. It is purely that Fang Yuan and the others are too livestock.

“Good job!!”

“Tauros is really learning how to fly, the cow is in the sky!”

Only one person was very happy at this time, and that was the Tao Xiuying Grandmaster who gave Fang Yuan Fire of Life. Although she had a deep friendship with the old Principal of Shanghai University, she was also very uncomfortable. Seeing Fang Yuan used her own gift After the fire, she immediately refreshed the old Principal of Shanghai University.

This fire is not for free.



On the seventh level, after the defeat of the Shanghai University old Principal, he no longer knows what to say.

He looked at the two Electric Type Pokemon spitting white smoke on the ground, and Infernape on the other side gasping for breath, he was stupefied.

Before coming, he estimated that Fang Yuan’s pass 2 or 3 at most was the limit. As a result, he really got through to himself.

“You go!!”

Just after the battle was over, the old Principal of Shanghai University pointed to the direction of departure and spoke to Fang Yuan and the others.

Fang Yuan: “……???”

“Then…I’ll challenge the eighth level?” Fang Yuan looked at the Shanghai University old Principal at this time seemed very unhappy, decided not to disturb his Senior, waved his hand and immediately led the Pokemon to the next level.

When I left, Infernape’s four repercussions had been revealed. Although there was Fire of Life treatment, it still fell temporarily.

I was carried away by Dragonite.

This also gives the Shanghai University old Principal a bit of comfort. At least, it seems that Infernape is still a super-limit explosion that Fang Yuan can barely pass.

In short, this time the monkey who broke the rules, It shouldn’t be played! !

Twelve, and Pass Defender of the eighth pass. Shen Gong saw Infernape fall again and glanced at the time together. It was less than half a day before Fang Yuan’s challenge time limit ended.

This time Infernape should have no time to recover through Fire of Life, and how to say, Fire of Life also has energy limitation!

Fang Yuan’s explosive tactics, that’s it.

However, 20 minutes later, Fang Yuan arrived at the eighth pass and came to Shen Gong.

Behind Fang Yuan, Infernape, who was unsteady on his feet just now, has wiped out his injuries and fatigue, and once again stands in Fang Yuan’s team like War God Normal.

“Uncle, are you the Pass Defender of the eighth level?”

Fang Yuan brought a group of Pokemon and asked Shen Gongdao.

“Oh!” Infernape took a step forward, be eager to have a try, and took the initiative to fight.

Shen Gong, Twelve Branches, Shanghai University Principal:? ? ? ?

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