Pokemon Masters Chapter 837


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“Come on, you just recovered, it’s better to take a break.”

“And, the other party hasn’t said the rules yet.”

Fang Yuan pushed Infernape back.

This bastard, with the combination of Fire of Life, Victini and Milotic, began to act unscrupulously.

Isn’t it satisfied after two consecutive battles?

It’s time for Eevee to fight again.

“You…I…it…” Shen Gong uncle pointed to Infernape. Twenty minutes ago, you were still fighting!

Why came so soon!

I’m not ready yet.

Moreover, this Infernape, why is it double lively dragon and animated tiger? You must be pretending to scare people!

“It has been restored?”

Shen Gong’s expression is weird. He still doesn’t believe that Infernape has fully recovered within ten minutes.

“Infernape? Fortunately, fortunately… It’s all due to Fire of Life.”

Fang Yuan scratched his head.

As I said, even Twelve Branches and Tao Xiuying Grandmaster, the Grandmaster who holds Fire of Life for several decades, do not believe it.

Tao Xiuying: ₍₍(̨̡‾᷄ᗣ‾᷅) ̧̢₎₎How come I don’t know how powerful Fire of Life is? ?

Or, when Fire of Life followed me, didn’t simply show its full strength?

Only Pokemon who followed Fang Yuan knew what was going on.

Not the credit of the invisible Victini and the Milotic in Poké Ball…

The injuries of the four doors…can be treated much better than those of the five doors. A continuous treatment of 10 points is enough.

“Forget it.”

Shen Gong took a deep breath, it should not be fully recovered, so don’t worry.

He said: “I am Pass Defender in the eighth pass, Shen Gong, the rule of the eighth pass is 12vs1, I send 1 Pokemon, and you can send 12 Pokemon to fight together.”

“My partner is it.”

Shen Gong, the name Fang Yuan has never been heard before.

He is also very unfamiliar with this uncle, but since the opponent can become the Pass Defender of the eighth level, his strength is definitely good.

This rule… explains the opponent’s strength.

The challenger can use 2 teams, while the opponent can only use 1 Pokemon……

hong long long! ! ! !

In the Pingkuangyan Region, with a loud noise, Ground shattered, and a tall crystal Steelix broke through the rock, looking at Fang Yuan and the others with red pupils.

“roar!!!!” It yelled hello, and the swept fishy wind caused Fang Yuan and the others to step back.

It smells…not too smelly, it has a sour metallic taste.

“Fuck, isn’t it.” Looking at the huge monster that suddenly appeared, Fang Yuan’s mouth twitched after feeling its strength.

What is this thing, Guardian God-level Shiny Steelix, it’s not right, this appearance doesn’t look like Shiny at all, but it looks like a variant of Regional Variant.

Fang Yuan did see Crystal Onix in the animation, but it was the first time he saw Crystal Steelix.

Guardian God.

No wonder you want 12VS1, so what will be the ninth level, pick one Guardian God from six? What about the tenth level?

At this moment, Fang Yuan was speechless. How did Fu Hei Old Brother pass this perverted road?

If there was no Victini, Mega Evolution, Z-Move, Fang Yuan might have already GG in the first four levels.

However, it is a pity…This is all hypothesis. Fang Yuan’s mouth is up, Guardian God?

In the animation, Brock’s MEGASteelix can resist a fire Z-Move without any harm. Fang Yuan wonders if this scene can be reproduced in this battle.


After President Wen really invited Shen Gong and Crystal Steelix out, in the Conference Hall, the twelve members had nothing common with each other.

Have expectations, regrets, and anger.

This Shen Gong is really disappointing. With such good conditions, if you work hard, the twelve branches have a place for him. When the time comes, the China Association can enhance a Guardian God-level battle strength.

Unfortunately, after an examination of a Pro Trainer, this person is just a fish.

“The main reason is that his innate talent is really not good, and he is not suitable to be a Trainer, including his father.” Jiang Kui said without thinking.

“haha, innate talent this thing, who is right.”

“In short, now there is a fighter meeting again, and his Rival is Fang Yuan, a trainer with innate talent, potential and vigor. I don’t know that Shen function can’t find some fighting fun in this battle.”

President Wen opened the mouth and said: “If he can, he will be one of China’s representatives in the Guardian God battle a few years later.”

“However, Fang Yuan suffered from this battle. Although Infernape seems to be in good condition, it should not have recovered. Magnezon, Mega Gengar, mysterious Move, Dragonite, Milotic… I can’t think of how these Pokemons would fight this one. Steelix.” Kong Hai opened the mouth and said.

“Not necessarily. If a mysterious Move hits, Mega Gengar’s Destiny Bond hits, and other Pokemons cause some damage, there may be an evenly matched situation. Judging from Fang Yuan’s performance in the previous games, he is indeed There are capitals against Guardian God level.” Grandmaster Qiao Jing said.

If Infernape can recover 70-80%… it would be more hopeful… However, everyone still can’t believe that Infernape has recovered almost.


The location of the eighth level.

Steelix stands on the ground, majestic and majestic.

Shen Gong smiled. Although he hasn’t played for a long time, he is still there. He has studied Fang Yuan’s fighting style.

For group battles, Fang Yuan should be best at combining tactics and group control tactics.

However, for a Hegemon like Crystal Steelix, whether the shadow or the Gravity field, it will almost always be fragmented under its break free. This is a gap in strength.

Fang Yuan, among these Pokemons, there are very few Moves that can affect defensive ability compared to Wobbuffet and Blissey’s more terrifying crystal Steelix.

“Don’t take action, this battle is handed over to Eevee and Victini.”

At this time, Fang Yuan has also released Venusaur and Milotic from Poké Ball.

Counting the mobile phone Rotom and Victini wearing the hermit, there are all 12 Pokemons.

However, in the eyes of outsiders, after counting, there are still 11.

Just like the analysis of the twelve branches, Fang Yuan’s core battle strength is too small. It is not easy to be able to reach the eighth level with this amount of Pokemon.

“Bimi!!” Before the battle started, little Victini had quietly strengthened the evolved Eevee.

At the same time, he flew back to Fang Yuan’s shoulders to strengthen Fang Yuan.

In almost an instant, Espeon had instantaneous Guardian God-level battle strength, and Fang Yuan also had Grandmaster-level capabilities.

Before Fang Yuan and Espeon were strengthened, Z-Move was enough to suppress any Pokemon below Guardian God level, and now…

“Shen Gong Senior, have you ever heard of this move of’Super Extreme Flame Bomb’?” After feeling the infinite power, Fang Yuan asked with a smile.

At the same time, Espeon took the initiative to step forward and stood in front of all the Pokemon.

“Super Extreme Flame Bomb? Such a long and second-year name… You made it?” Shen Gong was taken aback.

“…That’s right, then, the battle begins.” Fang Yuan said, his arm has been raised, the next second, he will fully stimulate the Heart Intent and activate the power of Sparkling Stone.

On the field, Espeon continued to move forward, while the other Pokemon backed away slightly, and even Infernape swallowed.

It felt the hot energy almost instantaneously.

“Bimi~~~” Victini, who was invisible, was excited when he saw Ruby on Eevee’s forehead shining under the sun.

Different from Psychic Type Z-Move’s solar energy converted into Inner Force, Fire Z-Move is Espeon’s Inner Force to control solar energy and transform flames!

“The so-called super limit flame bomb is the fire version of mysterious Move, Shen Gong Grandmaster, please be careful.”

Fang Yuan kindly reminded, because the destructive power of this trick is great.

At this moment, the rays of light on the sky shine more brightly.

Under the collection of sunlight energy, as Fang Yuan uses the Heart Intent to stimulate the Sparkling Stone on his wrist, the next second, the power of the Mega Z-Ring on his wrist connects the Heart Intent and turns into a white and blue interweave. The rays of light were wrapped around Fang Yuan.


Immediately afterwards, the power enveloping Fang Yuan’s whole body tilted like a torrent of Normal towards Espeon. At the same time, the venue swept the terrifying Heat Wave out of thin air, turning countless plants and minerals into ashes in an instant.

The forests are all ashes.

Super extreme flame bomb! ! !

“roar! !!!!!!”

Only the extreme high temperature was generated during the condensing process of the Fire Z-Move. The Heat Wave blew and made Crystal Steelix feel a strong threat. Its pupils widened and I couldn’t believe it.

The white steam emanating from the whole body made Steelix extremely painful, subconsciously condensing Ice Fang with a ferocious expression, letting the air of frost sweep over the whole body.

However, it still doesn’t work.


rays of light, Espeon’s silhouette resembles Sun God Normal, with a few circles of huge spiral flames rising under its feet, Espeon showed mocking eyes, and looked at the fearless big man who was distressed.

This is not a normal Z-Move… it has been enhanced.

huhuhuhu huhuhuhu hu~ ~~~~

The flame is still heating up.

The terrifying heat wave spread quickly and burned everything.

After a short while, the madly spinning flames gathered into a Fireball similar to the sun with a diameter of more than ten meters, and appeared in the center of Espeon and Steelix.

This scene directly scared Shen Gong to pee, and Steelix, the eyes shrank, did not wait for Shen Gong’s order, and gathered Move to try to resist.

bang!! ! ! !

An astonishing imposing manner wave swept away, the spiral super extreme flame bomb was smashed out by Eevee, and the crystal sharp stone made by Steelix was directly swallowed and disappeared.

Then, under Shen Gong’s desperate gaze, the Fireball, which is bigger than Steelix, directly swallowed Steelix, the aftermath of destroying heaven extinguishing earth, and instantly moved towards all directions and spread away.

With an enhanced fire Z-Move, the fire sea covers several hundred meters ahead, with huge aftermath, as if the Meteorite fell Normal, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

In contrast, Espeon is more like a Fire Guardian God.

“roar!!!!” In the fire sea, there was a scream of Crystal Steelix.

At this time, Shen Gong has been teleported to Fang Yuan by Magnezon, because Fang Yuan sees that he is not protected by Pokemon and is worried that he will be hurt…

This uncle is not right, it’s not like Guardian God Trainer.

“You…you…you…you…you…you are not right.” Beside Fang Yuan, Shen Gong uncle was already scared.

This is different from the data! !

Uncle Wen, you lie to me!

However, Fang Yuan didn’t have time to pay attention to him, because with a Gyro Ball Move, Crystal Steelix had dragged his scarred body, emerged from the fire sea, and threw away the flame!

A strengthened fire Z-Move, unexpectedly failed to drop it!

“Super Extreme Flame Bomb!”

Fang Yuan raised his hand, Espeon shook his head, and another large Fireball with a diameter of more than ten meters hit it.

Obviously, Victini immediately flew around to recharge them.

Move down again. Espeon is satisfied with nodded, so cool, is this the infinite Z-Move, but unfortunately, the opponent should not be able to make the third shot.

When I go back, I must reward Victini with a mobile phone. Cute is amazing.

Steelix: roar (son of a bitch)! ! ! ! ! !

Two consecutive Z-Move shots, Steelix was completely unconscious and fell into the flames.

Shen Gong is powerless to growl.

“…I’m special, I said I don’t want to be a trainer.”

At this moment, Infernape was helplessly shrugged, and behind the scenes, the big guys watching the battle, Astonish had to jump up from the chair.

Even President Wen has an expression of seeing a ghost. Two tricks to kill Guardian God?

Looking at Fang Yuan and Espeon, who seemed to have no consumption in the picture, he felt that he was dreaming for a moment, he must be dreaming.

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