Pokemon Masters Chapter 838


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In the deserted fire sea, there is a breath of flames.

one after another In the warm wind, Fang Yuan showed an expert and lonely expression.

Eevee also degenerates back and ran back to the team contentedly, accepting the worship of Magneto, Infernape, and Gluttony.

Only the Shen Gong uncle messed in the wind and the crystal Steelix that has been baked are left.


Look… Victini cooperates with me, it is perfect!

Infinite Z-Move Understand! !

After returning, Eevee refreshed tossed his hair and said to the friends.

“Bimi Bimi!!!” Victini echoed.

It also likes Eevee big sister!

In addition, the game is really fun.

Although Victini is puzzled, why Eevee commented on it last night as “returning food and having fun”.

“Oh!!” Infernape shook the head, then shook his finger to retort.

Strong treatment and continuous bursting are theoretically the strongest. Only with sacrifices can there be greater gains. Learn about Six Sect and Seven Sects.

Victini is the strongest in cooperation with it and Ditto!



Two Pokemon argue endlessly.

Even Gengar, who has the power of a bug like Mega Evolution, can’t interrupt.

It wants to say “Permanent Mega Evolution” to understand it.

However, even if it is a permanent Mega Evolution, it seems that I can’t beat these two walls.

Gluttony autistic.

As for other Pokemon, I don’t even dare to interrupt.

【Magnezon, Gluttony, Dragonite, Milotic, Venusaur and other Pokemon foul-mouthed exit chats. 】

You fight…you fight…


“Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan!!!”

After the battle, Fang Yuan watched Eevee with a headache. When they argued over the custody of Victini, the mobile phone Rotom suddenly flew up.

“President Wen’s communication, it’s okay, connect it.”

Fang Yuan had expected it…there is no surprise that the mobile phone Rotom hurriedly arrived.

He knows that after this battle is over, he must explain.

Victini’s assistive capabilities are too BUG.

Use it, basically and take the nightmare god to participate in the challenge of a nature.

The performance of Espeon just now was enough to make those twelve trembles in shock.

Because even they can’t do it and fight against it.

“Oh!!” Rotom nodded.


It quickly projected out the 12 Conference Hall pictures headed by President Wen.

At this moment, on the virtual screen, each and everyone silhouette is looking at Fang Yuan with serious eyes.

“Impossible, something wrong, unscientific, not Pokemon…”

Some people mumbled, such as Konghai Grandmaster.

Everyone looked at him disgustingly. From the very beginning, you didn’t expect Fang Yuan to be good, and you didn’t have a long memory after turning over again.

Alright now, Fang Yuan has been milked to China’s strongest.


How is Espeon possible? How can it kill Steelix in seconds.

“There is nothing impossible.” Fang Yuan serene said.

“Don’t even mention it is the effect of Fire of Life.” President Wen took the call, his mouth twitched.

He is willing to believe that Fire of Life can heal Infernape’s injury, but he can’t believe that Fire of Life can help Espeon release such a fire move.

Now, he doesn’t care whether Shen Gong is willing or not to be a Trainer.

Guardian God has been stunned, so what can I say.

The important thing is to ask clearly what Fang Yuan is about.

“This explanation is more complicated…”

Fang Yuan scratched his cheek, then, Victini’s silhouette slowly appeared, appearing on Fang Yuan’s shoulder.

“Bi Mi! ~ (The muds howling~)” Victini said, afraid of life.

“This is?”

Seeing this Pokemon and the twelve present, all showed a dazed expression.

They don’t know Victini.

It is the first time that Victini has appeared on Earth, and there is no related ruin Secret Realm to record its deeds.

So, seeing Victini appear, everyone was directly confused.

New type of Pokemon? ?

“It’s called Victini. It can use an ability similar to ‘Help Move’ to enhance Pokemon’s Move formidable power, and even Psychic’s Inner Force and Trainer’s physical strength can be enhanced.”

“The Move used by Eevee just now, and the ability I was able to rapidly restore power, are all due to Little Brat’s credit.” Fang Yuan explained as simple as possible.

“Bimi!!!~~” Victini stretched out his scissors, as if to say with no difficulty.

Fang Yuan ends.


The silence of Dead Normal.

Although I don’t know what the four words Victini represent, but when I heard Fang Yuan’s description, including President Wen, the twelve members felt that they were very separate.

Move similar to Help?

Can a mediocre Peak Level battle strength Espeon kill Guardian God’s Help Move with two tricks? ?

This is no longer called Help, but called “Help Open Hang”, OK!

Have never heard of such Help!

Moreover, Pokemon’s enhanced Move can also be used on human trainers. What is the operation?

The Konghai Grandmaster stared wide-eyed in an instant, can even the Psychic’s Inner Force be supplemented and strengthened?

What kind of Divine Immortal ability? In other words, with this Pokemon, Psychic can explode and increase Pokemon infinitely?

Oh no, Fang Yuan seems to have done this.

Kong Hai Grandmaster immediately envied it.

Fang Yuan really is Heaven’s Chosen Son.

How good was it to accept Fang Yuan as a discipline at the time, regret it.jgp.

“Some information about Little Brat, you can take a look first.”

Fang Yuan teased Victini with his fingers, then spoke.

At the same time, Rotom has sent Fang Yuan’s pre-arranged Victini’s basic ability information to there.

Fang Yuan, as Victini’s Trainer, didn’t want to hide Little Brat.

Moreover, with the help of the association, he can better protect and cultivate Victini.

However, the information currently provided by Fang Yuan is only the current information of Victini.

He not at all exaggerated Victini’s ability based on memory, because those are still “unknown information.”

“Hundreds of times the performance of the ordinary Peak Level battle strength, can continuously generate energy, and used to strengthen other creatures, supplement the performance of other creatures…”

“However, after too much strengthening, Victini will produce mental fatigue.”

“It is the Legendary Pokémon of Psychic and Fire.”

The information given by Fang Yuan is almost such simple information.

He made some restrictions and didn’t want everyone to have high expectations for Victini. However, this information still shocked the twelve teams.

Performance hundreds of times the Peak Level battle strength?

Isn’t it the same as Groudon and Kyogre, which were recorded in the legendary war for days and nights, Performance terrifying matchless?

Such Pokemon can no longer be called ordinary Pokemon.

No wonder Fang Yuan’s positioning for Victini is “Pokemon of Magic” and “Legendary Pokémon”.

“Its potential will not be inferior to any Pokemon in the Pokemon Alliance God Territory.” Fang Yuan said.

“Probably that’s it.”

Fang Yuan finished speaking, President Wen and they all were silent.

Even without Fang Yuan, they can still judge one piece of information, that is, Fang Yuan is the trainer of this Pokemon, and this Pokemon looks very close to Fang Yuan.

“Can you experiment with abilities?”

President Wen asked suddenly.

“en? Another super-extreme flame bomb?” Fang Yuan was taken aback.

“Forget it.” President Wen waved his hand, and if he made another shot, the venue would be out of order.

But it seems to be out of order.

“The ultra-strong limit flame bomb you mentioned…how many times can it be used?” At this moment, Konghai Grandmaster spoke with a toothache.

“…Dozens of rounds are a bit too many, but a seven-to-eight round is no problem.” Fang Yuan said low-key.

Although Victini can charge unlimitedly, if you use it too much, you will get tired.

The body is constantly pumping and inflating. Espeon can stand it, and Fang Yuan can’t stand it either.

Infinite Z-Move, after all, is still theoretical.

Seven or eight shots…

At this moment, President Wen has a toothache.

In this way, unless the following levels are replaced with 1VS1Guardian God, wouldn’t Fang Yuan be able to clear the levels casually?

Play with snakeskin!

But if you switch to this rule, you will deliberately target Fang Yuan.

Even when Fu Hei challenged, there was no such difficulty.

According to the previous rule mode, there is basically no 1VS1 battle afterwards, so Fang Yuan has Victini, and he will definitely pass.

No wonder Fang Yuan said that he doesn’t need Darkrai Help, and there is a Victini waiting for him.

It makes no difference……!

They are completely unaware of the existence of Victini…

Wait a minute.

“This Pokemon…you haven’t registered yet.”

On the screen, President Wen said after a moment of silence.

“Huh…it seems to be right.” Fang Yuan startled.

Victini was just born, and Poké Ball hasn’t entered yet. How could it have been registered?

What’s more, it’s a newly discovered Pokemon, and registration is even more troublesome!


Fang Yuan realized something.

Victini hasn’t registered yet, so legally speaking, it’s not his Pokemon.

That can’t be used to challenge.

“Bimy?” Victini tilted his head blankly.

Fang Yuan is bitterly laughed.


This is embarrassing.

I even forgot about it.

President Wen was also very speechless. Before Fang Yuan challenged, don’t you follow the rules? He looked towards the Twelve Branches, which means your thoughts.

Now what can you think of the twelve.

This is a good excuse, but they know that there is no Pass Defender for the ninth and tenth levels.

Now, Fang Yuan is about to pass. Not surprisingly, President Wen is definitely going to let them go.

But seeing Fang Yuan’s strength, who is willing to join this time? ?

Besides, it is more troublesome to summon Guardian God temporarily. Seeing Fang Yuan’s meaning…have no idea of ​​rest.

Seven or eight shots! !

There are no twelve ones, it can’t be solved by a super-extreme flame bomb.

If so, then two or three.

What’s more, Fang Yuan is indeed breaking the rules now, and his title is justified.

“hahaha, let’s forget about the challenge this time. It happens that we are also tired. Let’s wait until our strength becomes stronger and we will challenge again.”

Fang Yuan scratched his head to say with a smile, but he didn’t care much inside.

Although it’s a shame to not be able to clear the level, the power of Assist Victini is really meaningless.

This is not in line with Fang Yuan’s original intention, otherwise it would be fine to call Darkrai over.

They really can’t get through Victory Road with their own strength.

The purpose of their challenge at Victory Road is to train themselves and to add experience to the Pokemon eggs. Now, the Pokemon eggs have hatched, and every Pokemon has been fought. It is time to end.

[Venusaur:? ? 】

As for all ten levels, after Eevee’s own strength approaches Guardian God, it may be better not to rely on plug-ins once again/encore.

Fang Yuan quickly figured it out and no longer struggled.

“Ah!!!” Fang Yuan figured it out, and Shen Gong on the side was stupid.

This is the end?

The unfathomable mystery of Crystal Steelix and I were beaten… Is it over?

Spit up blood.

The twelve members behind the scenes also have a stomachache, but everyone is happy.

It seems that they don’t have to play.

In the Conference Hall, when the twelve members were fortunate, President Wen looked at the young man who explained the situation to the Pokemon through the screen, and there was another silence.

End the challenge…

Rather than saying that Fang Yuan violated the rules, it is better to say that Fang Yuan is too strong. They blocked the Fang Yuan account.

Although there is no registration, it depends on the situation that Victini is Fang Yuan’s Pokemon.

President Wen smiled bitterly in his heart. He didn’t expect the Victory Road he set up and was afraid of being challenged this day.

“It seems we have to add a new rule to Victory Road… Challengers are not allowed to use the magical Pokemon, Legendary Pokémon to challenge…” President Wen was heartbroken.

He didn’t have his heart frustrated for long, so he said to Fang Yuan on the screen: “Victory Road is open for you at any time. Now that you have made a decision, come back and take over the twelve ones.”

Victory Road challenge. Every time it is turned on, it consumes manpower, material and financial resources. This time it is half-open.

If you open all ten levels, you will have to use at least three Guardian God-level powers. Even if the current twelve want to use Victory Road as a training location, President Wen will not allow it.

But for Fang Yuan, he decided to make an exception, because he saw that Fang Yuan is indeed using Victory Road to experience himself. For such a youngster with unlimited potential, Victory Road is worth opening for him many times.

“Will you take over the twelve…” Fang Yuan nodded.

I almost forgot, this is what matters.

Although Victory Road’s challenge failed, it still couldn’t stop him from becoming a twelve.

After all, his research results are the key to becoming the twelve branches, not battle strength.

However, in terms of battle strength, if there is no hidden high-end Guardian God-level battle strength in China, Fang Yuan feels that the combination of Victini and Darkrai should be incomprehensible…


2020, September 1.

7 pm.

Many Trainers turn on the TV as usual, enter the Trainer channel, and watch the news in the Trainer field.

For the vast Trainer field, the number of people who follow news on TV is only a small number.

More people are accustomed to using the Internet to receive some important information.

Apart from this, there are also some senior associations who have their own channels to receive the latest information.

In this ordinary school season, a major event took place in China.

This incident not only caused a shock in China, but also the Trainer field in more than 100 countries in the world, including the United States, France, Russia, Japan, and Britain, has reacted to varying degrees.

A short video content, quickly spread all over the world.

In the video, it is a young man in formal clothes.

He received the medal representing China’s twelve dog dogs from President Wen under the witness of the China Trainer Association’s staff group, several twelve branches, and important national leaders, and became one of China’s new twelve branches.

At the age of 20, he entered the top ranks in China.

Fang Yuan’s many identities are the reason why such a change in a big country is worth paying attention to, but it can bring the eyes of the whole world together.

And the tasks assigned to him by the China Association.

The promoter of China’s third Trainer wave.

At this moment, those who know Fang Yuan and those who do not know Fang Yuan have very complicated emotions towards the youth in front of the screen.

Especially youngsters…

Born in the same era with Fang Yuan, is it a good thing or a bad thing……

Pokemon Alliance commented on him like this:

“Fang Yuan has created world-class miracles one after another with his love for Pokemon and unknown exploration. His talent is the most precious Present given to Trainer by God. This outstanding youngster will not only become The promoter of the third Trainer wave in China will also be the promoter of the third Trainer wave in the world. A new era will come with his arrival. The name of this era is’Fang Yuan’.”

The name of this era is Fang Yuan……

It can blow so loudly, it should have been done by Alliance President Antony O. This old man must be very looking forward to making Fang Yuan comfortable, and then Fang Yuan will open Mega Evolution in the past.

But Fang Yuan doesn’t eat this set. He is more narcissistic and thinks what he said is true.

No matter what, after today, Fang Yuan will become the twelve branches in China, plus the former reputation, the name will resound in the entire world of Trainer.

The same day.

On the top of the world most peak Mount Everest, a small crack appeared, and a pink Pokémon flying out of it, swaying in the vicinity of the crowded place.

After a long time, Little Brat lay in front of the window of a house and was stunned when he saw Fang Yuan’s news on TV.

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