Pokemon Masters Chapter 839


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It was a month since Fang Yuan became twelve branches.

In the past month, Fang Yuan’s twelve branches have been widely recognized.

This is inseparable from Fang Yuan’s hard work this month.

Go to get off work at 6 in the morning and leave at 9 in the evening, 24/7!


This is not the life Fang Yuan yearns for.

Of the twelve branches in China, the most familiar trainer is Ma Chenzong Grandmaster.

He is the president of the National College Student Competition Committee and is responsible for exploring potential young Trainers.

Almost every national competition, he has appeared as a guest, other large and small competitions, he also appeared many times.

The third Trainer wave that Fang Yuan was responsible for was actually somewhat similar to the work that Ma Chenzong Grandmaster was responsible for.

If Ma Chenzong Grandmaster needs to appear frequently in Pokemon matchups, then Fang Yuan needs to come forward to promote the Contest competition in person.

Fang Yuan became the twelve branch at the beginning of September. It was at this time that 19 first-tier cities across the country have successively held Contest competitions.

In just one month, 19 Contest contests were arranged.

Because it is the first month, these Contest contests are as important as the Fang Yuan Cup. Fang Yuan has to be the same as the “Mr. Sukizo, Mr. Raoul Contesta” in the anime, and strive to be able to attend every Contest contest. Row.

Compared with ordinary Pokemon competitions, the Contest match with Pokéblock is the key to the third Trainer wave recognized by Fang Yuan.

If he personally attends and reforms the shortcomings of each game, the advantages for the development of the Contest competition outweigh the disadvantages.

So, Fang Yuan has been so busy this month.

But the results are impressive.

Following the Fang Yuan Cup of the first Contest Contest, one month later, the reputation of the Contest Contest has completely spread and it is well-known in the world.

Many foreign Trainers are particularly interested in this new type of competition launched by China.

At the same time, with the holding of 19 Contest contests, a large number of Pokéblocks also began to flow into the Trainer field.

In a very short period of time, many grassroots trainers have greatly increased their strength.

Hoenn Group has also suddenly become the fastest emerging Hegemon company in China.

For this, the name of the twelve dog dogs is known to everyone in China.

Compared with the twelve branches of the old generation, Fang Yuan, the twelve branches linked to the new era, is obviously more topical.

“I want to work from nine to five.”

“No, it’s just nine to five.”

“I want to take a few years off!”

This month, Fang Yuan is thinking about how to take a vacation.

Sure enough, the twelve branches are not good enough, so it is easy to be a student.

If you want to skip class, skip class, if you want to sleep in, sleep in…

Just when Fang Yuan was very entangled, approaching October, he received a news that made him extremely excited.

This news may become the key to his vacation.

“Mega Stone detection device succeeded?”

Fang Yuan looked at the Senior Sister Xie wearing a white research suit in the screen through the video projection of the mobile phone Rotom, looking forward to asking.

“Well, the experiment was very successful, and the detection range of the new device is also very wide. Using it, after traveling all over China, we successfully found 3 Mega Stones and 2 Key Stones.”

“There are some more dangerous and remote Perilous Grounds Secret Realm we did not set foot in, otherwise we may find more Mega Stones.”

On the opposite side of the communicator, Xie Qingyi is full of joy, 3 Mega Stones, 2 Key Stones! !

Great Accomplishment of Mega Stone testing device! !

She lived up to Fang Yuan’s expectations, and it took nearly three months to finally research the device.

The second key point of the third Trainer wave is to increase the upper limit of Trainer’s strength.

This one must rely on Mega Evolution.

However, the difficulty of finding Mega Stone and Key Stone is really incomparable gigantic.

As a result, compared with the promotion of Contest, the progress in popularizing Mega Evolution is almost zero.

Fang Yuan’s biggest headache is also.

The promotion of the Contest competition is almost done, but in terms of popularizing Mega Evolution, with the existing stones, it really does not have much effect.

However, using the detection device at the moment, the research team led by Xie Qingyi found a full 5 Mega Evolution Items in the course of a week of experiments!

This is only within China!

If detection devices are used in Secret Realm Perilous Grounds all over the world, then the era of Mega Evolution, which is the same as in animation games, is coming!

Not only are experts eligible for Mega Evolution, even those Elite Four champions participating in the World Cup will soon be eligible for Mega Evolution capabilities!

“very good…”

On the communication side, Fang Yuan is relaxed.

The birth of this research result has almost marked the beginning of the third wave of training.

Now the beginning of the third Trainer wave has arrived, and everything is on the right track. Fang Yuan decided to talk to President Wen.

He has been busy for a month, and the Contest competition is basically stable. Regarding Mega Evolution, as the Mega Stone detection device he handed over to Xie Qingyi for research has been successful, then, even without him, the third Trainer wave He couldn’t stop his arrival, he should be able to rest for a while.

These twelve branches are really not good.

Fang Yuan found that he was not a suitable person for a specific job.

He wants to hide behind the scenes, and he doesn’t want to come out in person for everything, because this month, he doesn’t have much time with Pokemon…

Anyway, no one can stop…He is going on vacation!

“Senior Sister, I will let Rotom sort out the specific work content and send it to you, and then I will leave it to you.” Fang Yuan has high hopes for Senior Sister Xie.

Although it has become twelve, he has no team at all compared to the old twelve. Fang Yuan looked at the research team of Senior Sister Xie and Clear Moon Corporation and was very reliable.

Troublesome things… It’s better to ask the other party to help you deal with them.

Xie Qingyi: “Uh… leave it to us, what?”

“What are you going to do?” Xie Qingyi asked.

Fang Yuan said: “I want to take a vacation occasionally.”


One day later.

Trainer Association headquarters.

President Wen was speechless after receiving Fang Yuan’s leave application.

It was the first time he encountered twelve branches.

I have reached this level. After handling my work, even if I go to my own business, almost no one will say and so on.

Like Kong Hai… That basically means that the whole country is everywhere, and the tasks are handled randomly.

But this is also related to the work that Kong Hai is responsible for.

After all, managing and developing Psychic people is much easier than promoting the third Trainer wave.

“This kid is determined to hand over the research work of Contest and Mega Evolution to others.”

“The previous fossil recovery technology is also…”

“In the words of those little girls, this is a scumbag who only cares about the beginning, but ignores the middle and the end…”

President Wen is speechless. Don’t Fang Yuan know how great his power will be if these things are completely in his own hands.

I definitely know. Even so, Fang Yuan still wants to be a hand-off boss, hiding behind the scenes, and only dealing with major decisions.

A complete youngster mentality.

The reason for vacation is to concentrate on cultivation, training, Breeding Pokemon…

President Wen was silent for a long time, and then nodded. From this point of view, Fang Yuan likes Trainer more than others.

“Perhaps only in this way can I hope to climb the most peak of Trainer…”

“If this is the case, let’s take a vacation.”

President Wen also has an experiment report on the Mega Evolution stone detection device.

It is indeed just like what Fang Yuan said in his letter. With this, the full arrival of the third Trainer wave is already ironclad, and he is not too worried at all.

Change to someone else to do it, the same.

Fang Yuan has had enough to attend various competitions every time like Ma Chenzong Grandmaster.

In addition, for each Mega Stone and Key Stone, he personally arranges the Trainer. One or two times is still very interesting, but Fang Yuan is tired after doing too much.

It is too much trouble to deal with various factions.

Therefore, Fang Yuan thought carefully, and it is more comfortable to be a Trainer at ease.

In the original game, the strongest Trainer gave up the title of Alliance champion and went to Mt. Silver closed-door cultivation, probably to prevent the tedious affairs of Alliance from disturbing him.

However, Fang Yuan didn’t have the idea of ​​completely resigning his identity. What a joke, it was only a month… It would be too much to resign immediately.

What’s more, it is only the beginning of the third Trainer wave. The beginning is stable, and Fang Yuan will not go wrong even if he does not intervene.

However, Fang Yuan has other goals.

Such as Poké Ball transfer device, Z-Move, etc. etc.

These all are great discoveries that also affect the field of Trainer.

He Fang Yuan… is definitely not just taking a vacation for Slack Off!

In order to research other more meaningful things!

Of course, he didn’t tell President Wen about these uncertain things for the time being, lest the other party would always jump horizontally like the old principal of Shanghai University.

“Holiday…no time limit.”

Finally, President Wen temporarily granted Fang Yuan an unlimited holiday.

Fang Yuan freely go to waves.

Fang Yuan is still young and full of potential. President Wen doesn’t want him to be constrained by all kinds of work.


Fang Yuan has just become a twelve team less than a month ago, and arranged the Contest, Mega Evolution, and Pokéblock series of work related to the third Trainer wave to the lower level.

As for himself, he returned to Fang Yuan Laboratory and enjoyed his life.

“It’s normal for Steven to resign from the Hoenn Alliance champion position in order to dig stones. It is normal for me, Fang Yuan, to be a throwing boss for Breeding Pokemon!”

Fang Yuan Laboratory backyard.

Fang Yuan is wearing shorts and holding iced plum juice in his hand, lying on a wooden rocking chair in the sun meditating.

As for Fang Yuan’s Pokemon, according to the training content arranged by Fang Yuan, they train hard in the vicinity.

The challenge of Victory Road made them see many of their shortcomings.

Fang Yuan also has a new goal.

Fang Yuan’s goal for them is that after four years, even if they don’t rely on Mega Evolution, Z-Move, Heart Intent, Victini, they can pass all ten levels like Fu Hei.

In other words, within four years, they have been able to exercise their racial extreme battle strength normally.

They include “Eevee, Magnezon, Infernape, Gengar, Dragonite, Milotic, Venusaur and other seven Pokemon.”

Pokemon such as Ditto, Rotom, Klink, Rockruff, etc., Fang Yuan did not make too many arrangements.

For Pokemon of Normal Trainer, this may be a difficult task.

Be aware that it has only been 4 years since Fang Yuan became a Trainer.

Even if it is another 4 years, it is still less than 10 years.

In less than 10 years, letting a group of young Pokemon exercise to the racial limit is simply a dream.

But as a twelve branch, Fang Yuan can get resources completely different from ordinary Trainer, so he has this confidence.

He came to Breeding Pokemon from a very high altitude. In Fang Yuan’s view, although it is somewhat difficult, it is not completely impossible to complete.

Top three to the racial limit… For any Trainer’s Pokemon, it is a long accumulation process, and it is the same for Fang Yuan’s Pokemon, but he is not in a hurry, there are still four years…

“This is life.”

Taking a mouthful of sour plum juice, Fang Yuan sighed.

“Occasionally train Pokemon, make a training plan, and watch them grow stronger, this is what I want…!”

Fang Yuan is satisfied. After a few days of such a life, even the prophecies of aster and the world disaster, Fang Yuan almost forgot.

Fang Yuan doesn’t think he has the ability to change disasters. Now the third trainer wave has arrived. The world battle strength will increase by more than one level. When the time comes, there should be many powerful trainers, right?

So, even if there is a disaster in use, countries should also deal with it.

He just wants to be a witness. If there is an opportunity to have a friendly PK exchange with Legendary Pokémon, it is no problem. But if he wants to save the world, Fang Yuan will have a headache.

He is not Ash, even Ash, he died several times when dealing with Legendary Pokémon who was running away. What’s more, it is him. Ash can be resurrected by Pokemon. That is the protagonist’s aura, so he is not necessarily.

Popularize the Pokéblock and Mega Evolution you know, and put forward some other ideas that can promote the development of the Trainer field, so that the Earth Trainer will grow up and become as reliable as the Trainer in the Pokemon world and able to face various disasters. The most meaningful thing Fang Yuan can do.

At present, Fang Yuan is positioning himself as a big boss behind the scenes.

The kind that doesn’t show up at the critical moment…

What is troublesome… better not to find him!

“No…it’s not good Rotto!!!”

While Fang Yuan was enjoying the rare vacation time, the mobile phone Rotom suddenly hurried over.

“No, Darkrai and Victini are fighting with a Pokemon!!! Rotto was beaten so badly!!!”

Boom! !

Fang Yuan jumped up, and the rocking chair turned over.

You can imagine the Astonish that Fang Yuan received.

I just said that what troublesome thing is better not to find him, but it came immediately?

The combination of Darkrai and Victini… is definitely invincible in China.

Can you beat them badly?

Are you cracking a joke.

After Victini Little Brat was brought back to the laboratory by Fang Yuan, he had the best relationship with Eevee and Infernape.

Because of their high quality of victory fluctuations.

Next is Magnezon and Venusaur, because these two goods can provide it with different foods.

But there is also a Pokemon, which is very close to Victini, and that is Darkrai.

Because in a sense, Darkrai is the Pokemon who has been with Victini for the longest time.

On Nightmare Island, Darkrai didn’t know how many years the Pokemon egg guarded Victini, so the two Pokemon have a natural intimacy.

“What’s the matter?”

Fang Yuan drank another sour plum juice to calm himself down.

The fossil Pokemon in the fossil reserve jointly managed by Darkrai, Luo Ke and Rockruff is very combative. There is no surprise that Victini likes to go there to play Fang Yuan.

But, in that kind of place, there is no reason for a big fight. The nearby Pokemon habitat is also the Forest of Sun and Moon.

Among them, Gengar, the most powerful one in the millennium, can no longer keep up with the version, and it is estimated that it can’t hold the look of Darkrai.

Even… and Pokemon can fight Darkrai and Victini at the same time?

“Don’t be afraid of Rotto if I tell you.”

The phone Rotom looked dumbfounded, and said: “The Pokemon who fought with them…it seems to be Ho-Oh!!!”

Fang Yuan:? ? ? ? ? ?

You said it was Guardian God-level Shiny Fearow, I can believe it, how could there be Ho-Oh in this broken place!

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