Pokemon Masters Chapter 840


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It is a Legendary Pokémon that resembles Phoenix and peacocks.

It is a very mysterious one of many Legendary Pokémon.

Some people say that if Lugia is the god who controls the ocean currents, then Ho-Oh is the god who rules Hideki.

In comparison, what impressed Fang Yuan most about Ho-Oh was its ability to resurrect life.

Be aware that this is not a simple resurrection.

It is similar to the resurrection of Nirvana Rebirth.

In the game, Ho-Oh used Sacred Ash to resurrect three unknown Pokemon, and later they became the legendary life Entei, Raikou and Suicune.

Among them, Entei has mastered Ho-Oh’s exclusive flame Sacred Fire.

It can be said that Ho-Oh can not only resurrect lives, but also transform them into legendary lives.

Looking at all Pokemon, not many Pokemon can do this.

Arceus can create Legendary Pokémon, count one, and the Holy Pillar King can pinch Legendary Pokémon, also count one, and then you can quickly think of Ho-Oh.

The name of the Ho-Oh Guard is even louder than the eternal Pokemon pinched by the Holy Pillar King.

From a compelling point of view, Ho-Oh, who appeared as a photographer, dumped Lugia, who has ethnic groups in anime, and doesn’t know how many streets.

Such a Pokemon, will appear in the vicinity? ?

Fang Yuan doesn’t believe it anyway.



At the same time.

Fossil Pokemon Reserve.

Darkrai and Victini are in a tough battle.

Looking at the huge Ho-Oh falling on a giant tree in front of him, Darkrai looked cautious.

My own nightmare realm has no effect on it.

In the face of his own attack, Move, the other party only needs to flap their wings to cancel out the Move with a strong wind.

This kind of strength…

Even if there is Victini Help which strengthens the power, Darkrai is still not the Rival of this big bird.

This is the first time that Darkrai has this kind of powerlessness when facing other Pokemon.

If it is this big bird, if you want to destroy this place, I’m afraid you only need a single thought.

The most incomprehensible thing Darkrai is…

The other party seems to be teasing them from start to finish, and doesn’t really want to do it.

Otherwise, they should have completely lost.


Victini turned his head hesitantly after finding that he could not beat the opponent, looking towards Darkrai.

The opponent is too strong, or let’s run away!

Run away…

Although as the god of victory, Victini no longer feels about losing or losing.

Because after secretly playing games with Eevee for some days, Victini’s mood has been tempered.

Don’t you just lose?

Eevee big sister is right. Failure is the damn victory.

It has lost many times, and it’s been a terrible loss. In the game, its abilities have no effect on victory.

Therefore, Victini has grown a lot after trying many times of defeat, and he has taken a more correct look at his abilities.

If you want to win forever, you have to become more powerful, able to influence the dead and influence the Internet!

“What is your purpose?”

Darkrai’s telepathy spread out and asked Ho-Oh solemnly.

As for Victini’s words, it did not respond.

Run? It’s not that simple.

This big guy who appeared suddenly has a very clear purpose. He has been staring at Victini, I am afraid he is not at ease… Besides, there are other fossil Pokemon around, which can’t run away.

“Ho-Oh” is really not at ease.

It looked towards the ghost spirit essence monster looking towards the surrounding area, and then flapped its wings again.

The next second, a gleaming wind blew, and Victini was so scared that he immediately covered his eyes and turned around, and Darkrai was forced to cover his eyes too. The light… was too dazzling.

It seems that its Umbra power has nowhere to hide in an instant.

And “Ho-Oh” took advantage of this opportunity to become the appearance of Darkrai and quickly stood beside Darkrai.

So, when Victini eyes opened, two Darkrai already appeared beside it.

It’s exactly the same, even Victini can’t tell.

Victini: Ծ‸Ծ? ?

Darkrai: “You…”

At this time, after one of the Darkrai found the other himself, eyes shrank, took a quick step back and looked towards the other side more cautiously.


The other Darkrai did the same thing and looked at each other cautiously.

At this moment, not only Victini, but also the fossil Pokemon with cautiously eyes opened nearby, can’t tell.

This…what the fuck.

When Fang Yuan arrived, two identical Darkrai were “competing” for Victini.

They all hope Victini thinks that he is the deity, and then obediently follow him.

Victini :..(。•ˇ‸ˇ•。)…


Or you should continue to fight, it really can’t tell emmm.

Even the Ability Level is exactly the same, which suddenly crashes Victini’s brain.

The most difficult thing for Victini is that these two Darkrai can tell something that only they know about each other.

How can Victini tell! !

Victini gave up treatment directly.

“Bimi (I surrender!!!)!!!”

Fang Yuan, who arrived quickly on the Dragonite, finally let Victini find his support.

It hurriedly ran behind Fang Yuan and felt wronged.

At this time, Fang Yuan and Eevee were also stunned by the two Darkrai.

“Isn’t it Ho-Oh.”

“How did you become two nightmare gods.”

“I…I don’t know Rotto.” Rotom was taken aback for a moment. Darkrai and Victini were fighting with Ho-Oh just now.

Yes, how come you have become two Darkrai now?

How about Ho-Oh? ?

“Fang Yuan, I am the deity.” X2.

The telepathy of two Darkrai at the same time.


Almost at the same time, he said something that only Fang Yuan and Darkrai knew.

That is the experience of Nightmare Island.

Unanimously, within a second.

For an instant, Fang Yuan was dumbfounded.

He almost suspected that Darkrai was using Status Move or Substitute Move to make him happy.

As for Ho-Oh, it is an illusion created by Darkrai himself. With the strength of Darkrai, it is quite simple to fool the mobile phone Rotom.

But soon, Fang Yuan dispelled this idea, because Darkrai is not this character.

Luo Ke and a fox might play this way, but Darkrai…it’s definitely impossible.

“eivui…” At this time, even Eevee was dizzy.

Eevee :@[emailprotected]

The life fluctuations of the two Darkrai, Spirit, Soul and Qi, and Aura are completely the same. There is no difference.

It’s incredible, even Ditto’s Transform is impossible to be so perfect.

“Mew, stop making trouble.” Fang Yuan groaned, opened the mouth and said, Eevee could think of Transform Move, he naturally thought of it.

First Ho-Oh, then two Darkrai, can do this step, there is no other Pokemon other than Mew who masters the perfect Transform ability.

Mew came out of World Tree Secret Realm?

As far as Fang Yuan knows, Everest Secret Realm has not been opened yet! If it’s really Mew, it’s Mew who sneaked out by himself.

At present, Fang Yuan is 80% sure that one of the Darkrai is Mew changed.

“Mew, I know it’s you, stop playing…” Fang Yuan got a headache.

It’s not that he doesn’t want Foresight which Pokemon is Mew, but he can’t Foresight either.

Mew this guy, masters Future Sight Move, even if Darkrai hasn’t said it, it can repeat it at the same time. It is too difficult to distinguish.

If Mew Transform Eevee, Fang Yuan might still be able to judge, but Darkrai…Fang Yuan and Darkrai don’t spend a lot of time together day and night.

In addition to Mew’s 100% Transform, if you want to find the difference, it is better to let Fang Yuan hit to death.

“Miao (okay~)~~~~”

Finally, under Fang Yuan’s persuasion, Mew didn’t seem to want to play anymore, nodded. At this moment, one of the Darkrai’s bodies was immediately flashed with white light and turned into the form of a pink kitten.

In the sky, Mew covered his mouth, teased looking towards Darkrai and Victini, and danced happily.

Darkrai:? ?


Just… is this Little Brat? ?

As Mew changed back, Fang Yuan felt relieved. Before he arrived, he was quite nervous. Now it seems that Mew is just playing with his heart, not that any major event really happened.

“eivui!~!” At this time, Eevee saw Mew, a thigh of at least 20 dungeons, coming to visit, and immediately waved his paw pad to say hello.

“Miao~~~” Mew flew towards Eevee and touched his palm.

The two sisters met, surprisingly kind.

“Mew, has World Tree been restored?” Fang Yuan asked.

Mew came out…That means World Tree is all right now.

His expression is pleasantly surprised, which is a good thing.

In short, I finally waited for Mew. He now has a lot of things to ask Mew.

“Miao Miao~~~!!!” Mew was happy and nodded first, then showed a sad expression, looking towards Victini hiding behind Eevee.


It didn’t even know that Fang Yuan was still following Pokémon like this.

If you knew it earlier, it wouldn’t have to sleep for that long. Let this Little Brat, which is full of infinite energy within the body, go to the World Tree and power it down. It will be ready to play! !

This is also the reason why Mew has been staring at Victini after finding it.

I really want to abduct this Pokémon Fang Yuan as a younger sister…

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