Pokemon Masters Chapter 841


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Mew looked at Victini eagerly.

Victini also looked at Mew like an idiot.

Afraid of ing

“Miao~~~” Mew said hello to Victini.

It can feel that Victini has a special ability that even it envy.

Unlimited energy!

Even Mew, known as the perfect Transform, cannot fully replicate this ability.

Although Mew can be Transformed to Victini, and even V-Create and Searing Shot can be used, but Victini’s special racial ability has been out of its scope of replication.

Mew can also Transform Time and Space Opelucid, and can also use Time Space Roar and Spacial Rend, but it cannot travel through time and create parallel space.

This is a limitation of Transform.

There are some exclusive capabilities that Mew’s Transform can no longer replicate.

Mew can feel that Victini’s potential is very huge, even bigger than the Three Lake God created by Arceus.

“Bi Tweet…” Victini cautiously responded.

“Miao~~~!!!” Victini’s response made Mew very happy.

Later, Mew looked towards Fang Yuan.

An expression of “I did not misunderstand you” appeared.

Unexpectedly, Fang Yuan could find Victini and become friends with Victini.

Darkrai is also that’s all, not at all terrifying, but Victini’s ability makes Mew think of infinite possibilities.

Allowing Victini to charge the World Tree is completely a Mew cracking a joke-like idea. What Mew really sees in Victini is the ability to change the world.

“Miao~~~~(Are you willing to become World Tree Guardian?)” Little Mew asked Fang Yuan.

It is very serious…

The previous plan, due to the appearance of Victini, may be advanced.

“World Tree Shou…”

“Wait a minute… Becoming a World Tree Guardian, don’t you need to pass the World Tree test?”

Fang Yuan was suddenly scared by the huge brain circuit of Mew.

At first, Mew said that he was perfectly clear. Only when he has the ability to pass the World Tree test can he become a World Tree Guardian and know the truth of the world.

As a result, Mew changed his mind as soon as it had passed.

“Miao~~!” Mew sorry scratched his head, it came to a showdown, it was the ability to greet Victini.

Anyway, your Fang Yuan is not bad, just make do with Guardian.

The strength…Slowly improve, and it will always improve.

Eevee, Dragonite, mobile Rotom: this…

It feels like this Mew is a scumbag like Fang Yuan.

Victini: emmm

Darkrai: So, what are you talking about? I can’t understand a word.


Next, Fang Yuan Haosheng entertained Mew.

Rare Berry, Pokéblock, and a series of messy things Fang Yuan brought out.

“Miao~~~” After eating and drinking, Mew slapped his belly on the sofa contentedly.

Fang Yuan also began to ask his own questions.

“Mew, I heard something during this period. It seems that many special Pokemon will come to this planet in a few years… They will cause some huge disasters to the planet. Is this something you set up? The reason for the World Tree test?”

“The purpose of looking for the World Tree Guardian should be to find a reliable Trainer to deal with the disaster, right?”

After agreeing to Mew becoming the World Tree Guardian, Fang Yuan asked immediately.

In his speculation, Mew’s worries, and aster predictions, are absolutely pretty close.


Suddenly hearing Fang Yuan say this, Mew was stunned for a moment, and began to think suspiciously.

“Miao! (No.)”

Next, Mew shook the head.

It is indeed related to this, but not very closely.

In its view, the coming of Legendary Pokémon is not a huge disaster at all.

Except for a few Pokemons such as Groudon and Kyogre, who occasionally fight for natural energy, Legendary Pokémon’s meaning is to maintain planet ecological stability.

For example, Yveltal took the lives of humans and Pokemon purely because the number of creatures exceeded the load that the planet could bear.

It may be a disaster for humans and Pokemon, but it may not be a disaster for the long-term development of planet.

In addition, even if some Pokemon use excessive power, there will soon be other Legendary Pokémon to restrict them, such as Xerneas, which will restrict Yveltal’s power.

So, Mew is not very worried about the arrival of Legendary Pokémon.

Because, only in rare cases will they cause real disasters.

In most cases, you are performing your own power.

What it cares about is not the coming of Legendary Pokémon.

On the contrary, Mew felt that when those guys arrived, the benefits would outweigh the disadvantages.

The premise is that those two idiots Hoenn don’t fight meaninglessly.

“It’s not an aster prophecy…”

Fang Yuan was stunned when he asked Mew’s answer for a long time.

The things that Grandmaster and Pokemon Alliance are concerned about are not the same thing that Mew is concerned about.

“Do you think too much.”

Fang Yuan quickly realized that Mew thinks from the perspective of Pokemon and the world, while Fang Yuan himself is from the perspective of humans.

The difference in cognition between the two is inevitable.

“Then what do you care about…?”


After Fang Yuan asked here, Mew looked serious.

The arrival of Legendary Pokémon is indeed a huge disaster for some humans in the Region.

Mew does not deny this.

However, there are even greater disasters, and the impact will be even worse.

This disaster may affect the entire life of Earth.


“Miao~~(Time and space collapse.)”

Mew quickly said a noun.

Pokemon world, it is because of some reasons that time and space collapse.

Lead to fragmentation of the entire world.

If it weren’t for Arceus, Dialga, and Palucciya’s spare no effort, let the world exist in the form of Secret Realm, then all Pokemon in Pokemon world would have been extinct.

But even if Secret Realm and Earth are integrated, the problem still exists.

With the integration of Secret Realm, the Earth space will become more and more unstable, leading to the reappearance of Earth’s “temporal collapse”.

The disaster brought about by this incident is no longer comparable to the disaster brought by Legendary Pokémon.

“Damn.” After Fang Yuan listened, he was stunned again.

How do you look at it, Earth’s disasters are all Arceus’ pots.

“What about then.” Fang Yuan asked.

“Miao…” Mew showed a distressed expression. It is also very simple. As long as Arceus wake up, there is no problem at all.

Only Arceus can solve the collapse of time and space.

When the time comes, the stability of time and space will calm down…

Unfortunately, Arceus had lost most of its power before and fell asleep.

“So, do you need Trainer Help to wake Arceus?”

“What should I do?”

Space-time collapse that only Arceus can solve? This reminds Fang Yuan of Opelucid, the time and space that stretched across the Demon God Hoopa theatrical version, shame!

“Miao~!!! (Help it finds power back!)”

It ran out of World Tree Secret Realm a month ago. After it ran out, it immediately heard the rumors of Fang Yuan and knew that Fang Yuan had become very difficult to deal with very difficult to deal with.

However, Mew did not immediately come to Fang Yuan.

Instead, I wandered around in Earth and found Mesprit, the god of emotions, the god of will, Azelf, and the god of knowledge Uxie, the three lake gods directly under Arceus, and learned about the current situation.

After this, it came to find Fang Yuan and Eevee.

Mew has learned from Mesprit that Fang Yuan’s gain of Mesprit’s power was purely an accident.

Fang Yuan’s Aura, originally just an ordinary emotional synchronization Psychic, can be developed by Fang Yuan to this point is indeed entirely due to Fang Yuan’s own credit.

This also makes Mew more optimistic about Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was identified as the future World Tree Guardian.

At the beginning, it agreed with Fang Yuan that if Fang Yuan could pass the World Tree test, he would become World Tree’s Guardian.

However, after coming to Fang Yuan’s laboratory, Mew discovered that only a year has passed, Fang Yuan’s strength has changed from Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

Not only got the friendship of Darkrai, but also got the friendship of Victini.

In this way, the test of World Tree Secret Realm is no longer necessary for Fang Yuan.

It has become more necessary for the power of Fang Yuan now.

“Miao~~(In the process of saving another Pokemon world, Arceus lost all his power. The power was scattered everywhere in the form of slates. As long as Help retrieves all the slates, Arceus can wake up.)”

“Slate…Does the slate represent more than a dozen Attributes?” Fang Yuan understood immediately.

The myth records that when the universe was founded, fragments merged into slabs.

This slate is the source of Arceus’ power.

Arceus with a slate and Arceu without a slate are basically two kinds of Pokemon.

It really is this.


“Do you still use Trainer to help you find something as simple as a slate…” Fang Yuan was puzzled.

He didn’t think it was difficult for Mew to find the slate.

“Miao…” Mew shook the head.

not at all is that simple.

Due to the influence of Opelucid in time and space, an error occurred during the scattering of the slate.

The overwhelming majority slate is not in this time and space at all, but in parallel time and space.

So, if you want to gather all the slates, you have to assist the power of Opelucid or Celebi to parallel time and space to find it.

Now, Opelucid is sleeping, so he can only rely on Celebi.

However, Celebi’s power is limited, not as good as Opelucid, so it is very difficult to travel through parallel time and space.

It is impossible to pass it through, not to mention that it cannot leave the World Tree too far.

Even if Fang Yuan is allowed to pass through, there are some difficulties, which will cause serious energy consumption.


“Miao~ (If there is Victini, there should be no problem.)”

Use Victini to restore Celebi’s energy, to help Fang Yuan travel through different time and space, looking for slates.

This is why Mew immediately decided to make Fang Yuan a World Tree Guardian after seeing Fang Yuan get Victini’s friendship.

In this way, the plan to find the slate will be greatly advanced, and the confidence of finding all will be greater.

Although there is still a long way to go before Earth’s time and space collapse, if you can find all the slabs in advance, it will naturally be the best result.


Fang Yuan is messed up.

How come parallel time and space are involved.

Celebi has the ability to travel through time. This Fang Yuan knew that in the plot, Celebi took Ash across more than once.

Once in theater and once in Sun and Moon.

Opelucid has the ability to travel through time and space. Fang Yuan also knows that in the theater version, Ash also relies on them to return to the past and save Arceus.

However, Fang Yuan didn’t expect anyhow, and Mew even wanted to play traversal by himself.

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