Pokemon Masters Chapter 842


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The arrival of Mew made Fang Yuan no longer worry about aster predictions.

As Mew said, the arrival of Legendary Pokémon will not necessarily bring any huge disaster to Earth.

Even if there are some disasters, they should be resolved soon.

Compared with this, the collapse of time and space seems to be more serious.

Because there seems to be no solution other than to wake Arceus.

To describe it in Mew’s words, that is “a disaster affecting the planet level”.

Fang Yuan called all Pokemon together, discussed for a long time, and reached a conclusion.

Can only help.

Help Mew and Arceus look for slabs scattered in different places.

Not only is it to solve the time-space collapse that does not know when it will come, but also because of Celebi’s space-time travel capability, Eevee is very interested in them.

What will parallel time and space look like?

This is very attractive to Eevee.

Fang Yuan doesn’t know other Pokemon’s thoughts, but Fang Yuan can probably guess Eevee’s thoughts.

Perhaps Eevee is worried about different dramas and games in different time and space.


Pokemons are very curious about Parallel Space-Time, but the final decision lies with Fang Yuan himself.

He pondered many questions. Is this parallel space-time the past, the future, or a completely different time-space?

Fang Yuan has watched many animations involving time and space, such as Dragon Ball, Bo Ren Biography, Family Education, etc.

But the most informative thing is the PM series itself.

From the perspective of Ash’s traversal process, Ash traverses only time.

However, the existence of the theatrical version of “It’s Your Decision”, “Our Story” and “Game Story Team Rainbow Rockets” all show that there are parallel time and space with completely different history.

Fang Yuan himself is curious and worried.

Is there a Legendary Pokémon that has descended in different time and space?

Legendary Pokémon, will there be many people because of parallel time and space?

Even Mew can’t give the answer, Fang Yuan needs to explore it himself.

At present, Mew only knows that the slabs are scattered in different time and space.

“Accepted.” Fang Yuan quickly made a decision.

He became Trainer because he yearned for Trainer’s various adventures.

This time, it looks like it may be a very novel adventure.

Fang Yuan went to Mew immediately.

When Fang Yuan found Mew, he saw such a picture.

Eevee, Victini, and Mew are three Pokemon sitting on the sofa with different expressions.

Eevee and Victini are solemn.

Mew is curious.

“eivui!!! (Awesome!!!)”

“Biju…(I am good…)”

“Miao~~~(Are there any others?)”

As Mew cleared several games, Eevee was shocked.

Mew’s learning ability, in Eevee’s view, is one hundred million times stronger than Victini. Almost as soon as I started, Mew was proficient in the mini games recommended by Eevee, which frustrated Eevee.

Is this a genius.

Fang Yuan looked at all this in silence.

This also works? ?

Fang Yuan has had a headache for Eevee’s abduction ability many times.

Eevee was the first to kidnap Infernape to play Fighting games. Fortunately, Infernape is not too addicted.

Pokemon, who joined the team later, has also been invited by Eevee many times. However, it turns out that Eevee is the only one who has internet addiction.

Just when Fang Yuan thought Eevee was about to give up, he successfully fooled Victini.

This is related to Victini’s Attribute. As the god of victory, the game gave it a taste of failure. This is the reason why Victini fell into it.

Victini has just been born soon…! ! Eevee was fooled away, Fang Yuan almost confiscated their mobile phones.

If it wasn’t for Fang Yuan’s accidental discovery, and playing games with Eevee, Victini would absorb the fluctuations in victory from time to time and grow, and Fang Yuan might really have confiscated it.

And now, Eevee seems to be starting to fool Mew and play games with it…

“Pokédex shows that Mew is curious and childlike… will not really be turned into an internet addiction bar by Eevee.”

“After all… those games are really easy to indulge in guys with this kind of personality.”

If Eevee, Victini, Mew team up to play the game together.

Then this combination… is too strong.

A proper game of three magical gods.

But after observing for an hour, Fang Yuan found that he was thinking too much.

Mew is indeed very curious about the Rival game, and very interested, but this Little Brat is totally 3 minutes hot.

Any game, in its eyes, is at first novelty. After that, its strong adaptability and learning ability directly makes it as easy as blowing off dust to become a game god.

In a short period of time, he has a game knowledge that surpasses Eevee’s years of honing.

Without the challenge and novelty, Mew quickly stopped playing.

If it wasn’t for Eevee’s crazy downloading of new games for it, which prolonged Mew’s curiosity, I am afraid that Mew has lost his phone at this time.

Victini: (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧, too strong.

Seeing that Mew continues to explore various games, Victini Little Brat suddenly became a fan of Mew.

Eevee, on the other hand, collapsed weakly on the sofa with a desperate expression.

Eevee: (っ̯-。) Damn, how could there be such a guy.

During the duel with Mew, Eevee felt like a piece of scrap.

It is directly self-closing.

Perhaps… Shouldn’t Mew only be exposed to these technical games?

The games that Eevee exposed to Mew were all more skillful. Eevee suddenly felt that the only “pay to win games” that made Mew feel difficult.

Because Mew has no money. Without money, no matter how strong you are, you will have to be beaten.

“Miao~~~~” Just when Eevee was thinking, Mew put down his phone and looked up towards Fang Yuan, who had been sitting aside and drinking tea for a long time.

Fang Yuan also raised his head and said: “Mew, I decided, this World Tree Guardian, I did, then, when will we go to perform the task?”

Different time and space.

It sounds good to go on vacation at different times.

“Miao…(Buji Island, because I don’t know where Celebi is.)” Mew flew over and took a sip of tea, calmly said.

Fang Yuan:? ? ? ? ?

“Miao…(But it must have already arrived, so let’s look for it patiently!!)”

“Miao~~(Try to find it within five years~)”

Fang Yuan:? ? ? ? ?

“Miao~~(Before you find it, you can hurry up and become more powerful~~Although you have become Guardian, the World Tree test can continue~ other time and space, it may be very dangerous~ anyway There is nothing wrong with being strong~)”

Mew is serious, he said that he will do his best to help Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan vomits blood, how can I feel that this Mew is so unreliable.

Mew said a lot of nonsense before the relationship.


Fang Yuan finally made a decision, but Mew said that he did not know where Celebi was, which made Fang Yuan a little broken.

Fortunately, Mew promised to give Fang Yuan a Present.

The Present mentioned by Mew…is a usage of Aura Force.

Fang Yuan patiently listened to Mew’s description.

The usage of this Aura Force is very magical. You can rewrite the Aura of Items and make them a sealed object to seal the powerful Pokemon.

If you weren’t an Aura messenger, you wouldn’t learn it at all.

Fang Yuan As the World Tree Guardian, Mew feels that he can give Fang Yuan such a powerful ability.

This ability can provide Fang Yuan with a lot of help in the process of searching for slates.

Fang Yuan: “…”

Aura Sealing Technique?

“You are waiting…”

Fang Yuan took out his keystone and the sealed gourd under Mew’s blank eyes, and said: “I will do this long ago.”

Mew: “……???”

At this moment, Mew suddenly felt like a trash.

It should be its responsibility to teach World Tree Guardian Aura abilities and Aura seal art.

As a result, Fang Yuan was all capable before he became Guardian? ? ?

How could there be such a perverted Trainer.

However, Mew mentioned the Aura seal technique, which made Fang Yuan think of a very important thing.

He immediately took out the blackened Silver Wing and decided to let Mew Help transform this legendary resource into a sealed item.

After Fang Yuan took out the blackened Silver Wing, Mew was surprised at how Fang Yuan had this thing, but he still agreed and assisted Fang Yuan in transforming it into a sealed item.

At this point, Fang Yuan has three seals, and one of them is a legendary seal, blackening the Silver Wing.

“Miao~~~” Mew nodded, very satisfied with Fang Yuan’s ability now.

After Fang Yuan has this, it should be no problem to fight against the ordinary Guardian God level Pokemon.

It feels more at ease with Fang Yuan.

If Fang Yuan can pass the World Tree test again, so much the better.

Just when Mew decided to call Fang Yuan to go to World Tree to experience, Fang Yuan brought out new things.

This is a bottle of medicine.

Allow Mew to feel a familiar wave of medicine.

At the same time, Fang Yuan also brought a group of Ditto.

“Busy…busy…” Ditto was very nervous.

“Mew, the last one is busy.”

Fang Yuan laughed holding the R potion containing the Mew gene, and said: “Can you help Ditto, integrate this thing, so that…we can perform tasks to be safer.”

Help Ditto, like Eevee, fused the Mew gene, which Fang Yuan always wanted to do.

Now Mew is willing to help, just to bring it up.

Mew:! ! !

Why do you still have it! !

Eevee does not matter if he has the genes of their family.

Why Fang Yuan got it a little bit more.

Which bastard is he who has lost his eyelashes?

At this moment, looking at Fang Yuan’s R potion and Ditto, Mew was a little scared.

This guy… he can’t see through, is it the right choice to find Fang Yuan as the World Tree Guardian?

But… this group of Pokemon, seems to have an innate talent that integrates its own genes? ?

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