Pokemon Masters Chapter 843


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The bottle of liquid R in Fang Yuan’s hand.

It is an immature medicine developed by Chen Shengcong, a student of Dr. Li Qing, an authority in China Genetics, based on the Mew gene obtained from Secret Realm.

The effect of R is specifically reflected in the ability to generate a new gene in Pokemon within the body, thereby changing the upper limit of Pokemon’s race and ability.

During the experiment, Chen Shengcong discovered that among the huge Pokemon population, only Ditto, which can reorganize cells throughout the body, and Eevee, which is genetically unstable, can better absorb R-Drug.

Fang Yuan’s Eevee, because of the absorption of R-Drug, obtained the gene that can control solar energy.

After receiving all the research data of Chen Shengcong, and after his own analysis, Fang Yuan concluded that R-Drug, the research result with Mew gene as the core, should essentially enhance Pokemon’s adaptability.

The ability to adapt to various environments, energies and forms.

Strong adaptability, this is where Mew is strong, and it is precisely because of legendary adaptability that it can achieve a relatively perfect Transform.

Under Mew’s Help, Eevee perfectly absorbed the Mew gene and completely mastered the solar energy, so that it can use Z-Move independently, which is enough to witness the power of Mew gene.

So Fang Yuan has been thinking, if Ditto can also absorb R-Drug under Mew’s Help, just like Eevee?

Ditto, like Mew, also masters Transform Move. Maybe it is more suitable for Mew gene than Eevee.

No matter how you look at it, Transform Move and Mew’s legendary adaptability are the perfect match.

If Ditto can have Mew Khoury’s Transform skills, maybe their space battleship tactics will succeed.

Moreover, because of the improvement of Transform, the quality of Thunder Flame Turbo Protector will also improve. This may be the opportunity for Infernape to start Six Sect, Seven Sects, and even all Eight Sects to master the power of interlacing.

“Mew…can it be done.”


Little Mew looked at the bottle of medicine Fang Yuan was holding with a big head.

Big head, big head, big head.

Ahhhh ~~~

Although the legendary power contained in medicine is very weak and weak, Mew can feel that it is indeed the power of the Mew family.

It doesn’t understand how Fang Yuan masters such terrifying things.

From the bottom of my heart…Little Mew doesn’t want this thing to spread.

There is always a strange feeling.

No one wants to have multiple children out of thin air.

Fortunately… this gene… doesn’t look like it.

Otherwise, whatever it says is impossible to accept the existence of this thing.

“Miao~~(I will stay obediently and honestly in World Tree in the future, human beings are too terrifying…)”

Mew is stuck.

Fortunately, Fang Yuan didn’t use it indiscriminately. I knew to discuss with it, otherwise the consequences might be serious.

Mew’s erratic eyes stayed on Ditto and medicine for a long time.

Finally, it was nodded hard.

There is already one Eevee anyway, it doesn’t matter if there is another one.

“Miao~~(Well, if it is this Little Brat, I hope to merge this.)”

Mew carefully observed Ditto and came to a conclusion.

“Really!” Fang Yuan was surprised.

Mew actually agreed.

“Busy~~Busy~~” And Ditto was still worried.

Fang Yuan told it, this is its chance to change its destiny.

The chance to become the number one Ditto in the universe.

As long as it succeeds, it will be like Eevee’s big sister, with an innate talent that transcends everything.

“Miao~~ (Yes, if it is it, it should be okay. Fortunately, you didn’t mess around before.)” Mew relaxed.

It has to admit that the bottle of medicine held by Fang Yuan is very dangerous.

Eevee and Ditto are one of the few Pokemon that can control the Mew gene under its Help.

And if you want to change to another Pokemon, it will be dangerous.

This thing, even if it is drunk by a Guardian God-level Pokemon, is a deadly poison, and the cells will collapse immediately.

However, Mew suddenly felt that the person who developed this medicine was a genius.

It turns out that Mew’s genes can be transformed into other Pokemon genes.

Although the restrictions are quite large, it can be regarded as a chance for other Pokemon to change their races.


Next, Mew Help started Ditto fusion medicine.

This is not difficult for Mew.

It is even dozens of times easier than Ho-Oh to create the Three Holy Beasts.

The main reason is that the remaining Mew gene in R-Drug is already weak.

After a long study, the power of the original eyelash fossils has long been diluted by many times.

Otherwise, Eevee won’t be so weak after absorbing it.

Even if it has grown up to now, it is only Peak Level.

Mew’s concerns are right. If the initial eyelash fossils were not in the hands of Chen Shengcong, but in the hands of an organization with scientific research capabilities comparable to Team Rocket, then the consequences would be serious.


Mewtwo, who was also born from eyelash fossils, had a learning ability comparable to or even surpassing Mew’s, and a battle strength close to legendary.

That is the correct way to turn on the Mew gene, which is known as the most adaptable.

In comparison, Eevee only inherited a small part of Mew’s most power, adapting to solar energy.

However, this is also a thankful thing for Fang Yuan. If R-Drug is too effective, I am afraid Eevee and Ditto will not be able to absorb it perfectly.

After all, even Mew cannot directly create a monster like Mewtwo.


After 10 points.

Under Mew’s Help, Ditto successfully absorbed R-Drug and perfectly integrated the Mew gene.

In the process of fusion, the mysterious Confusion field released by Mew radiated strong fluctuations.

Laboratory backyard.

Every Pokemon of Fang Yuan was attracted by this wave of fluctuations.

After knowing the explanations of Pokemon Eevee, mobile phone Rotom, and Infernape, all Pokemon understood what was going on, and they all sweated for Ditto.

Among them, Infernape himself is the most nervous.

It’s for fear of Ditto’s shortcomings.

Infernape is now as nervous as her daughter-in-law about to have a child, walking around constantly, brow beaded with sweat.

“eivui ~! (Don’t shake it.)”

Eevee glanced at Infernape, don’t be so nervous.

Fang Yuan and Mew will certainly not do things that are uncertain.

“Oh!!” Infernape said, because it was them who did it, so I was worried.

Fang Yuan is already quite unreliable alone, and that Mew looks even more unreliable.


When the Pokemon was arguing, Little Mew flew out first.

Fang Yuan and Ditto also walked out of the laboratory.

After they walked out, all the Pokemon’s eyes looked at Ditto intently.

Nothing has changed.

Although the appearance does not seem to have changed much, Eevee can perceive that Ditto’s breath is stronger.

“eivui!!!” “Bulululu~~” “Kou Jie~~” “Woo~~” “Woo~~~” “Boo wu~~” “Let’s go~~!” “Mumbling~Mumbling~~” “Rotto! ! “”Woof!! “

Not only Eevee, they are all present, but Darkrai and Luo Ke in the fossil reserve are also attracted by the fluctuations to see what happened.

“Ugh!! (Ditto, how are you.)” Infernape stepped forward and asked first.

“Busy!!! (Hmm!!)” Ditto was nodded excitedly.

Only it knows how powerful it is now.

Ditto raised his head and looked towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan is nodded with a smile.

“Ditto, let’s show everyone your new ability.” Fang Yuan said.

These Pokemon are all looking forward to how Ditto will change. Fang Yuan can judge that Ditto will surely start them.

Mew gene and Ditto are definitely the best fit.


After getting Fang Yuan’s approval, Ditto looked towards the nightmare god in the corner, white light flashed all over, and used Transform Move.

The newly-appearing Pokemon has a body like a shadow. Smog-like white hair that keeps tumbling covers most of his face. His body is still shining with strange waves from time to time, revealing only a pair of bright dark blue eyes.

Transform object is the nightmare god Darkrai.

The appearance is almost the same, no flaws are found.

In terms of temperament, it is Mimic’s vividly and thoroughly.

Subsequently, Ditto exudes nightmare fluctuations, and the Dark Void Move is condense!

Even the exclusive Move has been copied! And the power fluctuation is not weak!

At least, it is not very difficult to force Pokemon below Grandmaster Level.

The strong pressure made Klink and Rockruff take a step back.

Even Venusaur showed a solemn expression.

son of a bitch! ! !

When you come up, it becomes Darkrai?

This is to scare someone! !

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