Pokemon Masters Chapter 844


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Seeing Ditto’s Transform object and feeling its power fluctuations, Pokemon in the toddler group was shocked.

“Mumbling~Mumbling~~” In the early childhood group, Ditto’s strength has always been one of the very best. Now, Klink feels that Ditto is even more difficult to surpass.

Venusaur, who left the toddler group not long ago, felt Ditto’s power fluctuations at this time, and his solemn expression was full of sadness.

It’s not right…how can it have a bad feeling.

If you can’t Mega Evolution, at this time…maybe you can’t do Ditto who becomes Darkrai?

Wait, fuck, fuck, fuck, this guy, won’t even Mega Venusaur be able to transform now, right? ?

This brain supplement directly makes Venusaur want to water the flowers, without such bullying the frog.

Ditto! !

Recognize the identity of your toddler group pendant, I am the seventh main force!

“Miao~~Miao~~” When Venusaur’s mentality collapsed, little Mew clapped his hands happily when he saw Ditto’s performance.

Great, great.

For Ditto, this Transform can be said to be great.

Seeing this Transform, even Darkrai’s pupils shrank several times…

It first glanced at Mew, then at Ditto, silent.

Before, Ditto was obviously not able to transform it well, but now, can even Dark Void be able to replicate it?

Although Ditto’s current Transform can be felt, there is still a big gap from Mew’s Transform, but this progress does make Darkrai startled.

“Now, if you didn’t enter the Peak Level Domain, the usual Grandmaster Level Pokemon, it would be difficult to be Ditto’s Rival.” Fang Yuan said happily behind Ditto.

“Wooah!!!” And Pokemon is happier than Fang Yuan. That is Infernape. Seeing that his partner has become so powerful, he may even overtake Venusaur. Infernape is proud to go forward and give Ditto one for a moment. embrace.

However, Ditto doesn’t seem to show his full interest yet.

In the next second, it changed into the shape of Infernape again, and it was more perfect than the shape of Infernape now.

Not only has it become Infernape, it also has a Thunder Flame Turbo Protector on its wrist.

Fully equipped! !

Later, it showed an ability to shock Eevee, Magneson, and Gluttony.

“Woo Ahhh Ahhhh!!!!” Changed to Ditto carrying Thunder Flame Turbo Protector, and directly exploded the Thunder Flame mode. The intertwined lightning and flames made Infernape stunned.


Ditto Transform, can’t it only copy Basic Abilities? ?

Why, even Thunder Flame mode can be copied? ?

You weren’t like this before! ! !

Also, what is the operation of changing the Thunder Flame Turbo Protector and wearing it on the body at the same time?

Infernape:? ? ?

Infernape looked towards Fang Yuan blankly.

“Ah this…” Fang Yuan scratched his head and said: “Maybe because… it is too familiar with you and Thunder Flame Turbo Protector?”

After all, when Infernape was lying down because of the side effects of the interlacing force, Ditto was lying with it all the time because of the side effects…


Next, Ditto was dragged by Eevee, mobile phone Rotom, and Infernape to verify the current limit.

As a result of verification, it is naturally the first Ditto in the universe, born in the hands of Fang Yuan.

Ordinary Ditto, after Transform, only Basic Abilities can be copied.

For example, Eevee’s shadow ball can be copied, but Eevee’s spiral shadow ball cannot be copied.

But now, Fang Yuan’s Ditto’s Transform can even replicate some Move techniques.

Closer to the concept of perfect Transform!

At present, its most perverted place is that it can be a more perfect Transform for every Pokemon of Fang Yuan.

If even fighting skills can be replicated, with its familiarity with its teammates, after becoming a teammate who gets along day and night, its combat effectiveness will undoubtedly be more terrifying.

This is actually the case.

Because it is familiar with Infernape and Thunder Flame Turbo Protector, you can even turn on the first sect of Thunder Flame mode alone at this time!

Because of this, the current combination of Infernape and Ditto with Thunder Flame mode is more suitable, and the smoothness and side effects of the opening have been reduced a lot.

Fang Yuan and the mobile phone Rotom even suspect that as long as this guy is willing to learn, maybe other teammates’ fighting skills will be learned by it sooner or later.

If this is the case, Ditto, who has the Mew gene, can be equivalent to the weakened version of Fang Yuan’s six main forces.

Although the weakness of the basic strength and the physical limitations of Transform Move prevent it from participating in high-intensity battles, it may be invincible to fight against food at the same level as Fang Yuan’s main Pokemon.

And this… is just a fusion of the weak Mew gene.

Fang Yuan became more and more curious about how strong Mew deity is.


Mew came. First, Help Fang Yuan turned the blackened Silver Wing into a seal, and then Help Ditto mastered the Mew gene.

After doing all these things, Mew made a decision to open a space channel connected to World Tree Secret Realm in Fang Yuan’s fossil reserve.

In this way, Fang Yuan can go there anytime to practice.

Although Fang Yuan has Darkrai, Victini and Mega Ditto, in Mew’s view, Fang Yuan’s current strength is still not enough to find slate.

So, taking advantage of the period when Celebi is not found, it is very important for Fang Yuan to improve his strength.

The test of World Tree Secret Realm will continue.

The World Tree test requires Fang Yuan to have the ability to single out World Tree’s eternal Pokemon.

And the three eternal Pokemon of World Tree, each one is not inferior to Darkrai in strength.

Fu Hei can pass the Victory Road, but can’t pass the World Tree test, it is precisely because the three Guardian God-level eternal Pokemons are too strong.

Perhaps, the first half of Victory Road is more difficult than the World Tree test, but in the back, it is obvious that the World Tree test is more difficult.

Three Guardian God-class eternal Pokemons are not comparable to Guardian Gods like Crystal Steelix.

Just like when Darkrai crushed Guardian God-level Spiritomb, the racial gap is indelible.

After discussing with Fang Yuan, Mew went to the fossil reserve to transform the space channel without saying anything.

Why is it a fossil reserve? Mew thinks that the fossil Pokemon there is good, and it may add the defense power of World Tree…

Darkrai :(‧_‧?)

For all this, Darkrai is naturally extremely dazed, but he also agreed.

“Mew also has a fossil Legion. If you have the opportunity, you can communicate with it.”

Mew’s World Tree fossil Legion, compared with Darkrai’s resurrected fossil Legion, it must be Mew that is more powerful.

Not only there are many Peak Level Pokemon fossils, but also MEGA Aerodactyl, which has the ultimate strength of the race, dominates the sky. In comparison, Darkrai is still full of babies.

“Does that guy’s fossil Legion.” Darkrai nodded, it’s okay, there is no bad Pokemon who likes fossils.

It recognizes Mew.

For such a powerful Pokemon who is willing to come, it is also very welcome.

The most important thing is that Darkrai became interested in Fang Yuan’s conversation.

After living here in Fang Yuan, Darkrai found a fellow Fellow Daoist-Luo Ke.

Currently, Darkrai is the “king” of nearly a hundred ancient fossil Pokemon in the fossil reserve.

And Luo Ke is the “instructor” of the fossil Pokemon that it selected.

As for Rockruff, he became the “administrator” of Fossil Legion under the guidance of Luo Ke.

Under the management of these three, the development of the fossil reserve is in order, and Fang Yuan does not need to worry too much.

Even these fossil Pokemon, under the leadership of Luo Ke and Rockruff, have conducted friendly “discussion” with the Pokemon race of Sun Moon Forest many times.

At the moment, it is obvious that Darkrai feels that if there is a chance, Pokemon in the Fossil Reserve may be able to face off against Mew’s fossil Legion.

“I know what you are thinking, but I advise you not to… In short, listen less to Luo Ke…”

Fang Yuan is silent, you will be killed. The fossil Pokemon there is more fierce than your baby here.

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