Pokemon Masters Chapter 845


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About a day later.

Little Mew successfully opened an entrance to the World Tree Secret Realm in the Central Zone of the Fossil Reserve.

From the appearance of Mew, opening a Secret Realm entrance here seems to be more tiring than Ditto fusion gene.

“Miao~~(big project.)” Mew wiped his sweat.

At this time, although Fang Yuan’s Laboratory has been connected to World Tree Secret Realm, the overlap point of World Tree Secret Realm and Earth is still on the top of Mount Everest.

In the words of novel fan Luo Ke, Mew has established a long-distance Space Transmission Array!

“By the way, since we can go directly to World Tree from the fossil reserve, Pokemon from World Tree can also come to the Laboratory through this entrance, right?”

After Mew finished all this, Fang Yuan asked curiously.


Mew is absolutely nodded.

The Secret Realm entrance it opened is naturally interoperable between the two sides, otherwise Fang Yuan would not be able to come back after entering here.

It’s not the kind of irresponsible Pokemon.


Fang Yuan is in full bloom.

Mew has opened up the World Tree Secret Realm entrance here. On the surface, it is Fang Yuan this World Tree Guardian who can protect World Tree more easily.

However, Fang Yuan this World Tree Guardian’s strength is obviously not qualified at this time, so it is better to say that World Tree Secret Realm is his Guardian.

If the fossil Legion and even the eternal Pokemon in World Tree Secret Realm can come directly from World Tree Secret Realm to the Laboratory, then Fang Yuan’s Laboratory should now be the most difficult place in the world to break.

Of course, this is just Fang Yuan’s yy, after all, no one will bother him.

“No need to say anything, everyone will be neighbors in the future, whether the food of Fossil Legion or the food of Eternal Pokemon, I will contract it all!”

Facing Mew, Fang Yuan Hideki waved and said.



Mew has already recognized the fact that Fang Yuan is indifferent.

It stands to reason that you should look for those calm and prudent when looking for Guardian.

However, the decision has already been made, and Mew does not intend to go back.

Special circumstances, special practices!

This time it wants the sword moves with side stroke!

That’s it! !

“When will we drop by?” Fang Yuan asked.

World Tree Secret Realm has a lot of Pokémon. To manage their food, the amount of Pokéblock Fang Yuan needs to pay is undoubtedly huge.

Fortunately, for Fang Yuan, Pokéblock is already trivial.

After all, today’s Pokéblock, except for Eevee’s own use, does not need to be made by Magnezon.

Fang Yuan already has its own assembly line to make Pokéblock factories, and it is easy to support a Secret Realm.

“Miao~~(Immediately, immediately, now.)”


October 3rd.

Under the leadership of Mew,

Fang Yuan and the three giants of the fossil reserve, Darkrai, Luo Ke, and Rockruff who have no training mission, came to World Tree Secret Realm.

Apart from this, and the mobile phone Rotom, were also dragged by Fang Yuan.

This time, Mew intends to personally take Fang Yuan through the World Tree Secret Realm to let Fang Yuan know all the battle strength here.

In this way, Fang Yuan can be a qualified Guardian.

And Rotom’s mission is also very simple.

Record the strength of World Tree Pokemon, and then analyze which Pokemon Fang Yuan is suitable to use as a sparring partner… to prepare for the next special training.


“Miao~~~~” As the owner of World Tree Secret Realm, Mew looked more energetic after returning here.

Fang Yuan is wearing casual clothes, and following the little Mew, she is also full of energy.

Beside him, there is Darkrai, who is like King Umbra, and Luo Ke who is transformed into a female general wearing Battle Armor.

Of course, Rockruff next to Luo Ke looks extremely mighty.

These three guys didn’t just come here.

It’s for “exploring the enemy.”

Recently, the taste of Luo Ke has gradually changed from the xuanhuan and xianxia upgrade text to the “farming war” and “sect cultivation” novels. Darkrai’s fossil Legion is its current experimental object.

As for Rockruff, Luo Ke has already decided not to become an emperor alone.

The road to emperor is long, and Rockruff feels that Luo Ke is right. It should establish its own power.

Darkrai’s fossil Legion is a good team…

In short, it will build the invincible fossil Legion, conquer the Pokemon Secret Realm, conquer the forbidden areas of the heavens, obtain the recognition of the tens of thousands of peoples, share the legend, and then break the road of legends, and all Legion will enter the realm of legends! !

This is Rockruff’s dream…

Although on the surface, Darkrai is the king of the fossil Legion, Luo Ke is the Great General, and it is only dog ​​management, but Rockruff believes that this is because he has not developed yet, as long as it becomes stronger, sooner or later Can inherit the throne of Darkrai.

It can be said that…Rockruff and Luo Ke are very happy to play…

Let Fang Yuan bother sorry.

Venusaur has been out of the age of Secondary Two because of her strength and improved vision. Although she still has the concept of Secondary Two, she no longer plays with Luo Ke.

Because Luo Ke can’t beat it after Mega Evolution.

So Venusaur understands that Fang Yuan can make it go further.

But Rockruff is different, it is obviously not out of the clutches of Luo Ke…

Fang Yuan thought about stopping and let Rockruff receive system training, but Fang Yuan found out that compared to his busy self, Little Brat, who was just a few months old, was happier following Luo Ke, so he didn’t. Intervene.

Fang Yuan’s current attitude towards Pokemon is still based on Pokemon being happy.

Anyway, Rockruff is not the main battle strength, and it is not a big problem to let it follow Luo Ke to manage the fossil reserve.


The fossil reserve has been established for three months. The fossil Pokemon in it, fed by Fang Yuan’s Pokéblock, and Luo Ke and Darkrai’s dream and illusion training methods, have already possessed good battle strength.

Nearly a hundred fossil Pokemon went out together. Most of the Pokemon races in the Sun Moon Forest are no longer the Rival of this fossil Legion.

Like those more powerful Pokemon races, Luo Ke feels that within a year, it should be able to sweep.

At present, Legion, the fossil of World Tree Secret Realm, is Luo Ke’s new target.

The fossil Legion that was personally breed, if it can beat the fossil Pokemon of the legendary Pokemon Mew breed, it would be more exciting…

Thinking of this, Luo Ke feels full of accomplishment.

“Miao…” At this moment, Mew had no idea what kind of existence he was being watched.

I have to say that the dreams of Darkrai, Luo Ke and Rockruff are wonderful.

However, the reality is extremely cruel.

Because at present, Pokemon, the strongest fossil in the fossil reserve, is only senior.

Among them, the fossil babies of Elite battle strength occupy the majority.

As they visited World Tree Secret Realm, the expressions of Darkrai and Luo Ke gradually changed.

They found that the Pokemon here is outrageously strong, much stronger than the fossil reserve.

Luo Ke would like to use one sentence to describe the current situation of World Tree Secret Realm fossil Pokemon.

“Professional walking all over the floor, not as senior as a dog.”

Even the fossil Pokemon of Grandmaster Level battle strength can be seen everywhere.

And there are at least a dozen Peak Level fossils Pokemon Totem that are not inferior to Luo Ke.

Above sky, there is Flying a MEGAAerodactyl with Peak Level predator oppression. Even the fossil of Luo Ke, Legion Great General, felt a little suffocated by the breath of the opponent.

“A long way to go…” Luo Ke muttered.

At this time, Rockruff is also very entangled.

Along the way, it was locked on by one after another bloodthirsty breath, and its expression was not very good.

As the Pokemon with Peak Level Aptitude selected by Fang Yuan, Rockruff has grown much faster than the ordinary fossil Pokemon, and now it also has senior-level battle strength.

Its Fighting innate talent is still there, and the Aura innate talent has also been fully awakened, embodied in reconnaissance.

Reconnaissance, this is the direction of innate talent for most Pokemon with Aura innate talent.

However, due to different breeding methods, the focus of innate talent development will be different.

Now, under the practice of Darkrai and Luo Ke’s illusion, Rockruff’s Aura innate talent has been fully excavated.

Fang Yuan’s choice is right. It is a perfect fit to use Illusion Technique to hone Rockruff’s Aura innate talent.

If you compare Aura to eyes and use Aura, Rockruff has already seen through most illusions.

Apart from this, it is also equivalent to having a 360° perception field.

Moreover, you can also see the enemy’s body structure and Move energy flow.

Also, you can see through Smoke and Avatar Move.

In other words, under Rockruff’s perception, what Move the enemy wants to use next, it can almost be clear before Move is not released.

If it is a Close Combat, Rockruff can also attack the opponent’s energy flow at the moment when the opponent gathers Move, making a fatal blow. The effect is similar to Acupressure.

For Fang Yuan’s other main players, this ability can only be said to be Normal, but for the current Rockruff, it is a good Innate Ability.

Even the Pokemons of Fang Yuan’s cheap discipline He Xiaomai did not develop their abilities to the level of Rockruff.

It is precisely because of this super innate talent that it can act like Rockruff and let the three-month-old Aerodactyl listen to it obediently.

“ao Wang……”

However, after coming to World Tree Secret Realm in the imposing Rockruff in the fossil reserve, his mentality changed a bit. It found that any soldier here seemed to have the strength not inferior to it.

This is difficult.

The difficulty of compiling them…seems much greater.

No…nearly zero.

At present, among the Big Three in the fossil reserve, the only one who can calm down is Darkrai.

Even if it saw MEGAAerodactyl, its expression did not have any waves.

As the god of nightmares, it still has the mentality of powerhouse.

But this calm did not last long.

Now, Mew is leading Fang Yuan and the others to the center of World Tree. Relative to the center, where the fossil Pokemon inhabits, it can only be said to be the periphery.

The three Pokemon guarding the core area are the real powerful existence of World Tree Secret Realm.

“Rock Pillar…”

Fang Yuan They were walking under the cliff and suddenly felt a look full of pressure.

On the cliff, the rock pillar Regirock looks like the Lord of the dome, Normal, observing below to confirm what the Guardian of World Tree looks like.

Darkrai’s gaze unconsciously looked over. Soon, Darkrai realized that this is one Pokemon whose current strength is not inferior to his own.

“The rock pillar Regirock, the whole body is made of Rock. In all the strata on the world, the same rock as the rock that constitutes its body can be found. In addition, in battle, its body can be damaged by pasting Rock comes to heal…that is to say, if it is fighting in the Rock area, its injury and Performance recovery speed is almost unlimited.”

Fang Yuan also looked over, calmly speaking out the ability of the rock god pillar.

However, this is only the most special aspect of Regirock’s ability, apart from this, its basic strength is certainly not weak.

This place is full of mountains. In short, it is not easy to defeat this guy, even Darkrai.

“Is there a Pokemon called a god…” Luo Ke also unexpectedly looked towards the rock god pillar.

This guy seems to have a higher dimension than the ancient Aerodactyl just now.

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