Pokemon Masters Chapter 846


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Next, Fang Yuan and the others also saw a Pokemon ice pillar Regice whose whole body was made up of Icicle Spear and icicles.

It stands on a relatively cold, snow-covered rock, watching Fang Yuan and the others pass by with icy eyes.

The oppression that Regice brings is no less than that of Regirock.

“Regice…The body is made of Never-Melt Ice formed during Theo period hundreds of millions of years ago. It is covered with Never-Melt Ice that has a freezing period of more than 100 million years. Even the lava cannot melt. , Ordinary flames can hardly affect it, and it is best not to get close when fighting this guy… The air-conditioning that envelops it, even if it touches a trace, will become an ice sculpture.”

It is also a Guardian God who is not inferior to the strength of the Rock Pillar.

And such an existence, there is another one, guarding the place closest to the World Tree.

It was drilled out of the ground. Obviously, before Fang Yuan and the others arrived, Registeel had been training himself underground.

It also watched Fang Yuan quietly and they approached World Tree without any other sign.

“Scholar’s research found that when Wild Onix lives underground long enough, almost 100 years later, the body will undergo qualitative changes due to the accumulation of many Swallow iron elements along with the soil and evolve into Steelix… …This is the normal evolutionary method.”

“Apart from this, Wild Onix wants to evolve into Steelix. Another shortcut is to use deeper underground high pressure and high heat to exercise the body. If the innate talent is good enough, it may evolve in a few months. It is said that after this, their bodies will be harder than diamonds.”

“And the metal that makes up Registeel’s body…the strength is even higher than that of Steelix’s body, because they have used the high pressure and heat underground for at least tens of thousands of years. So far, no better The body is more rigid metal……”

“This guy, let Infernape fight. It should be a good ‘Iron Fist of Love’ for Infernape.”

“I have recorded Rotto.”

Fang Yuan explained while recording with Rotom on the next phone.

It found that what Fang Yuan said was more complete than the existing information.

Combining Fang Yuan’s information and his own observation of these three monster Guardian Gods, Rotom discovered that these three guys are too terrifying.

Eevee Even if they have Victini Help, the probability of defeating them is not great.

It is even more difficult to challenge them alone.

“It’s very strong.”

Fang Yuan said with a smile, said to Darkrai, Luo Ke, Rockruff.

So, the three of you want to do World Tree Secret Realm, it’s still very early.

Even if Darkrai personally plays, it is estimated that he can only deal with one eternal Pokemon at most.

Of course, we will use this place as a special training place next, Fang Yuan’s pressure is not small…

This is much harder than Victory Road.

“en. ”

Faced with Fang Yuan’s inquiry, Darkrai silently nodded, and then said: “However, I will be able to surpass them soon.”

Although he followed Fang Yuan, Darkrai did not abandon the pride of being a powerhouse.

It has never stopped exercising itself.

What about the eternal Pokemon, give it a period of time, you can definitely surpass them.

“Miao~~~” Little Mew tilted his head and looked at Darkrai, faintly muttered to oneself, it is indeed possible.

In its view, Darkrai’s potential is far beyond its three guards.

Its three strongest guards are indeed very strong, but their potential is at their end.

When these three Pokemons were made, Regigigas had no extra materials and sloppy-work, so compared to the eternal Pokemons it originally made, the three guards in World Tree have potential, Relatively speaking, the strength is worse. Impossible has come into contact with the legendary realm.

However, it is enough.

Three Guardian Gods are enough to resist most of the criminals who invade World Tree.

If they can’t resist, Mew can do it himself.

So, it is very optimistic about Darkrai.

And look forward to that day, because it feels very interesting.


It took about 8 hours. Fang Yuan and the others traveled all the way from the outermost periphery of World Tree Secret Realm to the center of World Tree Secret Realm.

During the period, the mobile phone Rotom recorded the strength data of more than 900 fossil Pokemon.

World Tree Secret Realm Pokemon is less than 1,000, but the overall strength is very strong, even if Mew is not included, it will not be weaker than Dragon Island.

The reason why these Pokemon can thrive is because the environment around World Tree is indeed very good. The various Peak Level Berry have life force compared to Fang Yuan and their fossil reserves.

The quality of Mystic Water is not inferior to even the flowing stream water here.

This must be the credit of Mew and World Tree. It can be changed into Legendary Pokémon casually. It is too easy to create an environment suitable for Pokemon to inhabit.


Finally, Fang Yuan and the others came under the tree of world initial.

Looking at this giant tree layer by layer like Normal Rock in the clouds, Darkrai they were shocked again.

Because Fang Hearthome did not tell them before, the tree of world initial is a crystal lifeform, it is a life.

So when they got to the side, they discovered that this giant tree was constantly swallowing light and breathing…

Close and numerous rays of the sun can only be seen at close range, and at a glance, it is particularly spectacular.

“World Tree…I finally saw it with my own eyes.”

Fang Hearthome had entered Secret Realm before, but failed to come here.

This time, under the leadership of Mew, I saw this other “Pokemon” as I wished.

“Miao~~~~(Here~)” Little Mew patted, a giant tree that grows between the clouds and is hundreds of 1000 meters tall, introduces Fang Yuan.

This is the World Tree that lives with it.

Because of its symbiosis with World Tree, it can survive from ancient times to the present, possessing the strength of one of the very best in the Mew family, and becoming one of the few Mews that survived.

This is the benefit of symbiosis with World Tree, but it also has disadvantages.

It cannot leave World Tree for too long and too far away.

Also, if it is injured, even for other Legendary Pokémon, the injury is not so serious, World Tree may also have a very bad reaction.

Similarly, if World Tree is injured and has an adverse reaction, its condition will be very poor and become very weak.

Because of this, World Tree needs so many Pokemon to guard, and it needs three eternal Pokemon to live here.

“Miao~~~” Little Mew slowly approached the World Tree.

World Tree can actually be regarded as a Pokemon. It was born together with the planet of Pokemon world, and its role is to regulate the ecology of the planet.

If World Tree collapses, the ecology of the planet will also be affected in a sense.

Although because of the later birth of the Z god Zygarde, even if the World Tree collapses, the impact on the planet is not so huge, but the status of World Tree is still extraordinary.

It is only equivalent to Pokemon world,

Now, because Pokemon world has been destroyed, the negative impact that World Tree can bring is not very huge, and it will certainly not interfere with Earth.

The only role of World Tree at present is to ensure the abundance of this Secret Realm space and the life force of Mew.

After some introduction, Mew told Fang Yuan all his weaknesses.

“Don’t be afraid, we will take care of you.” Fang Yuan stepped forward and touched Mew’s head.

Even if Mew doesn’t say anything, Fang Yuan knows the weakness of World Tree Mew, because he watched the movie…

But now Mew’s explanation has also made Fang Yuan understand that coexisting with World Tree, in fact, Mew is still quite restricted.

Although it may be among the best in Legendary Pokémon because of its symbiosis with World Tree, Mew’s status is extremely unstable compared to other Legendary Pokémon.

speaking of which …… Mew should also be equivalent to the Guardian of World Tree.

As the ancestor of Pokemon, like the god Zygarde, he guards the balance of the planet.

Fang Yuan thought of this, shook the head. Unfortunately, Mew has been guarding for so long and Pokemon world is still ruined.


When Fang Yuan was feeling emotional, Mew, who heard Fang Yuan’s answer, circled happily.

Sure enough, Fang Yuan didn’t read it wrong~!

It seems to be because of Mew’s happy mood. At this time, World Tree has also undergone some subtle changes, flashing golden yellow rays of light.

The faint rays of light and the sky’s sun correspond to each other, instantly creating a phenomenon similar to the normal aurora.

The canopy of Golden Yellow covers the Secret Realm sky.

This phenomenon is beautiful, but there is nothing special about it. It’s just the way World Tree expresses emotions. Mew doesn’t care much.

Fang Yuan, although they were surprised, they didn’t care much. There were too many magical scenes in Secret Realm, and they were no surprise.

“wu woof!!!”

Only Rockruff is different. It looks at Sky, the golden Yellow Veilstone made by the sun and World Tree, and its eyes suddenly reflect the same color.

Even the psychic fluctuations are rapidly changing, and Aura’s waveform is also trembling wildly.

The changes in Rockruff suddenly attracted Fang Yuan’s attention.


On the side, Fang Yuan and Rotom called their phones.

However, Rockruff seemed to be completely immersed in the scenery and did not respond at all.

“ao woof! !!!”

In the next second, because this was only stimulated by the special phenomenon between the tree of world initial and Drought, Rockruff was filled with the light of evolution.

In this scene, Fang Yuan and the mobile phone Rotom startled directly. Even Darkrai and Luo Ke are unknown.

Even Pokémon, Mew, who lives in symbiosis with World Tree, doesn’t know why Rockruff suddenly evolved.

Little Brat looked at Sky’s rays of light suspiciously and tilted his head.

“Evolved now?”

“Day, night, dusk? It should be day, but it doesn’t feel right.”

Rockruff has achieved evolutionary strength a long time ago, but the scene before him is not at all an evolutionary condition that Fang Yuan knows.

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