Pokemon Masters Chapter 847


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Rockruff, there are currently 3 known evolutionary forms.

Evolve during the day, night, and green flash.

Among them, the twilight form of Werewolf at the temples, which evolved under the green flash conditions, is the rarest.

Now, in theory, it is still daytime and the sun is strong.

However, Fang Yuan and the mobile phone Rotom judged that what caused Rockruff to change at this time should be the special sight like green flashing, not Drought…

In other words, Rockruff is not currently evolving into any of the three forms.

“A new form?…”

At this moment, Fang Yuan, mobile phone Rotom, Luo Ke, Darkrai and even Mew silently looked towards Rockruff.

Being watched by so many big guys, this can be said to be Rockruff’s highlight moment.

After a while.

With the sound of “ao wu ~~~~”, the light of white evolution faded on Rockruff.

Instead, a brand new image of Temple Rock Werewolf appeared in front of Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was the most surprised one after seeing the “new form” of the temple werewolf.

Because its form is basically the same as the normal dusk form.

The hair of Orange Yellow, the four mane rocks on the neck, and the mane on the head. Isn’t it the twilight form?

However, his Rockruff obviously doesn’t have the special Characteristic Trait that evolved into the twilight form.


Soon, Fang Yuan discovered the anomaly.

If you look closely, you can clearly find that, unlike the twilight form of the temple werewolf, the eyes of the temple werewolves today are not green eyes.

Green’s eyes can be said to be a typical symbol of the twilight form of the temple.

At this time, the temple werewolves that Rockruff evolved into have blue eyes similar to the daytime forms of temple werewolves.

On the whole, it looks better than light blue eyes in daylight form.

The center of Cyan’s eyes is Black’s pupils. Around Black’s pupils, there is a circle of white light marks, which makes the temples werewolf’s eyes very bold.

“ao wu!!!!”

After evolution, the Temple Rock werewolf shook his head and shook his head to adapt to the new body, and then Snarl took a moment, as if expressing his evolved mood.

In Cyan’s eyes, it felt that the world became clearer.

The huge Aura power gathered in the eyes, which made the Temple Rock Werewolf feel that the state at this moment is surprisingly beautiful.

At this moment of evolution, it seems to have seen the initial of everything.

“ao wu!!!! (Who is the peak on the road of legend, the road will become empty when you see the road!!)”

Luo Ke :(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Darkrai, Mew: (⊙﹏⊙)

Fang Yuan, mobile phone Rotom:…

“Can’t understand… Can’t understand… Can’t understand Rotto…”

Seeing what the Temple Rock werewolf looks like now, the mobile phone Rotom is down again.

Due to insufficient data, it cannot analyze the evolution of Rockruff at this time, whether it is good or bad.

If but in terms of strength…should be a good thing, right?

On the side, Luo Ke’s beautiful eyes are also shining with a strange look. It, Darkrai and Mew, can perceive the stronger breath of the Temple Rock Werewolf.

“This Aura power…”

Fang Yuan himself was the most surprised. He could feel that the Aura of the Temple Rock werewolves was very powerful at this time. Even with the Aura innate talent, Aura’s waveform would not be so strong.

This almost made Fang Yuan think that Rockruff evolved into Lucario instead of Temple Rock Werewolf.

Damn…Although it has evolved into a Temple Rock Werewolf and has become handsome, it seems that Lucario is a little more handsome.

speaking of which, Lucario, the big blue dog of Aura, seems to be the identity of his twelve stalkers, accidentally matched.

Fang Yuan’s eyes are erratic…


As if feeling Fang Yuan’s thoughts, the Temple Rock werewolf immediately became aggrieved because of his extremely expanded heart because of his increased strength.

〒▽〒, looking at Fang Yuan eagerly.

I’m not as good as Lucario.

Obviously they are all dogs, so they are handsome or not, oh no, he is already a wolf now.

Even the Temple Rock Werewolf who “read poems” from Luo Ke does not know why a dog can evolve into a wolf.

Similarly, there is also the evolution of “Mudbray” into “Mudsdale”, and the evolution of donkeys into horses is not easy to understand.

“Cough, Temple Rock Werewolf, how do you feel.”

Fang Yuan asked about the current state of the Temple Rock werewolf.

“ao wu!! (All this is the choice of the tree of world initial.)”

Fang Yuan:? ? ?

It’s all evolved, why is my head so bad?

Fang Yuan gave up the idea of ​​asking the Temple Rock werewolf and chose to ask Mew what is going on.

Does World Tree still have a function to evolve Pokemon?

“Mew, do you know what’s going on?”

Fang Yuan was still looking at the golden canopy on the sky at this time, and Mew, after thinking for a while, said “Miao~~”.

“Miao~~(Don’t know~)”


“Miao~ (but it should be a good thing.)”

Mew can perceive that Rockruff has absorbed part of World Tree’s power during its evolution.

Although there is only a trace, it is a great benefit for Rockruff.

Although World Tree is called a tree, it itself is a huge rock formation.

If you give World Tree a category, its main Attribute is definitely Rock.

The reaction between World Tree and Rockruff just now…should resemble Aura resonance?

Mew is not clear, but the power of Pokemon Assist World Tree has evolved. After so long, Mew has encountered it for the first time, but it can be judged and it is definitely not a bad thing.

“Well then…” Fang Yuan also gave up thinking, thinking that there are none of these, it is better to give a name to the current form of the temple.

thankless wretch form?

Temple werewolf, reincarnating eye form?

Temple Werewolf, World Tree form?

Temple Werewolf…


Temple Werewolf.

Attribute: Rock

Characteristic Trait: Unyielding Heart

Move: Hidden Power · Fighting, Accelerock, Status Move, Quick Attack, Quick Guard, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, Stone Edge

This is the current state of Temple Rock werewolves.

After the evolution, the Aura ability of the Temple Rock Werewolves is stronger, and the detection effect is several times that before the evolution. If you match the eyes of cyan, the effect will be even better.

The enemy’s location, number, and actions that the opponent will take in the next moment can’t be concealed from it.

Even now, it can perceive the strength, emotion and thinking of creatures.

“If you are strong, you should be close to the Grandmaster domain.”

“It’s a huge increase in strength, mostly due to World Tree.”

A visit to World Tree, Rockruff directly evolved into a new form of Temple Rock Werewolf, completely beyond Fang Yuan’s expectations.

Summarizing in Fang Yuan’s language, the temple werewolves at this time were equivalent to a new species with a twilight appearance, but the eyes were mutated due to World Tree Aura rays of light.

So, Fang Yuan finally named its form “Temple Werewolf·Aura Form”, named for its own special ability.

Aura Force, with the mutant eyes, is almost equivalent to the superposition of the white eyes in Blaise and the domineering color seen in the Pirates.

Although it is only Pro Level at present, if it grows to the level of Eevee, Fang Yuan feels that in terms of range reconnaissance capabilities, I am afraid that Eevee, Magneson, and Dragonite will not be able to surpass it.

At least at the same strength, Eevee’s reconnaissance ability is not as good as the current Templestone werewolves.

“ao wu!!!!”

At this time, in order to verify the strength, the temple werewolves are constantly attacking Luo Ke, and Luo Ke is able to fight with his nine tails threw away the arc of fire.

In the arc of fire in the sky, the temple werewolves rarely get hurt, quite the posture that Eevee used to fight with foresight.

Under dozens of attacks, the fire did not touch him.

“Not bad.”

“Not bad.”

“The potential is good.”

However, no matter how good the Temple Rock werewolf performed, in the eyes of Fang Yuan, Darkrai, and mobile phone Rotom, they are just a little child that’s all that has not grown up.

The main reason is that their vision is too high.

For the ordinary Trainer, the Temple Rock Werewolf, who is a peerless innate talent, is of mid-level in the Fang Yuan team.

Never talk about the main team, just say the infant group, the innate talent of Temple Rock Werewolves can’t dominate…

It’s good to be able to Mega Evolution or Venusaur who masters Nature Power… or Mega Ditto, which integrates Mew genes and can turn on the basic Thunder Flame mode, which is not the same as a monster.

So mobile phone Rotom knows that after being taken over by Fang Yuan, it is better to be a salted fish.

Because the stronger you become, the better you can understand the terrifying of your teammates.

It’s better than Infernape, in order to be able to keep the top spot in the singles… I dare not rest 24 hours a day.

“Miao~~(How about leaving it in World Tree cultivation?)”

When the Temple Rock werewolf was expressing himself, Mew suddenly asked Fang Yuan.

“Stay in World Tree?”

“Miao~~ (Hmm~ stay inside the world initial tree.)”

Although the strength of the temple werewolf was not enough to make Mew pay attention to it, the relationship with the World Tree displayed by the temple werewolf made Mew curious.

It pointed to the World Tree. The golden fluid flowing down the World Tree instantly turned into the appearance of the fossil Pokemon.

These golden fluids are the cells of World Tree, and the strength of World Tree. With them training the Temple Rock Werewolves, the strength of Temple Rock Werewolves will progress very quickly.

Furthermore, there are many precious minerals on the World Tree side and can’t treat the temples werewolves.

As the first Pokemon of the Assist World Tree power to change his race, Mew wanted to study and see if there is any special place besides the Aura power.

Perhaps…One day in the future, you can become a World Tree Guardian who can compare and surpass the Three Pillars.

However, the premise is that the Temple Rock werewolves are willing to stay here for cultivation.

“I don’t care, anyway, World Tree is not very far from the Laboratory, and we will also need special training here, but let’s look at the thoughts of Temple Rock Werewolves.” Fang Yuan said.

“I remember this child, he still loves home…”

When Mew and Fang Yuan were talking, their conversation suddenly attracted the attention of Darkrai, the mobile phone Rotom, and even Luo Ke during the battle.

They were very surprised… Mew wanted to train the Temple Rock Werewolves by himself?

What about the thoughts of the Temple Rock werewolves?

“wu woof!!!”

During the battle, the Temple Rock werewolf also heard the conversation, and it immediately eyes shined.

Stay in the cultivation inside World Tree? ?

Although I don’t know what’s going on, the Werewolf at Temple Rock feels that this is a good opportunity to get inside.

The inclusion of Mew’s fossil Legion is just around the corner.

Even though it may be a little bitter, it is not afraid.

Luo Ke taught it that if you want to become a powerhouse, you must have a Dao heart that is fearless…

“Uh…it seems to be okay.”

Seeing the face of the Temple Rock Werewolf, Fang Yuan knew what this guy was thinking about, and immediately shrugged.

Forget it, anyway, the fossil reserve is connected to the World Tree Secret Realm. Staying here for cultivation is not too far away. At the speed of the temple werewolves, returning from the center of the World Tree to the Laboratory, only a few After hours of effort, if you are homesick, it is not very difficult to go back and see.

Unlike Ash, after entrusting Greninja to the Z god Zygarde temporarily, it is completely invisible…

However, what Fang Yuan didn’t expect was that in his team, the Temple Rock werewolves were the first to be invited by Legendary Pokémon to stay for cultivation.

Fang Yuan is not surprised to switch to either Eevee or Ditto.

Perhaps this is the blessing of stupid dogs.

But it also happens that the Temple Rock Werewolf can act as a messenger between the World Tree and the outside world when he is away.

And, on behalf of Fang Yuan guarding the World Tree side.

Temple Werewolf wants to stay inside World Tree for cultivation, Luo Ke hesitates slightly. Although he is a little bit reluctant, he didn’t say anything. This is the chance of Temple Werewolf.

Although it has only been a few months, it is already very satisfied to see Rockruff grow to this level.


About evening.

Fang Yuan and their entire group are back from World Tree Secret Realm.

In one day, the mobile phone Rotom collected a lot of information inside World Tree Secret Realm.

Although they didn’t communicate too much, they had the same ideas.

World Tree Secret Realm is undoubtedly a good place to experience.

Those ordinary fossil Pokemon, there are nearly a thousand in number, so you don’t need to pay attention to them.

But the dozens of fossil Totems of Peak Level battle strength are good partners for training.

Venusaur and Ditto can use them to practice their hands.

Eevee, even if they seal some of their abilities, they can be used as a good object of training.

However, the most important thing is the MEGAAerodactyl. No surprises. Next, Fang Yuan’s team will use MEGAAerodactyl as a graduation requirement.

As for the higher-level challenge object, of course the three eternal Pokemon.

With the addition of Darkrai, Fang Yuan will have 4 Guardian God-level Pokemon as their training partners. Under this pressure, it is difficult to make progress.

Of course, the most powerful coach should belong to Mew. Fang Yuan knows that this guy loves to play, so he doesn’t know if Mew will Transform for other Legendary Pokémon, let Eevee challenge them, if Mew agrees , It would be more perfect.

Challenge Ho-Oh on Monday, Lugia on Tuesday, Groudon on Wednesday, Kyogre on Thursday, and Rayquaza on Friday. Just think about it.

On the evening of October 3rd, Fang Yuan and his mobile phone Rotom created a special training diary. The content arrangement is all related to World Tree Secret Realm…

Tomorrow is the first day of special training.

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