Pokemon Masters Chapter 848

Trainer develops their Move ability based on the characteristics of Pokemon, while Mew… uses his own power to open Pokemon.

Fang Yuan suspected that the MEGAAerodactyl was made from it.

“Mew, is there any other shortcut for this training mission of Eevee?”

But I have to admit that it’s a Trainer who wants to hang up.

Fang Yuan is no exception.

Mew is here, so naturally he has to ask for advice.

On Eevee, the training task Fang Yuan requested is to improve the strength control of the conversion of the natural energy of the sun—light energy—Attribute energy.

Although it can already integrate Sunfire, its use of solar energy is still very rough.

This is reflected in that until now, Eevee can only use Psychic Type and Fire Element ZMove.

The source of “Z Power” is light energy. How to convert solar energy into light energy and then into different Attribute “Z Power” is the key for Eevee to learn the whole system of ZMove.

At present, in order to improve Eevee’s strength, in addition to improving its basic strength, a very important point of improvement is the entire system of ZMove.

With Victini, the strongest support, if Eevee can master the entire ZMove system, it will be scary to think about it…

“Miao~~~(As long as the skill is deep, the iron rod will be ground into a needle!)”

Faced with Fang Yuan’s inquiry, Mew was very serious and nodded.

It means…don’t think about it, just practice slowly.

It can do nothing.

It can directly give Pokemon new abilities, but it cannot increase Pokemon’s proficiency in using certain abilities.

“Who taught you this proverb…” On the opposite side, Fang Yuan’s mouth twitched.


Fang Yuan originally thought telepathy was a very useful ability.

However, if these Pokemon continue to show up like this, telepathy won’t work anymore.

Especially Lycanroc, where the poison is the deepest, always shouting some strange slogans, even if it is telepathic, it is very difficult to understand!

“Miao~~~ (Come on!)”

Mew clenched his fists and waved his hand cheerfully.

Light energy can indeed be transformed into Move of other Attributes. This Mew can be determined. Therefore, the Fang Yuan training program is hopeful to see results.

Espeon is the easiest way to convert solar energy into flames and Inner Force due to ethnic reasons, but other attributes are not impossible.

Move of grass series like Solar Beam is actually solar energy conversion.

Fang Yuan knows this too.

So, as long as Eevee insists on using the Copycat training method, he can do it sooner or later. Converting light energy into the entire ZMove is the same as learning the assist skill before.

“Grass, Fairy Type, Normal Type, Electric Type, these Attributes…but there are ideas, that is, the conversion of other Attributes is somewhat difficult.” Fang Yuan slightly startled.

Forget it.

Come slowly.

Mastering the entire department of autonomous ZMove does not seem to be a short-term goal. If Eevee really masters it all in a few days, he will be afraid.

All ZMove is a training mission for Eevee in addition to basic training. Apart from this, there is also an Upgrading Mission, which is a special training for Future Sight Move.

World Tree Secret Realm has a lot of time spent here. After Fang Yuan won Mew’s consent, Eevee has started to train Future Sight Move with the Peak Level time resource of “Time Flower”.

As for the effect, it goes without saying that it is very good. If you insist on training for one or two years, Fang Yuan believes that there will be quite good results.

All ZMove, Future Sight…

Eevee’s training mission is arguably the most difficult in Fang Yuan’s team, because it requires brainstorming.

The training content of other Pokemon is relatively simple.

Most of them are basic training, but they are also very effective.

Because these trainings are based on Victini’s recharge and Milotic’s treatment.

Like Infernape, the training task is nothing more than overloading with Thunder Flame mode, and then healed by Fire of Life and Milotic’s life drops.

When necessary, Victini will also charge Infernape to increase its training efficiency.

Although this training method is simple, it also requires great perseverance. After repeated training, Infernape’s strength will definitely improve.

Other Pokemon also have their own training methods.

Fang Yuan can be regarded as teaching students in accordance with their aptitude.

However, Magnezon, Infernape, Gluttony, Milotic, Dragonite, Venusaur… these Pokemon training content, compared to Eevee, are actually focused on improving basic strength and consolidating existing skills.

Rather than learning any fancy new skills, the most important thing they should do is to quickly exercise their basic qualities to the limit of their race.

Magnezon’s combination skills are powerful enough, and their background has even surpassed their basic strength.

For example, Infernape, with its current basic strength, can’t stand the power of Thunder Flame at all.

So, a strong foundation is the foundation of everything.

When the time comes, the racial extreme battle strength of Peak Level Fourth Stage is matched with those good fighting skills, and their strength also increases sharply.

If Infernape can have the ultimate racial battle strength without using Thunder Flame mode, then open a Six Sect, it is estimated that Darkrai will not work well.

Similarly, Gluttony and Venusaur also have their basic strengths. Only with Mega Evolution can they exert stronger battle strength.

The reason why Eevee has to learn new techniques alone is because…ZMove is really awesome…cannot be mentioned on equal terms with other new Move techniques.

“Rotom, how is the situation in the feeding house of Shanghai University.”

Finally, Fang Yuan asked about the situation outside.

Although Fang Yuan is in a laboratory and is in a “closed” state, he is always concerned about changes in the outside world.

For example, the progress in the field of fossils…For example, the development of Mega Evolution, as well as his own space battleship plan, Fang Yuan is paying attention to.

Before starting the special training, he has already cooperated with the Shanghai University Feeding House to prepare a large number of breed Magnemite and Klink to prepare for the future space battleship tactics.

“The exclusive feeding house already has 109 innate talent high-quality Pokemon Rotto.”

In midair, after checking it with mobile phone Rotom, he reported.

“Very good. After they grow up, you can give them the Awakening Fruit.”

Fang Yuan nodded, while looking forward to it.

There were 109 Magnemite and Klink in the first batch…

I don’t know how many Psychic Pokemons will be awakened after using Pokéblock for a little bit of breed, and then eating the Awakening Fruit.

In the end, only Magnemite and Klink from Awakening Psychic have the opportunity to come to Fang Yuan Laboratory to participate in the next round of special training.

For those Pokemon who have awakened abilities such as fire and water, the innate talent may be good, but unfortunately it is not what Fang Yuan’s space battleship project needs.

However, after Fang Yuan’s investment, I believe that they can have a good future following other Shanghai University students.

Fang Yuan’s cooperation with Shanghai University’s feeding house is essentially to choose Pokemon suitable for space battleship tactics, but it can also be regarded as a benefit for Shanghai University students. After all, whether it is Magnezon or Klinklang, both are quite powerful Pokemon.

What’s more, I still mastered Magnezon and Klinklang of Hidden Power Move.

Space battleship planning is destined to require huge financial resources, manpower and time consumption.

However, Fang Yuan is very expensive.

I just embarrassed Rotom. At present, most of the time, it is used to study the mysterious scientific system to try to build a model of a space battleship.

This step may be more difficult than Magnemite and Klink, which are more suitable than breed.

The completion time is also unknown.

Even if it is finished, you have to find physical materials, try to build, and finally, Ditto will copy the Transform.

All of this is done well, and dozens of Pokemons planned by space battleships will jointly carry out special training around this core and complete the soul heart.

Sure enough, group tactics that threaten the realm of legends are not so easy to do.

Forget it.

Still take your time.

“ka! !” After analyzing for a long time, Fang Yuan was a little thirsty, so he picked a Berry with Confusion and ate it.

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