Pokemon Masters Chapter 849


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“So sweet.”

“This is Pink Apricorn, right?”

Under Fruit Tree, Fang Yuan took the pink Berry and ate two or three bites completely.

The sweet juice burst in Fang Yuan’s mouth, making his heart happy.

Afterwards, he looked towards the top of his head.

It may not be suitable to use “Berry” to describe it. Another name is more suitable for it.


Pink Apricorn, the cone of pink, has a sweet, good smelling Fragrance.

In the game, it can be used to make sweet and strong juice. Similarly, it can also be handed over to Mr. Poké Ball Grandmaster Oreburgh to create a Poké Ball ——Love Ball with special effects.

When Fang Yuan finished eating the fruit, Mew was already disappeared, maybe he went to play, or he went to check Lycanroc’s training results.

Seeing Mew running away, Fang Yuan remembered what Eevee mentioned to him this morning.

“By the way, the thing that Eevee promised last time was the group Eevee special team. You can let it go first.”

Fang Yuan turned his head to Rotom.

Eevee said that it wants to concentrate on Mew recently, and has no time to bring a little brother.

Eevee made a big ambition, absolutely to pull Mew into the pit.

Such a highly skilled expert can completely defeat one hundred. Compared with that, what special team is completely meaningless.

Even if you want to group, you have to wait for it to attack Mew.

“Received Rotto!!”

When Rotom replied, Fang Yuan picked off another Pink Apricorn and asked casually:

“One more thing, Rotom, I asked you to investigate the Slowpoke well water. Is the investigation clear.”

“There is no such well…”

Mobile phone Rotom is helpless, and doesn’t understand why Fang Yuan is looking for this.

“No, it doesn’t matter.”


Fang Yuan bit down and said.

Ma Ye, Mew’s World Tree Secret Realm. The fruits here are really delicious.

Compared to those ripened by Venusaur, they are more delicious.


It’s because of myself that I was thinking before, let Venusaur be the gardener of World Tree, and then take advantage of Mew.

Actually, Venusaur is not even qualified to be a gardener here.

Fang Yuan mentioned “Slowpoke well water” just now.

This is actually a material for making special Poké Ball.

These days, Pokemons are working hard on special training, of course Fang Yuan is not idle.

Training Aura, Psychic, physique and learning new knowledge, these naturally cannot be left behind.

However, Fang Yuan is not a cultivation mad, he will get bored after a long time.

My own cultivation is much more boring than watching Pokemon training.

So in order to enrich his life, he also found a few new goals for himself.

“What Rotto is the Slowpoke well water?” Rotom asked.

Faced with Rotom’s question, Fang Yuan stood up and said: “When I first became Trainer, I promised Eevee that I will change it to a more comfortable Poké Ball sooner or later.”

“But later, because it didn’t like to enter the Poké Ball and liked to stay outside, my idea ceased.”

“But right now, I am suddenly interested again. Even if Eevee doesn’t like to enter Poké Ball, there are Magnezon.”

“I want to use my spare time to make some special Poké Balls for them. Slowpoke well water is a material for making special Poké Balls.”

When Fang Yuan’s words fell, his mobile phone Rotom froze in midair.

What do you mean? ?

Special Poké Ball?

What is that?

Rotom quickly checked the information…

Poké Ball… Isn’t it the only red and white ball made of mixed metals on the market?

“In short, the special Poké Ball I want to make not only has the same effect as the red and white ball, but also has some other side effects.”

“For example, it has the healing ability, the luxurious interior is like a villa Normal, and the interior can simulate the special environment of frost and Volcano…”

“Let’s think about it. If it is successfully manufactured, the global Poké Ball market will definitely be severely impacted.” Fang Yuan knocked on his head. This is not inferior in gold absorption…no…even A product beyond Pokéblock.

Every player in the game likes red and white balls, Fang Yuan is no exception, this is faith.

Even if he makes a special Poké Ball, he plans to paint it in red and white.

But in reality, if there is a better Poké Ball, which Trainer does not want his Pokemon to live more comfortably.

Just like famous brand watches and bags, the special Poké Ball will definitely become a luxury item pursued by all Trainers.

Mobile Rotom: ┌(.Д.)┐


Rotom suspected that Fang Yuan had a fever and his head burned out.

How could there be such a Poké Ball.

And judging from Fang Yuan’s tone, it seems that it can be manufactured in large quantities? ? ?

Rotom stares at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan looked at it too.


Your Trainer is a genius.

Do you think that after the fossil resuscitation device, Mega Evolution, Pokéblock, and Z-Move, I can’t have epoch-making research results?

Then you underestimated my talent… No, my memory is too low.

After staring at each other for a few seconds, Rotom persuaded.

Because it thought of Fang Hearthome’s various performances before, it seems that, in contrast, it is nothing to study the special Poké Ball.

“Let me tell you something.” Fang Yuan finally stretched and said.

In this process, there are still many places where Rotom’s help is needed.

It’s time for Rotom to learn about fruit ball technology.

When I just crossed, Fang Yuan thought that the Poké Ball was all made from round citrus fruits.

However, with the increase in knowledge, Fang Yuan discovered that the Poké Ball on Earth was made purely by a mixed metal assembly line.

Cone technology has not been tapped at all.

One of the most important uses of the pink apricorn that Fang Yuan holds in his hand is to make Poké Ball.

Fang Yuan recalled some details in the game.

In ancient Pokemon world, the craftsman who made Poké Ball hollowed out the cones, and after some special steps, these cones were made into Poké Balls with special effects.

Before the modern Poké Ball was born, the Poké Ball made of cones was very common.

This technology can be traced back hundreds of years.

But with the development of science and technology, the era of Pokemon owned by all people has arrived, and the demand for Poké Balls has greatly increased. These special effects Poké Balls are gradually being produced by modern mass production due to the long production time and low efficiency. Replaced by red and white balls.

However, the fruit ball skills are still retained.

The Poké Ball with special effects has become a golden weapon for large Pokemon world companies and has been built into a luxury product.

The special Poké Balls that are more expensive than the red and white balls in the game.

Today, the Poké Ball used on Earth is not a Poké Ball made with cone technology, but a Poké Ball made with modern Poké Ball technology in an assembly line.

The Poké Ball of the former, because of its special material, is time-consuming and labor-intensive to manufacture and requires craftsmen to make it by hand. It has special effects.

The latter, because of ordinary materials and simple production, is not at all special effects.

“This kind of Berry, although the taste is good, but the nutritional value is extremely low, is considered the most common Berry, and it is the most Peak Level material for Poké Ball, do you believe it?” Fang Yuan said with a smile.

“What do you want to do Rotto…”

Seeing Fang Yuan’s smile on his mobile phone, Rotom suddenly had a bad feeling.

Fang Yuan’s smile is not as simple as making a new special Poké Ball for Eevee.

I’m afraid, Fang Yuan has other thoughts…

Fang Yuan said nothing, special Poké Ball, fruit ball technology, this thing appeared, Fang Yuan felt that the ability to attract gold might not be much lower than Pokéblock.

Pokemon world commercial Totem Silver and Devon monopolize some basic Poké Ball technology and special Poké Ball technology to become a commercial giant.

If it can be researched, Fang Yuan will use it himself, but it can indeed be sold.

Maybe, Hoenn Group can really become the Silver and Devon of Earth!

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