Pokemon Masters Chapter 850


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Father of Contest…Father of Mega Evolution…

Perhaps there will be a name for the father of Poké Ball next?

Fang Yuan couldn’t help thinking of the special circumstances surrounding the birth of Poké Ball.

But forget this title, the most awesome is Dr. Ron.


Fang Yuan really didn’t like a special Poké Ball manufacturing technology.

For the current Trainer field, the special Poké Ball is optional.

It’s best to have nature, but there is no effect.


The one thing Fang Yuan wants to do most is to take advantage of this opportunity and in the process of researching the new Poké Ball, by the way, he will also tinker with the Poké Ball transmission technology.

He has been thinking about this technique for a long time.

For so long, Fang Yuan has almost sorted out his thoughts.

The birth of Poké Ball transfer technology is actually the result of a “transfer accident”.

It is also recorded in the official novel “Pokemon: TheAnimation” by Takeshi Suto.

There was a prank by a little child who accidentally activated the fax function of the photocopier, causing Poké Ball to be sent to father’s company, but Pokemon was missing.

Later, research by some researchers showed that after Pokemon was installed, Poké Ball was endowed with communication and transmission capabilities by Pokemon.

Poké Ball itself does not have the transmission function, but Pokemon itself has the ability to transform itself and the special container that contains it into electronic signals.

Any Pokemon…has this ability.

It’s just that the conditions are special and it is difficult to achieve.

Pokemon turned into electronic information, just like Digimon…

3D dragon.

Pokemon is a typical representative of this type of ability.

After all, 3D dragons can also become electronic signals and walk on the Internet.

But it is worth mentioning that the 3D dragon is a man-made Pokemon, the creator of Pokemon world Dr. Akihabara, at the same time, Dr. Akihabara is also the ultimate inventor of the teleportation system.

It is not difficult to see from here that the birth of the 3D dragon is absolutely inextricably linked to the invention of the teleportation system.

On Earth, the 3D dragon is the Wild Pokemon found in Secret Realm. No one knows that it is a man-made Pokemon.

Its ability to act in electronic space is only regarded as a racial innate talent, the same racial innate talent as Rotom enters into electrical appliances.

For this reason, no one thought that the innate talent of 3D Dragon is not its own innate talent.

All Pokemon have this innate talent, but the human who created it has magnified this innate talent infinitely.

Because of ignorance of this, Earth humans use 3D dragons, but use it as a hacker to maintain network security and steal secrets.

Unexpectedly, I can use it to study the Pokemon teleportation system.

If Fang Yuan wants to study the teleportation system later, he will definitely find a 3D dragon to come back and study it.

With this information, Fang Yuan’s next research will avoid many detours.

Others start from nothing, research is based on accidental discovery, and he is reasoning against it.

“In the process of researching the special Poké Ball, strive to learn more about Pokemon and Poké Ball, and pave the way for the study of the Pokemon teleportation system!”

In Fang Yuan’s view, the discovery of Poké Ball transmission technology is also an indispensable research result to promote the third Trainer wave of Earth.

When a Trainer can summon all his Pokemon instantly in a place with internet access, then the efficiency of Trainer Breeding Pokemon is definitely greatly improved.

In addition, if some regions have disasters due to the Secret Realm, and the locals have no ability to withstand disasters, Pokemon transmission technology can save countless people.

It allows Pokemon to be a trainer first, and come here from a distant place in an instant, helping local people resist disasters.

In this way, the strategic value of Trainer Association’s establishment of Pokemon centers in various places can also be maximized.

Anyway, the Poké Ball transfer technology is an extremely convenient technology, and it is estimated that it would not be used without Trainer.

In the future, if the space battleship tactics can really be completed, Fang Yuan will definitely be impossible to run around with dozens and hundreds of Poké Balls.

The value of the transmission function, for those Peak Level Trainers that breed a lot of Pokemon, may not be much smaller than Mega Evolution.

In Fang Yuan’s view, transmission technology is more meaningful than Mega Evolution, Pokéblock, and fossil recovery.

Know that the invention of Poké Ball (Professor Nishino), the invention of transmission technology (Dr. Akihabara), and the establishment of the Pokemon subject (Professor Oak).

These three stages are almost an epoch-making transition that marks the complete perfection of the Trainer system in game animation and are the foundation of everything.

In comparison, Earth is compared to Pokemon world, Poké Ball has Poké Ball, and Pokemon subject, so it is inferior to transmission technology.

So compared to promoting the Contest competition, Pokéblock, Mega Evolution, and Fang Yuan feel that it is more interesting to develop the transmission system.

Just like the fossil resuscitation device, leave the existing things to other researchers to tinker with.

He is ready to create the next miracle.


However, as far as Fang Yuan is concerned, the Poké Ball transmission technology is still far away, and it has to be step by step.

He is currently focusing on the special Poké Ball.

It is the Poké Ball process with cones as the core.

A special Poké Ball for Guangguang, or a teleportation system, Fang Yuan felt that it was not shocking enough.

Packing the two studies and publishing them is exciting enough.

Guoqiu skill, this was broadcast in the animation, because it involved the main story of the GS Ball that was cut off, so Fang Yuan was impressed.

As for the process of making Poké Ball, Fang Yuan remembers that it is probably…

1. High temperature treatment, heat the corresponding cones in the forging furnace.

2. After processing, when the cone reaches a certain temperature, take it out and hit it with a hammer.

3. Use Slowpoke well water with special properties for quenching.

4. Put it back in the stove and temper.

It seems simple…

But it’s not simple.

The processing process is definitely extremely complicated, otherwise it will not be eliminated by the times.

In short, impossible is ordinary tapping.

This makes Fang Yuan a headache to think of many experiments when he first studied Pokéblock.

It was torture.

There is another special stream of water from the Slowpoke well.

In the original book, if you want to make a special Poké Ball, you must use this.

The same effect cannot be achieved with ordinary water flow.

There must be some special reactions in this, and Fang Yuan, currently there is no Slowpoke well water…

However, according to the materials of modern Poké Ball, Fang Yuan can roughly judge that this well water should be a water source that contains some metal mineral materials that are close to the ionic components of the modern Poké Ball.

Even if not, he can slowly try different magical water sources.

They even master Suicune’s Purify water, how can they be stumped by the trifling well water.

Just try it slowly…

Anyway, Fang Yuan currently only regards this “Poké Ball craftsman” profession as an idle hobby.

In the process of forging Poké Ball, body refinement can be forged very well, even if it is not successful, it is not a waste of time.

“So, we need to build an artisan shop in the Laboratory first!!”

Fang Yuan waved his big hand and immediately planned to leave World Tree Secret Realm.

On the side, Rotom was dumbfounded and nodded.

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