Pokemon Masters Chapter 851


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Two months later.

Fang Yuan was messing around in the Laboratory.


Because of the third trainer wave initiated by Fang Yuan, the trainer field in China has undergone tremendous changes.

More and more Trainers are claiming themselves as “coordinating trainers”.

Although the current Coordinator is far less influential than the Trainer branch professions such as Breeder and Researcher, as a new profession, no one can deny its popularity.

But it is a pity for the Coordinators that Fang Yuan has suddenly disappeared in the past two months.

Although the number of Contest contests has increased, Fang Yuan never showed up again.

“It seems that Dr. Fang Yuan really no longer serves as a judge…”

“Ye Qingjie, the Contest without Dr. Fang Yuan as the judge is not the one I want.”

“Don’t look at the frequency of Contest competitions now… If his Senior comes out as a judge every time, he won’t be exhausted. I guess, when Fang Da shows up again, it’s probably next year’s Grand Festival’Fang Yuan It’s a cup, Mom, Fang Da is really not ashamed of the name of the game…”

“Grand Festival’Fang Yuan Cup’ is only eligible to participate in a general Contest competition. I really look forward to it… I don’t know what the Fang Yuan Cup reward will be. No matter what, I must win Fang this year. Eligibility for Yuan Cup!”

Coordinating Trainers in various places are discussing at different times.

Contest, where did Fang Yuan go, and the annual Grand Festival Fang Yuan Cup, these are eternal topics in the coordination field.

Not only in China.

The situation abroad is also changed to varying degrees because of Fang Yuan’s research results.

It’s just that the focus of foreign Trainer field is not Contest, but Mega Evolution.

China’s twelve Fang Yuan’s deputy, Fairy Elite Xie Qingyi, under the wise leadership of Fang Yuan, completed the research on the Mega Evolution stone detection device, which is undoubtedly an epoch-making invention.

Currently, Mega Evolution stones have been detected all over China.

Two months later.

There are 12 sets of Mega Evolution Items harvested in China alone.

If you count the Mega Evolution Items found by the China Association in the public Secret Realm area of ​​the world, it is 20 sets.

20 sets of Mega Evolution Items means that 20 world-class powerhouses can be created.

This is a force that can affect the world structure.

However, as more and more Mega Stones are found, the discovery rate of Mega Stones in the areas that China can step into has gradually decreased.

Obviously, Mega Stone is about to be found.

The eyes of the China Association were naturally quickly put on Secret Realm in other countries.

It’s easy to find stones in your own country or public areas.

But if you want to enter some special places in other countries, or even get Mega Evolution stones from others, it’s not that easy.

Mega Stone and Key Stone in other countries, even if the China Association finds them, it is not easy to directly own them.

The product of Secret Realm belongs to the local Trainer Association. This is a decision made by the members of the Pokemon Alliance to consolidate their own interests.

The China Association is not easy to break directly.

What’s more, since the end of the World Cup, the eyes of the whole world are staring at China, staring at Fang Yuan, wanting to enter other countries Secret Realm to find Mega Evolution Items, too conspicuous.

So, the China Association decided to treat each other frankly.

There is no need to hide it, and then sneak into other countries to find it.

Is it just and honorable to be asked by others to find it in the past?

Nowadays, even if Trainer understood Mega Stone and Key Stone in other countries, if you want to find these two Items, you must also find a needle in a haystack.

But the China Association has a Mega Stone testing device in hand, and it is very efficient to find it. I am afraid that few countries refuse to cooperate with China.

In the field of Mega Evolution, the China Association has taken the lead a lot and has enough voice.

Pokemon Alliance.

In the huge Conference Hall.

There are hundreds of video frames on the optical stereo screen on the wall.

The avatar owners above are all the leaders of the Trainer Association in the countries where the Pokemon Alliance joins.

The profile picture of China President Wen is among them.

Because of Mega Evolution, the Honorary Chairman of Alliance Antony held an Alliance meeting for a long time.

The protagonist of this conference is the China Association.

The theme of the conference revolved around “Mega Evolution Popularization”.

This is also what Fang Yuan and Antony Olympic President proposed.

“Everyone here knows what aster predicted.”

“Mega Evolution power is currently the only ability that allows Trainer to fight against predicted disasters.”

“Now, with the efforts of China Dr. Fang Yuan, the research of Mega Evolution has been on the right track.”

“So I decided to establish a special organization headed by China Dr. Fang Yuan to research and manage the power of Mega Evolution within the Pokemon Alliance.”

“Any country that joins the Pokemon Alliance must fully cooperate with the Mega Evolution research institution in the research and popularization of Mega Evolution.”

“Mega Evolution power will be given priority to those Trainers who have great contributions to humans, Alliance, and the world.”

“Now, start voting.”

Faced with the proposal of President Antony Olympic, the presidents of many national associations fell into deep thought.

At this time, anyone can guess that the power of Mega Evolution must rely on some treasured resources.

And this precious resource may be available in all countries.

Otherwise, Alliance will not require the participating countries to cooperate in the research.

Although the Trainer Association in each country wants to own the management rights of Mega Evolution alone, at this time, these great characters also know that they are not qualified to negotiate terms.

Furthermore, the current Alliance member countries are convinced of the prophecy of aster.

The current Pokemon Alliance faces the apocalyptic disasters. It should be united for warmth and unified management of advanced forces. This is a general trend…

Even if there are individual ambitious, they dare not openly confront the whole world.

Therefore, no country at present will refuse to cooperate to popularize the power of Mega Evolution.

“Fang Yuan.”

In the Conference Hall, the leaders of many national associations involuntarily pronounce this name when they express their opinions.

This person, as a researcher, has successfully received support and cooperation from hundreds of countries…

Who was the last researcher to achieve this achievement?

Dr. Ron who invented Poké Ball…

The second Dr. Ron…is going to appear?

The next day, the results of this epoch-making meeting were announced.

The world associations have agreed that researchers from the Mega Evolution Laboratory will go to the domestic Secret Realm to find Mega Evolution Items, and 100% support and cooperation.

Fang Yuan, as the principal researcher of the Mega Evolution Laboratory, has also become the first research group in the world that is qualified to enter and exit various countries and obtain Secret Realm products.

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