Pokemon Masters Chapter 852


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January 7.

Fang Yuan naturally knows that the world situation has undergone tremendous changes at this time.

But he doesn’t want to go too far.

Even if the Mega Evolution Laboratory has been officially established in the Pokemon Alliance, he did not manage it himself.

I gave full power to my deputy Xie Qingyi to take care of…

As for himself, he only receives and decides some important information through his mobile phone Rotom behind the scenes.

Fang Yuan is too lazy.

Too lazy to bubble up in the political center of Alliance Island, too lazy to stay there.

World Tree Secret Realm is so laid back here, why don’t you want to go to that kind of unconvincing place?

In the Laboratory, in an artisan shop, the shirtless Fang Yuan is holding an iron clamp, holding a burning fiery red sphere.

Dang! ! when! !

Fang Yuan’s other hand is holding a hammer and constantly hitting the sphere.

He brow beaded with sweat, not tired, but hot.

After studying the special Poké Ball for two months, although he hasn’t succeeded yet, he still has some results.

When the cone is heated to a certain temperature, the water will harden after volatilization. In addition, in the process of beating, clever force can change the internal structure of the cone.

After referring to the modern Poké Ball craftsmanship, Fang Yuan understood that the most important point of Poké Ball is the internal network structure, so here in the cone, Fang Yuan has also been working hard to process the internal into a network structure.

In the process of processing, what is needed is not power, but coordinated control.

Fang Yuan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. I never thought that one day I would need to exercise my coordination skills… I really deserve to be the creator of the Contest.

With physical strength, Aura, and Psychic, Fang Yuan has been stuck for two months at this step. He did not ask Pokemon to help, but always tried on his own. It is precisely because of this that Fang Yuan’s Aura controls Power and Psychic control have made a qualitative leap.

With the assistance of special powers, Fang Yuan is very curious about how to achieve this kind of control with pure physical power…

No wonder the fruit ball technology will be eliminated in Pokemon world.

It’s not easy to be an outstanding Poké Ball craftsman…

In this way, it is not easy to commercialize a special Poké Ball even after successful research. How to breed outstanding Poké Ball is a big problem.


Just like when I asked Magnemite to make Pokéblock, I hired Fighting Pokemon such as Machop and Machoke as craftsmen.

After all, Pokemon wants to improve body control, which is much easier than humans.

Ah~ Do you have to go further and further on the road to squeeze Pokemon? ?

It’s the IQ of Fighting Pokemon… It’s not easy to communicate.


Just when Fang Yuan knocked another fruit ball, Mew suddenly flew over.

“Mew, what’s wrong?”

Fang Yuan raised his head and saw Mew’s happy expression, he knew something good must have happened.

“Is it Venusaur breakthrough Peak Level Domain?!”

Fang Yuan asked expectantly. He threw Venusaur to the World Cup Secret Realm to challenge the fossil Pokemon. After two months, is it finally a breakthrough?

“Miao?~” Mew shook his head.

“Um, what is that.”

For other Pokemon, Fang Yuan couldn’t think of much progress.

In the past two months, they have done basic training.

It is not so easy to reach the limit of race by relying on the basic quality of breakthrough physical strength.

But to say that the Pokemon that has made the most progress during this time, it should be Ditto.

If it weren’t for Mega Evolution, even Venusaur would have been unable to beat it.

Ditto, the six main forces of Transform Fang Yuan, can be mixed even if it is against some weaker Peak Level fossil Totem.

This makes Fang Yuan have to admit the power of Mew gene.

Of course, as Ditto becomes stronger, Infernape’s strength will definitely improve.

In the case of partnering with Ditto, it is not difficult for them to open the five doors together, and they have been able to exert their Guardian God-level battle strength.

In the five-door state, the combat power is almost equal to Darkrai.

The reason why Darkrai can’t be beaten is that Darkrai’s nightmare realm is too unsolvable. It can directly attack Ditto, which becomes a Thunder Flame Turbo Protector, which makes Infernape’s Thunder Flame mode unstable.

Fang Yuan and Rotom estimate that if Infernape and Ditto turn on Six Sect, even Darkrai, it should not be Rival.

After all, the nightmare realm is formed by energy, as long as Infernape’s energy fluctuations are strong enough, it can suppress the nightmare realm.

“Miao~~” Mew clenched his fists and waved, indicating that Fang Yuan had asked him before, and there was a way.

Fang Hearthome asked if it could let Eevee master the entire Z-Move series. Mew said that he could only practice slowly, but now Help Fang Yuan has found a shortcut!



Mew suddenly mentioned something two months ago, let Fang Yuan startled, and then it was a surprise.

All Z-Move is too difficult.

After two months of training, Eevee still hasn’t mastered Z powers other than Psychic and Fire Element.

Although the grass and Normal lines have some prototypes, they are still far from the complete Z-Move.

Now Mew tells Fang Yuan that there is a shortcut, how can Fang Yuan not be surprised.

“Miao~~~” Mew was nodded with a serious expression.

It said that if Fang Yuan wants Eevee to master the entire Z-Move series, he might be able to go to Secret Realm to take a look.

As a World Tree symbiosis, it can perceive the arrival of Secret Realm.

After all, before Pokemon world was broken, World Tree was the center of the world.

Not long ago, it sensed the four guys and finally arrived on Earth.

Fang Yuan and Eevee used Z-Move in front of Mew. Although this move is magical, Mew also knows it.

Isn’t it the thing made by the Guardian God Tapu family in the Alola Region island?

Now that the four guys are here, Fang Yuan goes to ask for advice himself, and it will definitely be no problem to learn the whole department of Z-Move.

Maybe, you can learn some more special exclusive Z-Move.

“You mean, Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini are here?” Fang Yuan was taken aback when he heard Mew’s words.

Although the title is Guardian God of the Island, these four guys are not Guardian God-level battle strength.

As the ruler of Alola Region, they can create Z-Crystal at will, Major Perfection that almost uses Z power.

Like what tens of millions of Volt Z-Move, nine colors of sublimation gather together to top Z-Move, they can all be taught to Trainer.

It is rumored that in ancient times, they also fought fierce battles with The Radiant One together.

Fang Yuan doesn’t think that these four guys will be weaker than Ho-Oh’s guard.

It should also be a legendary Pokemon.

“The Tapu family has come, so the more terrifying Legendary Pokémon in the aster prophecy should also come within a few years.” Fang Yuan thought.

Mew’s news is very timely. For whatever reason, he has to go to the so-called Secret Realm to have a look.

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