Pokemon Masters Chapter 853


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The Pacific Ocean.

It is the largest, deepest, and most fringe oceans and islands in the world.

It is located between Asia, Oceania, Antarctica and North and South America.

In the past century, there have been countless deep-sea Secret Realm and islands Secret Realm in the Pacific Ocean.

And until now, the Ocean Region is still the place where Secret Realm is coming.

A few days ago.

Pokemon Alliance detected that a public Sea Territory in the Pacific Ocean close to the Hawaiian Islands had descended on a large island Secret Realm.

The advent of the large Secret Realm represents danger and opportunity.

So no matter what the purpose is, countries will definitely send trainer teams to explore immediately.

This time is no exception.


In the process of exploring the large-scale Secret Realm in the public area, although countries are clearly under the jurisdiction of Alliance, they have always maintained a competitive relationship.

Therefore, the trainer guarding the public area has very high requirements for the combat capability.

Whether it is a core explorer or a manager, it must be an Elite.

One of China’s twelve branches, Ugly Bull and Niu Baibai, is the 3-Star Pro Trainer of Secret Realm in the Pacific region of the China Association.

China has a branch here to establish the Trainer Association. In addition to Niu Baibai, there are not a few Grandmaster Level Trainers.

Now that Secret Realm, a large island, has opened, China Association has dispatched the first batch of Pro Trainer teams under the arrangement of Niu Baibai.

However, the news brought back by these exploratory teams is not good news.

Not only China, but dozens of countries that dispatched the Trainer team all failed.

Not long ago, a message was sent back from Secret Realm. In this Secret Realm, some very special Pokemon were found.

This type of Pokemon is extraordinarily large compared to the same type of Pokemon, and the body is covered with a special aura.

When fighting with them, they can even call different kinds of Pokemon to help them fight.

Totem Normal like a huge Pokemon colony.

So far…a dozen such special Pokemon have been discovered.

[Code-named “Sun”: In the island Secret Realm, a special Pokemon discovered by Lush Jungle, the Pokemon type is “Lurantis”, the characteristic is huge, six times that of ordinary Lurantis, it is wrapped in mysterious aura and can command Levitate bubble There are four Pokemon races: Pao, Trumbeak, Comfort, and Kecleon. There are as many as 100 Pokemon Legions under his hand. They are powerful and have the ability to instantly activate more than a dozen Solar Blades with the sunny tactics. Extreme danger! 】

[Codenamed’Monsters’: A special Pokemon group found in the Northeast Sea Territory of Secret Realm. The Pokemon species is “Wishiwashi”. It has a large characteristic scale. After forming a school of fish, it is several times the normal fish school of Wishiwashi, and the size is close to Wailord , Wrapped in a mysterious aura, has the ability to cause a tsunami, extreme danger! ! 】

[Codenamed “Painted Skin”…extreme danger! ! ! 】

“This Secret Realm not simple, there may be traces of Legendary Pokémon.”

China Trainer Association’s Dapingyang Branch, President Niu Baibai held several reports sent back, browse tightly frowns.

Not good.

In just a few days of exploration, various countries have discovered no less than a dozen terrifying Pokemon wrapped in a mysterious aura, and their individual strength is basically at the Peak Level level.

Even inside, you can see the big mouse with several meters, the Peak Level Raticate.

Among them, Pokemon, the most powerful aura, has the strength to train to the limit of the race, such as the huge quasi god: Kommo-o.

Don’t say it’s an ordinary Pro Trainer team. If the Peak Level Trainer goes, it may overturn.

With their decent individual combat capabilities, coupled with their special commanding abilities, there is no doubt that the first batch of exploratory teams from various countries overturned, without exception.

Trainer teams in some countries… even more casualties.

These special Pokemon are currently named “Totem Pokemon” by Alliance.

The characteristic of Totem Pokemon is the “Totem Aura” that wraps its whole body.

In the past, Trainer used to call those Pokemon that dominate a Secret Realm Totem, but they were all called cracking a joke.

Because even those Pokemon are strong enough to dominate a Secret Realm, they rarely have any commanding ability.

At most, the commander is a weak fellow.

But this time these Pokemons of Secret Realm of the islands do not make sense at all. They can not only command their own race, but also command other Pokemon races. They are not just in name only, but also in reality Totem Pokemon.

However, while Alliance shocked the islands of Secret Realm’s comprehensive strength, it also discovered some important information from the first exploration process!

Most of the Pokemon of Secret Realm in the islands are not affected by Exotic Syndrome. Although there are offensive, it is because humans have entered their territory and the indiscriminate mania encountered when exploring other Secret Realm Attacks are fundamentally different.

“Although the probability is not great, I hope there is no Legendary Pokémon in it…” Niu Baibai secretly thought.

If it were just a group of Totem Pokemon, he would not be so sad, because now countries have begun to form the second batch of exploratory teams.

The Trainers of this group of teams are all Grandmasters with Peak Level combat power!

is the core combat power of each country.

A large number of Trainer teams with Peak Level combat power have entered Secret Realm. Totem Pokemon is not easy to use.


Will it be as simple as it seems?

If there is really Legendary Pokémon behind… then you can’t treat the islands Secret Realm as a normal Secret Realm.

Niu Baibai decided to make more preparations just in case.

Just when Niu Baibai was about to make some forward-looking decisions, he suddenly received a special communication…

At this critical moment, those who have the ability to contact him, except for the Trainer who is responsible for Secret Realm’s exploration, are people who are equal to him or have higher status than him.

“Xu Gou, Fang Yuan?”

Seeing the correspondent, Niu Baibai was stunned, never expecting that Dr. Fang Yuan would contact him at this time.

Although they are all twelve clubs, because he is based abroad, he has relatively few exchanges with Fang Yuan. Even when Fang Yuan challenged Victory Road, he did not go there to watch the game. So at this time, Fang Yuan contacted him to do what?

“Dr. Fang Yuan.”

In the end, Niu Baibai opened the communication and chose to look at the Mega genius behind the call video to find out what he had done.

“Hey, hello, is it the cow Grandmaster? It’s me, Fang Yuan……huhuhuhu ~~”

The wind is loud.

Niu Baibai:?

“Dr. Fang Yuan, what are you doing?”

Niu Baibai looked at the picture on the video, and was puzzled.

Blue sky and white clouds… the sound of wind, and the faces of Fang Yuan and Eevee crowded together.

No matter how you look at it, Fang Yuan’s state at this time is not quite right.

“Fly! My location should be in the Pacific Ocean…Rotom, you can locate it…”

“Anyway, we are almost on your side.”

Niu Baibai:?

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