Pokemon Masters Chapter 854


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Fang Yuan is coming? ?

This news made Niu Baibai Grandmaster a little painful.

He dragged his puffy body and stood up, eyes dangling.

What’s the situation?

Fang Yuan is not good to promote the third Trainer wave in China, what to do here.

Oh, by the way, Fang Yuan seems to be on vacation… come to the beach here for vacation?

Soon, Fang Yuan’s voice came over there.

“Niu Grandmaster, I checked the report of Secret Realm in Zhudao. This Secret Realm is very interesting. I would like to give you a suggestion. Don’t use the Secret Realm resource idea. No matter what you find, even if it’s a legendary resource, don’t Go to your mind…”

“I know some inside stories about this Secret Realm. When I get there, I will talk to you in detail, but I can talk about it briefly now.”

Fang Yuan finished, Niu Baibai startled.

Fang Yuan said: “The core area of ​​the Secret Realm of the islands is the four Great Island with special environments.”

“Every island has an island Guardian God.”

“This Guardian God is not the Guardian God-level combat power we call, but the Legendary Pokémon who truly possesses the spirit strength of God.”

“At least four.”

“Their duty is to protect the natural resources of the islands.”

“So, no matter what good thing you encounter, don’t take it away with excitement, or something will happen…”

Somewhere in the Sea Territory Sky, Fang Yuan sat on Dragonite and said.

In the setting, these four guys are not kind.

For example, Tapu Mingming, who likes to attack humans and Pokemon who destroy his mood, is a fierce god.

Tapu Lele, it has the innocent side, but also the murderous side that destroys Rival.

Tapu Bulu, although he doesn’t like fighting, it will never forgive the wicked who destroy nature.

The same goes for Tapu Fini.

Fang Yuan thought with the hammer in his hand, he would know what the first thing the exploration teams from various countries did when they entered Secret Realm.

Snatch resources!

This is undoubtedly a way of destroying nature.

“Four…Legendary Pokémon?!” Niu Baibai was shocked.

“We didn’t do anything extraordinary, did we?” Fang Yuan asked.

“This…No, our Trainer still abides by the rules.” Niu Baibai said.

Trainer in a big country has seen a big scene, and will not be as hungry as the Trainer team in a small country.

Exploring Secret Realm in awe has always been China Trainer’s approach.

This approach has brought many benefits to the China Association, such as getting some smart Pokemon friendships.

It is precisely because of this approach that the first batch of Trainers from the China Association to enter the Secret Realm of the islands, not at all, have suffered casualties.

“That’s good.” Fang Yuan said with a smile.

It is good to follow the rules.

This exploratory attitude, although it may seem like a shock in some foreign trainers, is effective.

At the moment, it is only Totem Pokemon that is taking action. The situation is not serious. If the second batch of Peak Level Trainer teams enter and even Totem Pokemon dared to get together and force the island Guardian God to appear, it would be really cool.

Island Guardian God’s attitude towards Earth Trainer is still unclear.

Fang Yuan intends to meet them in person for a while.

As for whether Fang Yuan will be attacked, don’t worry about it.

Fang Yuan is the World Tree Guardian, and World Tree is the key to maintaining the natural ecology of Pokemon world.

These four Guardian Gods guard the ecology of an island, but the Pokemon and Mew behind him guard the ecology of a planet.

So for whatever reason, the Guardian God of the island will only respect Fang Yuan, the World Tree Guardian, rather than hostile.

Unless Fang Yuan is going to die…but how can Fang Yuan die? It’s not good to go to PY!

In short, he will certainly not be attacked by the Guardian God of the island.

But for other humans, it’s not necessarily true.



Fang Yuan arrived at the location of the Trainer Association branch.

Because of Fang Yuan’s communication, Niu Baibai Grandmaster was stunned that he did not let the Peak Level Trainer team that had just been assembled immediately set off.

Although I don’t know where Fang Yuan’s information comes from, he believes that Fang Yuan will not talk nonsense about such things.

After arriving at the branch of the association, Fang Yuan finally saw this grandmaster with a puffy body and very white skin.

“Bull Grandmaster.”

“Professor Fang.”

After the two met secretly, Fang Yuan also spoke straight to the point.

“The information about the Secret Realm of the islands, basically I heard from another Pokemon.”

“By the way, that Pokemon is the Prince of the Sea, so Grandmaster should know it.”

Now, except Fang Hearthome, Mew doesn’t want to reveal its existence to anyone, so Fang Yuan can only throw the pot on it.

“Prince of the Sea Manaphy?!”

Speaking of Prince of the Sea, Niu Baibai’s Grandmaster was immediately stunned. There have been rumors that Fang Yuan has been recognized by Manaphy. Since it was the information obtained from Prince of the Sea, there is no problem.

It should be true.

After all, these Secret Realms all appear on the ocean, and Manaphy knows some inside stories, which is normal.

It can be said that Fang Yuan threw away Manaphy’s name, more than what Mew told him.

“Now the second batch of exploratory teams are still on standby, so what are our next actions?”

Niu Baibai chose to refer to Fang Yuan’s opinions.

“Do you want to call them over to discuss countermeasures.”

Fang Yuan said: “Other countries have already acted, so our team will enter normally, but I want to enter with them, and the command of this team will be given to me.”

It is impossible to give up entering the islands of Secret Realm.

However, this time Fang Yuan led the Trainer team of the China Association in the past, not to grab resources.

Instead, Help Totem Pokemon, the Guardian God island, protects the resources of Secret Realm.

In this way, there is a high probability that the China Association will get the friendship of the island Guardian God.

For those who recognize, the Guardian God of the island will not be stingy.

Island kahuna and the island queen in the original book are all selected and approved Trainers.

For approved Trainers, they will even give away Sparkling Stone and Z-Crystal directly.

No matter what, it’s smarter to make friends with Guardian God on the island than to offend Guardian God on the island.

The current international situation is that which country can get more Legendary Pokémon recognition, and more Pokemon recognition, the stronger it is.

In comparison, competing for some Secret Realm resources is short-sighted.

Even in the original book, human science and technology have been able to compete with Legendary Pokémon and the attitude of the Pokemon Alliance, and they are all based on friendship with Legendary Pokémon.

After all, the power of those guys is too deterrent for human beings.


Niu Baibai Grandmaster frowned, let Fang Yuan enter such a dangerous Secret Realm? ?

“It’s okay.”

Fang Yuan said softly, and the words fell. Darkrai’s silhouette appeared behind Fang Yuan without Niu Baibai Grandmaster noticing it, apart from this, on Darkrai’s shoulder, there was a smiling face The cream Pokemon waved at him.

The god of nightmares…Darkrai.

The god of victory, Victini.

Fang Yuan brought these two guys here.

Niu Baibai Grandmaster was speechless for a moment, Fang Yuan itself is not weak, with these two Pokemon to help out, even Victory Road can be easily cleared.

I am afraid it is the chairman, War God Fu Hei, who can’t please Fang Yuan.

Ah… there are two magical Pokemon as bodyguards, then it’s okay, you go.

I don’t know which country you are going to destroy…

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