Pokemon Masters Chapter 855


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“I have said that I will leave in the morning. Why hasn’t there been any movement until now? My Pidgeot is already hungry and thirsty!!”

“At this time~exploration teams from other countries should have arrived.”

“Forget it, don’t worry, maybe President Niu has other arrangements.”

The Pacific Branch of the China Association.

Prepare War Zone.

Several trainers with Peak Level combat power who have been summoned have been waiting for a long time and are eager to explore Secret Realm.

They are almost able to recite the information about Secret Realm on the islands.

The teammates understand each other almost.

As a result, just before the departure, the Grandmaster Niu Baibai suddenly issued an order to postpone the departure. Doesn’t this make people think.

The pants are all taken off… You mean this?

However, officials one rank superior crush the inferior, President Niu waited, and they could only wait.

“Xiao Shang, this is your first time going abroad to explore Secret Realm, right?”

“Don’t be nervous, haha, everything is the first time.”

A lean middle-aged Trainer patted a younger Trainer on the shoulder, said with a smile.

Currently, there are a total of 5 trainers in preparation for War Zone, which is almost exactly the normal configuration of a team.

These people are all veteran Grandmaster Level Trainers, and there is at least one Peak Level in the team.

The 2-Star Grandmaster Zhao Sangro who led the team even had a Feraligatr that was breed to the limit of the race.

With this configuration, there will be no problems in exploring the islands of Secret Realm.

Now, what Zhao Xianglu is more concerned about is the psychological condition of this youngster who came to experience temporarily.

Because he just got the news, this Secret Realm exploration may be somewhat changed.

“Fortunately, I’m fine, Zhao Grandmaster, do you know what the situation is now?”

China World Cup second team member Shang Ren Elite looked towards Zhao Grandmaster and asked.

He was puzzled that the exploratory team was unable to set off.

Explore things like Secret Realm, although not as soon as possible, but entering early, you can indeed get some opportunities.

“I just asked President Niu, it seems that I am going to send us a team leader temporarily.”

“Anyway, let’s wait, what might be wrong.”

Zhao Xianglu’s expression was serious. After he got the information from Niu Baibai, he was taken aback for a long time.

What kind of strength is his old Zhao~ In China, it is also a famous name!

In the Pacific region, besides Niu Baibai, he is the strongest veteran who is also best at dealing with islands and deep sea Secret Realm.

To send another team leader now?

If he can be the leader of the team, he is stronger than him.

Does this mean that this island Secret Realm may be more dangerous than what is shown in the information? ?

This is why Jo Sangro is worried.

“New leader?”

At this time, upon hearing Zhao Xianglu’s words, these old Grandmasters, including Shang Ren, paused a bit.

They also reacted immediately…

Is this Secret Realm so dangerous that it can’t be handled with Zhao Grandmaster leading the team?

“What will happen.”

At this moment, Shang Ren clenched his fists.

He is not afraid of danger.

Risk represents opportunity…

With enough pressure, he can make progress.

After the World Cup, the old and the new took over, and Shang Ren got his wish to advance to the position of Elite Four.

Now, as the Elite Four, he came to the Pacific to experience.

However, although he became an Elite Four, Shang Ren was not at all happy.

Because of his strength, there is still a gap compared to other Elites.

Not to mention Fang Yuan.

Shang Ren It can be seen from Fang Yuan’s failure to participate in the Elite Competition that Fang Yuan has no interest in the Elite Four and the identity of the champion.

After all… the opponent already has twelve.

Thinking of this, Shang Ren could only sighed silently.

I hope that Secret Realm can bring some changes to myself.

Even if you can’t surpass Fang Yuan and can narrow the gap, it’s good to be qualified to fight alongside Fang Yuan…

“Isn’t this an old man!!”

“eivui! (Currently Elite!)”

Just when Grandmaster Zhao revealed the news, and everyone discussed it, it didn’t take long for President Niu to bring Fang Yuan over.

Fang Yuan from Eevee was hung on his shoulders, and he was taken aback when he saw the trainer team that was about to go to the islands of Secret Realm.

Four unfamiliar middle-aged Grandmasters, three men and one woman, do not know them.

It’s this young… familiar.

Although there have been a lot of vicissitudes, isn’t it just that after Jiang Li abdicated, he successfully became the Shang Ren of the Elite Four!

“…” When someone called himself, Shang Ren looked over.

Afterwards, he saw President Niu, and the person next to him… and Eevee on that person’s shoulder.

The iconic red and white sportswear plus the cute pet Eevee that normal people don’t bring around, that’s right.

“I X…”

Fang Yuan! !

Just thought of Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan appeared instantly? ?

Shang Ren contorts one’s face in agony.

What a coincidence.

“President Niu? And…”

“Dr. Fang Yuan?!!!”

After seeing the arrival of President Niu, Grandmaster Zhao and the others also looked over.

When they saw the young man who was younger than Shang Ren next to each other, they were instantly surprised.

For Fang Yuan, the four are fairly familiar, after all, Fang Yuan only became the twelve branches not long ago.

The title of twelve branches is much more useful for China’s veteran Grandmaster than the title of World Cup champion.

Furthermore, even though they were not very sensitive to Fang Yuan’s handsome face and couldn’t remember his appearance, they quickly recognized Fang Yuan’s identity after seeing Eevee on Fang Yuan’s shoulder.

Fang Yuan is the only Trainer who wanders around with Eevee on his shoulders.

Eevee: ( ̄~ ̄) What am I doing!

“Hello, Grandmaster.”

Looking over Shang Ren, Fang Yuan began to greet the other Grandmasters.

Chairman Niu is also laughed and said: “Everyone, the next thing about exploring the islands of Secret Realm will be taken over by Professor Fang, and he will enter Secret Realm with you.”

They came here just to talk about this.

Chairman Niu has finished.

The five were quiet for a moment.

The new team leader mentioned is Fang Yuan…

Wait a minute, twelve leaders? ?

The islands Secret Realm…what exactly did it come from?

In the crowd, Shang Ren has already started to feel pain.

I have gone abroad to practice, why is Captain still Fang Yuan?

As for Grandmaster Zhao, his previous doubts are half resolved.

He is different from the other four. As a well-known Grandmaster in China, he knows that Fang Yuan has challenged Victory Road.

Because he has also been invited by the association to become a Guardian.

It’s just that he ignored it because of the mission abroad.

Although he didn’t know the final challenge result, Fang Yuan was qualified to challenge Victory Road. Afterwards, he succeeded in becoming twelve clubs. This is very telling.

Fang Yuan was already very strong when he participated in the World Cup half a year ago. After half a year, Fang Yuan became twelve branches, and his strength is definitely not inferior to him.

So for this team leader, he was convinced, because he did not believe that the twelve teams were weak.

“Chairman Niu, Professor Fang, this Secret Realm, what is going on?”

Two twelve teams appeared at the same time, and there was even a twelve team to personally lead the exploration. Grandmaster Zhao smelled an unusual breath.

This time, Secret Realm is not as simple as the description in their hands.

“Let me tell everyone.” Fang Yuan smiled.



Fang Yuan explained the explanation to President Niu Baibai and told the five people again.

Roughly speaking, there are at least four Legendary Pokémon inhabited by Secret Realm on the islands.

These four Legendary Pokémons are not something Trainer can contend with.

The Secret Realm of the islands is the territory they guard.

So this time, their mission to enter Secret Realm is not to search for resources, but to prevent other non-compliant national exploration teams and protect Secret Realm resources.

The ultimate goal is not to get the favor of the Guardian God of the island, but at least not to be disgusted.

“During this process, you try to get along with Totem Pokemon as much as possible. Before you go, please prepare enough Pokéblock, and then I don’t need to teach it anymore.”

Fang Yuan didn’t know where to take out a Pokéblock and let it appear in front of several people.

It is necessary to teach everyone the correct usage of Pokéblock…

“It turned out to be the legendary Secret Realm…”

Fang Yuan’s words let Zhao Grandmaster, Shang Ren and the others digest it for a long time.

Four Legendary Pokémon!

This island Secret Realm is also too terrifying.

After a few people were afraid, the process of exploring Secret Realm was not a leisurely trip.

Acidentally, it will really kill you.

The information Fang Yuan brings is extremely critical. This information determines the attitude of the Trainer team when exploring Secret Realm, and the attitude determines their outcome.

In a few hours.

Location, one of the nine entrances of Secret Realm in the Pacific Islands.

Led by Fang Yuan, a group of six people entered the Secret Realm channel.

As a large-scale Secret Realm, in addition to four large islands, there are dozens of small islands of different sizes.

Here, it is equivalent to a new Sea Territory, basically the same as the external environment.

Fang Yuan and the others know that they are already in another dimension at this time.

This Secret Realm space is currently in a semi-coincident state with the Earth space, but the distance is completely integrated, and it may take some time…

Currently, the place where Fang Yuan and the others descended is a remote island in the north of Secret Realm.

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