Pokemon Masters Chapter 856


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When Fang Yuan came to Secret Realm on the islands.

One of the Four Great Islands, Melemele Island, Jungle Sky.

Pokemon, with a black body with half a golden shell in each hand, suddenly moved away from his gaze at Melemele Island and looked towards the distance.

Ula’ula Island, in a ruin, a black and red Pokemon also stared into the distance.

Akala Island, a pink Pokemon, Poni Island, and a purple Pokemon all fly into the sky. At this moment, the islands Secret Realm Four Great Islands Guardian God, all feel the Aura breath of World Tree, With an extremely surprised expression.

Not long afterwards, coincidentally, they moved towards that wave and flew away.


On an unknown island.

Eevee and Victini are building sand castles.

The mobile phone Rotom is constantly taking pictures and recording the data of this island.

This small island doesn’t have any great Pokemon, not even a Totem Pokemon, so there is no exploration value here. This is why Fang Yuan asked Shang Ren to go to the large island temporarily.

As for Fang Yuan himself, he stayed here, waiting for the appearance of the island Guardian God.

“There are not many traces of human civilization here.”

Sitting on the rock and waiting for Fang Yuan from Guardian God on the island, he was thinking about something.

At the beginning, Mew mentioned that Secret Realm came because of the collapse of Pokemon world.

But Mew is not very clear about the reasons for the collapse of time and space.

However, Mew guessed that it might be that some people tried to fuse two space-times, which caused the space-time collapse.

Fang Yuan at first did not quite understand this point, but later, he felt that it seemed to be the case.

Because, as far as Fang Yuan knows, although there was human civilization in the Pokemon world where Mew is located in ancient times, human civilization eventually became extinct due to natural disasters and failed to develop into modern and modern times.

This is also the reason why there are human remains in the overwhelming majority Secret Realm, but no humans exist.

However, the existence of man-made Pokemon like 3D dragon makes Fang Yuan very puzzled, because it is clearly a modern man-made Pokemon, how could it appear in the Pokemon world where there is only ancient human civilization?

So, Mew’s guess is likely to be true.

Their Pokemon world collapsed because of the partial fusion of two different time and space.

The main body of the collapse of time and space is the Pokemon world with only ancient human civilization.

In the other time and space, the degree of collapse is unknown.

Therefore, some of the products of modern civilization are likely to be introduced randomly in the process of time and space integration.

“Pokemon world, where human beings were completely extinct without development, sounds terrible, completely different from the history in animation…it should be the parallel world of animation time and space.”

“I just don’t know whether the time and space fusion that caused the collapse of time and space is a natural disaster or a man-made disaster.”

Fang Yuan guessed it was a natural disaster.

It may be caused by a fight by Legendary Pokémon.

As for the probability of a man-made disaster, it is not too big.

Forget it, why do you think so much?


“Tapu ~~~” “Nana~~” “Da 呔~~~” “嘁嘁~~~~”


Guardian God of the Four Islands has arrived.

Eevee and Victini stopped building sandcastles.

The mobile phone Rotom also stopped taking pictures.

Including Fang Yuan, they lifted the head together and looked at the four powerful Pokemon in the sky with full oppression.

“Hello.” Fang Yuan stood up slowly and said hello.

Fang Yuan started to feel the fluctuations in the strength of the Tapu family.

These four guys are definitely legendary combat power, surpassing the Guardian God level.

Although it is only an island god, it is also a Legendary Pokémon that is orthodox enough.

“Tapu ~~~ (Hello, World Tree Guardian.)”

In the Guardian God island, Tapu Koko flew out first and said to Fang Yuan and the others.

Fang Yuan’s identity is directly revealed!

Wuhu~~ Take off! ! !

Seeing Tapu Koko’s face-saving, Fang Yuan’s impression of Mew who was distracted suddenly changed greatly.

It seems that Mew still has some cards!

It deserves to be Pokemon coexisting with World Tree.

Fang Yuan can feel the attitude of the Tapu, very kind.


The next second, Tapu Lele also flew forward and asked Fang Yuan for coming here.

“That’s it.”

Fang Yuan started straight to the point.

He told Mew to him that the Earth space may also have time and space collapse, and he told the Guardian Gods of the island.

Although as a Legendary Pokémon, Guardian God doesn’t know as much about this kind of thing as Mew.

After all, they are only in a corner, not like Pokemon like World Tree Mew, Arceus, Z God, etc., which can pay attention to the impact of planet level.

“Tapu ~~” “Nana~~” “Da 呔~~” “嘁嘁~~”

As Fang Yuan explained the consequences of the collapse of time and space, the guardian gods on the four islands gradually became serious.

Not good.

They all moved, and they still don’t stop… Disaster is coming one after another?

“I am currently entrusted by Mew, and I am looking for a solution to the collapse of time and space, but because my strength is still too weak, Mew recommends me to come here to follow you for cultivation.” Fang Yuan said.

He looked at the four Guardian Gods longingly, hoping to get their guidance.

Alola’s island Guardian God is located in a corner, but because they fought The Radiant One in ancient times, they have mastered some of The Radiant One’s abilities.

The Z-Move created by them has an incredible agenda in almost the entire Pokemon world and can be ranked.

On the ability to teach Trainer cultivation, the Guardian God island can definitely be among the best in Legendary Pokémon.

After speaking, Fang Yuan raised his arm and gave the island Guardian God a glance at his bracelet made of Sparkling Stone.

At this moment, the Guardian Gods clearly understood Fang Yuan’s intention.

Learn Z-Move!

“Tapu ~~~ (what to do?)”


“Da 呔~~~ (Hmm.)”

“嘁嘁~~~ (Yeah.)”

Tapu Koko:…Teach it then.

Fang Yuan fell behind, and the four Guardian Gods quickly flew away, their heads tied together, and chirp chirp twitter twitter began to discuss.

Finally, the results of the discussion came out.

Tapu Koko flew forward again, towards Fang Yuan’s serious nodded.

Since Fang Yuan is the Trainer selected by World Tree to save the world, they, who are about to settle in this World, have the responsibility to make a contribution to cultivate Fang Yuan.

This is not too difficult, because originally they came this time and wanted to cultivate some indigenous power.

Fang Yuan is the first to find him, and he can use Fang Yuan to practice his hands.

“I am grateful.” After the Guardian Gods expressed their willingness to teach, Fang Yuan was immediately very happy.

I will be invincible! !

Will the Guardian Gods give themselves a full set of Z-Crystals?

Think about it and get excited.

“eivui!!!” “Bi Mi~~” “Rotto ~!”

At this time, although Eevee, Victini, and Rotom don’t know what the situation is, they are just right to thank Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan has never suffered.


Because of the identity of the World Tree Guardian, the four Guardian Gods of the island have always regarded Fang Yuan as equal lives.

After talking about business affairs, Fang Yuan and Guardian God began to chat about daily routines.

For example, after Secret Realm is completely integrated with Earth, what are the Guardian Gods’ plans?

“Tapu ~~”

After talking here, Tapu Koko looked towards sky and got worried.

The other three Tapu also looked at Fang Yuan with worried eyes.

speaking of which ……Fang Yuan is not only facing a disaster, they are also preparing for a disaster

Maybe the disaster they are preparing to deal with is not as severe as the crisis Fang Yuan is solving, but it is also a catastrophe that will affect the world.

If disaster strikes, Secret Realm will be the first to bear the brunt.

Although it has left the original time and space.

However, Tapu Koko can still perceive that this space-time is threatened by Ultra Wormhole.

Ultra Wormhole is an unstable space-time channel connecting Pokemon world and Ultra Space. It currently only appears in the island area.

In Ultra Space, there is an ultra-extreme beast whose race ability is not inferior to Legendary Pokémon.

For the Tapu family, if the ultimate beast completely descends, the Alola Islands are likely to be destroyed.

So after coming to Earth this time, they plan to cultivate a group of indigenous powers to help them resist the alien beasts of Ultra Space.

They will teach these human trainers the opportunity to learn Z power, so that they have the ability to compete with the extreme beasts.

It can be said that even if Fang Yuan is not World Tree Guardian, if he gets the approval of Guardian God, they will teach Z-Move.

“Is the alien beast threatening?”

Fang Yuan meditated, and the strange beasts came, indeed, as if in the prophecy of aster.

But as Mew said, don’t worry too much.

Because there are relative restrictions on their Pokemon.

It now appears to be the Guardian Gods of the islands of Secret Realm.

They plan to popularize Z-Move in Earth and cultivate a group of Trainers that can withstand extreme beasts, which almost coincides with Fang Yuan’s idea of ​​launching the third Trainer wave to strengthen Trainer against disasters.


Guardian Gods and Fang Yuan talked about their ideas.

They plan to choose a Trainer among the humans who enter the Secret Realm of the islands to become their own spokesperson, become the island kahuna, the island queen, and teach them how to use Z-Move.


I ask Island Kahuna and Totem Pokemon to set up a big test to test more Trainers.

Teach Z-Move through Island Kahuna to trainers who are qualified for wisdom, strength, and temperament.

This plan, they are going to be named: Tour of the Islands.

When the tour of the islands takes place for a certain period of time, there will be more and more Trainers guarding this island.

“A tour of the islands… a good plan!”

Fang Yuan’s eyes lit up. I don’t know which four lucky ones can become Island kahuna recognized by the Guardian Gods.

He is not so blessed because he is already the Guardian of World Tree and is impossible to mix with other Pokemon.

What’s more, if you become an Island Kahuna, you have to stay here and have been serving as an examiner. Fang Yuan will be annoying.

“Do you need my help?”

“Your plan, follow-up should require a lot of publicity.”

“I have a high status in human society. As long as I publish Z-Move in the form of a paper and the special circumstances of Secret Realm, there will be countless trainers with innate talents coming to Secret Realm. Realm participates in the trial.”

“Tapu ~~~” “Nana~~” “Da 呔~~~” “嘁嘁~~~~”

Guardian God of the four islands is nodded together, publicity is indeed a big problem.

It is also a must.

If Fang Yuan is willing to help, then naturally is the best.

“Then wrap it on my body.” Fang Yuan felt in his heart. He wanted to publish a Z-Move paper long ago to make Z-Move as popular as Mega Evolution. This time it was supported by Guardian Gods. good chance.

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